November 27th 2012 6:00 am PT

Content coming soon to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Here is a look at some of the upcoming content scheduled for the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.*

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Xbox LIVE Arcade  Release Date MS Points
Virtua Fighter 2  28-Nov 400
Sonic the Fighters  28-Nov 400
Fighting Vipers  28-Nov 400
Red Bull Crashed Ice  30-Nov 400
Guardians of Middle Earth  5-Dec 1200
Game Add-ons Release Date MS Points
Mass Effect 3: Omega  27-Nov 1200
Skyrim: Dragonborn  4-Dec 1600
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Revert Pack  5-Dec 400
Magic 2013: Deck Pack 2  5-Dec 240
Deal of the Week Discount Dates Price
GTA IV GonD  27-Nov – 3-Dec Varies by region
GTA IV Lost and Damned   400
GTA IV Ballad of Gay Tony   800
Deadliest Warrior  4-Dec to 10-Dec 400
Deadliest Warrior: DLC Expansion Pack 1   200
Deadliest Warrior: Legends   400
Deadliest Warrior: Legends – Joan of Arc DLC   120
Sales  & Specials Discount Date Price
Kinect Central: Burnout Crash  27-Nov – 3-Dec 400
Kinect Central: Dragon’s Lair  4-Dec to 10-Dec 400
Ubisoft Publisher Sale 4-Dec to 10-Dec Varies

*As with all game related releases, dates, prices and availability are subject to change and vary by region

Arcade, Deal, Game Add-on, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • rhooper

    I was expecting so much Bioshock, Borderlands or Fallout 3 in the DotW…
    GTA IV is a surprise! (not)

    • RampageDeluxe

      The just had those games on sale. I wish I had Borderlands 2 at the time because I would have picked up the DLC. I’ll wait to see if it rolls around again.

      • The Dukenator

        There is a Borderlands 2 season pass.

        • RampageDeluxe

          Thanks, I thought they had that on discount too. I never buy the season passes until they go on sale. This year, it seems that I find games on sale right after the passes go on sale. Maybe I’ll start buying them when they are cheap even if I don’t have the game. As long as I plan on buying the game.

  • Dom G

    where are the games on demand?

    • E.Nich

      Well, you have GTA IV GoD this week XD

  • mcmax3000

    I’ll be getting Mass Effect 3: Omega at some point, but not right now… Don’t have the money at the moment.

    That Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect game could end up being decent fun, especially for only $5. I’ll at least give the trial a shot.

    Otherwise, nothing for me, which is fine. I don’t need to be buying more Microsoft points right now.

  • E.Nich

    Waiting to see what will Ubisoft offer next week as a sale.

    • Bennijin

      Well it’s under “Kinect Central” so don’t hold your breath.

    • Phil W. Czyzewicz III

      They actually had an Ubisoft Publisher Sale last year (pretty much the same time December 6-12) So expect something similar to this….

      Beyond Good and Evil HD — 400 MSP (was 800)
      Bloody Good Time — 200 MSP (was 400)
      From Dust — 800 MSP (was 1200)
      Might & Magic Clash of Heroes — 600 MSP (was 1200)
      Outland — 400 MSP (was 800)
      Panzer General: Allied Assault — 200 MSP (was 400)
      Voodoo Dice — 200 MSP (was 400)
      Zeit² — 400 MSP (was 800)

