November 26th 2012 2:48 am PT

Xbox LIVE Marketplace CyberMonday Deals

The Xbox LIVE Marketplace team has placed the following content on sale for 50% off for today (Cyber Monday ) only.

Content Standard Price Discount Price
Expendables 2 1200 600
The Expendables 2 Full Access and Upgrade 240 120
Gotham City Impostors 1200 600
Bloodforge 1200 600
Real Steel 800 400
Shadow Complex 1200 800
Left 4 Dead 2 Cold Stream 560 280

Demo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Jack Frost

    Would it hurt to put the Mafia II DLC on sale?

    I got the full game for less than the 2 DLC cost…

  • Rodrigo Montaleão

    I got Bloodforge. I have played the demo and liked it (I love modern hack ‘n slash), but was not willing to spend 1200MSP for that. 600, however, is a lot better. For future reference, please put Dust: An Elysian Tale, Mark of the Ninja and Trine 2 on sale, please.

  • ScottWong

    Sorry Major, this is truly disappointing…MS, show some care to your customers! We paid to go on Live!

  • Major Nelson

    Wanted to let you know that I have shared some of your comments with the Marketing teams that handle pricing.

    • BostonSup

      Thank you! Hopefully you mentioned the selection too. Both of them combined seems to be an issue for a lot of people (at least it is for me).

    • Matt Or James

      …In a scene reminiscent of the washroom scene from the first Robocop movie.

    • Ryan Davis

      Thanks so much! If you could also pass on the recommendation that prices should be permanently lowered as Arcade games age, that would be awesome!

    • Bennijin

      We’ve heard that one before. Here’s hoping they don’t just hear but actually listen this time.

      • McWetty

        This. I’ll change my mind when I see a serious course correction on MS’s behalf.

    • オミナエ イサム

      Light in the end of the tunnel. I only will believe in this change if I will see a good deal like Steam keep doing for the last months

    • Henry Leung

      Major, one thing I like about Xbox is you. As someone high up (I guess?) in the corporation, you interact with us gamers directly. And you are a gamer yourself too. I know the marketing team will not listen, because they obviously hadn’t last year. Still, thank you. Thank you for all these years of sharing with us. Hope Steam will have someone like you.

      • BlinkFandango

        Major should probably go work for Steam. Then he’d be fielding comments about people complaining that they don’t have money to get all the deals they want. That’d definitely be a change for him.

    • NewfieJG

      Action speaks louder then words so hopefully they actually do something positive about this and not just listen/ignore

    • RampageDeluxe

      I like that Major is actually acknowledging that we are unhappy. There’s some competitor’s blogs that you’ll get banned for saying less than we have, without a word single acknowledgment.

    • Matt Or James

      Correct me if I am wrong but haven’t you done this with previously voiced complaints? And yet, here we are..

    • CrashSixx

      Have them look at Valve’s Steam Sales… now THOSE are sales. (example, Batman Arkham City GOTY is on sale TODAY for $7.49, that is an IMPOSSIBLE price new or used for a 5 year old AAA title, much less a 2 month old one on a console.)

      I’m sorry, I can not justify paying +30 dollars for games like Halo3 that are several years old. While I can understand new releases being 60 dollars, after a year or two, they should be on GOD sales for $2-10. I have NO problem buying older games for that much money.

      If GOD versions of Halo 3 were $2.50, or a Gears of War 1&2 plus all DLC combo pack was on sale for $7.50. I would buy them instantly. So would EVERYONE else.

      In fact, my Steam on PC is far far larger then my 360 and ps3 collection combined. Hell, I even stopped pirating games full stop thanks to Steam (seriously).

      Print this out for your Marketing team… they need a wake up call as their sales are a joke… a bad one.

  • Art


    • Bush O Connor

      did you say Boooo or Boooo-urns

  • arketiat

    That’s a super lame list of deals, Larry.

  • ryder4life22187

    Nothing again… Only thing i grabbed last week was the wonder boy monster world collection. What happened MS when i first got my 360 3 or so years ago DOTW was something i looked forward to after i found out about it always some kind of game i wanted or to try out. We will see if we get GTA IV dlc tom like japan.

  • Major Nelson

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! I actually just got out of a meeting about this very post and the comments here.

    BTW: This is my blog…no one tells me what to post or what to say.

    • McWetty

      Good, now what was the consensus? Or did someone tell you not to talk about it?

      No dig on you, but MS is the definition of a faceless, uncaring corporation. And you’re our only point of contact.

    • Damien Tenebaum

      Major, don’t be insulted by the comments. People aren’t angry at you, they’re upset at whoever chooses the deals. That’s why they say, “Don’t shoot the messenger”, because the messenger always gets shot.

