December 11th 2012 12:01 am PT

Over 40 New Apps Coming to Xbox; New Apps Launch on Xbox LIVE This Week

Exciting news from Xbox today with more than 40 new global entertainment partners coming to Xbox LIVE, including new apps launching this week.

Between now and the spring of 2013, we’re committed to launching the following entertainment experiences on Xbox LIVE:

All3M (United Kingdom, United States)
2. Ameba TV (Canada, United States)
3. ARTE (Germany, France)
4. Azteca (Mexico)
5. Canalplay Infinity (France)
6. CBC’s Hockey Night (Canada)
7. CrunchyRoll (Majority of LIVE Regions)
8. Deezer (Majority of LIVE Regions)
9. Eredivisie Live (Netherlands)
10. Fightbox (Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom)
11. Flixster (United States)
12. GameTrailers (Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States)
13. Globosat Muu (Brazil)
14. Gulli Replay (France)
15. HBO Nordics (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden)
16. IndieFlix (Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States)
17. (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom)
18. Machinima (Majority of LIVE Regions)
19. Maxim (United States)
20. MTV (United States)
21. MyTF1 (France)
22. MyTF1VOD (France)
23. Napster (Germany, United Kingdom)
24. Pathe Thuis (Netherlands)
25. PBS (United States)
26. PopcornFlix (United States)
27. Rai TV (Italy)
28. Sainsbury (United Kingdom)
29. Saraiva (Brazil)
30. SBS (Netherlands)
31. SF Anytime (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden)
32. Slacker Radio (Canada, United States)
33. SPORT1 (Austria, Germany)
34. The CW Network (United States)
35. Televisa (Mexico)
36. TV3 (Spain)
37. Viaplay (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden)
38. Vidéo à la Demande d’Orange (France)
39. Vimeo (United States)
40. VIVO Play (Brazil)
41. Zattoo (Germany)
42. Ziggo (Netherlands)

Also, starting today, several new apps will roll out worldwide on Xbox LIVE including1:

ARTE (Germany, France)
With the ARTE app on Xbox LIVE, you can watch an exciting mix of content from the Cultural TV station including documentaries, concerts and movies.

CinemaNow (Expanding to Canada)
CinemaNow is an Authenticated Video on Demand (AVOD) application providing customers with access to TV and Movie content previously purchased on

CNET (United States, Canada)
CNET offers all the product reviews, technology shows and event coverage you love, now on Xbox LIVE.  CNET helps you use technology to enhance and enrich your life. From specially curated content to advice, it’s everything you need to buy and get the most out of tech that’s right for you. Get the best in technology, right where you want it.

Karaoke (All LIVE regions, excluding Japan and United Arab Emirates)
Karaoke provides access to more than 8,000 songs from the latest hits to the oldies but goodies, available on Xbox LIVE. Your avatar will go on stage and sing with a full complement of stage props and back band. Use SmartGlass to play/stop/pause, browse the database and lyrics or to add songs to the playlist. Songs don’t require any download and will playback immediately via streaming for a robust karaoke experience.

Maxim (United States)
Maxim delivers what guys want – beautiful women, cool gear and funny videos – to Xbox 360! From behind-the-scenes of Maxim’s sexiest photo shoots to hilarious comedy originals to high-octane sports, it’s the #1 destination for couch-bound men looking for a good time.

Napster (Germany, United Kingdom)
With your Xbox and Napster Unlimited plus Mobile, you can play millions of songs instantly. Listen to millions of songs in various genres, play as much as you want, enjoy hours of expertly programmed music. Discover new releases, charts and much more.

SkyDrive (All LIVE regions)
SkyDrive is the place to store your files so you can access them from virtually any device. With SkyDrive for Xbox, you can easily view your photos and videos on your TV. You can also play slideshows and view photos and videos shared with you. For more information, visit the Inside SkyDrive blog.

SPORT1 (Austria, Germany)
Enter the world of sports through your Xbox. The SPORT1 app provides Video-Sport-News, Livescores, Livestreams of popular sport events and access to Pay-TV Sports channel SPORT1+.