      DLC Add-ons
      Assassin’s Creed II DLC: Sequence 12: Battle of Forli — 160
      MSP (was 320)
      Assassin’s Creed II DLC: Bonfire of the Vanities & Secret
      Locations — 280 MSP (was 560)
      Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood DLC: The Da Vinci Disappearance —
      400 MSP (was 800)
      Far Cry 2 DLC: Fortunes Pack — 200 MSP (was 400)
      Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 DLC: GRAW 2 CO-OP Collection
      — 200 MSP (was 400)
      Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 DLC: GRAW 2 Co-Op Collection
      2 — 200 MSP (was 400)
      Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter DLC: Chapter 2 — 300 MSP (was
      EndWar DLC: Escalation Expansion Pack — 200 MSP (was 400)
      H.A.W.X. DLC: Air Supremacy — 400 MSP (was 800)
      H.A.W.X. 2 DLC: All in One Pack — 400 MSP (was 800)
      Splinter Cell: Conviction DLC – Deniable Ops: Insurgency — 400
      MSP (was 800)
      Splinter Cell: Conviction — $14.99 (was $19.99 or 25% off) and a few others…

      • E.Nich

        Thanks for giving me an idea of what to expect. Sadly I’m really not interested in those games/DLC’s though. Hope they’ll toss something extra (dreaming is free, after all).

  • オミナエ イサム

    GTA’s dlc going to be deal again for the 9th time., that’s nice! (sarcasm)

    At least I will save my money for two entire weeks.

    PS: XBLA Burnout Crash is 50% off too.

    • オミナエ イサム

      And I forget to say that Burnout Crash and Deadliest Warrior are BAD games!

      • Thânia Santos

        I like Burnout crash, fun little diversion ….
        deadliest warrior is really bad, but have been on deal many time also … like GTA ….

  • Mike Ehlert

    max payne 3 Painful Memories 4th Dec 800msp

  • Rohan Mayers

    Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 came out today too as Game on Demand but it is not listed here.

  • Z4M0

    As expected, GTA IV Deals… Microsoft, nice hat trick! 1st you fail informing your customers in advance (news come the same day deals kick in) then you fail keeping that invaluable info secret (it always leaks) to end up dissapointing 90% of your customer base with those poor deal choices. 3 in 1 !

    To top that, deadliest warrior on sale (again), burnout crash and Dragon’s lair… no single game of the list it’s being discounted for the first time!

    Then there is the Ubisoft Publisher Sale (no info at all about that) … I guess it will be From Dust 33% again, clash of heroes, for the third time discounted and just to punish who got I Am Alive last week 33% it will be 50% 2 weeks later.

    I remember when there wasn’t deals nor sales; I was really excited about this featureat first… then it ended like that. Somehow, pathetic.

    Sorry to be in the moan bandwagon but I feel like Microsoft lately wants me to ” JUMP OUT ” instead.

    • Bennijin

      I’d like whoever’s coming up with these deals to jump out.

      Of a window.

  • chris

    why is burnout crash a kinect sale item?

    • Bennijin

      Because you can play it with Kinect. You shouldn’t play it with Kinect (heck you shouldn’t play it at all), but you can.

  • NewfieJG

    Major, hopefully this was not the result of your meeting with the marketing team yesterday

    • オミナエ イサム

      Maybe the meeting results will be out next year.

      • eopdev

        Or next-gen, maybe?

  • Hugoku

    I’m suspecting all these marketing team meetings amount to are a bunch of random MS employees eating coffee and donuts for 55 minutes then spending the last five throwing darts to a dartboard with oblivion, fallout, borderlands, bioshock and GTA sections painted on them.

    • Fernando Coli Viotto

      I’m suspecting that you are completely right :) Once again I’m prevented to spend my remaining points in this outrageous deals.

      Hopefully Major´s meeting with the marketing team (from the other post) will get some results soon :/

  • MilkyTee

    I actually find this hilarious. GTA IV DLC again. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    Now those three guys from that isolated village in Ethiopia can get them too!
    Seriously, I’m not even mad.

    • The Dukenator

      Those GTA IV DLCs don’t require the original GTA IV to play.

      • Bennijin

        Yes they do.

  • Michael J

    I’m quite liking these reverse sales, the ones that don’t make you spend money.

  • Bennijin


  • Crown_Lager

    I remain cynical. It’s not the first time he’s ‘put a word in’ with the ‘team’.

    • Bennijin

      And it won’t be the last.

