November 23rd 2012 3:09 am PT

Xbox LIVE Marketplace Black Friday Deals

The Xbox LIVE Marketplace team has placed the following content on sale for 50% off for today (Black Friday) only.

Content Title Standard Price Discount Price
ME3: Leviathan 800 400
Forza Horizon October Car Pack 400 200
Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn’s Revenge 800 400
Quantum Conundrum 1200 600
Ghost Recon Future Soldier Arctic Strike 800 400
Ghost Recon Future Soldier Raven Strike 1200 600
Dungeon Defenders 1200 600

Don’t forget there is a whole bunch of other Xbox LIVE Marketplace content that is on sale until Monday, November 26th.

Deal, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • mixmastar0b

    i Miss the Last Couple of Years Arcade Games for like 160Points and 200 Points :(

    • QuixoticRocket

      Welcome to inflation. Blame some dodgy bankers and the general loan crisis. Money no longer buys what it used to =(

      • Bennijin

        Doesn’t seem to be the case on other formats.

  • aSMiLoN

    I was really hoping fo a Black Friday deal similar to 2010 ‘Splosion Man for 160MSP this year…

    • m1nh0ca

      And last year we had Super Meat Boy and Beyond Good and Evil for 240MSP.
      Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for 320MSP.

      Sometimes, it’s bad to have good memory…

      • ryder4life22187

        i aguree with that last year picked up BG&E and marvel vs capcom 2 and now what this year all we get is mostly DLC

      • chris

        was super meat boy really 240 msp? i have been waiting for a sale for it recently and seeing this is just sad.

  • m1nh0ca

    So, I will wait for the Black Friday, because we will have AMAZING deals on XBLA and… oh, wait!

  • Episodejap Episodekr Episodetw

    Nice,will get ME3: Leviathan, add all other ME3 dlcs as well please

  • John

    That’s some really horrible Black Friday deals. I would say that i was surprised but I have come to expect it of Microsoft now. Still haven’t renewed my gold sub. Major do you even give feedback to the deal makers? Seems not…

    • Bennijin

      He should just make them read his blog comments and look at the kind of s**t that he has to put up with because of the s**t that we have to put up with because of them

  • MilkyTee

    Disappointed. Very little of worth to be had there.

    I’d say “I’ll just wait till Cyber Monday”, but let’s be real here. That’ll be even worse.

    • lahcoe

      It’s highly likely that the Cyber Monday deals will be:

      The Expendables 2 — 600 points
      The Expendables 2: Full Access and Upgrade — 120 points
      Left 4 Dead 2: Cold Stream — 280 points
      Real Steel — 400 points
      Shadow Complex — 600 points

      Shadow Complex and Cold Stream are okay, but otherwise another lackluster sale.

      • MilkyTee

        So one good(albeit ancient) game, one bit of good DLC(that’s totally free for PC players), one bad game, another worse game and that games’ terrible DLC that charges you to unlock things already in the title?

        Sounds like Microsoft alright.

      • Z4M0

        if so, I won’t be picking any and holding my purchases will be pointless. Thanks for sharing, hope you are wrong tho.

        • Décio Gonçalves

          He’s right, the source of all is Xbox japan and before this week and today’s deals went live, it was already there. Sorry buddy…

          • Z4M0

            Then, looks like Microsoft’s having a laugh.

            Sad to know, but thanks. Might pick few stuff but feel like they don’t desevere any money based on how bad they are doing at trying to keep customers happy.

      • Z4M0

        however, on the Spanish marketplace there is already the pannel announcing the 26/11/2012 one day sale (despite it’s still sunday). There is no link to monday’s deals yet but the game pictured in the pannel is GOTHAM CITY IMPOSTORS.

    • Décio Gonçalves

      Cyber Monday deals are:

      Nov 26th

      The Expendables 2 Videogame

      The Expendables 2 – Full Access and Upgrade pack


      Shadow Complex

      Left 4 Dead 2 – Cold Stream DLC

    • fantomena

      I canceleld my Gold sub some weeks ago. Have not regretted anything. All my money goes to PSN and Steam. Why? because thei gave games, good discounts and care for their customers.