VEVO (Expanding to Spain, Italy & France)
With over 45,000 videos by 11,000 artists, VEVO is the world’s leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform. Stream live concerts, watch exclusive programming and queue up all your favorite videos. VEVO is available in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. The VEVO app for Xbox includes high-quality on demand music videos free to the user and allows social interactions between fans, VEVO, and users.

Zattoo (Germany)
The Zattoo app gives you access to free Live TV across 55 channels and an Electronic Program Guide. HiQ accounts feature quick, ad-free channel switches and higher quality streams (including HD), starting at 3.75 EUR per month. Additional premium TV channels, including Sports, Documentary, Kids, Music channels, and International packages are also available.

You should be able to download these apps from the Xbox LIVE marketplace starting today. Give it some time though, we’re rolling out a lot of apps at once and it may take a day or two for all the apps to arrive. We will keep you updated as more of the world’s leading entertainment providers come to Xbox.

We’re also continuing to expand our offering of live events on Xbox LIVE via our Live Events Player app. Join us tonight at 7:30 p.m. EST for a live airing of the Bruno Mars concert hosted by iHeartRadio taking place in New York City. We’ll unveil new interactive features like real-time pop-up information, polling and trivia. (US Only)

1Xbox LIVE Gold subscription and/or additional subscriptions/fees may be required. Kinect functionality available with select Xbox LIVE content and varies by feature and country.

Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • toohats

    Wow, this is great! Thanks for all the hard work guys.

  • Alex


  • thomas

    i know Belgium is considered less important than France or The Netherlands, but please, could it be possible to have more apps…we kinda have nothing. We Never played 1 against 100, we don’t have access to IGN app, and the only app that is delivered today is …Livesport.TV °_°

    Would be nice if we could have Arte…

    • Mr Flopsie

      I also want Indie games for BE..

      • Bennijin

        You really don’t, they’re almost all awful.

    • Igor Alexandre Gassmann

      The same for Switzerland.

    • Marise Kolber

      Less important than The Netherlands? These are the first apps we’re getting! I’m almost in shock that Microsoft finally acknowledges our existence I’m there with you and others about wanting to play 1 against 100 and being able to buy Indie games!
      Here’s hoping for both countries :-)

  • Boe2

    it’s funny, if I were to move 10 kilometers to the east, I’d gain 5 new apps.

    Not that I’m complaining. Xbox doesn’t want me to have it, but my provider lets me consume them on demand, on the exact same television my xbox is connected to. Without an obligatory gold subscription. Without a weird 3-language mixed interface.

    • Boe2

      On the positive side: A karaoke app + smartglass makes so much sense, can’t wait to try it out.

    • QuixoticRocket

      Regional restrictions and exclusivity contracts suck for the end consumer =/
      At least things are (slowly) getting more internationalised.

    • David D Davidson

      Yes, Microsoft hates you and doesn’t want you to have certain apps.

  • Russell Gorall

    Even I find this a good thing, and I hate just about everything. Some great apps for those in the USA. God Bless Amurrica.

    The more, the merrier.

    • QuixoticRocket

      Is there any truth to the legend that says that you cook all your food in the fires of your own hatred?

      • Russell Gorall

        I have problems, I won’t lie.

  • Superman64

    Will the MTV app also not play music videos?

    • JayD

      It looks like you can use the VEVO app to play music videos. I bet the MTV app will be more about MTV Shows.

      • InsertBlueCheckHere

        That joke flew a bit over your head..

        • Chris Grub

          This is the best comment string I’ve read in awhile.

        • ~e~

          MTV is gonna suck on the Xbox Console.

  • Igor Alexandre Gassmann

    Why aren’t new apps for Switzerland, apart the “All LIVE region” ? I don’t understand…

    • deathspankd

      well the reasoning behind everyone not getting every app is between regional boundaries of some of the apps and the legalities. but as you’ve seen during the release of some of the apps they are still expanding. the only thing I could say is be patient and hopefully more will come your way

      • Xboxjimmy King

        just like the Crackle it has 200 + movies in America and only 90 in Australia and nothing new mind you all old movies for old people

    • Xboxjimmy King

      They only care about themselves in America and we get crappy Apps given to the rest of the world it’s a worldwide gaming console so give every country the same Apps so we can relax not give us a App that wasn’t worth downloading

  • mikedranger

    Thanks for the great apps but their are apps that were announced during E3 that still have not came out and according to the apps you listed are not even on there. Though their are some new ones. I saw this list on Wiki for future apps.

