December 18th 2012 5:16 am PT

Countdown to 2013 Deals

Celebrate the for Countdown to 2013 with of deals on games, add-ons, avatars and more from Xbox LIVE.
Sign in to Xbox LIVE or stop back here every day to see what new deals we have for you – but remember these special discounts won’t last more than a day. There will be a new deal every day between now and 2013.

To get things started we’ve got the full Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 game and all of the game add-ons discounted to 50% off TODAY ONLY.

Modern Warfare® 3

Content Type Normally Discount Price Savings
MW3 GonD GonD $59.99 $29.99 50%
MW3 Collection 1 Add-on 1200 600 50%
MW3 Collection 2 Add-on 1200 600 50%
MW3 Collection 3 Add-on 1200 600 50%
MW3 Collection 4 Add-on 1200 600 50%


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In addition to the daily deals, we’ve also go the following special offers available until December 31, 2012

Content Type Normally Discount Price Savings
Frogger Hyperarcade Arcade 800 400 50%
Joe Danger 2 The Movie Arcade 1200 400 67%
Zuma’s Revenge Arcade 800 400 50%
Simpsons Arcade Arcade 800 600 25%
Wreckateer Arcade 800 200 75%
Plants vs. Zombies Arcade 1200 600 50%
Peggle Arcade 800 400 50%
Peggle Nights Add-on 400 200 50%
Fire Pro Wrestling Arcade 800 400 50%
Sonic 4: Episode 2 Arcade 1200 600 50%
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Arcade 400 160 60%
Realms of Ancient War Arcade 1200 400 67%
Rock Band 3 GonD gonD $19.99 $9.99 50%
A World of Keflings Arcade 800 400 50%
A World of Keflings – Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice Add-on 320 160 50%
A World of Keflings – It Came From Outer Space Add-on 320 160 50%
Kinect Party Arcade 400 0 100%
Jet Set Radio Arcade 800 400 50%
Bully Scholarship Edition GonD $14.99 $9.99 33%
Super Meat Boy Arcade 1200 600 50%
Air Force Flight Helmet Avatar 160 80 50%
Army Humvee Avatar 240 120 50%
T-Rex  Avatar 160 80 50%
Triceratops  Avatar 160 80 50%
Adult Husky Avatar 240 120 50%
Golden Retriever  Avatar 240 120 50%
Abominable Snowman Outfit Female Avatar 160 80 50%
Abominable Snowman Outfit Male Avatar 160 80 50%
Sports Car Avatar 320 160 50%


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Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Jorro Blackroy

    Realms of Ancient War is a great deal at only 400 MS points; I definitely recommend that one.

    • Some guy

      I went on some forums and it seems RAW is pretty bad, nexuiz kind of bad(which also got huge deals), so i’d say try the trial first.

      • Jorro Blackroy

        I definitely agree; everyone should try the trial first and decide for themselves versus just taking the word of someone else about it, whether it be my opinion or the opinion of a reviewer.

        • RicardoDawkins

          I played the trial… and didn’t like this game. it was as bad as some Gameloft RPG games for Android.

          • Paulo Pinheiro

            I was hoping Torchlight 2 coming to XBLA, but . . .

          • RampageDeluxe

            Those are just awful.

        • TurboChamuco

          Wow, that game really sucks, 400MS is way to much for such poor attempt of a game

      • Thânia Santos

        nexiuz kind of bad!!!!
        I had quite a lot of fun with Nexiuz!! very underappreciated game!
        I see your point on RAW then! ;)
        thank you!

  • Z4M0

    67 % discount price for 1200 msp points ? varied and huge selection of titles ? take note, I just bought microsoft points and renewed my gold acount. See ? This is the way to go, Microsoft. Those deals alone (it would have been nice to know officially instead to search for leaked info) made being gold worth again. Looks like someone finally made their work.


    • LCJalternative

      Looks like someone didn’t realise these aren’t Gold only deals.
      I reckon some guy in the XBL deals dept. just spilt his coffee and dropped his donuts from laughing so hard.

      I hope you only renewed for a month.

