December 11th 2012 6:00 am PT

Content coming soon to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Here is a look at some of the upcoming content scheduled for the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.*

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Xbox LIVE Arcade  Release Date MS Points
Mensa  12-Dec 800
Black Knight Sword  12-Dec 800
Kinect Party  18-Dec Free through  12/31
Game Add-ons Release Date MS Points
Assassin’s Creed III : The Hidden Secrets Pack  11-Dec 400
Pinball FX 2 – Zen Classic Pack 12-Dec 800
Guardians of the Middle Earth: Bilbo Baggins  14-Dec 160
Guardians of the Middle Earth: Bert the Troll Packs  14-Dec 160
Forza Horizon Rally Expansion Pack  18-Dec 1600
Battlefield 3: Aftermath  18-Dec 1200
Resident Evil 6: Survival  18-Dec 320
Resident Evil 6: Predator  18-Dec 320
Resident Evil 6: Onslaught  18-Dec 320
Resident Evil 6: Mode Pack  18-Dec 720
Minecraft: Festive Skin Pack  19-Dec 80
Full House Poker: Texas Heat Winter 2013 DLC  19-Dec Free
Guardians of the Middle Earth: Great Goblin Pack  19-Dec 160
Deal of the Week Discount Dates Price
Tropic 4  11-Dec to 17-Dec  
Tropico 4 GonD   Varies by region
Tropico 4 – Modern Times   600
Tropico 4 – Quick-dry Cement   200
Tropico 4 – Plantador   200
Tropico 4 – Junta   200
Tropico 4 – Bonus Pack   200
Serious Sam 18-Dec to 24-Dec  
Serious Sam 3 BFE    600
Serious Sam HD: TSE    600
Serious Sam HD: TFE    600
Serious Sam 3 BFE Jewel of the Nile    600
Sales  & Specials Discount Date Price
Kinect Central: Michael Jackson The Experience  11-Dec to 17-Dec Varies by region
THQ Weekend Sale  14-Dec to 17-Dec Varies
Kinect Central: Carnival Games Monkey See Monkey Do  18-Dec to 24-Dec Varies by region
Countdown to 2013 18-Dec to 31-Dec Varies
Games on Demand Release Date  
NHL 13  11-Dec  
Fatal Inertia  11-Dec  
Madagascar 3: The Video Game  11-Dec  
NCIS  18-Dec  
Borderlands 2  18-Dec  
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows  18-Dec  
Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL  18-Dec  
Other Xbox LIVE Content Release Date  
Karaoke  11-Dec  
Avatar Release Date  
Minecraft Avatar Collection 3  18-Dec  

*As with all game related releases, dates, prices and availability are subject to change and vary by region

Arcade, Deal, Game Add-on, Marketplace, Xbox 360 Games On Demand By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Celso Nobre

    Very Gooodddd -KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK is a joke

    • Paulo Pinheiro

      No deals to me.

  • attackslug

    the new Trials Evo DLC is also coming next week, or rather “before the end of the world” aka the 21st

  • Slugger D. Maxman

    ¿Serious Sam 3 and its DLC at 600 MSP each? SOLD.

  • Quaranj

    I thought that there was a pinball pack coming out for Pinball F/X 2 on Wednesday.

  • Ricardo Baptista

    Kinect Party for free? For all users? Cool! And what about Halo 3 ODST on Demand? Please release it!!!

    • Steve Melton

      Seconded. Totally want a GoD version of ODST to complete my digital Halo collection.

  • TheDoveOfPeace

    I’m happy I waited for Serious Sam 3 BFE to go on offer, I hope the “countdown to 2013″ will be decent one day deals. Need to get rid of my Microsoft Points…

  • Ricardo Baptista

    Kinect Party for free? For all user? Cool!
    What about Halo 3 ODST on demand? Please release it!

    • Lee Rayson

      Free till the end of the year

  • Z4M0

    Well, at least those aren’t (for the most part) repeated deals. Despite Tropico games being nice I’m not sure how many people this offer will appeal.

    On the other hand Serious Sam’s first and second encounters have been reduced at least a couple of times in the past. The good part is that Serious Sam 3 BFE will be on sale… may consider getting it even considering I have not started TSE yet.

    Curious about THQ sale, despite it will be the same all over again and countdown to 2013. I hope it won’t be a total letdown.

