November 26th 2012 2:48 am PT

Xbox LIVE Marketplace CyberMonday Deals

The Xbox LIVE Marketplace team has placed the following content on sale for 50% off for today (Cyber Monday ) only.

Content Standard Price Discount Price
Expendables 2 1200 600
The Expendables 2 Full Access and Upgrade 240 120
Gotham City Impostors 1200 600
Bloodforge 1200 600
Real Steel 800 400
Shadow Complex 1200 800
Left 4 Dead 2 Cold Stream 560 280

Demo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Epic Tweets™

    Shadow complex is my fav

    • this_is_my_humble_opinion

      Mine too.
      Yet it’s a 2008 arcade game still retailing for 15$ officially and 10$ at a “crazy” cyber Monday discount, whereas for the same 10$ Amazon just recently offered digital versions of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City *TOGETHER* – two top games from 2011 and 2009 games originally retailing for 50$ each.
      Mmm… where should we spend our money? The only games I still consider worthy of purchasing on XBLA are the exclusive games since I can’t get them anywhere else, but we are seeing less and less of those: Mark of the Ninja, Sine Mora and quite soon also Splatters and Trials are all arcade games from this year which are getting improved PC versions.

  • Paul Carrett

    Gotham City Imposters and L4D2 Cold Stream for me!

    • m1nh0ca

      Just to inform, if you still don’t know: both are for free on the PC…

      • Lee Rayson

        Viruses are free on PC too, This aint for PC this for xbox some people would rather pay for console versions of content than play on PC

        • m1nh0ca

          Yes, sure! All of my non-exclusive Arcade and retail games are for Xbox. But if I can get something for free on the PC, why not? I can spend some time there too…

        • Mark

          MS wouldnt allow the L4D content to be free. So if you would rather pay for something that Orig dev gives for free, then go ahead

          • Lee Rayson

            Look don’t buy into Value BS about it MS fault, if Value Really wanted the DLC to be free it would be, even if it meant they pay a fee for us

          • Macy Slator

            You really don’t know who or what Valve is huh? I’m sure you’ve gotten a lot of Value from your xbox. Free is free. Viruses equals too much porn.

          • Lee Rayson

            Look Lucas studios had the same issue “must charge for DLC with achievements link to it” so what they do made the DLC 80 msp. Valve could had the DLC free they could just removed the achievements. Valve try to blame it on MS but funny thing is alot other Developers have given free DLC. Valve is no different than other money grabbers it that simple

  • Josh Hardman

    5/7 of these “deals” were on offer just last week……… if this is all the marketing team can come up with on CyberMonday then I would seriously question their use.

    • ungeheier


      • Guest

        Off with their minds!

      • Bennijin

        I think they’re already off their heads.

    • Harry Potter

      They have software that uses a pool of the same games or bad games and then it randomly picks a “deal.”

  • QuixoticRocket

    Shadow complex 1200 : 800… umm.. maybe I forgot my maths but that doesn’t sound like 50% ;P
    Still.. I’ve heard very good things so I’ll probably pick that up.

    • rhooper

      Shadow Complex is great! Totally recommended…

      The rest is “meh”…

  • McWetty

    Lulz. I’m out. MS will get no more of my money; ever. This is just insulting.

  • Gixxerboy

    I take it this is only in th US and not UK?

    • LPHeadstrong

      Nope. UK also

      • Nitramuse

        Even then, the deals remain useless.

  • Steelahlive

    I still would much rather have all of us that were 9/10 year members to be allowed to get one of the cool new Xbox’s…I would really appreciate it with all the 1000’s of dollars I’ve spent on accessories,games, and live. Not to mention all the DLC and 4 or 5 xbox’s i’ve purchases and or helped sell additionally an Xbox Ambassador to boot. My friends and family that all have done the same we’ve each spent well over 5000 dollars on xbox, least they could do is offer me one for 50 bux or free – and it’s easy to verify who’s eligible, let us contact you and you do the quick check’s yep this is the right person, bam here’s your shipping info for your new xbox box – seriously Major Nelson – we’ve all been here for years and MS could do this small show of good faith to us. The numbers’ can’t be that large in the small 100k’s. My two cent’s – sorry – just really want one and feel like us loyal fans get nothing of real value anymore – !