      • E.Nich

        Unless he got MW3 and wants to play online xDDD

      • Z4M0

        Really insightful… (no sarcasm here, just noticed thanks to your comment)

        On the other side last time I checked there’s allways time to cancel gold (you get arefund) , isn’t there ? and a good time to do so would be after spending the 200 msp they give you back for renewing… not so bad move if you asked me.

        Still, those sales look to me like meant to please customers in general, not to piss of Gold users so can’t find a reason to be bitter and not support them a little longer just to back them as they are doing right this time.

        If they go shady and continue with the awful deals again after 2012, I’ll stop supporting them.

        I think pleople has to check back their own commitments; you can’t go ranting and threaten about doing something if things doesn’t change, and once it happens you keep being bitter and pretend people to take you seriously. I wanted better deals as others also stated on previous threadsm and I got ‘em (yeah, with THAT fineprint you mentioned) so I did what I considered I had to.

        Despite the scathing reply I kindly appreciate it, cheers!

        • LCJalternative

          There was no malice intended, mate. It was just an insight into the minds of the marketing dept, after recent deals and threats made by various people on here.
          If you’re gonna threaten to let your Live sub expire if the offers don’t improve or renew if they pull their fingers out and put some effort into it to make it worthwhile, then by all means i’m right behind you/others because I feel the same way.
          I just wanted to point out that these are for everyone not just Gold subs, so people don’t get duped.

          As for the deals themselves, I honestly feel that these offers are a short-term attempt to appease us, and it shows when you read between the lines.
          The highest discounts are for games that are either not very good (R.o.A.W is very much an average game and people here have slated it).
          Or didn’t sell well (Joe Danger 2, which also got exclusive extra content on the PS3).
          Wreckateer was free the other week and most of the rest have been on sale before and sometimes at a lower price.
          Don’t get me wrong there are some good offers there and I’ll be getting JD2 (loved and rinsed the 1st), JSR(reliving the DC years) and for my daughter the Keflings DLC.
          As for any Gold sub you took up, you may have some real problems getting any refund of any kind, I had a run-in with a useless bloke on the phone a while back who didn’t kow what he was doing and proceeded to mis-inform me and ended up locking me out of my gold sub for a day or two (Long story). I did manage to sort it out and get a refund but I really had to kick-off and take it to the top of the food chain.

          So good luck with that.
          Take it easy.

          • Z4M0

            I’m just hoping it’s not a short-term strategy as you suggest… that would mean a massive dissapointment.

            BTW I checked my msp billing yesterday and, despite being an awful year deal-wise, I saved more than I spent renewing my last year’s gold so my balance on being gold is still positive.

            I feel the same about those (RoAW, JD2,etc…) but other games like fez, hell yeah and mark of the ninja are coming next so in all, the sale might prove sweet if leaked list ends up being right (wich looks like it’ll be).

            http: //www. neogaf. com/forum/showthread. php?t=503957 (tony hawk hd and counter strike just added to the list).

            Looks like I found the right bloke on the phone last time but, judging by your experience it’s hit or miss.


          • LCJalternative

            To be honest with you most of it is overpriced even at half-price, also from what i’ve read the only games that really sold well this year were Minecraft, Trials Evo and The Walking Dead, so i’m quite surprised that they’re having the latter two games on sale.

  • RampageDeluxe

    I just bought Bully a couple days ago. Oh well, it sells for a lot more elsewhere. $10 is awesome.

  • Eric

    The MW3 DLC is a good deal but the game is now $20 at GameStop used.

  • chris

    The LEGO Game on Demand games are on sale also. These were supposed to be on sale after the MW3 DLC. Have these sales been merged into this sale or are the LEGO games on sale for 2 days?

  • Danny T

    Yeeeeees been waiting for Super Meat Boy and RAW to go on sale.

  • Ron Locke II

    I am thinking throught the sale you will get a deal each day like the modern warfare deal that’s were the Lego thing comes in.. This is my thought by watching the deals on another site and here now..

  • Paulo Pinheiro

    @MajorNelson Could you give some discounts in Alien Breed arcade series?

    • Lee Rayson

      It maybe best buying the disk version for all 3

      • Paulo Pinheiro

        Is there a disk version??? Now it’s good

        • Lee Rayson

          Here in the UK ive seen all 3 games on a disk for 10 pounds check some online shops you may find it there

      • Z4M0

        Alien Breed part 1 and 2 were discounted time ago, yet 3rd part didn’t ever, so buying on disc won’t be so neat idea to whoever already own parts 1 and 2. Discounts on the saga would be a welcome adition.