    • Lee Rayson

      THQ sale likely, saints row DLC, maybe WWE 12 DLC and a discount on WWE 13 Pass. an some of there arcade games so it wont be lot but could be a few little bits

  • Gibson

    So excited to get Forza Horizon for Christmas! I may just buy the Rally add on before I even get the game just so it will be ready to go as soon as I get the game!

  • Gavin Grayson

    OMFG – Tropico 4: It’s not a Deal if it’s cheaper to buy retail!

    • Thânia Santos

      I really cant understand game on demand,
      with such high price, it is always cheaper to buy it on the web or used game shops.
      and you can even sell it back after you finished!

      at least, the DLC are on sales.

      • QuixoticRocket

        Games on demand are premium priced for impulse purchases and convenience of not needing to go out and get it.
        It is always better to find a deal in the store for the disk version. Sad but true.

        Plus the stores here in the UK get all uppity about the darn intertoobs and its undercutting of the real institutions that have been pillaging our wallets for generations. High GonD pricing keeps the stores happy too.

        • ungeheier

          “Games on demand are premium priced for impulse purchases and convenience of not needing to go out and get it.”

          You guy order games from the web for cheaper (including shipping). Hell, MS should look at my last 10 games I’ve played. They were all impulse buys from sales online.

          • QuixoticRocket

            Yeah. You still need to wait delivery though.
            I think part of the reason (I’m guessing) is to keep the retail stores happy that MS isn’t undercutting them though…

            In a perfect world things’d be different.

          • ungeheier

            Wait, what? A day? With the way Amazon has set their distribution centers up you can sometimes get your stuff next day when youre paying for the 3-5 day shipping.

          • QuixoticRocket

            Oh. I agree with you. But that’s a different kind of impulse purchase.

            I <3 Amazon and GAME. They have their way with my wallet all the time =(

            But sometimes you need (want) something 'Right NOW!' That's all I meant :)

        • Curtis Isabell

          this is the dumbest thing I ever read. you really think people buy stuff like that for impulse buys? no one pays double, or maybe even triple RETAIL price to download a game they can never sell back and takes up the hard drive space

          • QuixoticRocket

            Some people do. I had a friend staying with me for a while and we wanted to play a street fighter game. It was quicker and easier for me to buy something on GonD and download it while having supper than it would have been to try and get it via any other means, and we were playing that evening.

            Did I pay a premium? Yeah. Was it worth it? Yeah. Had loads of fun and didn’t need to wait for delivery or anything like that. That was an impulse buy.

          • Bush O Connor

            i would have tried steam first tho. street fighter vs tekken for 20 euro or less online, with xbl achievments.
            GoD are not worth the price in my eyes no matter how convienent they are. because steam will always be cheaper,it even has better download servers so you get the game twice as quick.

            as people are saying if steam release an under the tv box. the xbox brand and even microsoft(windows8 failing) will be a thing of the past

          • QuixoticRocket

            I don’t have controllers for my PC (or wifi adapter for my wireless controllers) and my PC isn’t plugged into my TV.

            A couple of £s difference doesn’t vex me much. There are some games I just prefer on console.

            Steams new big picture mode will be interesting to see develop though.

        • mcmax3000

          “It is always better to find a deal in the store for the disk version. Sad but true.”

          Not always. I’ve come across a couple of good deals on older games on Games on Demand when comparing them to local stores, but it’s pretty rare.

  • mcmax3000

    Kinect Party (since it’s free), and the Forza expansion for me.

  • Timothy Leucht

    Just Minecraft: Festive Skin Pack for me.

    And I’m curious as to what the Countdown to 2013 sale will be.

  • Russell Gorall

    What is Karaoke?

    • QuixoticRocket

      Wise men claim you have the voice of an angel. They say you keep it in a jar under your bed. Can you verify?

  • Lee Rayson

    No arcade for next Wednesday? It mean’t to be WWE wrestlefest

    • mcmax3000

      There has never been a release date announced for Wrestlefest.

  • dibils

    anything gonna be done for Xmas? deal wise

    • The Dukenator

      We’ll see.

    • mcmax3000

      It says they’re doing a Countdown to 2013, which is usually their holiday sale. They usually run it for a couple of weeks with a new deal each day. Nothing specific for Christmas.

  • Jose Manuel Sanchez

    Really… sometimes… just sometimes… I just want to cry….. (Oh but there you are, as always, PSN Plus to save my day)

    • The Dukenator

      Even PSN Plus doesn’t always have good deals.