    Ameba TV Canada, United States Video

    The AOL On Network Australia, Canada, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States Video

    Boss Revolution (IDT) United States Social

    BreakMedia Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States Video

    Comedy Central Stand Up United States Video

    Comoyo Denmark, Norway, Sweden Video

    Corus Entertainment’s Franklin the Turtle Canada Video

    ESPN Radio (ESPN) United States Music

    The Incredible, Edible Egg (American Egg Board) United States Social

    Indie Flix United States Video

    Machinima Available in all countries Video

    Miss America and Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, United States Video

    Miss Universe Available in 25 countries globally Video

    Napster Germany, United Kingdom Music

    NCAA March Madness LIVE (CBS/Turner) United States Video

    NHL GameCenter LIVE Available in all countries (except Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden) Video

    Nickelodeon United States Video

    Pageant Life (NBC) Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan Video

    PictureBox United Kingdom Video

    Rakuten ShowTime Japan Video

    Revision3 Canada, United Kingdom, United States Video

    Skype N/A Social

    Slacker Radio Canada, United States Music

    SnagFilms United States Video

    Telenovelas/Sports (Televisa) Brazil, Chile, Colombia, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom Video

    Terra (Sunday TV) Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico Video

    Twitch TV United States Video

    TV3 Spain Video

    The Weather Channel United States Video

    The Whistle United States Video

    WWE Network United States Video

    Youzee Spain Video

    • QuixoticRocket

      that’s a fair amount of spam.. couldn’t you just link to it?

      Also at least a couple of the items in your list are mentioned in major’s post (indie flix / napster). I didn’t check the list properly though. There are probably more.

      • mikedranger

        I just copied and then edited what I pasted off of Wikipedia but will edit it.

        • QuixoticRocket

          Cool. It’s just a sudden wall of text in the comments was all I meant ^_^

          • mikedranger

            Yeah I tried deleting it but it didn’t delete it just went to guest. Your right though it does take up way too much room.

          • QuixoticRocket

            ah well ^_^ It’s not the end of the world or anything =P

          • Josh Cox

            i was wondering about the weather ch. one saw it listed for E3 myself and the asked someone a while ago about it and says it was being worked on or something

    • InsertBlueCheckHere

      The NHL one was supposed to already be released, but it’s kind of pointless without a season :

  • Chris


    I’m glad to see there is some movement on the xbox app front

    So, I’m a little curios about the the app situation in Switzerland. I know, this isn’t big market. But a lot of content can be shared with Germany/Austria, resp. France resp Italy (Difficult situation, I know ;) )

    I’m not aware of the legal situation, but I think it should be feasible to gain this situation in Switzerland. Specially the zattoo app. As I know, Zattoo is a Swiss company (at least they started their service in Switzerland) Zattoo is available on WP/web and I don’t get it why just Germany is listed for Zattoo.

    May be you have some information for us. ;)



    • Boe2

      I think the moral of the story for Microsoft is: Let the content providers decide on the restrictions. They already do so by subscriptions/ip filtering.

      • 90180360

        But I don’t get it. Why would Zattoo not want my Swiss Francs?

  • Andreas Kristiansson

    I pay 8 bucks for netflix and 30 bucks for viasat, now I can just pay 20bucks for viaplay and get all the same stuff and see it on my TV. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Microsoft just helped me save some money and I can’t wait to see what HBO nordic has to offer.

  • Paul Byron

    So no Flixster in the UK? How do I watch my Ultraviolet movies on 360?

    • Brian

      Do you have Vudu available there? If you do it should link your Flixster movies. That’s what I’ve been using.

      • Inaba-kun

        We don’t get VUDU in the UK, but we do get ultraviolet movies. Too bad we won’t be able to watch them through our Xboxs.