        • Lee Rayson

          it would actually still benefit some people. even if you own 2 parts of it a disk version could be as cheap as buying 1 copy on its own if you look around

  • LCJalternative

    So, yet again we Brits get ripped off by your company and their inability to do simple currency conversion!
    Why is it your GoD are more expensive here? You did it a few weeks ago with GTA 4 and previously with another GoD sale.
    Bully costs $9.99 ( just over £6) in the U.S., yet here it costs £8.99 (just over $14)!
    Exactly what kind of “deal” is that? It’s the same situation for MW3 & Rock Band 3.
    I dread to think what some other countries prices are like.

    It’s been said on here many, many times that your pricing structure for GoD is abysmal and that you shouldn’t punish your customers for convenience, the same goes for your customers that live in other territories. You should treat all of your subscribers equally, after all, we pay your wages.
    $1 does not equal £1, never has.
    One day you’ll overstep the mark and people will realise that there are better alternatives.

    • Dan Etheridge

      Exactly. I was going to purchase bully, then realised it was just the old American price we were getting. I decided not to buy it, as it was not £6.

    • Павел Ахмадулин

      MW3 GonD price: £24.99 ($29.99)
      MW3 Amazon price: £20.02 for new game including delivery

      I think I’ll celebrate 2013 new year with Amazon ((*

    • lahcoe

      Currency conversion aside, the same game on sale (in this case, Rock Band 3) will cost you 800MSP in the US, and 1080MSP in the UK. These are the different (!) prices you get when you press X to ‘Buy with Microsoft Points’.

      Hence, the popular belief that GonD is a pointless service — because its prices are generally higher than the superior option of buying a physical copy — seems to apply even more in the UK!

      • LCJalternative

        Yeah I noticed that the other week with GTA 4, that was 800 points too, provided you lived in the U.S. that is.
        Considering MSP were (i’m guessing) a way to negate the wildly differing currencies of XBL territory – one price for all – the GoD service really makes no sense, it’s just money in their pockets.
        Like the guy above noted, there really is no incentive to buy a digital copy when you can get it cheaper without even leaving your house.

        Sure you might have to wait a couple of days for delivery but are you really that desperate to play a game that’s been out for a year already, when you could wait a few days and get it cheaper, complete it, then sell it on/lend to a mate?
        If you’re really want MW3 then CEX are selling it for £10, get it, play it, sell it!
        Because let’s be honest Microsoft haven’t said anything at all about what’s going to happen next-gen regarding downloaded games/DLC etc.

        • Bush O Connor

          more than likely nothing you buy this gen will work with the next gen xbox besides your profile and halo 4.

          they will just bin the 360 like they did with the original xbox.

          • LCJalternative

            Yeah, I hated the fact they just dropped the original, all because they wanted to be first out of the blocks with the 360.

            It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they just stuck a massive V up to everyone this time either.

    • Sanglant

      in Canada, our currency is now virtually par w/ the US currency, going on multiple years now, yet we only get 1400msp for $20 while in the USA they get 1600msp for $20. That may not seem like much but it adds up, and there is absolutely no excuse for it to be based on such dated currency exchange rates.

      • Chris Grub

        Yeah it’s been a lot of fun with that. Don’t forget that since it’s not a currency you’re buying and actual “points”, it’s considered a product at that point and taxed too.

      • Stephen Dokas

        Similar situation here in Australia! We pay an extra $3 per 500 points. Once again this also many not seem like much but this builds VERY quickly – purchasing 1500 points costs approx $24 which from what i’ve heard is roughly $9 more!

        Some of us have been able to avoid being overcharged by simply importing through services from the UK (thank freakin’ god!) for actual game and membership purchases, but MS Points themselves are still terribly priced and there’s just no excuse for it anymore.

  • Chris Hofer

    The “Sales & Specials+” app has Catan (400 pts) and both DLCs (80 pts each) on sale.

  • Crunchewy

    Does the “Full Game – Kinect Party” include all of the DLC, or do I need to download the DLC separately? So confusing….