  • Michael J

    Ms Pac-Man
    Pac-Man C.E DX

    All half off via the Sales & Specials app if anyone’s interested.

    • Thânia Santos

      only available in the US and UK ….

    • The Dukenator

      Bought Pac-Man 4 years ago. Worth it.

  • Tylerh1701

    What the hell? Awful sales and full of repeats!

  • Yi Xu

    Another disappoint Deal of the Week after Cyber Monday. Xbox live marketing team doesn’t really care or listen.

    • The Dukenator

      Did you try the Sales & Specials app? Sometimes there are good deals there.

      Hold onto to your MS points as you might end up needing to use them one day. The 12 Days of Christmas sale might have one day deals like last year.

      I was able to get Gold Lancer for my avatar for 160MSP, before it was removed permanently from the avatar marketplace.

      • Yi Xu

        I did. Every week with Sales & Specials app, but mostly bad deals for me. usually 4 offers at a time. I am a gamer and avatar items just isn’t appealing to me. I can’t continue to play this wait and seek game. So you wait couple month for single good deal while the xbox live gold account timer to run out. You are losing huge opportunity cost with xbox live while other platform offer much greater value.

    • Thânia Santos

      I 100% agree with you.

      but none of us really know if those deals are profitable or not, only Microsoft knows.

      Real gamers and long time gold member have tons of reason to be angry with this service, and, myself, after 7 years non stop, I might also let my subscription expire.

      but if Microsoft is still doing nice profits from those atrocious deals we had all this years, more than with ‘gamers friendly’ deals, why would they change?

      we all know that Expendable 2 is one of the worst game of the arcade, and deadly warrior is terrible too. None if us, gamers, or well aware players would buy those, at any cost.
      but how many copy did they sell on that Monday!!?
      I think the answer might be frightening, even if I wished it would have been low numbers…

  • RampageDeluxe

    I’m hoping that the original Assassin’s Creed and Raving Rabbids is on sale during the Ubisoft publisher sale. I used to own those a long time ago, but I kind of miss them.

  • Jacob

    I am telling everyone Gold has no Value anymore and now gold pretty much useless to renewed now xbox live is a joke now PSN plus is so much better now because their deals matter they get free games and great deal they gave out their Music Unlimited for 12 dollar for the whole year and say thats a good deal

    • Jacob

      sorry for my grammer

      • Jacob

        why can’t we get Xbox music for 12 dollar for the whole year if playstation can do it why not Xbox live do it

        • The Dukenator

          The 12 dollar offer is a discount for PS+ members and isn’t permanent.

          PS+ free games only work as long as you remain a member.

          • Louis Sutter

            So what? I don’t plan on stopping my subscription to PSN. It has more value than XBL anyway. Microsoft needs to step up their game on this one. I do both PS and XB now, but as money becomes tight…who knows?

          • The Dukenator

            I hardly play xbox now unlike I did for the past 4 years.
            It would be useful for XBL Gold users to get free games like PS+ users get.

          • mama mambo

            “PS+ free games only work as long as you remain a member.”

            Who cares? Seriously, most people play a game once or so and then stop playing it, so the fact that I dont actually own the game isnt a bad thing. IF the game is something I will want for the long haul I would buy it.

          • The Dukenator

            Over time, they do change the free PS+ games. So if you missed out on that PS+ free game, you’re out of luck..

            I actually prefer discs for all my games.

  • Rodolfo Antonio

    Definitely nothing for me, the only interesting thing is the Ubisoft sale so if Rayman 3, Clash of heroes and Scot Pilgrim go with 50% off I’ll be happy to pick them.

    • BlinkFandango

      Or the ACIII Season Pass. Yeah, I’m dreaming.

