December 7th 2012 7:12 am PT

Watch the 2012 VGAs on Xbox LIVE tonight

Tonight at 9p PT/6p PT the 10th Annual Spike TV Video Game Awards (The ‘”VGA Ten”) will take place in Los Angeles and broadcast to 14 countries. Tune into Spike TV or for a more immersive, interactive experience watch the event streamed live to your console over Xbox LIVE. The live stream will utilize SmartGlass for a unique second screen experience just for Xbox LIVE Members. The show will see the return of hosts from the past 10-years and will also be simulcast on MTV 2, MTV Tr3s, and

Before things kick off be sure to download and install the SmarGlass app for your device so you won’t miss a minute of the action tonight.


Windows Phone



If you want to hear more about the VGA’s from Geoff Keighley, download my latest podcast to for his behind the scenes perspective.

Spike VGA’s on

Archive By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Heather Dawn McIver

    App isn’t compatible with my Motorola Xoom. :(

    • kx81

      Nor my Toshiba Thrive. Get it working, MS.

      • Karl Cramer

        Do a search for “Android fragmentation”.

    • Jacob Bishop

      You can side load it. Google smartglass apk download.

    • RampageDeluxe

      It works on mine if I sideload it.

  • Rhys Weir

    So how do we watch this on our console, with the LIVE Event Viewer.

    • Major Nelson

      Correct. Plus you’ll see a big link on the main page when you sign in to LIVE later today.

      • General C

        will the event be on the uk xbox major

        • Stacey Knowles

          Yes, it’s available in the UK; airs at 2:00am on Saturday morning. Just download the Xbox Live Event viewer.

      • Rhys Weir

        Sweet, thanks, will it be available in the UK as well?

        • Alan Stevenson

          of course not.

        • mcmax3000

          They said when it was announced that it would be available in all Xbox Live regions.

          • Xbudz LIVE

            They are dropping the ball on Smartglass…..

      • Russell Gorall

        Awesome. That Live Event Viewer is one of the few great things to come up in recent years. Came in useful during the debates.

      • Chase Thomas

        I do not see a big link on my dashboard… all i see is VGA nominees for xbox content on the games tab but it doesn’t mention anything about the stream.

      • Dave M Jones

        details on how to get the live event viewer app please!

      • Michael Maul

        UK can’t see anything on the main page and there is nothing in the LIVE Event Viewer.

      • ibis enemy

        Im in canada and Guess what… No link. I dont even have the event viewer.

      • ibis enemy

        Still nothing…

    • ibis enemy

      How do you get the viewer?

  • ikari_paul

    VGA… the most disgraceful, corrupt and retarded event in gaming. Everyone who participates should be ashamed. The MTV Movie awards of this industry.

    • Jason

      Seriously, they are truly a corrupt bunch. Just look at all the weird category nominations and nominees. It’s probably worse than the MTV movie awards. I wonder if Samuel L Jackson takes himself seriously during this event.

    • ElektroDragon

      Come on, man. It’s about the only public awards show we have that we can watch.

      • Karl Cramer

        Xplay Awards Show is actually quite good. Unfortunately, this is its last years since G4TV is going away.

    • mcmax3000

      I can understand, and even agree to an extent with disgraceful, but I’ve never seen any indication that there’s corruption.

      • gamereviewgod

        What other awards show exists to hype upcoming products in advertising form with new trailers rather than look back at the year that was? What other awards show takes place before the year is out – and before all major releases can be included – to ensure impact on holiday shopping? The VGAs are a commercial, nothing more.

  • Eric

    Has voting already taken place or will that be live on Smart Glass?

    • Major Nelson

      Geoff explains that in the interview, but if you have not had a chance to listen yet, there is a special award that is being awarded based on the SmartGlass results. Of course you’ll have to watch them in real time (not VOD) to participate.

  • Michael Dolcin

    Speaking of Smart Glass is it ever going to work with Halo 4? Every time I try and use it on my Lumia 822 it says my browser isn’t compatible and I’m using IE for Windows Mobile 8.

  • General C

    will the event be on uk xbox dashboard

  • General C


    • Lee Rayson

      Yes 2 am UK time

      • General C

        its on xbox now there is a count dawn 5 hour 1 am uk time

        • Lee Rayson

          1 am to 2 am is preview show you wont see much

  • Chad Strong

    Shouldn’t that be “Tonight at 9p ET/6p PT…”??

    • Rene Duguay

      Yes, I believe that’s a typo. Pacific time is 3 hours behind Eastern time, which means that 9p refers to Eastern time.

  • chiron69

    I don’t get it. :-p
    Is it a video provider, or MS tech (smartglass,Win8,360 etc)?

  • Karl Cramer

    Wonder if Geoff Keighley will be wise enough to poke fun at himself for the chips and soda meme that went around.

    • Russell Gorall

      Agreed. It would be hilarious if the show opened with him on a throne with mounds of Doritos and Mountain Dew all around him.

  • Fm1337

    Will the VGAs on the xbox be available for Canadians?

    • toohats

      They said it would be availble to watch everywhere Xbox Live is, so it should be.

  • Alan Stevenson

    How will SmarGlass ensure I “won’t miss a minute of the action tonight”? …. weird..

    • Superman64

      It won’t. It’s just advertising BS.

      • Karl Cramer

        If it’s anything like the presidential debates, it’s not too bad. Makes these presentation shows a little more interesting.

  • Alan

    Does it require Gold Membership to be streamed

  • Russell Gorall

    Only a BioShock Infinite trailer can make me calm after Levine pushed the release back another month.