    • mcmax3000

      There is the game, plus a free piece of DLC. You need to download the DLC separately if you want that content according to the Double Fine Twitter account (I think that’s where I read it this morning).

    • E.Nich

      It’s not confusing at all, you simply download ALL of Kinect Party that says “FREE”. No need to think.

  • NewfieJG

    Was going to buy The Simpsons Arcade but then realized its only 25% which is odd. Otherwise, these deals are 100X better then the Black friday deals this year.

    • Hugoku

      That was the only deal that struck me as odd. Been waiting for a sale on it as I refuse to pay 800 for a straight (old) arcade port. 400 would have been nice.

      • Fernando Coli Viotto

        Exactly my thoughts on this game and price;

      • ryder4life22187

        You should have grabbed it on sale awile back when it was half off

        • Hugoku

          I know. I missed it because of a freak error with my credit card. Neither MS nor the bank knew what was going on. It fixed it self 2 days later.

    • Bennijin

      It’s been 400 before too, hasn’t it?

      If a deal’s going to be repeated it should stay the same or decrease further in price.

  • Willy McBurgle

    YAY WE GET A FREE GAME – THAT’S AWE…*checks title*…..umm….nevermind.

    • Hugoku

      Free is free.

      • Willy McBurgle

        Xbox Live is going free? Sweet!

    • Antarael Dulacre

      We will also get the first episode of the walking dead for free in some days and all other episodes will probably 200 MSP ^^

      • Paulo Pinheiro

        What??? I saw only Kinect Party for free. The Walking Dead Ep 1 for free would be nice, if it’s true.

        • Lee Rayson

          It is true, I wont paste a link because major blocks comments with links but google it and you shall see

      • Willy McBurgle

        so this makes it the same price as everyone else then lol!

    • Xbudz LIVE

      Kinect Party is super fun.

      • Boe2

        No doubt. And you only need to spend 100$ on extra hardware to be able to play it! A steal!
        Not wanting to complain about free stuff, but it’s obvious WHY they are giving it for free, noticing it’s again a kinect game.

  • Michael J

    Finally some good deals available! although will probably use points for the one day sales and then grab these on New Years Eve.

  • Hugoku

    I’ll get Joe Danger (400?! Insane!) and JSR. Most of the other interesting stuff I already have it. These are great deals however, and since it seems the leaked list has proved accurate, i’m gonna need a lot of points.

  • metallicorphan

    is it true we are getting The Walking Dead Episode 1 for free come Christmas Day for a week?.i know the episodes themselves go on sale on the 28th Dec,i can’t wait for that

    • Paulo Pinheiro

      Where did you see that?

    • Lee Rayson

      Yes the first Ep is free from the 25th, im thinking the rest maybe 200 per Ep

      • E.Nich

        If that’s the case (200 each), I’ll buy them all.

    • Xbudz LIVE

      free today on iOS

  • JJBR

    Wait a sec. Is the “Countdown to 2013″ promo available in all countries?
    Because here in Spain (Europe) we got nothing, no wait: we got an all
    new window called “hidden treasures” where u can download demos
    an buy games for the exact same regular price. Seriously?

    • dools

      Try searching for the games/DLC individually and they should be discounted.From what I remember of last year a lot of the offers were never advertised on the dashboard(at least not here in Ireland)

    • Bennijin

      Hidden gems because the marketplace is such a ‘mare to navigate trollolol.

    • E.Nich

      Yes, they’re available in Spain (I’m from there as well), so don’t worry. If you don’t see the sale window (I don’t understand why people wait until they update the dashboard sales), just go directly to the game title via the store placed under your games, the price should be the discounted one.

  • Ryan Davis

    Looks like the marketing department got scared straight by Major Nelson!

  • Russell Gorall

    Good stuff. Super Meat Boy is a steal at that price.

  • mcmax3000

    Likely depends on the region, as I see the Countdown sale in the big spot on the home tab, as soon as I turn on my Xbox today.

  • mcmax3000

    I already own most of what I would want in this list, but I’m considering grabbing Bully on GoD for $10.

    Some great deals on there for those that don’t already have them.

    • RampageDeluxe

      I just bought it a couple days ago for $15. I looked around and It was actually pretty pricy on disk.

