December 17th 2012 10:27 am PT

New Xbox SmartGlass Experiences for NBA Game Time, ESPN and all-new Sports Picks App on Xbox LIVE

Now on Xbox, sports fans have a whole new way to connect with fellow fans and compete on Xbox LIVE with the new Sports Picks app. You can make picks, compete with your Xbox LIVE friends and fight for domination of the leaderboard. With the Sports Picks app, we’ve also added a new experience for Xbox SmartGlass, so you can do all of this on your tablet or phone without missing a beat of the game on your TV through Xbox 360.

For those of you planning to take in a live sporting event from ESPN or catch the replay of last night’s NBA game on your Xbox, we’ve introducing all-new Xbox SmartGlass experiences to accompany ESPN and NBA Game Time.

The ESPN experience for Xbox SmartGlass puts you in command of your favorite ESPN channels on your Xbox 360. Browse thousands of live events, highlights and replays using your tablet or smartphone, select the videos you want and play them on your Xbox 360.

The NBA Game Time experience for Xbox SmartGlass gives you total control of the non-stop basketball action on your Xbox 360. Browse live NBA games with highlights and game recaps, select the videos you want, and send them on your Xbox 360 for full-screen action.


Xbox LIVE Gold subscription and/or additional subscriptions/fees may be required. Xbox SmartGlass experience is available at launch for Windows 8 and Windows RT and iOS. For additional details and availability, see

Xbox LIVE Gold subscription (sold separately) required. The ESPN app provides access to live content from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, Goal Line and Buzzer Beater as well as video-on-demand clips from Live content from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, Goal Line and Buzzer Beater is available on Xbox through WatchESPN, and requires a subscription to a WatchESPN-affiliated provider. Subscribers will only be able to access the ESPN networks via the internet only as part of, and consistent with their underlying household television and/or internet subscription package. Certain other restrictions apply. Go to for more information and detail.

NBA Game Time requires a valid Xbox LIVE Gold membership. League Pass Broadband subscription required to access live and on-demand games (sold separately). Blackout restrictions may apply in some markets. See and for additional information.

Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Calum Young

    For USA only, nothing new.

  • Lee Rayson

    Major, what other games or apps will be coming with a smart glass experience? Ive only got Halo so far

    • ungeheier

      Forza Horizon uses smartglass to display the full interactive map of the game.

      • Lee Rayson

        Yeah I know about that but im wondering what future games, I know Acend new gods will have some sort of smart glass feature but that’s it

  • Alex W


  • Chris Grub

    MLS App for XBOX please. You guys are an official sponsor of not only Seattle, but the MLS as a whole.

  • KONRADical

    USA only. This is wank

  • Jeremy Anderson

    Could you maybe tell them to get Smartglass working on Windows Phone 8 before they keep adding it for other platforms? My HTC 8X doesn’t work with Halo 4’s “Smartglass experience”. It doesn’t bode well for WP8 as a platform if they can’t even get it working while it works on iOS.

  • fantomena

    I don’t want apps, I want games, give me some free games, please! You do know Sony is your competitor and they give me free games? Why not you? Im soon gonna cancel my Gold sub because it’s not worth it anymore and because most of things are US only.

    • Daniel

      Lol caring about apps/free games. I take it you can’t afford XBL and proper games. That’s the real reason for you canceling your subscription.

      • BostonSup

        Most people who buy a video game console do so because they want games. Xbox is lacking in exclusive games. As for the free games, Xbox Live is currently not worth more than $25 a year because the deals suck, the GonD prices are outrageous and they are not competitive with their competition (Sony) in providing free games with subscription (as in free to play while you have an active subscription).

        MS is right now charging for what other companies offer for free and then the “upgrades” are essentially apps that are either free to every platform, has nothing to do with gaming, and/or that is a subscription based app (Paying access to a service AND THEN paying for the service itself).

        I don’t know where you would get the idea that he must be poor or some ignorant thought like that. What he is saying is that he believes that the service is not worth the price in the personal sense, the economic sense, and the competitive sense.

        • mcmax3000

          “Most people who buy a video game console do so because they want games.”

          That’s like saying that most people who buy a cell phone do so because they want to make phone calls… It’s simply not true anymore.

    • Adam Daniel John Thompson

      I cancelled my Gold, haven’t touched my 360 since getting a Wii U, glad I got Fifa 13, Black ops 2 & Epic Mickey 2 on Wii U instead of 360.

      • Daniel

        That’s because you’re a casual. The wii is prefect for people like you.

  • Willy McBurgle

    Great! Now my tablet can tell me the score 45 seconds after it happens :P

  • Rohan Mayers

    So far, I have been very disappointed with SmartGlass. I really do not see any purpose or use for it. Yes, it is great that I can use my phone or PC as a remote for my Xbox and learn more about characters in videos and plays in sports but I want more. I think SmartGlass should offer an Apple AirPlay and Intel Widi like feature. Yes, I know that with DLNA I can access my media on my PC from my Xbox. But that takes a lot of step. For one, I have to access the content from the Xbox not my PC. I should be able to click on the content directly from my PC and it will just play on my Xbox. Second, I should be able to mirror my PC screen on my Xbox. But not only PC but with phones. You should be able to mirror your phone screen and stream content from your phone to your Xbox. Come on Microsoft, be creative.

  • Daniel

    Quit pushing us to buy yer cr@p.

  • mcmax3000

    The Sports Picks app is NOT US only. It shows up on my 360 for download, and I’m not in the US.

  • Christopher BlueNose Fendick

    Just a idea! ;) PLEASE support sky sports like you do espn!

  • Ray Rodriguez

    Did we ever figure out if Smartglass will ever be made available on the Kinect Fire HD???

  • Matt Grochowalski

    And of course the smartglass features don’t work for Android.
    Why is there no mention on any of the Microsoft sites that these smartglass features advertised to work with Android actually don’t? Only place I see it is on the forums.

  • Adam Daniel John Thompson

    Wii U Gamepad > Smartglass. No point in doing a very poor ripoff feature that no-one implements well, although it did work fairly well with Kinect, another Wii rip off feature.
    MS & PS again playing catch up with Nintendo.

  • DW360ID

    major, what about us windows phone 7.5 user?

    • Willy McBurgle

      don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answer to.