    • Macy Slator

      how am i supposed to react? been with live for the longest. all we get is BS from MS and crappy sales. you don’t have much say in any of this, things would be different if you did. we’re not entitled to anything but damn we do pay our 60/year. And what’s with having to pay just to use netflix and youtube. really, once my sub runs out, french MS.

    • NewfieJG

      Appreciate you forwarding our comments but action speaks louder then words. No one here is looking for free stuff all the time but when you see the exact same game on different platforms for a ridculously lower price then on xbla, you begin to see what companies are loyal to their customers and which one is currently not.

  • massline

    I thought Microsoft is a for-profit business. Why do they deter customers from giving them money?

    I was ready to buy a bunch of MSP this past week to get in on some hot deals. I ended up not buying a single thing because there are no good deals.

    Why Microsoft? Why won’t you accept my money?

    When Steam throws a deal, I buy nearly everything and have a blast doing it. I buy more games than I’ll ever have time to play, and I don’t even care, because its cheap. Steam likes taking my money, and they succeed every time.

    • RampageDeluxe

      I spent $105 on games this weekend. None of that was on Xbox Live. Thats 9 brand new games. They are Xbox games, but I didn’t get them from MS.

  • McWetty

    I’ll leave this as food for thought:

    As soon as Steam Big Picture is viable and supported, I’m all over that. Already started buying games that support it. And I’m using my wired Xbox controller to play them…

    • Bush O Connor

      thanks i never heard of steam big picture, looked it up there and straight away signed for the beta. this will destroy consoles by the looks of it. steam is the best thing for gaming nowadays.

  • Ruben

    I dont undestand what will microsoft lose if they added more real and significant deals, from games on demand arcade annd DLC, what would they “lose” so to speak, they will pay more in their energy bill cause the servers will overload of people buying a lot of things? they will pay extra hours to their workers so they can keep the servers running? what? what would they lose if they added more things and people start buying more from xbox live. I really cant wrap my head around those overpriced games on demand when i can go to my clesest videogame store and buy the same game and get an actual physical copy of the game with a manual and everything, and probably if it is old enough then buy the game of the year edition and get all the DLC, and still be cheaper than this games on demand.

  • Gavin Grayson

    First the 10 year anniversary, then Black Friday now Cyber Monday. These “deals” have been really, really poor. And lets not mention Windows Phone 7 DotW disappearing for several weeks without a single explanation! Come on M$, get your act together!

  • Bennijin

    I’m saying boobs.

  • Bennijin

    That Destructoid one is talking about last year. Goes to show how it’s been a year and things have got even worse though.

  • Louis Sutter

    I’ve gotten more value out of my PSN Account. Gotham City Imposters was free.

  • Ty Geer

    I agree with all the complainers here I have been a loyal Xbox customer from day one. And have decided to give it up. I was a big PC gamer prior to the Xbox 1’s release and gave it up for what I thought was a better stable platform(we all know how wrong I was). I just built a new PC yes it was pricey but now I have what I consider as good as the next Xbox graphically. But feel more empowered and free with my choice. So I am done with this tired of being let down and ripped off by MS. Just spent $100 on steam and got 10 times more games than I would have on LIVE. Say hello to last place in the next console gen, you let us down MS. I am tired of making excuses for your greedy ill informed decisions. And from the rumors of the next console it looks like you are making another bad choice.

  • Brad Hicks

    I went and picked up 1600 MSP in preparation for the holidays and all I picked up was Rock Band Blitz (great game btw).

    Steam (Doom 3, XCOM, Blood Bowl, Hotline Miami, Torchlight II, Zeno Clash, Rage) and Gamefly (Max Pane 3, FFXIII-2) got my money this year. Paid just over the cost of those points I picked up.

    With six years of weekly arcade releases and a few years of Games on Demand…this is the best they can come up with? Much like the new MS logo, a lot of thought into nothing.

  • オミナエ イサム

    Major, I hope you read this because is just a good idea.
    Why not do 2 “types” of deals of the week, every week?
    – one type is for contents that already gone (like Borderlands DLC) and casual stuff
    – second type is for only contents that never done before (like Trials Evolution)
    Sure that people here will be more satisfect with the service that everybody is paying.
    And speaking in service, why not bring again the “vote of the next deal of the week”. I remember that PacMan CEDX was voted (I bought) and that’s it, I never saw another “pool” to vote again.

  • MacPh1sto

    I think we should go back to where we were able to vote from a few choices for what we wanted for our deals. At least then we get a feeling like we have something to choose from and a voice heard in the matter rather than just getting something that the majority of users don’t care about. And with the vast amount of content available now, there’s no reason why a good variety can’t be used for something like that.