    • Dan Etheridge

      Are you seriously complaining you’re not getting a free xbox?

      When I have been driving for 10 years Peugeot better send me a new car!

      • Steelahlive

        lol – well you think a 30k or however much thousand dollar car should be replaced by the manufacturer and I think a 150-300 dollar device should be – or even allowed to be purchased at a severely discounted rate. So yes, in this wonderful world we live in, I was commenting/complaining a little, when a company such as MS sells us the xbox, and has a front man such as Larry, I feel that if it’s possible to ever reach someone this is a chance. A lot of marketing and ‘strategic’ plans MS has rolled out over the years with xbox have not always been what the fans are clamoring for, I’m just doing my part in letting MS know that the early adopters I’ve talked to want those xbox’s so if I must complain to get a percentage of voices heard so be it!

  • m1nh0ca

    I guess I should be happy, as I didn’t spend money with any of those last “deals”…

  • James Visevoan

    Only one was up las week. The LFD 2 and I doubt it’s even the same one.

  • Lee Rayson

    None for me if i were to buy any it be Real Steel just because it the cheapest Arcade title

  • Joseph Murphy

    More bullshit. Have 1,000 points sitting in my account for the last 8/9 months. No wonder.

    • Ryan Davis

      Problem is, they don’t care whether or not you spend those points. They already have your money.

      • tabicat

        MS doesn’t care, but the game developers/publishers do. I’m assuming that these deals require the approval of the publishers, so maybe the blame lies with them?

        • Bennijin

          Well if they’re willing to approve them on PSN, the console with the smaller userbase, then I don’t see why they wouldn’t for 360.

    • QuixoticRocket

      Buy the walking dead. it’s great.

  • kriegir

    lol at the bitchers. but still…yawn

    • Mark

      i think we have a right to voice our opinion. This is yet another missed opportunity by MS to showcase GREAT XBLA content at a reduced price. They’ve done well before but these were just pathetic.

      If this was just a regular deal of the week that would be fine. But this is supposed to be the big savings events. People actually went out and bought points for this in anticipation. MS already got my money cause I bought points. But instead of getting rewarded we get insulted.

      Steam has EVERYTHING in their store on sale. Most of it is 75% off. Mark of the ninja was 7.50$ for example. Full retail titles that ARE on GoD were ..4.99.

      A couple years ago you could argue XBLA is a smaller scale etc .. but its not anymore. MS can offer the same and DO WELL for themselves. Why they continue to refuse I have no idea.

      • kriegir

        I think you have the right to STFU! you know Microsoft is ALL about its $$$ so if u bought points before even having plans of buying anything that is you’re own damn fault

        • Bennijin

          You have that same right. Consider using it.

          • kriegir


  • Mark

    Shadow complex has been on sale twice @ 600 points and once at 560 points.
    But you can save even more right now with the low low low price of 800 points

    • Bennijin

      Utterly ridiculous.

  • Jason Dietrich

    yeah… ummmmmm… are you guys for real?

    I was actually hoping to see the first ME3 dlc make the list or something other decent. Instead we get a game that’s for free on the PC, a dlc that’s for free on the PC, a good yet 4 year old arcade game, the horrible Expendables 2 game+ dlc, Bloodforge which was equally bad and Real Steel… yet another movie game which i admittedly didn’t even know existed.

    Way to go M$

    • Sunny Man

      ME3 Leviathan was on sale on Black Friday. Or you mean From Ashes?

      But yeah, this Cyber Monday Sale sucks.

      • Jason Dietrich

        I meant From Ashes. I was hoping to see it on sale since they were ofering Leviathan on Black Friday and From Ashes still hasn’t seen a price cut.

  • bill


  • Steve Pruitt

    LOL….Your too kind microsoft! (Yes, that IS sarcasm)…

  • dibils

    omg all these whiners! oh i deserve this for free or we should get this for free. stfu, stop trying to acct like you are entitled to something

    • gamereviewgod

      We pay $60 a year for this service. Something more than online multiplayer and cloned deals from a consumer perspective isn’t asking too much.

      • dibils

        well people used to pay that JUST for online play…

        • gamereviewgod

          And now, the game has changed. Steam is making a push, and you don’t have to pay an annual fee. Sony is making a push with their premium package.