  • LePasteur

    Must be depressing and sad for Major to read all these comments by his disappointed fans. I wonder if he feels embarrassed each time his team sends him the new deals list…

    • オミナエ イサム

      Impossible to be satified with those crappy deals., and the worst part is: we are paying for this and they are getting a lot of money with out deserve this.
      I’m 100% that the guy/individuals that make those lists are casual gamers, never play games like us and the most important thing: they don’t have any idea what are those massive discounts in Valve’s Steam.
      Sure that soon I will spend more money in the PS3, 3DS and my upcoming WiiU. M$ just don’t deserve a part that I’m spendig (a lot) every year in games.

  • MilkyTee

    I was reading an article where the co-creator of the original Xbox (not involved with M$ anymore) was saying Microsoft needs to adapt or die. He is right, so incredibly right.

    We just saw the PS3 catch up to the 360 in WW sales (they’re within a hairs breadth of one another), despite launching a year later.

    We also saw Steam bag it’s 50 millionth user and having 6 million concurrent users online, just the other day. At best, the 360 might achieve half of that.

    To really invigorate the Xbox brand, Microsoft needs to get with the times, or get left in the dust. Tear down that walled garden approach to your console, it only scares off prospective developers and hinders what your userbase can play and see.

    Stop charging indie devs 20,000+ dollars to simply fix game-breaking bugs.

    Stop offering so little for a premium subscription service that should be free in the first place. Seriously you might have won that one, as it’s proven to be successful. But you tried to charge for online play with Games for Windows Live users, and they just had none of it and told you to rightly f*** off. Same is going to happen here. You treat you consumers like dirt and they will flock to where they’re offered better value

    Offer your customers more than three or four first party franchises. Gears, Halo and Forza are ALL quality, but a bit of quantity wouldn’t go amiss either. People are going to get very bored, very quickly, if that’s all you can offer them

    Gabe Newell, the mastermind behind Valve and Steam, has got this absolutely pinned down. His mantra is “Put customers first, before ANYTHING else”. Guess what?

    His platform is experiencing exponential growth, while yours is simply stagnating.

    I’d be pretty indifferent to seeing you drop out of the console race. You delivered a fantastic console last gen, that strived to be better than it’s competitors because it HAD to, and it succeeded. Probably one of the greatest consoles ever created.

    The 360 had a promising start, but now because you’ve gobbled up a sizeable portion of the userbase, you’ve gotten lazy. You’e not even trying anymore.

    I know people say this the entire time, and never necessarily mean it, but I’m being 100% sincere when I say I won’t be picking up the next Xbox, despite my love for Halo. I can get far better elsewhere, and if that means sacrificing my favourite series, so be it.

    Better than being bent over by you people every other week. Shame on you.


    • Bush O Connor

      in the last few years i and my family have bought at least 6-7 xbox 360’s, i also during the 3rrod times fixed hundreds of xbox’s with most of those people having to buy another 360 either way.
      in all that time i bought 1 ps3 and gained another 2 for payment on fixing the xboxs. so i would say their xbox sale figures are way off, not including the ammount they must have shifted for modding and ban waves that followed.

      i was the first to buy the original xbox in my area i got everyone to drop the ps2, i wired a network to play halo2 that connected 20 houses that crossed a field and a river.before broadband.

      i will more than likely drop the xbox next gen, its lost the hardcore gaming feel it once had.

      • QuixoticRocket

        Way to keep an open mind about future events in an industry where things can turn around extremely quickly.

        • Bush O Connor

          extremely quickly is right, i see steam taking the crown next gen

          • BlinkFandango

            Steam Big Picture will be the future for me if MS doesn’t start having good deals for games. Maybe when it’s released MS will finally start seeing their customers fall away and realize how stupid they’ve been.

        • BlinkFandango

          Not quickly enough.

    • mama mambo

      I have to admit I have pretty much given up on MS and the 360 as my main gaming device these days. Their sales and giveaways are so lacking most of the time I hardly feel the need to buy anything anymore. I can’t remember the last time I truly felt tempted to spend money. Thanks to Steams/Gamefly/ and even Origin’s big holiday sales, I have a new library of games to play that could have been purchased on the 360, but didn’t.