    • Lee Rayson

      make a us silver account, download the app use it on your UK account it should work

    • ciprodriguez

      Dont know if you have vudu in UK but that’s how I watch my ultraviolet movies

    • the person

      Paramount ones you can watch through their app, not sure if it is available there though.

  • rhooper

    I still prefer to use my console just for gaming…

    • JayD

      That is cool. I still prefer more options.

      • Marc Hughes

        Well when they raise the price of Gold again because of this “more bang for your buck” BS will it still be so cool…I have no doubt they are for sure looking for another reason to raise the price again

        • Xboxjimmy King

          who cares i’ll pay

        • JayD

          That is just speculation… When they raise the price, then fine whine if you need too. Right now though all they are doing is adding value to the service and giving us more options.

          You can literally always whine about what might happen. Right now that isn’t happening.

  • mikedranger

    Great to see some of these new apps coming out hope more of the ones that were mentioned and laid out after E3 come out soon that are not listed in this list you gave us Major. Really like the majority of the apps offered by you guys in the US.

  • Neftali Rodriguez

    it would be cool to use SkyDrive to store save data. I don’t get why is this on Xbox but whatever.

    • Lee Rayson

      It because skydrive had a major update, I been using it sort of like homegroup but I don’t need to leave my pc on to get the data I want. for example photos or videos. 7gb storage and they seem to have lifted the restrictions on file size it use to be 50MB per file

  • Anthony Yates

    Still no Skype. I thought that would have appeared ages ago.

  • Fabian Nappenbach

    you forgot Lovefilm which launched in Germany just last week (has been there in the UK before)

  • H0RIZ0N

    CrunchyRoll!! Now that’s what i’m talking bout!!

    • H0RIZ0N

      Now only if you guys can get the xfinity app to play live tv.

  • Rohan Mayers

    Can not Gold member use SkyDrive? I do not see the requirement.

  • deiruch

    Agree with Chris: Some more apps for Switzerland would be great. I for one miss the YouTube app in our marketplace. And Spotify would be nice.

    Also, after experimenting with SmartGlass and some of the existing app (IE, …) I must say that it’s hardly useful. Everything is slow, takes several seconds to load, connect and play animations. Sometimes it’s so bad I have to laugh. SmartGlass got better with the latest update (WP), but it’s still nowhere near usable. Super annoying is the lack of support for the system music and video player.

    • 90180360

      Great to see some other Swiss people here. I just can’t understand why we don’t get Zattoo. It’s a Swiss company…

  • Tim Acheson

    SkyDrive — Awesome! Now I can show ALL of my videos and photos in full HD on my big TV screen at home. I have a LIFETIME of photos and videos already backed-up and archived safely on SkyDrive.

    Of course, we already had SkyDrive on Xbox via Internet Explorer, but the native SkyDrive App is now the most convenient way. :)

    SPOTIFY next please! ;)

  • Rohan Mayers

    Does this mean that Skype will not be coming to Xbox until after the Spring 2013?

    • Henry Edwards

      It will be launching today, but after 10am PST time it will appear on your xbox.

      • Rohan Mayers

        SkyDrive is what is launching not Skype lol

        • the person

          really I expect them to just take the existing Video Kinect app and update it for Skype and gut it of WLM references.

  • Remco Ploeg

    Great news! Can you explain what Ziggo will offer in the Netherlands? Will the offer all the Live TV stations in NL via XBOX? That could be great news!

  • Karl Eriksson


    • Keith Christmas

      With MS recently having launched Xbox Music? I wouldn’t hold your breath. I’m there with you in wishing, though.

      • f0urg

        They just added Rhapsody recently so there might be hope.

        • mateo124

          That’s because Microsoft doesnt see them as a threat. Spotify has more users, and Microsoft wants people who use spotify to switch to Xbox music.

          • Simon DUHEM

            But Deezer is in the list.

  • Inaba-kun

    I’ve been waiting for CrunchyRoll for a long time, I hope it’s out soon.

    Surprisingly from a UK perspective that there’s still no ITV Player. I’d never watch it personally, but it’s a big deal for many.

