November 27th 2012 6:02 am PT

Mass Effect 3: Omega Game add-on

Mass Effect™ 3Content: Mass Effect 3: Omega
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: An uneasy alliance between Shepard and Aria begins a deadly game of cat-and-mouse to wrest Omega from Cerberus’s control. Forced to rely on Aria’s unique knowledge of the station and faced with her lust for revenge, how far will you go to retake Omega?


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Game Add-on, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Marcos Carvalhedo de Campos

    really? does anyone going to buy this at this price in december?

    • Mike Hasko

      Downloading now.

    • Craig Wagner

      I haven’t finished ME3 yet so I’ll probably get it this weekend and play through it before going on to the final battle.

    • BostonSup

      I bought the other DLC when it was on sale Friday. I am going to wait for that little DLC for $10 and this $15 DLC to go on sale for 1/2 price before I get them. As much as people don’t like ME3, I loved it… just not enough to get screwed by their DLC pricing.

      When it is 1/2 priced, then it will be a fair price to buy.

      • Marcos Carvalhedo de Campos

        don’t get me wrong dude, i love ME as much as you do, really.
        but 1200 msp, for a game released in february? i mean the hype has gone, and the ending did not hit me as ‘want more!!!’ i i think most of the players have not got this feeling too.

  • Rich Unsworth

    Any achievements to go along with the dlc Larry ?

    • Bennijin

      Three for 125G.

      That’s it.

  • John Paul Roth

    It is a bit pricey. I’ll wait until I’m done with Borderlands 2 to get back into Mass Effect 3. That will be in about five years.

    • closingracer

      to be fair it is 10 times better then the first paid DLC in my opinion ( have yet to even beat it and i bought it at release the DLC..)

  • Bennijin

    Mass Effect DLC prices have gotten way out of hand.

    ME1: 400, one good one very very bad with a game-freezing issue that was never fixed.
    ME2: 560 and an 800, all “okay”.
    ME3: 800, neither worth it.

    It’s all well and good claiming Omega is twice as big as any DLC to date but when they were overpriced to begin with…
    Anyway, Leviathan was half-off on Friday so if anything that should have taught people to wait.

  • Lee Rayson

    Downloaded it the problem i had with ME3 dlc as it makes no difference to the ending just more war assests

    I knew it be bad when they put jessica Chobot on the Normandy

    • Bennijin

      And killed off Emily Wong via freaking Twitter…

  • BostonSup

    I will wait for at least a 1/2 price “sale” on this. Like others said, the DLC prices are getting a little too crazy. I had the feeling they would screw their customers and go Activision’s way when they released $10 short DLCs right from the start (day one actually). Skryim DLC I will buy for the price because I have put in so many hours into the original game, I feel like I bought 4 average length games (today’s standards) for the price of one, so I am more willing to pay the $20 for their DLC.

  • Curtis Isabell

    $15 for what will end up taking only 3 hours to complete. how many suckers are going to buy this one.

  • Stephen Brown

    considering you can get a full Older Game For Less Money, Im Going With The Older Game Than This. Even Got Assisins Creed Revelations For Less Than $8 New How Can They Justify The $15 Add On And The Full Game will Cost You The Same

  • Forrestfield

    I’ll rather spend those points on the Skyrim content, I mean… swoosh, there goes another fifty hours of my life.