      • ryder4life22187

        Just cause you like crappy PSN+ doesn’t mean all the rest will jump on board to make it better one day. Sony doesn’t care about their customers else if they did they wouldn’t rent you the products they would give them to you to keep forever

    • charlie9_3

      Go check out Microsoft Store. Hell lot better deals.

  • MilkyTee

    Not to spam your blog Major, as I think you’re a good guy, who is in the unfortunate position of being the only avenue for the Xbox’s fanbase to express their distaste but I just want to reference the Steam deals running parallel to these ones. Bear in mind, they change every day, and also include separate “flash-sales” which last no more than couple of hours but the prices are REALLY slashed.

    Just take a look at what the competition(yes, they ARE your competition) are offering:

    Max Payne 3 : 12.50 Euros
    Prototype 2: 15 Euros
    Portal2: 5 Euros
    Sleeping Dogs: 25 Euros
    Darksiders 2: 15 Euros
    The ENTIRE first season of the Walking Dead: 12.50 Euros
    Fable III: 10 Euros
    Dead Island GOTY: 10 Euros

    And the list goes ON and ON, and these deals change EVERY DAY.

    Xbox Live deals aren’t even in the same country, let alone ballpark.

    • aSMiLoN

      Well said!

    • Bennijin

      Country? They’re not even on the same planet!

    • James Wagner

      You forgot to mention that Quantum Conundrum & Dungeon Defenders which are part of this “sale” are free right now for those who are members of Playstation Plus.

      • Bennijin

        Crash Course was great actually and Harm’s Way could have been something special if the fact you could get 200 gamerscore in 5 minutes didn’t mean most people didn’t play it for longer than five minutes… but you’re right.

      • Ricardo Dawkins

        Happy Wars is a blast!

  • Josh Hardman

    Why so few games on offer? And I use the word “offer” lightly. Yet another deal on XBLA that disappoints. It seems to be an inevitability nowadays as Microsoft and Xbox slowly move more away from the gaming faithful, and more towards creating a slow, laggy and poorly designed media hub.

    • Bennijin

      Too right. Less “offer”, more “prices they should have launched at in the first place.”

  • Ainsley Trumper

    This is unbelievable. Will be getting a PS3, at least they give good value for their subscription service. It really wouldn’t hurt to treat us xbox gamers once in a while?

    • RampageDeluxe

      I said that same thing back in June and have regretted my purchase ever since. Go look at the plus blog and see how miserable ps3 gamers are with that service.

      • Concession

        Yeah they’re really miserable with their free games.. They get upset when they don’t get more free games. People here are elated to get nothing. /s

        Really MS. You have until the 720 comes out to make gold a decent service. I’ve had my 360 since launch and put up with the red ring fiasco but at this rate I’m not getting a 720 – ever.

        • RampageDeluxe

          Free? No. Its a different type of service than XBL I was the only one on my friends list stupid enough to pay for the year and I’m now the only one on my list who still has Plus.

          I hate having to call friends on the phone or talk through my 360 to enjoy playing multiplayer games on a PS3, due to Sony’s terrible chat set up and lack of proper server system. Thats the main reason I pay for Live, not the occasional deal.

          I’m on my original 360, but have bought 3 PS3’s in the same time frame. I’ve been told by Sony that I just had to deal with any problem I’ve had even when I was still under warranty. They actually told me to “deal with it. its not our problem” when my bluray drive went out on a new console. Luckily the 3rd person I talked to actually assisted me instead of hanging up on me.