    I’d also like to see all apps updated with the washed out black level fix. Some have been fixed, but many haven’t. I guess at this point they’re going to be broken until Xbox 3 arrives.

  • NarcoSleepy

    Anyone else find it hilarious that Karaoke is not available in the one region that essential made karaoke what it is today?

    • Boe2

      They love to sing in Japanese, and I suspect that the 8000 song catalogue is a bit lacking in that regard.

      A bit of a shame, agreed. With smartglass it comes pretty close to those awesome karaoke rigs.

      • ravissimo

        i’m sure once they get enough japanese songs on there and it launches in japan, it’ll be a hit. it might be the one thing that gets microsoft marginally back in the game in japan. also… no pricing announcements on the karaoke app for the other regions? just thrown in as one of 40 apps??

    • Chris Grub

      That’s what I first thought too.

      Karaoke is so big in Japan there might be contractual legalities that may not have allowed MS to launch that particular app there.

  • OldManOBIE

    Just more “stuff” to use bandwidth that games could be using. Lag lag.

    • zoompooky

      Gameplay is overwhelmingly peer to peer. Someone using their skydrive app to look at a video isn’t impacting you whatsoever, unless they’re in your house / on your network.

  • Jose Angel Rodriguez

    its a better???

  • Alice Lockhart

    You must be trolling us with Televisa, aren’t you?

  • Rhys Weir

    Still no TwitchTV app?

  • catpow3r

    What does majority of live regions means? Which places will get those apps?

  • Per-Frode Pedersen

    but still no youtube…

  • daniel

    itv player?????????

  • Satish Shewhorak

    Well we lost Inside Xbox but at least now we’ve got Sainsbury’s to replace it :|

    • Bennijin

      Seems a fair trade.

  • James Etherington-Smith

    Any idea which apps will be coming to South Africa? If any?

  • Sukhveer Flora

    apps are all well and good, can you start developing apps that are related to the games industry and technology, it would be a nice change from all the social stuff

  • Steve Melton

    Hmm, PBS will actually be quite useful for the kids.

  • Hugoku

    Hmm… at least we get Gametrailers

  • Ryan Cleary

    An ITV Player app for UK will be nice too, and whys there a Sainsburys apps?

    • Inaba-kun

      Sounds like Sainsburys are going to launch a streaming service, which will essentially be identical to Tesco’s Blinkbox service. Not sure how many services we need which do exactly the same thing as each other, all selling the same limited range of American imports at the same price.

  • Bert McCumber

    Now with the Flixster app will I be able to use my Ultraviolet films?

  • Christmas treemoh

    “28. Sainsbury (United Kingdom)”

    What, as in, the supermarket?

    • Willy McBurgle

      No – the turtle…LOL! Yes, the supermarket. Now you can shop online through Xbox – but only if you’re a good boy and pay for Gold.

      • Christmas treemoh

        I did some research, apparently they’re launching a video streaming service.

        Which is a shame, as I was looking forward to picking things up off virtual shelves with Kinect.

  • Tyler Beale

    YEEEESSS! SkyDrive!!! I’ve been looking forward to this app coming out on Xbox Live!

  • Bryan Bortz

    They can’t get the audio to play in sync.

  • David

    40 useless apps :)

  • Javier Pinto

    How about the Plex app?

  • Ronnie Thompson

    How about a flash app so I can watch my friends videos on Facebook.

  • zoompooky

    The skydrive app would have been MUCH more useful had they allowed the simple option to select any picture and set it as the wallpaper – the same way the native “picture viewer” app does.

  • G

    SkyDrive is cool. Now what would be cooler is if we can use Skydrive as storage for our XBox content, like videos and save games. Merge Cloud Storage into SkyDrive. Some of us have 25GB of Skydrive storage and it would be nice to move all my save files and videos to it.

  • RampageDeluxe

    I don’t use my xbox live email for my skydrive account and I can’t switch profiles.

  • the person

    wow….Microsoft is just KILLING it in the living room. AppleTV and Roku are endangered species.

    • Marc Hughes

      What do you work for MS cause AppleTv and Roku are far from endangered

    • Willy McBurgle


  • Chris Grub

    Are any of these apps available without Gold?