      • BlinkFandango

        I’ve yet to see a PSN Plus deal as bad as some of the Xbox deals.

        • The Dukenator

          I just check for the Plus free games, too bad Xbox doesn’t have free games for Gold members.

          • Lee Rayson

            PSN + doesn’t give free games they rent you the game for as long your subscription lasts

          • The Dukenator

            Yeah… Plus they don’t always have good games available.

          • fantomena

            And yet that’s way better than Xbox LIVE. Why? Because you don’t even get anything.

          • Lee Rayson

            an yet people still keep buying Xboxes and renewing subscriptions

          • eopdev

            Lee, I don’t think anyone here is trying to make xbox and xbox live values lower. I love my xbox, enjoy lots of xbox live, BUT, still would like to get more for less. What people demand is better (and cheaper) content.

          • eopdev

            Well… Isn’t that the same as being an active Live member, paying every year and don’t even having those ‘rented’ games?

          • Lee Rayson

            which rented games would they be? because all I see is im paying for services like party chat and acess to apps I use

          • eopdev

            No, I meant that on PSN, you pay and have some “free games” while you’re a subscriber. If I’m a Live subscriber, why wouldn’t I be a PSN one, and have those “free” games?
            Live has been a huge fail when it comes to on demand releases (both quality and price) and deals.

          • Lee Rayson

            It makes no difference people are still paying for Live so it can’t be that much of fail if people still pay to play, Sony would of done it if Microsoft didn’t do it first

          • eopdev

            Well, I don’t know if Sony would do it first if it wasn’t for Microsoft doing it. What I know is, since MS did it first and Sony is doing it better now, why MS don’t try to get it better done?

          • The Dukenator

            Even so, that ‘rental’ is tied to your psn, even if it’s no longer available to plus members.

            Your plus membership includes a license for those free games. Just like if you paid full price for the game on PSN.

          • Louis Sutter

            What does that matter? $50 a year for what they offer is a steal. As long as I have the console I’ll be a member. At least over at PSN there multiplayer doesn’t shut down when I unsub. Lock it up MS, you are on the brink of losing a lot of customers.

          • Gavin Grayson

            US$50? Sony has just done a promotion in the UK where you get 6 months PSN+ for £8 (US$13). So that’s several games free for six months whereas M$ want that just for 1 (overpriced) game. £8 = 1200msp and that’s only if you can find your msp discounted.

          • eopdev

            That’s what I meant. After all, that’s a great, awesome deal. If all games are good or not, that’s another discussion. For me, the release as on demand of newer games is a great thing from PSN, even if it isn’t cheaper (considering where I live, sure)

  • Michael J

    Who’s idea was it to put Fatal Inertia on GoD and who’s idea was it to price it at £14.99? Still least there’s a lot of content to look forward to.

    Just checked that Tropico 4 has been reduced to £14.99, defiantly worth it at that price.

    • Some guy

      Fatal Inertia is one of the best racer, and putting it at that price is great too, had to buy it for 20$ because of how rare it is. (Well, in my town anyway)

      Now if they could cut the price on Bladestorm…

  • Hugoku

    Intrigued by the THQ and year’s end sales. Hopefully it’s something good, but not getting my hopes up.
    As for DotW’s, Tropico is fine, but I got it for cheap a while ago on Steam. It plays better on PC.
    Serious Sam is fine I guess.

    Will check Karaoke tonight. Will see if it’s good enough for Christmas party.

  • BostonSup

    Tropico 4 is $20 on sale or have it not been updated yet? I hope it hasn’t been updated or is the Gold Edition! Amazon has the Gold edition with DLC and free shipping for $30. If your GonD isn’t Gold then after buying the DLC, customers are paying extra for nothing.

    Is Tropico 4 GonD the Gold Edition?

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      i am going to say no because they are selling the dlcs along with the game. they usually do not have gold editions on GoD. the price is now 14.99. no gold though. you might just wanna buy from amazon. no tax :)

    • Bush O Connor

      i doubt it. because the GoD versions of bad company 2 didnt even have an online pass.if you paid 70euro for the GoD version you still had to pay the 1200msp to play online.

      i would imagine all the GoD games are the most very basic version possible like buying a second hand game without codes or manual.

      • BostonSup

        Really? I knew MS was a bit shady with money and I knew their value was getting less and less as the age of the console continued, but I didn’t think they would screw people out of what should have been included. It is technically a new game (publisher and MS gets money for the sale unlike used games), and MS doesn’t give a deal compared to any competitor, so it should have came with an online pass.