          • Concession

            So you pay for a separate phone line? That’s what gold is and it’s not
            worth a cent. Party chat is the only thing Xbox live does that PSN
            doesn’t and that isn’t going to be true in the next gen, hence my lack
            of interest in a 720 if MS doesn’t step it up. (Source: If the Vita has
            party chat, the PS4 is going to)

            The comparison between PS+ and
            Gold is made because for both you are paying around $50 a year for a
            service. From MS, for that fee they unlock services that had no business
            being locked in the first place (multiplayer, netflix, browser, etc)
            and give you party chat and discounts. As PS+ subscriber you have
            multiplayer, netflix, browser, discounts like a gold subscriber gets
            (all but party chat) but in addition you get to play full versions of
            games for “free”.

            For the same price, you get much more on PS+
            than gold. So it makes gold feel like a ripoff. But if you have an xbox
            without gold, you can’t even play multiplayer on a game you paid $60
            for. If you don’t want to pay for gold, you don’t really want to buy an
            Xbox (most of the xbox’s exclusives are multiplayer focused games,
            which doesn’t help). If you already have an xbox, a 720. Alternatively,
            if you don’t want PS+, they aren’t going to gimp your system. If MS
            started offering what PS+ does, then it would just feel like Sony forced
            you into PS+, which isn’t that bad.

            Gold used to be worth it
            when it was the only decent service. I have a 5 next to my Gamertag. PSN
            works way better than it used to 6 years ago and I can’t justify paying
            an extra $300 over the lifetime of a 720 over a PS4 when you get
            nothing extra.

          • RampageDeluxe

            I do agree with a number of your points and they are viable and justified, but overall I feel differently than you. I bought a 360 in 2006 and a PS3 in 2007. Throughout that time, i’ve only once regretted paying for Live (I always find it on sale for around $30), but have regretted most purchases for non exclusive titles on the PS3, including Plus. Most titles for Plus are games that I have no interest in or are so old that I already own them. Any game that I’ve purchased for PS3 that is not an exclusive, I end up selling and buying the 360 version, because the games always seem to play smoother on 360, especially sports games.

            If the majority of games on Plus were games that I’m interested in, I wouldn’t feel negatively towards the service, not one bit, but I currently regret purchasing it. The PS3 seems to focus a lot on artsy games that I would never mess with or consider. I recently downloaded every game that was available to me and tried them out and just wasn’t happy with most of them. There were some pleasant surprises, like Jak and Daxter in 3D. That game is a blast with friends.

            Overall, my user experience on the 360 has been better than the PS3. I hated the original Xbox and would never own one and I loved the PS2. When the next generation of Consoles comes out, I hope I enjoy Sony’s offering in the future, but as of now, even with the large negatives against Xbox, I don’t enjoy using it and wish I felt differently, that thing was expensive.

      • Ainsley Trumper

        I’m from the UK so most of it does look pretty good. I would keep my xbox for the exclusives and some of my friends. Just, We really don’t get any bonuses for paying for gold other than Multiplayer and cross game chat. We’ve had 1 free to play game, 1 game you could win stuff but they’ve now cancelled. TV and Music apps on the xbox? I’d rather use on my laptop. They’ve hiked the price up a few times recently, for things that cost little or nothing, such as Last.FM and catch up tv. It really annoys me

        • RampageDeluxe

          I agree with you. PS Plus for the UK has been tremendous. If I wouldn’t have purchased a year subscription for the US version, I would have attempted to do so for the European subscription. I keep Live for the same reasons that you do, for multiplayer and cross game chat. I’ve had horrible experiences on PS3 with those features and its the main reason it hasn’t become my preferred console.

          I’ve managed to get Live for half the price every year, but the price increase is ridiculous and unwarranted. As far as the TV apps and such go, I don’t use them, I wont use them, and I have no reason to use them. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to overpay to watch things on my Xbox when I can watch those same things cheaper or free straight on my TV, which is already right in front of me.

