December 18th 2012 10:03 am PT

New Apps Launch on Xbox LIVE

You should be able to download many of the below apps from the Xbox LIVE marketplace starting today. We’re launching a lot of apps at once so it may take a day or two for everything to arrive. You can get to know all of the apps from last week while you’re waiting.

Crunchyroll (Launching in All LIVE Markets excluding Japan, UAE, Slovakia and Saudi Arabia)
Watch your favorite Anime and Asian drama titles including “Bleach,” “Naruto Shippuden,” “Hunter x Hunter,” “Sword Art Online,” “Coffee Prince” and “Boys Over Flowers” in HD with Crunchyroll on Xbox 360. Instantly view over 20,000 episodes of professionally subtitled Anime, Korean drama, and live-action titles in HD. Enhance your Crunchyroll app experience with voice and gesture control via Kinect for Xbox 360.

Televisa (Launching in Mexico)
Televisa is Mexico´s leading entertainment company and its free app offers rich live and on demand content such as recaps from telenovelas, sports, news and entertainment. Watch now your favorite local TV shows.

Azteca (Launching in Mexico)
TV Azteca subscribers can now watch their favorite television shows and movies from their Xbox 360 console. TV Azteca is one of the Mexico’s largest content providers and offers programming for everyone. Watch news, sports, soap operas and more with the TV Azteca app.

Viaplay (Launching in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden)
The Viaplay app offers an exciting mix of television shows and on demand content spanning across movies, kids and sports. Users will be able to view a fantastic line-up of sports content including major international events as well as local television shows.

AOL On (Launching in United States)
Get the latest videos from AOL On – now on Xbox 360. AOL On makes it easy to find top new stories, the hottest in entertainment, even simple recipes with all of the best videos from Reuters, Entertainment Tonight and many more.

Vimeo (Launching in United States)
Packed with amazing ways to watch, discover, and share, the Vimeo app for Xbox 360 enables lovers of high-quality videos to stimulate their eyeballs through their console. Follow your Xbox Live friends’ activity on Vimeo, control the app via voice or gesture with Kinect, and access Vimeo on your Xbox 360.

SnagFilms (Launching in United States)
Sit back and watch acclaimed indie movies, from some of the greatest names in film — on demand, for free. SnagFilms brings you the best of its library including hundreds of films from award-winning documentaries to outstanding fiction feature films.

IGN (Expanding to Australia and New Zealand)
Game previews, reviews, guides and gameplay videos as well as ‘Instant access’ to game help walkthroughs and IGN’s extensive catalog of popular shows, including “The Daily Fix,” “Strategize,” “Weekly ‘Wood” and more.

For users in the U.S., we’re also updating the Verizon FiOS app today with an additional 49 channels. The expanded app will now provide Verizon FiOS customers with access to 75 channels and to catch up on the latest programing from NFL Network HD, AMC HD, A&E HD and more. Verizon FiOS on Xbox LIVE includes an interactive media guide with TV Guide listings, favorite channels, search and more. You can use gesture and voice commands with your Kinect to change the channel or browse the guide. Check out more from Verizon here.

We’ve got more coming in the new year, so stay tuned. For more information please visit

We’ve got more coming in the new year, so stay tuned. For more information please visit

Xbox LIVE Gold subscription and/or additional subscriptions/fees may be required and sold separately. Kinect functionality available with select Xbox LIVE content and varies by feature and country. For additional details and availability, see

Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • luigifreak

    Any word on when Australia gets Karaoke?

  • Sebastian

    Why Televisa is not available in Chile ?

    • Luke Es | sE ekuL

      You definitely should write to Televisa and say you eagerly await them expanding the service. It’s not only Microsoft’s side that needs to know what their customers want. :)

      • Sebastian

        Over a year ago Microsoft announced Televisa to Chile and never did, like SundayTV, applications to other countries arrive less to Chile.

        • Luke Es | sE ekuL

          Sure, I hear ya. But without being privy to the negotiations, we don’t know which side of the table (assuming it’s not an external factor) is the roadblock. Write ‘em. They might tell you.