  • Jack Rowe

    Well on the bright side at least I won’t be sending any money I get better deals in the reduced bin at blockbusters starting to think a ps3 would have been a better choice

  • Leonid Izrailevsky

    Major, I know you work there, but even you can’t possibly appreciate the things the team is offering us. Shadow Complex? How many times has it gone on sale? How many times has it been cheaper in that sale than this one? Better yet, why does it cost 1200 points to begin with?! It’s an older title… let’s maybe lower it permanently instead of sort of kind of almost but not quite offering a good deal on it?

    Real Steel? Yeah, real steal, my money straight to MS. Who cares about this game?

    Steam, PS3… look over there for how to make deals. I can buy 10 games from Steam on an average sale day without spending more than 50 bucks where as even with this special “deal” day I couldn’t. Better yet, I’d never care to, because what’s being offered is stuff that people A: already have or B: don’t want.

    I understand needing to turn a profit and so here’s my suggestion. Lower games that are 6 months old. No? Okay, how about a YEAR? You remember Dust? Summer of Arcade release? Yeah, awesome demo, don’t quite think it’s worth buying for full price. How about a deal on that? Or ya know, something that is recent, popular, and in demand?

    You’ll make your money regardless of prices for now but look at the next generation. Every system is going to have party chat, the only thing in my opinion that is superior on an otherwise ad infested mess of a dashboard that focuses more on TV apps than games.

    Does Microsoft really think people are going to buy the next Xbox that does what everything else can? Are people going to pay 60+ a year, a YEAR, to see a bunch of ads and get “The Expandables 2″ for 600 points? Yeah, didn’t think so.

  • Fernando Coli Viotto

    So lets evaluate this “promotion”
    – Gotham City Impostors is free to play on steam;
    – Bloodforge gameplay is a bad version from Viking: Battle for Asgard (SEGA 2008 game);
    – Real Steel is so so;
    – Shadow Complex should be had fixed at 800~600 MSP long time ago, this isn’t a discount;

    While that you have tons of other XBLA and Indie games that could be here.

    Why don’t you outsource this sales department to Steam guys? They seem to have a way better communication with other publishers (including Microsoft – after all Deadlight was cheaper there than here during the same holiday sale).

    By the way, I was trying to expend 2400 MSP for about 3 months .and only last friday I could get something interesting (ME3: Leviathan and Spelunky)… so I’m not sure if I have to say thanks to you guys for not making me expend too much in MS store… I’m really confused.

  • Major Nelson

    I won’t say that since that is not true.

    • BlinkFandango

      Don’t get our hopes up is not true? Oh, but it is Major. Every two weeks, it is. I’ve been waiting for action from MS for a long time now. Sometimes you give us a smidgeon of hope.

      I guess you’re lucky I’m so invested in the Xbox 360 this generation, with close to 200 games (mostly retail, I would buy more digital games if they were priced well). MS isn’t getting my business next gen if they don’t learn how to price things correctly (meaning price drops over time and sales on new items, not stuff from 3 or 4 years ago that’s been discounted 10 times and should have been permanently discounted already).

      You better start that now, or you’ll just lose your core gamer base (the same way Nintendo did when they pushed motion control on their audience, sure they got the casual market like MS is doing with Kinect, but you’ll soon realize most of those guys don’t buy arcade games, let alone many games in general).

    • Matt Or James

      Someone needs to archive these online somehwere. Accountability.

  • Bush O Connor

    you do know that there is an adaptor to use a wired 360 controller on the ps3.
    i wouldnt use my ps3 without it, ps3 controller must be made for asians its that small

  • John Lobbezoo

    I’m surprised Major actually posted these “deals” on his blog. What a joke. How many titles are available and this is what we get. #BlackFridayandCyberMondayFail

  • Marco

    IMAGINE if MS treated steam as actual competition, it’s madness that we pay yearly and we don’t get any sort of deals, I am kind of baffled by all of this…and when they tout how much gold members they have at their next E3 conference …i’ll just shake my head knowing that i’ve been getting rip off for years now…some of the games on demand are so much cheaper elsewhere why isn’t the place to get everything i need at the actual market place…seriously if MS was competing against steam it would be the god of all consoles.

  • G2

    I’ve been a Live member since beta testing Live on the original xbox, and I’ve reached a point where I can’t justify the price of Live when compared to value that PS Plus offers now on top of free online multiplayer. It’s frankly embarrassing by comparison now. MS should really take note. Plus is a service the truly rewards being a member with fantastic value, and I am considering making the next Sony system my system of choice based on the declining value of Live by comparison. I scoffed at Plus initially as well. Not to mention Day-1 digital far outclasses MS’s Games on Demand service now in terms of release windows and pricing.