  • Zbigniew Borowski

    Is this event going to be available worldwide? Especially n Poland to be precise.

  • ElektroDragon

    Are you going to make sure the stream is actually reliable and high definition, as it will be on Spike HD? Otherwise its a waste of time.

  • Paul Starkey

    What are the 14 countries it can be watched in?

  • Tpaige

    Very excited we get to have an interactive experience through SmartGlass, pretty awesome.

  • Luca Zanzi

    Hoping Smart Glass works on my Lumia 900. Every single video I have tried to watch with Smart Glass tells me “it’s currently optimized for tablets, phone coming soon!”

  • Chase Thomas

    it says there are currently no events .-. i also dont see anything about it on the dashboard :S

  • Lee Rayson

    charging surface now ready for the event :D

  • Chris Grub

    Will it be in HD?

  • Mythical Wolf

    Bungie not there = Total rubbish.

    • Chase Thomas

      they havent done anything this year in the public, they will probably be in the next VGA tho

  • James Galvin

    Not seeing it on the Australian XBL!

    • Chase Thomas

      im not seeing in on the canadian dash either :/ and the event viewer says there is no up coming events

      • ibis enemy

        how do you get the veiwer in canada.

  • mcmax3000

    Despite being advertised, it is not anywhere to be found on the Canadian dashboard.

    • ibis enemy

      I know. It’s such a let down.

      • Xbudz LIVE

        So frustrating. Dropped the ball Microsoft…. lame. Ughhh.

      • mcmax3000

        Major Nelson just posted on Twitter that it’s not available in Canada.

        • fsdfg dsfds

          he lives on twitter

      • Ryan Pratt

        def a piss off, once again MS disses Canadians

        • Major Nelson

          Yea, I just found out that due to some issues it is not available. Trust me, if we could have it there we would. But we have to play by the rules.

          • The soundman

            Let me guess… Do the letters C.R.T.C. have anything to do with it perchance?

          • Chris Grub

            It’s probably the CRTC. The ex-VP of Rogers sits on the board. How isn’t that considered corrupt.

  • Dave M Jones

    Can someone please post instructions how to get the live event viewer, were 15 min away and theirs no link or explanation on how to get this or find this app, i’ve searched all around.

  • Dave M Jones

    3 minutes until it airs and no link for the live event viewer. nice job

  • Hydranockz

    Not being broacast to Ireland it seems. Shame :(

  • RampageDeluxe

    This would be great if it wasn’t insanely blurry.

  • Dimitri Rösner

    Nice, didn’t show up anywhere on my dashboard… great work xbox team.

  • Blair Wall

    I’m in Canada and can’t seem to figure out how to watch. Am I missing something obvious?

    • Marc MacDonald

      No, you weren’t alone. Apparently it was only announced after it started that it wouldn’t be streaming in Canada, despite all the publication to the contrary.

  • RampageDeluxe

    Was that a giant flaming whale?!

  • RampageDeluxe

    Lol, there are commercials on it. Should have known. If that’s how its gonna be, I’ll just watch it on TV in HD.

  • justin pierce

    where do i get the live event viewer app? plaese help

  • Oonsk_Oonsk

    Nowhere to be found on the Canadian dashboard. What a bummer.

  • PointDexter

    Doesn’t work in The Netherlands and SmartGlass doesn’t work either..Sucks! Was really hoping to watch this on my Xbox (So it only works in US? figures…)

  • Jaan Ibrahim

    So I’m guessing australia doesn’t get it either??? Way to go MS for such great communication. . .

  • Jerome Gressley

    It’s cool to have the SmartGlass app, but it would be really nice if it actually updated the content consistent with the show – checking to see who won what, etc exactly as it happens. Give the option to have the screen detail change to show the winner that was announced, give the option to replay a trailer in the app.

    Also, make it so I don’t have to exit the app to answer the polls. Replicate the polls in the app so I can just click on it…

  • Chris Grub

    9 PT! Wow, it’s going to be midnight in EST.

  • Geek When Spoken to

    Pretty awesome show this year. The interactive poll was very cool, I would have loved more questions and opportunities to interact.

  • Stephen Jagla

    I thought using the Smartglass while watching the VGAs was cool.

  • Major Nelson

    I just found out and posted as soon as I heard about it.

  • DrSandman09

    Great accessory to TV programs. Made it much more enjoyable. Mine didn’t work with Xbox Live Party chat running at the same time, but overall it’s simple to use and a very promising feature.

  • ElektroDragon

    Interface was bad. Several times I wanted to vote, and the last question was cut of off on Windows Phone 7, and when I tried to scroll it accidentally voted for something. Epic Fail.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    Far Cry 3 for GOTY. overall it is the best game this year.

  • Chase Thomas

    more like canada screwed by the CRTC, not microsoft

  • Curtis Isabell

    what part of they couldn’t legally do it do you not understand? blame your own country.

  • Curtis Isabell

    they didn’t even nominate that many good games, sad award show tbh, oh look playstation exclusives too bad xbox isn’t getting any it seems.

  • Keith Harvey

    Instead of SmartGlass it should be called DumbCrash. On my Surface RT, the app crashed about every 3 minutes and then constantly disconnected and reconnected. The content didn’t update with the show and the UI was very buggy. :(

  • Major Nelson

    Broadcast issues and internet issues are completely different. While I don’t know the specifics of the issue here, I can say we have to respect rights holders IP. We can’t just go rogue.