        • Macy Slator

          people used to play online for free and still do. There’s a whole other world of options out there than just MS. It’s just not worth it anymore.

  • Bennijin

    Another bunch of bad sales, some of which are repeated and one of which (Shadow Complex) is actually more than it’s been before!

    If people didn’t buy these games when they were on offer before I’m pretty sure they’re not going to buy them at the same prices now.

    Jesus Christ, Microshaft, you’re a f***ing OMNIshambles! That’s what you are. You’re like that coffee machine, you know? From bean to cup, you f*** up.

  • Episodejap Episodekr Episodetw


  • オミナエ イサム

    M$ only want money from the newcomers.

    I’m looking right now at Steam:
    Batman Arkham City GOTY for $7.49

    That’s the REAL CyberMonday “deal”

    XBLM can’t think in do something 10% similar like Valve.

    That’s fact!

    PS: L4D2 Cold Stream don’t have achievs in both platforms, but at least on pc is 100% free.

  • Jason James

    Do the people that put these sales on think we are all complete idiots. complete and utter trash sales once again. Major needs to report that we are not satisfied for what we are paying for. PSN+ has far better deals, hell STEAM is better again, just check out their sales. P*isses all over what M$ are putting out. All the games on sale are a complete pile of trash and not even worth the sale price. Except Shadow Complex which as been on sale how many times before and cheaper i may add.

  • Josh Strange

    This is another example why PSN+ is better than Live… smh

  • Michael J

    Well at least I get to save my points for another day. (probably not any day this year though)

  • Jason Oliver

    Does anybody actually play Gotham City Impostors, that is the concern with multiplayer only games?

    Also on an unrelated note, Major, that’s twice this week that the Japanese website has stolen your thunder!

    • eugaet

      My friends and I have been playing Gotham City Impostors weekly and still haven’t had any trouble finding full lobbies. I’d give a pass on the rest, but GCI for 600MSP is a steal.

    • Macy Slator

      boot up steam on your pc and you can play this game without touching your wallet. it’s F2P. why would they not discount this even further. again, MS is lame.

  • ChinoM

    XBLA has over 500 games now and you guys choose to put on sale some of the worst titles? The Expendables 2 for 600msp, REALLY?

    • Bennijin

      Well if you don’t like it then for an extra 120 points you don’t have to play it! :D

  • LorenzoA

    I hate to join the hate train but, since I rarely post, I’d like to add my name to the list of people who expect old titles to be cheaper after some point. Why is it arcade titles that are years old aren’t lower in price by this point? Shouldn’t there be a discount bin-like area for old games? R-type Dimensions, for example. I was hoping for deals on games that came out recently but aren’t so new anymore, like Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection.

    Can we get some kind of response, Major?

    • Ryan Davis

      Seriously, this.

      And this should apply to all DLC, not just arcade games. Why is the variety map pack for COD 4 (almost 5 years old now) still $15? The game costs $10 and online play is broken anyway.

      DLC price should come down over time, just like products in EVERY other market.

    • Louis Sutter

      I’ve been waiting for “The Force Unleashed I” DLC to go on sale for 4 years!

    • JoeGrahamcracker

      You don’t want Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection. Trust me.

  • Bryan K

    This is barely worth even mentioning. Where are the real deals?

    • Bennijin

      Somewhere in 2009 I think.

  • Sunny Man

    I bough a 3200msp card just for this Thanksgiving sale. Now I feel like an idiot being slapped right in the face.

    Enough is enough. I will begin to switch to Steam as my gaming platform.

    • Chris Grub

      I did that last year around when Steam had their deals and MS was doing their Holiday sale. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve saved a lot of money on gaming this year.

  • Yi Xu

    My eyes is burning with those awesome deals. heck NO. what is going on with xbox live. So this is all you can come up with? 7 DLC??. You are not even trying.

  • RampageDeluxe

    I find it insulting that they tried to run better deals for movies and tv. As much as MS tries to make the 360 into a media hub, I’m not buying into that. I play games on my game console and I would like to continue doing so.

    • Bennijin

      THIS. I bought my videogame system for the playing of videogames as did many of us here and Microsoft need to take heed that there is a considerable amount of Xbox owners that actually like to play videogames.

