December 3rd 2012 10:44 am PT

“The Dark Knight Rises” Xbox SmartGlass Experiences

The Dark Knight Rises launches tomorrow on Xbox Video. I wanted to let you know about The Dark Knight Rises experience on Xbox SmartGlass:

Using your second screen device, The Dark Knight Rises Xbox SmartGlass experience offers:

  • Exclusive content
  • Storyboards
  • Triviax
  • Quotes from the film’s director and actors
  • A closer look at The Dark Knight Rises’ vehicles, gadgets and characters
  • Time-synced information about the epic conclusion to the Dark Knight legend
  • Behind the scenes look at Bane’s in-flight hijacking, the stadium disaster and more

We’re also offering members in the U.S. an exclusive way to win a Bane character prop replica mask not available anywhere else. The mask is highly detailed and ‘life-size’, pulled from the same mold used for the film. It’s displayed on a replica head in a plexi-glass display case.
Head to the Xbox 360 dashboard for more information.

Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Paul Cedfeldt

    does smartglass work on the Kindle Fire?

    • Rich Unsworth

      it should, they just released an update so that it runs on 7 inch tablets, works just fine on my nexus 7

    • Hugoku

      Is the app on the Amazon store? I don’t see it.
      If not, then you’ll either:
      a) Root your kindle (if not rooted already) and get it from Google Play.
      b) Find the apk, sideload it and hope it works.

  • James Whatley


  • Greg McClendon Jr

    Will this work on ALL Smartglass devices? I ask because Halo 4 and Forza Horizon STILL don’t work on my Windows Phone 8 device =/

    • Daniel Olszowy

      HAlO 4 and Forza Horizon Smartglass works only on W8 Tablets, W8 OS PCs and IPads. not on WP7/WP8 Smartphones.

    • Karl Cramer

      I would like to know this too. Like Greg said, Halo 4 and Forza Horizon don’t work on some phones. My Windows Phone 7.5 HTC Arrive for example. Before I pay a premium for the SmartGlass edition of this movie, I’d like some listing saying it would work or not.

    • TonyLN

      I believe it has been stated a few times that smart-glass will only have limited support on phones. Which makes since. It’s would be super hard to try and make a program work on all phones with how tiny some of the screens are.

      Most phones have a 3.5″ screen, even the largest are 4.5″. You really need at least 7″ to be able to enjoy that kind of stuff.

  • Dan Stuart

    Would it be possible to use this with a non-xbox video version of the movie? If I were to buy the movie, I’d want to get it on DVD, rather than a download I can only use on Xbox.

    • Lee Rayson

      cool idea but won’t happen, the idea about using xbox video an smartglass together

  • Chaosprower

    Will these “experiences” be available in Spain’s version of Xbox Video? Or is it a US-only thing?

    • Lee Rayson

      I’m guessing so but the competition is US only

  • Ruben

    Major , im looking at the rewards program, and it says they are gonna gives us all the points we have pending by the 6th, and my question is when are we gonna receive the refund of the points i have spent in live? i have asked the twitter account xbox support but i didnt receive an answer, do you know about this?

  • Gabriel House

    Triviax?! Sounds exciting!
    Seriously, though, I really wish my MICROSOFT Windows Phone 8 worked with Halo 4 smartglass …

    • Will R

      I can’t believe it doesn’t work on their own phone, wow…its worked on iphone/android since day one. typical

      • Alex_Atkin_UK

        Are you sure? There are lots of people saying Forza Horizon doesn’t on Android.

      • Volitar Prime

        I can’t get Halo 4 to work on my Android phone.

  • Hugoku

    As more often than not, the cool offers are US only.

  • Chris Grub

    Smart Glass for FIFA 13.

    • Adam Thompson

      I got a Wii U and I like the game pad extras, surely they could use that for smart glass?

      • ungeheier

        What is Forza Horizon and Halo 4?

  • tabicat

    You know, the movie wasn’t that great. You don’t need to create all this marketing fluff.

    • Bush O Connor

      i liked the editing done when batman got out of his flying machine. he flys into the bat cave and less than a second later he was out of the “bat”.

      i loved batman begins and the dark knight was alright, but the 3rd one was like the Avengers lots of stuff happening that i didnt really care what the outcome was

  • Russell Gorall

    I didn’t download this rip illegally two weeks ago.

    • QuixoticRocket

      wow. you are so cool. can you continue telling us how cool you are in that subtle way of yours?

      • Russell Gorall

        I am really good-looking.

        • QuixoticRocket

          That made me smirk. You may be a troll but sometimes you’re a funny troll ^_^

  • Eric Rhoades

    So it’s 12:10 and I bought more points yesterday so I could watch this movie… yet it’s not out yet. The countdown clock is at 00:00:00, and I can click on the movie, but I can buy or rent it. So… what’s up with that Major? Isn’t 12AM ET the time XBOX has been hyping for two weeks now? I really hate to be rude, but I’m tired of being let down.

    • Willy McBurgle

      Still think Microsoft has a future in consoles? ;)

  • Eric Rhoades

    I guess if the movie isn’t available in about 5 minutes I’ll give my money to Wal-Mart. It’s not hard to keep your customers happy ya know? At the very least, there could a post on the website or the dashboard letting us know if there is a delay or what not. As the face of Xbox Live, I suggest you do something about this Major.

  • fsdfg dsfds

    We are also giving US only stuff away again…

    • Eric Rhoades

      America is the only country that matters.

      • Willy McBurgle

        Just as well – because it will be the only market left for Microsoft after this generation of console.

        • Eric Rhoades

          You must not be smarter than a 5th grader.

          • Willy McBurgle

            If you’re referring to a 5th Grade American – that’s quite an insult.

          • Eric Rhoades

            Chill out angry guy. Nobody loves you.

  • Adam Thompson

    meh, I got the blu ray edition instead, AU$25 with a DVD as well.

  • ungeheier

    1600 for the hd version.

    • Volitar Prime

      It’s cheaper to buy the movie on Blu-ray (unless you got the points on sale).

  • Volitar Prime

    There is a smartphone app for this movie that will sync with the Blu-ray disc and provide extra content. Is the Smartglass content the same or different from what we can get with the app?

  • Russell Gorall

    I am more of a troll douchebag trashy mentally handicapped.

    I will forgive you for the mistake once. Just once.

  • Bryan Zayas

    Is their a special way to activate the SmartGlass content? Bought the movie, started SmartGlass and all I see is Actor Bios as the movie goes along. No Storyboards or Exclusive content.

  • Patrick Jung

    I bought the film on Xbox live, but there is no second screen content on my Windows 8 or Windows phone 8 smartglass app

  • Sean Colon

    I watched it with smart glass and it just showed me the bios none of the extra stuff paid 20 bucks kinda bummed