  • Décio Gonçalves

    Hey guys, remember when Major said that the “deals” team actually read these comments (pfffffff…AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) so we should give our feedback? Well, it suuuuuuuuuuuuuure looks like it’s working…

    • Bennijin

      I think Larry might be that one guy downvoting everything…

  • Nitramuse

    So yeah… I was waiting for this to spend my last few MSP, only to be hugely dissapointed. Also, if those cybermonday deals are real then there is not much hope left… such a shame…

  • Michael Maul

    Well, I guess my money goes to the competition then.

  • disqus_2mQXiin7Pq

    These discounts are like pink friday.. These shouldn’t be black..

    • RampageDeluxe

      They are more like you left your white linens in with a pink sock and you have traces of pink on your whites friday.

  • Peter Kniel

    Whoa whoa whoa, don’t spoil us now XBOX, these deals are too good to be true!

    …seriously, these deals are horrible.

  • RampageDeluxe

    These deals are a slap in the face to loyal customers. Well, to any customer.

  • TheChrisD

    More money going Valve’s way instead of Microsoft’s way…

  • ɾosɥ ɥɐɐs

    WARNING: Reading the list of Black Friday “deals” above may cause you to go blind.

    • Bennijin

      I didn’t heed this warning and my eyes fell out. I’m actually reading this blog in Braille.

  • Bennijin

    Wow. I am actually offended by this. Genuinely insulted.

    • lethargicj

      Wait until you get the email from Xbox Live on your birthday that says “OPEN FOR A SWEET SURPRISE!!” and you open it to find out you got 20 MS points. Now THAT is insulting.

      • H0RIZ0N

        Lol was that a part of xbox rewards?

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    well i did pick up quantum conundrum and the microsoft store sale was pretty awesome. i am satisfied this time. thanks major and the microsoft team.

    • Leonid Tarkin

      nice try, Larry

      • Liquidfx Xboxdude

        lol i wish i were Larry, in a way. i know he gets paid well. i am usually one of the people complaining but the microsoft store sale shut me up for a while. Forza Horizon for $15? come on, that is a good deal.

        • Bush O Connor

          but isnt forza horizon only half a game? with the rest of it as pay for day one dlc?

          • Liquidfx Xboxdude

            just cars. i don’t pay extra for the cars. i always thought that was crazy. i didn’t for forza 4 either. hell, i don’t really buy dlcs period. i am still thinking about whether i should buy the dlcs for borderlands 2.

        • オミナエ イサム

          15$ only in the US right? how many countries they offer Live service?

  • Jason Oliver

    What I don’t get – is that Mark of the Ninja is on special on STEAM but not on XBLA are you people crazy, am I crazy for continuing to check on this blog when this is how microsoft goes after people’s business – by driving them to their competition?

    • Bennijin

      What makes it even more incredulous is MotN came out on XBLA first!

  • NewfieJG

    What the……

  • mcmax3000

    Disappointing, but I might pick up Quantum Conundrum, since I had my eye on that back when it launched, but never pulled the trigger, and I’ve got just enough points on my account for that.

  • sparc

    Hey Major, either the list got truncated in some bizarre copy and paste accident – or the deal team are the real turkeys this TG.

  • Lee Rayson

    Gotta say these are pretty poor deals, would of prefered a few more arcade titles. i own the ME3 DLC and batman DLC the rest doesn’t interest me and recon maps were over priced to begin with and even at half price i wont buy them.
    should put mark of the ninja half price and Fire Pro wrestling and maybe even walking dead Ep 1
    I hope Xmas deals really improve because last years countdown sucked and this deal sucks
    Tell me what deals have i got to look forward to Larry!!! were is Crazy Larry and his deals even they were better than this.
    Getting an STD is a better deal than these

  • Andrew Barnes

    As a consumer, im seriously considering going to Sonys console next generation. I spend money every month for a service, while its strong. Sonys is catching up and on most cases on par. Yet somehow sony plus destroys anything thats come out of microsoft. Are you telling me even the older games still sell? i mean what harm would 2+ year titles get 75% off. I mean seriously, if anything they should already be at that price.