      MS is so stingy, I think I spent at least $80 on those services and bought a ton of games. I did end up buying Halo 4 only because Amazon had the $20 gift card and $10 video credit deal. I was planning on buying Max Payne 3 on Xbox but got it on PC for $14.99, Bought dishonored for $24.99, Syndicate for $5, Dead Island for $7.49.

      I actually want MS to give me reasons to buy games on Xbox, they hardly ever do, and its a real shame.

      • BlinkFandango

        I agree that digital sales are terrible on Xbox, but I bought almost all the games you mentioned for around the same price on Black Friday for Xbox (Max Payne for $15, Dishonored for $25 and I saw Dead Island for $10, but didn’t end up picking it up, didn’t look for deals on Syndicate. The main reason I use a console over a PC is to game with my wife (and my PC sucks, it’s a glorified word editor), I’m not switching to Sony any times soon (not because they suck or anything, I just don’t like their controller) and if Wii U gets some good games I might switch over (although that could take a few years). Xbox is really the only alternative and while I enjoy it a lot, they really need to get their act together.

    • Dom G

      Just buy games on Steam… Don’t worry, I won’t go on Steam bragging about my Xbox…

      • MilkyTee

        I already do.

        And way to miss the point…

        • Dom G

          Thanks! Didn’t even tried that hard… :P

    • BlinkFandango

      I agree wholeheartedly. I can’t believe most of this stuff they haven’t done yet. Hopefully they’ll wake up next gen when nobody buys their console.

    • Jacob

      Right On and plus the games that have online passes should let you play the game for free Online passes are ruining xbox live whats the point in paying for the xbox live gold

      • Jacob

        Xbox live gold has no value anymore it pretty much useless to pay for gold now

  • Russell Gorall

    Does the Crash game have to be played with Kinect? – Kinect owner

    • Pete Osborne

      No, not at all. I personally love the game, 400 is definitely worth trialling.

  • Gavin Grayson


    It seems that it doesn’t matter my 4,000msp hasn’t arrived yet as these ‘offers’ are a let down.
    Thanks for all your hard work Major, but have the M$ marketing team ever actually studied marketing?

    • Thânia Santos

      they certainly did
      they should study the xbox gamers community instead!

  • Thânia Santos

    maybe they should do, from time to time (2 or 4 times a year), some “buy anything this week on live for more than 2100MSP (and up to 5000) and get 33%(50%?) points back” or something like that…

    they did thing like that, very long time ago : “buy for 2100MSP and get refunded of 800MSP”
    that should come back more often. At least we will be able to pick what we dreamed was on deal but never was.

    • RampageDeluxe

      They just did it last month. It was 2000 and get 400, which was nice since i was going to make the purchases anyways.

      • Thânia Santos

        I did not saw that in my country ….
        where was that? in which part? where was it advertised?

    • srarian7

      ^this please im new to xbox and im considering many games to buy but im just holding out for the deals to kick in. IM in no rush but if u put these games with the refund (rebate) ill buy them :

      Sine Mora,Mortal Kombat Arcade, Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Episode II, Kinec Central: Carnival Games, Trine 2, Defense Grid: The Awakenin, Your Shape™: Fitness Evolved, Kinect Sports: 1 and 2, Kinectimals, or Halo Reach, Splosion Man, Shadow Complex for 600 not 800, Snoopy Flying Ace, Outland, Might & Magic Clash of Heroes, Sonic Adventure DX Upgrade, Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting, Final Fight doble impact, DeathSpank, Gatling Gears, Shank 2

  • RampageDeluxe

    I know I’m going to get flamed for this, but I don’t buy xbox live for the occasional deals. I buy it for the stable online play and functionality. On playstation, I can barely play a game without being constantly disconnected from the server or my console randomly dropping signal, which is a huge known issue. The server system that Live uses is far better than PSN and that’s why Live has a subscription price. Is it over priced? Hell yeah. You take the good, you take the bad, you put them all together and you have Xbox Live.