    • BlinkFandango

      Also, why buy movies or tv shows when you have Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or Redbox?

  • WhiteSilhouette

    This is just sad. It’s not just the price but what is available for discount. There are so many better games that people would be willing to buy. I really hope MS is paying attention to Playstation Plus. This will be the first time I let my gold expire, and if this is how MS approaches the xbox live market place next gen I doubt I will bother to even look at. it.

  • GioB

    i’m disappointed by these sales,i hope to see something better for xmas,if you need any suggestions i would like to see 50% discount on trials evolution and dlc,minecraft,and 75% discount (like steam did) on alan wake american nightmare

    last year cybermonday deals were better than these

  • TheDoveOfPeace

    We all pay to play online, we all pay to watch advertisements, we all pay to use apps and we all pay to use the internet browser.

    When will we all get decent discounts on games/DLC that we want rather than what the marketing team can spew up each week? These deals are a slap in the face to all of us that continue to spend money on your service Microsoft. It annoys me that Major is in the firing line, he doesn’t deserve it, but it’s about time we as customers are heard.

    We get the same deals each week, petty discounts on things we don’t want. If you are reading this marketing team, pull your finger out and start working. LISTEN to us for a change rather than taking on board our complaints and doing nothing about it.

    …and if Borderlands DLC is on sale next week I’ll throw my Xbox 360 out the window.

    • Rodolfo Antonio

      This week is GTA IV DLC :D (at least in japan)

      • Bennijin

        Xbox Japan leaked most of these crappy offers too. I swear if all we get is GTA4 DLC yet again I’m going to scream.

  • Paul Kelly

    Further proof that Cyber Monday is nothing more than reheated leftovers from Black Friday, at best.

  • Joe Wienclaw

    they really should have put Minecraft up at one point. This is pathetic.

  • eugaet

    FWIW, Gotham City Impostors is a steal at 600MSP and highly recommended. My friends and I have been playing since release and never have any trouble finding matches. And the community is as active as ever. Hoping this sale will bring in a lot of new blood for me to kill!

    • Bennijin

      But it’s free on PC.

      • eugaet

        Then, by all means, play it on the PC. A lot of stuff is free on the PC. However, for those that only game on an XB360, your comment is totally irrelevant. I stand by my original post.

  • Preston Patillo

    So what do I pay for each year again? And did ANYBODY want The Expendables 2 at ANY price?

  • ɾosɥ ɥɐɐs

    I had to check the calendar to make sure it’s not April 1st.

  • Marco Leyva

    Well you know, they just have sales every week, the sales and specials and other content from the scratch and win section. Not to mention the chain reaction deals which change every once in awhile. Oh and since christmas month is about to start, more than likely there will be a sale up until christmas day, oh and some stuff on sale for new years. So if you’re complaining about not being able to waste your money, I’m sure something will eventually come up that you want, just be patient. It’s not like the world is going to end anytime soon.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    These are not very good deals. they are ok. but there are only 7 and a lot of people have 4 of them, I’m assuming. This is a sale aimed at a small group of xbox users. I did like the microsoft store sale though; hat was so great. really, all i am saying is, if you are going to give deals, at least make them something worth while. I know some people will not be happy no matter what you guys do, but i just think you could do better. I am not sure if it is a “money thing” that is preventing good deals, but if it is money or whatever it is then tell us just so we understand the process in selecting deals. For example, the deal of the week last week was “I am alive” and it was on sale for 800 msp but why not 600 msp? i would have bought if it were 600 msp. It just didn’t look appealing to my money-eyes. I am just wondering what is the motivation behind the deals? I don’t understand how the MicroSoft Store could have such great deals on high price retail games while at the same time giving mediocre deals to paying subscribers. Yeah, yeah I know, we pay for the online service. But then why give deals at all? I am just a struggling college student looking for a good deal, but what do I know? I will stick with Xbox no matter what but I just wanted to say what I was thinking. Thanksgiving break has given me too much time to do things like blog about bad Xbox game deals on Major’s website. lol

  • H0RIZ0N

    Hopefully the new year’s sales will be decent.

    • Chris Grub

      Remember last year’s Holiday Sale?

      • NewfieJG

        If i remember correctly, it was mostly dlc content at a higher price then it was for the regular deals of the week

      • Chico Edge

        My purchase history shows some good Holiday Countdown games on sale like Bastion, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Sonic Adventure and Renegade Ops.