        Thanks for the heads up on that, I will be much more careful in buying any digital game and first make sure there is no online pass for it.

        • mcmax3000

          That would more likely be on EA, rather than Microsoft.

          While Microsoft should check to ensure that’s included before allowing it to go up on Games on Demand, if I remember Bad Company 2 correctly, that was an EA code, not an Xbox download code, so it would be up to EA to include that access with the download.

    • mcmax3000

      It’s not the gold edition, but it’s down to $20 in the US, and the Modern DLC that comes with the Gold Edition is down to $7.50 (and that’s the only DLC that comes with the gold edition from what I can tell), so even buying the items separately, it (surprisingly, for GoD) ends up being cheaper than the $30 on Amazon for the Gold Edition.

  • Mike Tambone

    this was THQs deals in OCT on xbox. Im sure they will be the same……………… more ewwwwy stuff…

    Games On Demand
    Metro 2033
    Saints Row 2

    Arcade Games
    Voltron: Defender Of the Universe
    Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team

    Saints Row 2 – Corporate Warfare
    Saints Row 2 – Ultor Exposed
    Saints Row: The Third – Genkibowl VII
    Saints Row: The Third – Gangstas In Space
    Space Saints Row: The Third – Genki Girl Pack
    Saints Row: The Third – The Trouble With Clones
    Saints Row: The Third – Witches & Weiners
    Saints Row: The Third – Season Pass
    UFC Personal Trainer – Cain Velasquez Pack
    UFC Personal Trainer – Jon Jones Pack

    Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine – Chaos Unleashed
    Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine – Dreadnought Pack
    WWE ’12 – Fan Axxess

    • QuixoticRocket

      I really liked kill team…. umm.. yeah. that’s all I got for this.

      • Bennijin

        It’s not bad but it’s been 400 umpteen times now. By this point it should have dropped permanently and the deal price should be 200.

        This goes for ALL content that keeps going on sale for the same (or higher!) prices over and over again.

        • QuixoticRocket

          Yeah. Everything should drop another 100 points every time it goes on sale again.

    • Gavin Grayson

      And all of the GoD games will be far more expensive than buying retail.

    • Pete Heffernan

      Given that THQ are currently giving away Metro 2033 on Steam as part of their promo for Last Light and the pretty amazing value offered by their Humble Bundle (1 day left, for anyone interested), it would have been interesting to see what kind of offers might have been in store here if they complete control over their pricing on XBLA.

      • eopdev

        The Humble Bundle was a blast, really. Paid cheap for great games, and still got 2 added after I bought the package.

    • Bush O Connor

      dont forget at christmas steam will be selling the entire publisher catalog, that will be EVERY thq game for 100 euro.

      they done this last year with almost every publisher, entire collections i was amazed

    • RicardoDawkins

      i’ll get Darksiders for those 800 msp. That will sit pretty well to me alongside that Assasins Creed II for 800msp from the last publisher sale.

      Haters gonna hate..but I’m enjoying these deals.

  • Bennijin


  • BlinkFandango

    Ok deals, but nothing for me personally. I would get excited about the THQ sale, but it’ll probably be the same as October’s one. As for year end sales, I got excited for those last year and they turned out terrible. Looks like I won’t be buying anything any time soon. Nice that Kinect Party is free for a week and a half, doesn’t look like all that great of a game though.

    • Hugoku

      Free is free though. At least is not an adver-game.

      • BlinkFandango

        Yeah, I think my only problem with it is that it reminds me a lot of the old eyetoy games.

  • Chico Edge

    Hi, Xbox Live Deals Team! I just stopped by to let you know that you made some sales…for your competitors. See, I check for new games and sales every Tuesday and since XBL updates first, this blog is where I begin. If I don’t see something good I check the competition later and buy something there. To put it kindly, I’d rather buy an indie game at full price on Wii U or get a sale on PSN than buy Tropico 4 DLC at 50% off.

    Let me introduce myself. My name is Jason. I have 117 Xbox Live Arcade games, 15 Games on Demand and over fifty retail 360 games. I’ve been a Gold subscriber for years now.

    And you don’t care.

