December 11th 2012 12:01 am PT

Over 40 New Apps Coming to Xbox; New Apps Launch on Xbox LIVE This Week

Exciting news from Xbox today with more than 40 new global entertainment partners coming to Xbox LIVE, including new apps launching this week.

Between now and the spring of 2013, we’re committed to launching the following entertainment experiences on Xbox LIVE:

All3M (United Kingdom, United States)
2. Ameba TV (Canada, United States)
3. ARTE (Germany, France)
4. Azteca (Mexico)
5. Canalplay Infinity (France)
6. CBC’s Hockey Night (Canada)
7. CrunchyRoll (Majority of LIVE Regions)
8. Deezer (Majority of LIVE Regions)
9. Eredivisie Live (Netherlands)
10. Fightbox (Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom)
11. Flixster (United States)
12. GameTrailers (Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States)
13. Globosat Muu (Brazil)
14. Gulli Replay (France)
15. HBO Nordics (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden)
16. IndieFlix (Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States)
17. (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom)
18. Machinima (Majority of LIVE Regions)
19. Maxim (United States)
20. MTV (United States)
21. MyTF1 (France)
22. MyTF1VOD (France)
23. Napster (Germany, United Kingdom)
24. Pathe Thuis (Netherlands)
25. PBS (United States)
26. PopcornFlix (United States)
27. Rai TV (Italy)
28. Sainsbury (United Kingdom)
29. Saraiva (Brazil)
30. SBS (Netherlands)
31. SF Anytime (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden)
32. Slacker Radio (Canada, United States)
33. SPORT1 (Austria, Germany)
34. The CW Network (United States)
35. Televisa (Mexico)
36. TV3 (Spain)
37. Viaplay (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden)
38. Vidéo à la Demande d’Orange (France)
39. Vimeo (United States)
40. VIVO Play (Brazil)
41. Zattoo (Germany)
42. Ziggo (Netherlands)

Also, starting today, several new apps will roll out worldwide on Xbox LIVE including1:

ARTE (Germany, France)
With the ARTE app on Xbox LIVE, you can watch an exciting mix of content from the Cultural TV station including documentaries, concerts and movies.

CinemaNow (Expanding to Canada)
CinemaNow is an Authenticated Video on Demand (AVOD) application providing customers with access to TV and Movie content previously purchased on

CNET (United States, Canada)
CNET offers all the product reviews, technology shows and event coverage you love, now on Xbox LIVE.  CNET helps you use technology to enhance and enrich your life. From specially curated content to advice, it’s everything you need to buy and get the most out of tech that’s right for you. Get the best in technology, right where you want it.

Karaoke (All LIVE regions, excluding Japan and United Arab Emirates)
Karaoke provides access to more than 8,000 songs from the latest hits to the oldies but goodies, available on Xbox LIVE. Your avatar will go on stage and sing with a full complement of stage props and back band. Use SmartGlass to play/stop/pause, browse the database and lyrics or to add songs to the playlist. Songs don’t require any download and will playback immediately via streaming for a robust karaoke experience.

Maxim (United States)
Maxim delivers what guys want – beautiful women, cool gear and funny videos – to Xbox 360! From behind-the-scenes of Maxim’s sexiest photo shoots to hilarious comedy originals to high-octane sports, it’s the #1 destination for couch-bound men looking for a good time.

Napster (Germany, United Kingdom)
With your Xbox and Napster Unlimited plus Mobile, you can play millions of songs instantly. Listen to millions of songs in various genres, play as much as you want, enjoy hours of expertly programmed music. Discover new releases, charts and much more.

SkyDrive (All LIVE regions)
SkyDrive is the place to store your files so you can access them from virtually any device. With SkyDrive for Xbox, you can easily view your photos and videos on your TV. You can also play slideshows and view photos and videos shared with you. For more information, visit the Inside SkyDrive blog.