    • Hugoku

      Why would you want that garbage on your 360?

      • Sebastian

        All Xbox 360 service is welcome, especially when Microsoft does not care about improving service in my country.

        • Hugoku

          Well, I don’t consider this an “improvement” if you know what I mean. =D

          They should get some of the apps like Totalmovie or expand Vudu.

          • Sebastian

            (I do not speak English) could also be possible to expand HBO Go, add ESPN Play and MovieCity Play but Microsoft will not, if they promise the arrival of a service to a country must meet

            (no hablo ingles) Tambien podria ser posible expandir HBO Go, agregar ESPN Play y MovieCity Play pero Microsoft no lo hara, si ellos prometen la llegada de un servicio a un pais deben cumplir

  • Rohan Mayers

    When is Skype coming?

    • Lance Webb

      With Microsoft buying Skype, I would guess a year from now on Next Gen XBOX with HD Kinect.

      • LarZen

        I thought MS bought Skype a while back?

        • Rohan Mayers

          Yea, they did.

      • Rohan Mayers

        I assumed with the retirement of Windows Live Messenger and the release of Windows 8, Microsoft would have release Skype for Xbox 360 ASAP.

        • deathspankd

          Microsoft can buy anything it doesn’t mean they automatically integrate the said item to everything they own and as far as windows live messenger it was dead from the start video kinect will stay integrated through xboxes for the fact that its an easier way to video chat since you are already logged into the xbox service whether or not they will release it will be on a tbd basis and who knows they may decide to merge skype into windows live

          • Devin Wiles

            its coming summer 2013

  • Daniel

    Yay, more Cr@p.

  • Mark

    Finally Crunchyroll gets released, guess it took awhile for Kinect support. Just in time for the SAO finale.

  • J Perez

    sorry but these apps are worthless why cant we get spanish programing also in the usa other that univision

  • ChintuPatel

    hi no directv come on i don’t understand y

  • ElektroDragon

    How about teaming up with Frontier FiOS please??! Take care of Microsoft’s own backyard first, will ya?

    • ElektroDragon

      Why the hell would anyone downvote this? Verizon screwed the pooch and abandoned all FiOS customers in the Northwest, and now we’re stuck with Frontier FiOS with NO Xbox app whatsoever. Any MS employee who has FiOS can’t get FiOS on their Xbox. It’s crazy. Microsoft should try harder to partner with Frontier and give us an app like Verizon has!

      • mcmax3000

        Pretty sure this line, and its implication that your location makes you more deserving of content than the rest of us, is why you got down voted:

        “Take care of Microsoft’s own backyard first, will ya?”

        • ElektroDragon

          The rest of you already have the content!!!

          • mcmax3000

            Yes, because the rest of us all live in the United States.

            And even if that were true, you’re still implying that you deserve content priority because you live closer to Microsoft’s headquarters than others.

          • ElektroDragon

            I also live in the United States. What I was implying was that Microsoft is suffering from a “shoemaker’s children” complex.

  • Curtis Isabell

    only thing remotely interesting is crunchyroll for anime, but that has been on PS3 for like 4 months now.

    • 90180360

      On the PS3 it’s US only.

  • Lance Webb

    When is Slacker Radio coming?

  • Khidr9

    I would love to see Fios inlcude some ondemand content like the xfinity app. Streaming is nice and all, but getting that non-linear access would be far more useful as part of the media experience Xbox is building here.

  • Josh Palmer

    DishOnline app please!

  • LarZen

    No News about HBO Nordic for Norway?

  • LarZen

    If we that dont live in the US want the IGN app (that for no reason should not be available for everyone) we can get it by using a DNS service and a US XBL acount?

  • Justin Agai

    I hope that Verizon app is more stable or Verizon upgraded their servers. I got disconnected waaaay too many times.

  • Moises Munoz

    I was playing Azteca yesterday.

  • Karl Cramer

    I would love to see a Comixology app on Xbox 360. Comics with guided view on a big HD screen = heaven.