    Nobody who puts out “deals” like these could possibly care about their customers. Every time I see a sale like this it’s as if you are telling me to give my money to Sony or Nintendo. Just about every feature on XBL Gold that is worthwhile can be had for free on another platforms. It’s down to Happy Wars and the Deals of the Week and the deals lately are making me question if I should bother with Gold. With a vast library of games like ‘Splosion Man you can’t find something good to put on sale? Are you aware that one third of 1% of 360 owners have Tropico 4? That’s 0.33%! How much money do you think you are going to make from that sale? If the Countdown sale doesn’t have at least two games such as Trials: Evolution, Fez, Dust or Mark of the Ninja I promise I will not renew my Gold subscription. Your call. I’m sure your competition will be happy to take my money.

    Just to show that I believe in solutions- offer me a job. Just give me a desk, a phone and a computer and I’ll get some deals going. The publishers and developers benefit from a bump in sales and you’ll make more money from XBL transactions than you ever will from sales of Tropico 4 DLC. That’s my Twitter up there. Let me know where to send my résumé.

    • Bennijin

      Hey Microsoft? I’ll do the same job for less. :D

    • Robert Hudson

      I totally agree with chico edge. There has been alot of “deals” that arent very good or worth getting. DLC packs of games i dont think people even play anymore. Put stuff on sale that would would love to get and download. I personaliy love to see some of the dlc packs for transformers fall of cybertron on sale along with more forza 4 stuff and just things that go with games that people even play.

      • ryder4life22187

        I agree at least put something on the DOTW that is either a mix or arcade & dlc. Tired of these 1 to 2 week 1 game theme sales. Come on assassins creed now tropico then serious sam. Kudos to you for not putting Bioshock or red dead redemption like i expected. I’d rather have a handful of mixed content regardless if i’m interested in it or not. It’s like they think o we just got another 100 new assassins creed sales time to put the dlc on sale so we can cash in on the dlc.

    • mama mambo

      I have given up on MS, though i do come by to see what they have on sale for curiosity’s sake. I pretty much buy all my games on Steam or on other services that give me Steam codes. I wonder what MS will do if the Steam box launches? If Valve can make a low priced gaming box that allows me to play all my steam games, looks as good as a next gen box, can play all my games from Steam sales, and you can continue to buy cheaply as I do now, that will go along way to get others to jump on board. With MS barely having exclusives anymore, what would be the reason to stay with Xbox as my main console? Xbox might become like the Wii in the future, a 2nd console rather than primary, used for party games and kinect like games.

      These sales are usually such a travesty and a joke, they have this great back catalog of games, yet the prices are hardly ever decent compared to buying on the PC. MS is a stubborn company, they shoved Windows 8’s metro interface and people prefer Windows 7 and a start menu, and they continue to shove a dashboard that people dont love, and give us meager deals and sales, even at the end of the consoles life. I know MS can get away with it for now, but they may pay for this behavior and attitude in the future.

      • Chris Grub

        I too have. I’ve been waiting two years for at least one crazy blow out sale and there has never been any. Steam does these every 6 months or so.

        The only thing that’s keeping me is the multiplayer matchmaking but even that’s starting to lose its edge.

    • Z4M0

      I’m sick of voting positively to those kind of comments. Basically cause it’s all true. Sadly, I have the same amount of arcades he got but three times the retail titles he own, so shame on me for supporting such company.

      My live gold expires on january… I was about to renew it but I will do depending on how those sales are. Wich is also sad, to rely on the last 12 days of the year to get something really exciting.

    • オミナエ イサム

      Those deals are keep sucking !!!
      Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is FREE on the PlayStation Plus SUBSCRIBERS.

      What real DEALS we SUBSCRIBERS have?
      The option to buy Tropico 4 (crappy game) dls???

      • ryder4life22187

        What do you mean what deals do we have, how have you forgotten that we can’t live without the good ol same rehased deals til our eyes bleed what could be better than bioshock this week and again in 3 weeks.

    • John Paul Roth

      I only have an Xbox and a not so great laptop, so I can’t really go anywhere else. But I absolutely agree with you. And I think what you need to do is exactly what you said. Don’t renew your gold membership and go somewhere else. I love my Xbox, I use it to play games with my friends who live far away, and it’s allowed me to maintain that connection with them long after we graduated high school. If the Steam box is as good as it says, I will see if I can’t convince my friend to go with that, because I know how awesome Steam really is. It’s sales are always incredible.