  • G2

    I will also echo the comments about how disappointing/frustrating Games on Demand’s pricing and release structure is. Look at Mortal Kombat. It’s over a year old, still $49.99, and includes none of the DLC. The Komplete Kollection with all DLC has a retail list price of $29.99 and is sold for $20 or less. This in particular is an absurd price. This needs a drop and is just one example. PSN has both the original for less as well as a bundle with all the DLC.

    I wish Microsoft would take note of PSN’s full game digital service, especially with day-1 digital, and often pre-order discounts for Plus members. It far outclasses Games on Demand now. (not to mention makes the value of Live vs. PSN as a while seem embarrassing and wasteful spending) The future is digital and a three month wait for new releases is not gonna cut it, especially when Games on Demand releases are essentially paperwork submissions. Not to mention the absurd prices of year + old games.

    I’ve pretty much gone all digital now, even for current gen. I’ve been a 90% 360 / 10% PS3 user this gen, but Sony’s new digital offerings have flipped that for me immediately. Not exaggerating. I’ll be buying multi-platform games day 1 digitally on PSN rather than waiting 3 months with no discount. No comparison. Microsoft needs to get with the times asap in terms of digital offerings for full games. This gen, not later. If I can’t buy new releases day-1 on 360, i’ll get them on PS3. I hope this feedback is noted. Thanks Major.

    • Matt Cullinane

      ^^^ This. A thousand times this.

  • 90180360

    Super Meat Boy it is! (Always wanted this one for the Xbox as well.)

    Time to stock up on MS points…

  • Luke Es | sE ekuL

    I have no intention of owning a Kinect, and I will buy Wreckateer for 200 points. :) I’m entering the Lang Zone.
    BTW thank you Major for adding the Type column. ;)

    • ciprodriguez

      Sorry you missed Wreckateer when it was free. Dont miss Kinect Party since its free pick it up just in case.

      • Luke Es | sE ekuL

        Fair point, but if I can’t play it, the purchase gesture is simply a “tip” in appreciation to the developers. Downloading and never playing won’t even make a blip in the user metrics.

  • Miller

    Pretty good variation of titles there. Some good offers too – Joe danger 400 and smb 600, tempted…

  • Fernando Coli Viotto

    Only getting Jet Set Radio but I’m impressed. I thought I would complain again about the offers available.

  • Paulo Pinheiro

    Waiting for discunts in Mass Effect serie DLC’s.

    • Duane L Budd

      Don’t dis… nevermind.

  • Joey/Joe/Joseph/Bob

    A few of these deals are pretty grand. Picked up Zuma for now, but I expect to grab a few more games before this is over.

    Hopefully this marks the beginning of a new trend, and that the XBL deals team won’t blindly be throwing darts from a list of archaic content to dictate what’ll go on sale next.

  • BlinkFandango

    Picked up Collection 3 for MW3 along with Jet Set Radio, Super Meat Boy and Kinect Party. Maybe these deals won’t suck.

  • Vulcan Assassin

    wow, there are actually some sweet deals for once!

  • Bennijin

    Most of this is yawnsome, but there’s some real diamonds in the rough there.

  • Jurgen

    Anyone knows if Battlefield 3 Premium will be on discount soon? I really want to get premium but I will be really mad if I see it on discount one week after buying it

    • Paulo Pinheiro

      I don’t think any type of online pass like that will be on discounts.

  • ElektroDragon

    Contre Jour is not discounted! FIX IT PLEASE!

  • Russell Gorall

    RAGE DLC also released today for five bucks. Picked up that and Zuma’s Revenge for 800 points total. Love me.

  • chris

    What is up with Kinect Party not even available in Australia?

  • Ruben

    Major is it true that we can now use a 32gb usb on the xbox? Im out of memory on my poor 20gb drive, i have the white xbox and i havent found any bigger hard drive for my console :(, is it true? I want to buy rock band 3

    • Hugoku

      Yes, it is true. It was not widely advertised, but with the fall update the size limit was increased from 16GB to 32GB.

  • Bush O Connor

    these are the prices this stuff should be all the time,its old stuff.

    arcade games on sale should be no more than 100-200msp and after a year the prices of games should at least be cut in half.