      • Bennijin

        Wish I didn’t.

  • Mr. Beard

    Wow. Talk about cheap. (And I dont mean those prices). Since when was 50% of 1200 800? Wack wack ooops

  • NewfieJG

    what a disgrace On steam, Quantum Conundrum was $3.75 which equals to around 280-300msp. Yet, on xbox live the deal was 600msp and 1-2 people were trying to claim that was a great deal. Get with the program people and stop buying these crappy deals or nothing will change

    • Bennijin

      On the one hand, you can pick up MSP cheaper via offers on prepaid cards.

      On the other hand, yeah MS hasn’t got a clue. It says something when their own formerly exclusive games are now cheaper on Steam.

      • BlinkFandango

        Yeah, I have like 14000MSP waiting for good deals.

  • Guest

    So COMPLEXing. this is such an EXPENDABLE sale. its an IMPOSTER of a deal. i must FORGE some REEL STEEL and leave xbl LEFT FOR DEAD in a COLD STREAM. yes i know its stupid but i had fun making this.
    : )

  • Ryan Davis

    Has anyone else been waiting for like a year for Banjo-Kazooie to go on sale?

    • Thânia Santos

      Both N64 games have already been on sales.

      • Jason Oliver

        Not this year they haven’t, I’ve had them cued up as demos ready to go at the first sign of discount and I ain’t buying any more space bucks until that discount arrives.

  • BostonSup

    I don’t know why I expected more given the history of sales…. this sale really does suck. Please say it was accidentally uploaded before it was finished.

    MS is really hurting their own image.

  • ikari_paul

    oh boy, back to steam then. nothing to see here. GOG has also some amazing deals

    would love to see a Rez deal, though

  • BlinkFandango

    I don’t know why I expected this to not suck. Guess I was hoping MS would eventually start trying. Where’s Mark of the Ninja? Fez? Jet Set Radio? Dust: An Elysian Tale? Season Passes for ACIII, Black Ops 2, Borderlands 2 or Halo 4? Modern Warfare 3 Collection 3 DLC? You know, stuff that has never been on sale before and people actually want.

    Shadow Complex is an amazing game, but it came out 3 years ago and has been on sale many, many times. Why hasn’t it been permanently reduced yet? I hate the fact that prices never get reduced over time on the Marketplace like normal retail titles. That’s the problem when there’s no competition on Xbox, terrible pricing schemes.

  • Steve Smith

    Major, Is the price for Shadow Complex going to be fixed to 600 or is it staying at 800?

    • Bennijin

      By now it should be lower than 600.

  • Chico Edge

    To the “Deals” team. Over the last few Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekends I spent around $50-$70 each time. I have not bought a single game from you this weekend. I did buy two Sega games last week but that was more about throwing some support to Sega since I already had those games on the Ultimate Genesis collection. Is this really the best you can do? I bought Shadow Complex last year for 600 points!

    As a member with about 125 Arcade games, I am not really asking for much. When many people complain about the fact that the 360 charges for online multiplayer I point out that I save more than the cost of a Gold subscription through discounts but now you are making even that defense difficult. I don’t expect Steam level deals but I do hope to see some games that I would actually want to buy. Expendables 2? Really? I’m a multiplatform user and I can easily choose to give my money to your competition if that is what you really want.

    Perhaps Microsoft is unaware of its reputation among core gamers. The common perception is that Microsoft is not supporting the 360 beyond constant rehashes of Gears, Forza and Halo along with way too much Kinect shovelware. The Deals team is making it more and more difficult to defend the 360.

    Are you aware that on the Wii U eShop the developers can not only set their own prices but can also hold their own sales whenever they want? You won’t even need to buy a yearly subscription to get those discounts. If Microsoft does not catch up with the times then the next Xbox is going to be left far, far behind. I don’t want that to happen and I am sure that you do not want that either.

    I expect the Holiday Countdown sales to be at least on par with Sony and Nintendo’s online sales. If you do not do this then I promise I will let my Gold subscription lapse and buy more from the competition. There are way too many gaming choices out there to be stuck with one company’s bad sales. I’ll go where the value lies.

    The ball is in your court.