      But I also love the Indie Games on the Xbox. I think until we get confirmation that the next Xbox will continue to support Indie Games in a similar (And better) fashion than the current system, I’m going to assume that their silence to the indie game dev community on the subject is their way of saying “No” without actually saying no. There’s a lot of hopeful developers working on projects for the Xbox, and I’m sure they’d all love to know, at the very least, that they can look to the next Xbox system for continued support.

      Really, if Microsoft doesn’t want to support indie developers, that’s totally okay. Steam will have a decent game console out, and I’m sure the multitude of indie devs out there will flock to a company who would just LOVE to support them. This really is a telling indication of where things may be heading for MS. But maybe not. We’ll see.

    • BlinkFandango

      Here, I’ll do it for free:
      1. Games on Demand should be CHEAPER than their RETAIL counterpart, yes, that does mean you need to reduce them a little faster than what you’re used to. Anything older than 2008 should be $5-$10, anything from 2008-2010 should be under $15, anything from 2010-2011 should be under $20.

      2. Arcade games should drop with age, similar to above. If I can get a good (slightly older) retail for cheaper than an old arcade game, something is wrong. Anything older than 2008 should be like $2, anything older then 2010 should be like $5. Price DLC similarly.

      3. Now that you’ve permanently reduced the old stuff, only the stuff within the last year or two needs to go on sale and, contrary to popular belief, it only needs to go on sale ONCE or TWICE. What about those who miss out? Well, they can just wait for the permanent discounts.

      There, done.

    • Tachyonic Cargo

      Wow, you sick, sad people. Tropico 4 is an awesome game. Why all the hate because Microsoft chooses to put the game and all it’s DLC on sale for one week (out of 52)?

      True, not everyone owns a copy of Tropico 4, but you do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that is partially the point of a sale – if everyone owned it, there would be little point of putting it on sale to begin with, as everyone would just continue to buy at at non-sale prices (witness, Minecraft).

      In the meantime, for those of us who actually used this sale as a chance to try a game we would have been completely overlooked without a sale, we are actually finding out that Tropico 4 is a pretty awesome game. No, it is not Call of Halocraft, but every game that comes along does not have to be, in order for it to be fun and deserve even 15 seconds in the spotlight..

  • Barry


    Will Kinect Party be similar to the free to Play Kinect Sports Gems (play the whole game but you have to buy it to unlock achievements and save progress)?

    Thanks for the update on Yu Gi Oh. Do you know anything about Kung Fu Strike and Warlords being available again?

  • Martinez Torres Manuel Enrique

    Where’s Scott Pilgrim DLC!? It’s already WINTER! AND THEY SAID IN AUTUMN!

  • ryan holden

    Which one is Kinect Party?
    And why does Bilbo have to be $2 ?? :(

  • Eidur Gudmundsson

    where is the karaoke app and skydrive for us in sweden ? I know its out in the states.

  • Marykate Clark

    How is it that Dishonored Dunwall City Trials is not on the list? (Out today)

  • Connor Dalby

    Sometime in the countdown to 2013 I want to see Sonic 4 Episode 2 for 400 points. I’m not paying 1200 an episode when there may be 3-5 episodes.

    • mcmax3000

      I could be wrong, but I thought they announced they weren’t doing any more Sonic 4 episodes after the second one.

      • Lee Rayson

        Your correct no more Sonic 4 Ep after ep 2

    • mcmax3000

      Sonic 4 Episode 2 is going to be on sale during the Countdown promotion. No word at the moment as to how much.

  • Superman64

    Are you sure that Minecraft skin pack price is correct? Every other skin pack has been 160 points.

  • K

    Any word on if the THQ sale will have different games then the Oct sales?

  • chex_mix

    I really hope Microsoft steps up to the plate during the Christmas sales. I hope they give us a variety of things on sale that haven’t been on sale multiple times already. If they are going to advertise the “Deal of the Week” as the one selling points and exclusive offers that being an XBox Live Gold member gets access to, then they need to a lot better job at making it something worthwhile.
    Unfortunately for me, I have already invested so much into the XBox ecosystem (XBLA games, tons Rock Band songs/DLC, GoD, etc) and my friends are mainly only on XBox Live that switching to one of the competitors is not a realistic option (I assume this is what they want). However, with more and more mediocre deals, rehashed sales, etc it makes that much more tempting to switch.

  • Curtis Isabell

    how to fix xbox live
    take everything in the marketplace, now cut the price in half for all gold members flat out.

  • Adam Daniel John Thompson

    Now I have a Wii U, I have let my Gold subscription expire. I am not regretting that decision one bit.