SPORT1 (Austria, Germany)
Enter the world of sports through your Xbox. The SPORT1 app provides Video-Sport-News, Livescores, Livestreams of popular sport events and access to Pay-TV Sports channel SPORT1+.

VEVO (Expanding to Spain, Italy & France)
With over 45,000 videos by 11,000 artists, VEVO is the world’s leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform. Stream live concerts, watch exclusive programming and queue up all your favorite videos. VEVO is available in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. The VEVO app for Xbox includes high-quality on demand music videos free to the user and allows social interactions between fans, VEVO, and users.

Zattoo (Germany)
The Zattoo app gives you access to free Live TV across 55 channels and an Electronic Program Guide. HiQ accounts feature quick, ad-free channel switches and higher quality streams (including HD), starting at 3.75 EUR per month. Additional premium TV channels, including Sports, Documentary, Kids, Music channels, and International packages are also available.

You should be able to download these apps from the Xbox LIVE marketplace starting today. Give it some time though, we’re rolling out a lot of apps at once and it may take a day or two for all the apps to arrive. We will keep you updated as more of the world’s leading entertainment providers come to Xbox.

We’re also continuing to expand our offering of live events on Xbox LIVE via our Live Events Player app. Join us tonight at 7:30 p.m. EST for a live airing of the Bruno Mars concert hosted by iHeartRadio taking place in New York City. We’ll unveil new interactive features like real-time pop-up information, polling and trivia. (US Only)

1Xbox LIVE Gold subscription and/or additional subscriptions/fees may be required. Kinect functionality available with select Xbox LIVE content and varies by feature and country.

Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • ciprodriguez

    Alas I still await a REVISION3 app

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  • Juan Martinez Suarez

    All news apps are nice however when will Microsoft and Xbox fix all the pending issues concerning the well aware problems with xbox live parties, and the problems with the xbox live service (such as buying on the marketplace etc) after the last couple of updates. This is something you guys should fix first of all before adding more stuff that might work or not.

  • Felipe Leal

    si buscas Youtube en Chile tampoco debiese funcionar , Peros si.

  • Jordon Betz

    damn id kill for a spotify app!

  • Michael Hansen

    why do i need a gold subscription to use these apps
    i allready pay for netflix in denmark and can use them free on my android or ipad
    why do we need to pay you microsoft just to wach tv

    i ges i will keep pluin my android tabletto my tv

    • Willy McBurgle

      for the prestige!

  • Rob Pachasa

    What happened to the Virgin Tournament app?

  • Curtis Isabell

    look at all these features almost no one will use!

  • Marc Hughes

    Thats not gonna happen…I would bet money with all these new apps they WILL have the balls to try and raise the price of a gold subscription again…Even though it should be cheapened with all those ads that companies pay to have put on there

  • Marc Hughes

    There is no way in hell they will add Spotify end of story it is a direct competitor to MS music service…

    • JayD

      There are tons of competitors to Xbox Music already Napster/Rhapsody/Youtube/Vevo/etc.

    • Willy McBurgle

      Marc is right, I’m afraid…

  • Marc Hughes

    They are’t going to add spotify period end of story it is a DIRECT competitor to Xbox music….That would make as much sense as adding a PS3 and, Wii U app….They want people to switch from Spotify to Xbox music

  • Jonathan Slater

    CrunchyRoll (Majority of LIVE Regions)

    About god damn time!

  • Orionsaint

    So many Apps. Xbox Live is like a giant tablet on my HDTV

  • JayD

    Agreed and like how Netflix and Hulu Plus are competitors to Xbox Video lol. Marc is wrong end of story!

  • Willy McBurgle

    Can we trade UK’s napster for CNet?

  • Ben Anderson

    Anyone been able to get Karaoke working? If I search it I can find the app, but can’t seem to launch it. The playtime tokens don’t seem to be working either

  • MrRadiolips

    Wish we could get TBS app. So much good stuff on that site.

  • Billal Bundu

    When is ITV Player coming to Xbox LIVE in the UK?