    • Bush O Connor

      surely the ads can pay for the servers

    • MilkyTee


      Microsoft charge you for Peer 2 peer. That means, in essence, they’re charging you to use your own internet. Playstation uses the exact same model.

      The only servers involved ANYWHERE, are the ones that store games, DLC etc. for download, discounting the servers that EA, Epic etc. maintain for their own games i.e. absolutely nothing to do with Microsoft.

      Don’t think that because you’re paying for a service, it’s automatically superior. When we’re talking about connection and stability in Multiplayer games, Xbox LIVE and PSN are the exact same, except you pay for one of them.

      What’s hilariously ironic though, is that, despite being totally free, PSN offers far more games that utilize dedicated servers than Microsoft do.

    • Steve Melton

      Well said

    • lethargicj

      I agree with all this except the over priced part. 60 dollars for a year of service averages out to 5 bucks a month. How is Xbox Live not worth 5 bucks a month?

      • BlinkFandango

        It was when the other alternative (PSN sucked). Now the alternative sucks a lot less and is still free. Anything above free is too much now.

  • Ιωάννης Γιαπιτζάκης

    What Kind of Deal of The week are these!!

    We want really good deals every week!!!!!!!!!!

    We pay €60 per year for Gold Subscriptions!!!!!!!


    • The Dukenator

      How about free games each week?

  • ryder4life22187

    O boy what do i pick up first there are way too many deals to take advantage of that i can not pass me by. I don’t know how i keep missing these deals every other week/month. Sad day when a couple of arcade ports are a better value then DOTW.

  • Hyroll

    Can you explain why Yu-Gi-Oh! Decade Duels Plus was added to the marketplace for a day, then removed within a few hours? When will it be back up?

    • Major Nelson

      Don’t know when it will be back…but I will post when I have confirmed details.

      • srarian7

        Do u read old reply coments? Because I just game some valuble info on some of them or should I just post on the lastbottom line even if not that much related.

  • Volitar Prime

    I’m interested in the Sega fighters.Are these ports of the arcqde versions or the Saturn ones?

    I wish they would have bundled these together under the SVC label and included Fighters Megamix.

    • srarian7

      Those games are so old and small they could sell them for for way less all in one big packege or u can just play them on a emulator since most of them dont have online play anyway.

  • Blitz Krieg

    Man, i see many people complaining yet not suggesting deals they’d like (besides having live gold free, which we won’t get as long as a big amount of consumers keep paying for it), then getting angry at Microsoft for not guessing what they wanted.

    What i want:
    1) More locations supported for buying GoD titles. Nothing frustrates me more of XBL than trying to buy a game and find, IN THE LAST SECOND, that the system won’t allow me to buy it.
    Even well known titles suffer from this:
    Dead Rising, Deus Ex HR, Catherine, L.A. Noire, GTAIV (oh the irony), BlazBlue, Mass Effect (Which thankfully is no longer relevant thanks to the trilogy pack), Halo 3 (Can you believe it? It won’t allow me to buy Halo 3 FFS!).

    And the worse part of location locks is: There is NO WAY to know if a GoD title is available to download from your current location until you’ve already confirmed you’re buying.

    2) More new Games on Demand (ie: BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend, Dark Souls, etc).

    That’s it.

    • Dom G

      Also need game on demand version available the same day as the retail version.

    • Yi Xu

      Suggestion? There are real world examples. Steam and PSN+. Take a look. that is what deals like. That is what XBLA should treat their customers. Xbox actually has competitors that they can watch and learn.

  • Awful

    Pathetic deals. Whoever handles DotW should be fired and made to eat 100 durian fruits.