    • Lee Rayson

      Lol you will

  • Scott J. Larouche

    Now, Larry – can I call you Larry? I know you are not responsible for the ‘deals’, but you guys would sell so much more if you had more content and variety. Honestly, it seems that every tenth week or more, I am somewhat enticed. Tropico for a week? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Sorry, just speaking my opinion. With the oodles of money Microsoft already has, I’m sure they’d make that much more by giving us better, regular deals. I would leap at Mass Effect 3 dlc at half off, but full price, psh.

  • toohats

    Kinect Party as a Free holiday gift! That is Awesome – Double Fine Happy Action Theatre and I am Super(Kinect Fun Labs) are great fun experiences that everyone can play. Kinect Party should just make it better.

  • Arno Bird

    I’ve been an xbox live subscriber for 10 years now (I’ve been paying since the very first day) and how do you think MS reward me for my fidelity? Simple : they don’t.

  • Bush O Connor

    how and why is there so much dlc for forza? it must be published by microsoft they release half a game and drip feed content ala halo 4 style

  • Ryan Tinney

    Is Xbox Live going to have the 12 days of Christmas sales this year? That usually makes up for the lack of good weekly deals. I know I stock up on arcade games and game add-ons during that promotion.

    • Lee Rayson

      yes, google search xbox countdown to 2013 promotion or look up at another post I did

  • Eternal Blaze

    How about that Yu-Gi-Oh 5d’s Decade Duels Plus??? Larry tweeted on Monday saying it was hitting the marketplace today….. another let down :(

    • chris

      another yugioh game. will have to tell my brother about this. was there a price mentioned yet?

      • Eternal Blaze

        It supposed to be released

        • Christian Coronado

          it was released in 2010 but then it was taken down from the marketplace, its the same game

  • medveten

    Just a simple thought, since you can get most of the THQ AAA games on PC for 1$ or less (or more if you’re honest) via the humble bundle, shouldn’t the THQ sale on xbox offer something similar?
    Major, major discounts on their games to make sure they get sales, many sales at low price is almost often better then low (no) sales at high prices. The on demand games should drop to (at most) 10-20$, probably lower. A 50-90% off on all THQ things during the sale would sure bring them much needed money so they can complete Metro and Homefront, 2 great series with tons of potential.

    (especially since Halo 4 managed to rip off Homefronts battlepoint/ordnance system amongst others. I understand 343i, it’s a great feature but it was better in Homefront, which btw is more then a simple CoD clone, more like a nice mix of CoD and BF, or BF and Halo)). Well worth a try, especially since the Dedicated Servers give you better matches with less lag and equal teams, something Halo 4 fails to manage (due to their horrible but cheap p2p cr*p).

  • John Doe

    “Countdown to 2013″
    They better not do that “Secret Deal Per Day” thing like they did last year.
    If so, I hope the Germans leak the info again so people can know in advance that they bought MSP for nothing, AGAIN.

    Forcing people into compulsive buying should be a crime.

    • Lee Rayson

      Sorry about this but

      18th – 31st December sale items

      Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition

      Joe Danger 2: The Movie

      Zuma’s Revenge!

      The Simpsons Arcade Game


      Plants vs. Zombies


      PeggleNights Content Pack

      Fire Pro Wrestling

      SONIC 4 Episode II

      Sonic The Hedgehog 2


      A World of Keflings

      A World of Keflings – Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice

      A World of Keflings – It Came From Outer Space

      Kinect Party

      Jet Set Radio

      A number of Games on Demand titles will also be on sale – these are still to be announced.