    • BlinkFandango

      Yeah, I’m not liking the trend that older games don’t go down in price or take forever to go down in price.

  • Jaqub Ajmal

    This makes me very sad :(

  • Jacob

    Xbox live Gold has no Value Anymore seriously being gold is useless

    • lethargicj

      How is that? I hate these sales too, but how does crappy sales make Gold useless? You’re paying for Gold to be able to play online. That’s it. That’s the point of it. Up until a couple of years ago these sales didn’t even exist. Was Gold not worth it then? You only bought Gold for discounts?

      • Bush O Connor

        Gold wasnt worth it back then but it was needed to play halo 2/3. plus there was no adverts. all gold seemed to do before the shoddy deals was pay the wages of those two idiot cringe worthy sentuamessage twats

        • lethargicj

          I don’t even know what this says.

        • Bennijin

          Shows what you know, Inside Xbox was canned ages ago and replaced with 3rd-party content so Microsoft could take an even bigger cut of their profits instead of paying the wages of “cringeworthy twats”.

          • Bush O Connor

            i knew that, it was also around the same time the price of gold went up ever so slightly.

      • Bennijin

        Gold used to be the only realistic option for online (console) gaming, that is no longer the case and Microsoft hasn’t stepped up to its rivals.

  • Ricardo Dawkins

    deals are terrible and I’m not american celebrating Black Friday.
    Will these improve before Cyber Monday?

  • Lukas

    This is pathetic and I don’t expect it to be even better on Monday

  • Bobby B

    I was hoping for some Season Pass discounts. Oh well, MS doesn’t need my money.

  • Ross Callen

    If The Walking Dead were on the list, I’d be all over that!

  • scooterbaga

    Wow, really lame the Forza October pack makes no mention that it’s included in the Season Pass.

  • arkhunter

    I’d like to see The Walking Dead episodes to half price.

  • Beater Blocker

    So where are all the impulse purchases? Where are the games you wouldn’t normally think twice of buying but because they’re up for 160MS you throw caution to the wind and steam in with a purchase? Dungeon Defenders was on sale a month ago for the exact same price you have it here and I didn’t buy it then either!!

    It’s almost like you had a meeting and declared ‘You know what guys … I think we’ve enough money now … lets feed ‘em a few stinkers!’

    You might as well have thrown in the Borderlands / Bioshock DLC while you were at it ….

    • Bush O Connor

      dont forget shivering isles and the infamous horse armour.

      • Bennijin

        Ooh ooh we can’t leave out RISK Factions, Zombie Apocalypse 1 and Sonic 4 Episode 1!

  • Joe. S

    why cant you guys have good deals as retail stores/steam? digital world should be cheaper… No shipping fees, no packaging, no third party making million copies.

    5/7 is dlc… come on.

    consoles going suck next gen when downloading become the prime…

    • Jason Oliver

      Got in one – 5 out of the 7 deals are add on content to games that a) I may not have b) I probably haven’t finished c) I may not wish to extend.

      Here’s an idea for all those developers too – instead of add-on DLC – make Stand Alone DLC, like Capcom did with Dead Rising 2, where you can buy DLC for a game that doesn’t require the original disc to play – you people would make more money hand over fist!

      Think about it for a second, I’m never going to buy Skyrim, because there just aren’t enough hours in an Adult’s life to give over to that obsession building game, but if you sell me a bite-sized piece, a few hours worth of quests – I’d try it, cuz the premise sounds fun, but not enough for me to want the full enchilada, so you only make $10 instead of $60, but that $10 more than you would’ve made out of me selling DLC to a game I don’t have!

  • H0RIZ0N

    well I guess ill but the mass effect dlc.

  • Superman64

    I was hoping for some sales on Awesomnauts and Double Dragon Neon. This is disappointing.

  • BostonSup

    Hopefully the other ME3 DLC will be on sale for Monday. From Ashes.

  • Kelvin Rigon

    Thanks for not making this hard M$, I put aside $50 for these deals, now I know I have $50 more to spend on my Wii U when they get released over here on the 30th.