    • srarian7

      Im new to Xbox (like 3 months)Well im guessing that not many here are parents of young kids since no one mentions the fact that Microsoft is the ONLY console that u can use the Kinect to make ur body REALLY as a controller (not that fake Wii thing that u can just move ur rist and win). Yes helps ur kid be active when u dont have time to get out of the house. Yes I PC was a hardcore gamer before but now that im a parent dont have much time and my kid is my priority now.

      • The Dukenator

        Kinect came out 2 years ago. It is the only motion control device to do full body motion control.

        • srarian7

          Yes I know but we need more Kinect games suppport.

          • The Dukenator

            Need For Speed: Most Wanted has Kinect support. Other games under Kinect Central have more.

    • srarian7

      sorry new to this forum dunno how to delete

  • Episodejap Episodekr Episodetw

    it’s a joke…as i expected

  • lethargicj

    GTA IV?? Are you serious? Who doesn’t have that who wants it?

    • The Dukenator

      Its easier to buy the GTA IV Complete Edition for $30.

      • BlinkFandango

        It’s $18 new at Target. That’s at least $7 cheaper then this deal of the week.

        • The Dukenator

          I could’ve bought it on Thanksgiving for $15 from Walmart, but didn’t. Doubt it’ll ring up at that price now.

  • mama mambo

    Major is awesome, and the only thing that I love about MS anymore. Man I miss the days of Peter Moore, J Allard, and those guys. Xbox doesn’t have anyone that doesn’t scream “Suit” other than Major anymore. When the original Xbox came out, it seemed so energetic and rebellious almost, as the 360 aged it felt more and more “corporate” and less “cool”. I’m hoping the next gen brings it back but I’m not betting on it. I feel more innovation and energy on the PC side again, like a dormant monster slowly starting to awaken, like Cthulhu almost lol.

  • Dom G

    If Sony is your stantard of customers service, you probably never had to call them! LOL

    • BlinkFandango

      I didn’t say follow Sony exactly, but they are giving free stuff to their paying customers. Also, I heard that people who bought stuff before that stuff went on sale were reimbursed the extra amount they spent. That’s awesome. If Sony can do that, so can MS.

  • BlinkFandango

    What part of my post gets downvoted? Do people not want prices to drop over time? Do people not want good sales? Do people not want free stuff?

  • Matt

    could have at least added san andreas to the mix

  • Steve Smith

    Saving my points for future sales…these deals are lame.

  • Martinez Torres Manuel Enrique

    I don’t get it… Ubisoft already said that they are releasing the Wallace + Online DLC for Scott Pilgrim next week… WHAT’S GOING ON!? I DON’T WANT TO WAIT MORE!

  • Leonid Izrailevsky

    Garbage offers yet again. As said, I can buy GTA with every piece of DLC on Steam for less than just ONE PIECE OF DLC on the Xbox. That’s pathetic.

  • fsdfg dsfds

    Go sega! hope they bring the proper Sega Rally 95 and #2 to xbla

  • Jason Oliver

    Probably because more people want to buy it!

    • Hugoku

      Isn’t TBOGT bigger expansion than LaD? At least that’s the impression I have since ever.

      • Chris Grub

        That would make sense.

        • Ruben

          yeah i think its bigger, its really good.

  • Jason Lafitte

    Thanks Major, Im one of the few that doesnt own GTA, so i bought it, it was 9.99 in Canada on my xbox account. i thought it was a pretty good deal, my first games on demand purchase.

  • Z4M0

    I will buy deadliest warrior… at 200 msp! If you are repeating a deal about a game most people don’t care about at least lower enough the price to make it an impulse buy!

    • srarian7

      This is good marketing for a bad game

  • Bennijin

    D’oh, so it is. That’s me told!

  • LCJalternative

    Perhaps Major Nelson could explain why the UK subscribers are clearly getting ripped off regarding the GonD version of GTA IV?
    33% off for UK compared to 50% for the US with no explanation why leaves a bad impression.

    This already happened with the GonD sale a few months ago, where the prices differed between the two regions for no apparent reason and here we are again.