      18th December – Modern Warfare 3 deals

      Modern Warfare 3

      Collection 1 DLC

      Collection 2 DLC

      Collection 3 DLC

      Collection 4 DLC

      19th: LEGO Games

      Lego Batman

      Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

      Lego Star Wars III

      Lego Indiana Jones

      Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

      Lego Indiana Jones 2

      Lego Harry Potter

      20th: Platformer Games


      HELL YEAH! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

      Sonic Adventure 2

      Rayman Origins

      Rayman 3 HD

      Mark of the Ninja

      Trine 2

      21st: Rockstar Games

      L.A. Noire

      Red Dead Redemption

      Max Payne 3

      Midnight Club: LA



      23rd: Summer of Arcade 2012 Games

      Dust: An Elysian Tail



      24th: Trials HD and Trials Evolution

      Trials HD

      Trials HD – Big Thrills

      Trials HD – Big Pack

      Trials Evolution

      Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain

      25th: Kinect Family

      Hydro Thunder

      Rock of Ages

      Mini Ninjas Adventures


      Fruit Ninja Kinect

      Fruit Ninja Kinect – 8-bit Cartridge

      Fruit Ninja Kinect – Art Box

      Fruit Ninja Kinect – Space Capsule

      Fruit Ninja Kinect – Storm Season



      27th: Borderlands


      Borderlands 2

      Borderlands 2 Season Pass

      28th: The Walking Dead

      The Walking Dead Episode 1

      The Walking Dead Episode 2

      The Walking Dead Episode 3

      The Walking Dead Episode 4

      The Walking Dead Episode 5

      29th: Family Games

      Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

      Cars 2: The Video Game

      Crash Of The Titans

      Toy Story 3

      Crazy Taxi

      The Splatters

      30th: Fighting Games

      Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

      Street Fighter III: Online Edition

      Dungeon Fighter LIVE: Fall Of Hendon Myre

      31st: Skyrim and Oblivion

      The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

      The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Dawnguard

      The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Hearthfire

      The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

      The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Shivering Isles

      The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Knights of the Nine

      • Bush O Connor

        thats like a list of a gamestop bargin bin. all that stuff except skyrim and borderlands dlc should be cheap to buy at this stage.

        where did you get this info from?

        • Quaranj

          From here, and they have a track record of being correct 99% of the time. hxxp://

  • Shane Langdon

    I am done with LIVE. After losing 9 XBOX 360’s this month, spending 41 hours typing, and talking with tech support over the faulty servers, glitchy purchases, broken season passes, unrepairable apps and several hours of lost LIVE service it is time to give up. I have been hacked, they didn’t give a crap, I almost lost my job reviewing games because of my lack of a console, they didn’t care, I filed a report with them for 3 issues in one day, they did not care in the least. Other than the Microsoft Points they used to bribe me off of the line, I haven’t seen anything to show that I was more than an number. I have 152 Xbox LIVE Arcade games, own 104 disc games, I have spent almost 6 years with LIVE, and you don’t care. Last but not least, you laughingly attempt to win the hardcore public over with these deals? Terrible. I give up. What a worthless service to pay out of pocket for.

    • Lee Rayson

      Cool story Bro

  • Rafal Wozniak

    Hey Major, I thought Deal of the week deals are for one week (11-Dec to 17-Dec). So why is tropico 4 GonD deal done. Its back to $34.99 here in Canada.

    • Lee Rayson

      It says varies per region it may be that in your region it not discounted

      • Rafal Wozniak

        It was on sale for $24.99 still on Wednesday.

    • Rafal Wozniak

      Look like it was a glitch in the matrix, its back on sale.

  • Chico Edge

    Okay, I took a look at the deals for the Countdown sale and there is some good stuff in there. I applaud the deals team for some great sales in the next couple of weeks but I still think you should treat us Gold members better on a weekly basis.

    • Some guy

      Some good stuff indeed, but you also have COD, Rockstar, Borderlands and Oblivion in there. Could have been some new deals instead.
      Also almost every of those deals are for game that came out this year, I wish it was some Bangai-O, ancients of Ooga, Double dragon Neon, you know, games that didn’t have huge marketing campaign.

      Now, will it be 10%, 33%, 50% or 75% off? That will change how many games i’ll buy.

  • Chico Edge

    There’s some good stuff this year too.

    • Z4M0

      You meant THAT leaked info ( countdown to 2013 list ) http : // www . neogaf .com /forum /showthread .php?t=503957 ? it includes fez, mark of the ninja, deadlight, jet set radio, hell yeah, dust, trials evo and every walking dead episode…

      If any of that is true we better stock some points.

      • Chico Edge

        Yup! I am ready to drop $50 on this sale if the list is true.

  • Lee Rayson

    :( just dump all over my hopes been waiting ages for the game. Lol

    • mcmax3000

      Just trying to be realistic. I’ve been a wrestling fan my entire life, so I’ve been waiting for it as well.

  • Christian Coronado

    UFC 3 undisputed is at regular price on the console u.u

  • Ian Aull

    Hey,Major Nelson. Is xbox live marketplace going to have the 10 anniversary avatar helmet for sell. Listen to your podcast every week. Thanks,Ian. Gamer tag Aull or Nothing.