  • Ruben

    i think that they didnt put on sale anything more, cause of the microsoft store sale, i guess. Why is there allways a guy that doesnt like people to complain? i mean if people where not complaining we wouldnt have more than one deal if you all remember when this started, they were just giving us one deal a week, people complained and whe got more deals. People have to raise their voice so that they do their work! like fix the service when it brokes down, give the most loyal fans like some of the guys that post in here some discounts some appreciantion for being loyal to their service, cause it cant be that a fairly new service from the competition gives more stuff in the month they started with PS + than this service in a fairly good part of his “existence” so to speak, this is just really lame deals.

  • Bush O Connor

    where’s russel? i thought he’d be here showering these deals with love

  • Ganon255


  • ryder4life22187

    Wow i better stock up on MSP before i let these GREAT deals pass me by. Now we know why Harley Quinn’s DLC wasn’t availible for half off during that batman sale a couple of weeks ago.

  • ikari_paul

    would love to see Rez HD get a deal again some time :-)

    • lahcoe

      I’ve been waiting 4 years for it to go on sale! lol

      • ikari_paul

        lol… the sad part is that Sega is always doing sales on other stuff, never on that gem. shame

  • BlinkFandango

    Didn’t even have to break out the 4000 MSP card I have sitting waiting for a good sale, nice to have Harley Quinn’s Revenge finally on sale though.

  • BostonSup

    Console wise (ignoring Steam for a second), if PS+ is part of PS4 with a form of party chat added, they will be in the lead for sure. Xbox Live helped the 360 to succeed, but as it grows stale in features (that do not require another subscription fee to use the “new features”) and in sales/deals, there is no way it can beat PS4. Its sad for me because I hate the PS controller, but I am willing to try to get use to it to save money towards actual games. Now if a SteamBox came out, forget about MS and Sony… they allow publishers to give free DLC if they wish!

  • ryan holden

    It really sucks that better deals couldn’t be offered (what happened to those 240/160 MSP XBLA games from last year)?

    Oh well, I still bought Quantum Conundrum since I’ve had my eyes on it for a while now and I’m glad I waited ! :D

    But I really hope the Christmas/New Years sales are much better (and let’s have DLC AND XBLA games *cross finger* )

    P.S. I really hope Dust: Elysian Tales or Banjo (the XBLA one) goes on sale (and maybe Gears of War 3’s story DLC )

  • lethargicj

    If you don’t like it then don’t pay it and go away. Problem solved.

    • John

      Well as a paying customers, the consumer should always have a right to air their opinions on a purchase they have made. I think the problem is more with consumers that a ignorant in the way a company treats it’s customers. Just saying well if you don’t like it then leave. What happens when there is NO decent gaming consoles left and it’s all about how much money can be made not the love and creativity of gaming. Gaming was always a business, but when it just beginning, it was like a local shop with a owner that knew you’re name… Now it’s more like shopping a in super store where the customers input is no longer required or needed!

      • lethargicj

        I put this into the entitled baby translator: As a paying customer everything should be the way I think it should be and it should be free!

        • John

          I made a fair and logical argument but you come back with this! That’s ok, I don’t believe we should get anything for free, but I do believe in companies valuing their customers. That’s all if you think that’s to much to ask for then let’s agree to disagree. :)

        • Jon

          Right. Because thats exactly what he said. He clearly was saying he wanted everything to be free.

  • オミナエ イサム

    M$, one of most rich “tech” company in the planet and they refuse to offer even in one single day of the entire year a 75% (or more than 50%) discount like steam are doing right now for many and many consecutive days.
    PS: where’s the link of this cyber monday deals?
    They are so bad that I refuse to believe!

    • RampageDeluxe

      These deals are abysmal, but the deals the MS store had were amazing.

      • オミナエ イサム

        deals for US/Can only I guess right?
        Not fair for others countries like me…

  • Felipe