December 6th 2012 7:27 am PT

Virgin Gaming and XBOX 360 Team up to launch the Halo 4 INFINITY CHALLENGE

Halo 4

It starts December 17th. Win an amazing Ford F-150 or a spot in a future Halo game.

Full details in the press release below.



Virgin Gaming, Xbox 360 and 343 Industries are joining forces to launch the “Halo 4 Infinity Challenge” on Xbox LIVE starting Dec. 17, bringing gamers the biggest and most accessible free-to-enterHalo” tournament in the world. 

Starting today, players can register for the “Halo 4 Infinity Challenge” by visiting (localized registration sites available on Dec. 12). Launching on Dec. 17, the free-to-enter tournament will track your personal score in War Games and the number of Spartan Ops chapters you complete on global leaderboards, giving players of different preferences and skill levels all a shot at the more than 2,800 prizes. For the War Games leaderboard winner, the grand prize will be a UNSC-themed, V8-powered 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor truck designed by 343 Industries, and for the Spartan Ops winner, the grand prize will be an appearance in a future “Halo” game.

During the qualifier phase (Dec. 17 – Jan. 10), players will need to climb the ranks of the global leaderboards by competing in either the Spartan Ops or War Games leaderboard. After the qualifier phase, players will be tiered into three groups (based on their results on the qualifier phase leaderboards) and will enter the finals phase (Jan. 12 – Jan. 19).  In addition, players can also participate in Weekly Challenges found on Halo Waypoint at for a chance to win great prizes.

During the finals, the leaderboards will reset and prizes will be awarded to the top performers in each tier. While terrific prizes are available within all three tiers, the grand prizes will be offered exclusively for those that have battled their way to the top tier.

For tournament and registration information, please visit: or


Comprised of three brand new multiplayer maps (Wreckage, Harvest and Shatter), the “Halo 4” Crimson Map Pack will launch on Dec. 10 on Xbox LIVE for 800 MS points (or at no additional charge for those that purchased the “Halo 4” Map Pass or “Halo 4” Limited Edition).

Timed just before the launch of the “Halo 4 Infinity Challenge,” the new map pack gives players more reason than ever to stay online and prepare for the upcoming competition by exploring these stunning new battlegrounds.


Clearing the way for the “Halo 4 Infinity Challenge” and the “Halo 4” Crimson Map Pack, Spartan Ops will go on a mid-season break starting Dec. 10. During the week of Dec. 10, 343 Industries will re-enter five chapters from the first half of the season into Matchmaking as a “Best of Spartan Ops” compilation. From Dec. 17 – Jan. 14, episodes 1-5 will be re-entered into Matchmaking (one episode per week) to support the “Halo 4 Infinity Challenge,” and allow anyone who missed or wants to replay a previous chapter to easily find teammates online. (Check out for more information.)

The second half of Spartan Ops Season One will resume later in January with brand new episodes, chapters, locations and maps. Be sure to tune into the Spike TV 10th Annual Video Game Awards, live on Spike TV, Dec. 7 at 9:00 PM ET/6:00 PM PT for more information and an exclusive first-look at the continuation of Spartan Ops Season One.  The Spike TV Video Game Awards will simulcast on MTV 2, MTV Tr3s, Xbox LIVE, and

Hit to for more details

Halo By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Phawx

    Virgin Gaming is probably not the best name

    • Rick Kingslan

      LOL… Yeah, let Sir Richard Branson know that you’re not keen on the name. :0)

  • TheChrisD

    I love how this is advertised as a worldwide tournament, yet the grand prizes are pretty much only good for those who live in North America (especially the Spartan Ops grand prize only awarding flights from within the US).

    • srarian7

      Same here hope good stuff for during and after cristmas

  • Kevlaria

    I really hope all this fun continues after Christmas. I am constantly being told how much is being missed by my two boys who are not opening their Christmas Halo 4 UNTIL Christmas. Holiday games that have to many before holiday exclusives kinda suck, just so you know. But hell, probably heard it before.

  • Miller

    I booted it up today and wow has the community died for this game already.

    • Sanglant

      lack of maps kills interest quickly, especially when you have the level of FPS competition there is today

  • Sanglant

    basically, whichever Halo 4 gamer with no life wins b/c the only way you win this is to be playing 24/7

  • Sanglant

    focusing on Spartan Ops instead of MP is gonna hurt this game more than help it

    • srarian7

      Yes we want more PVP not PVE

  • Beto

    So…this means that the Virgin Gaming App is coming out that day on XBOX Live?