December 20th 2012 12:01 am PT

Countdown to 2013 Daily Deal Day 3

Today only, the following Xbox LIVE Arcade Games (and Rayman Origins via Games on Demand) are 1/2 off and Trine is 67% off:

Content Type Normally Discount Price Savings
Fez Arcade 800 400 50%
Hell Yeah! Arcade 1200 600 50%
Sonic Adventure 2 Arcade 800 400 50%
Rayman Origins GonD GonD $19.99 $9.99 50%
Rayman 3 HD Arcade 800 400 50%
Mark of the Ninja Arcade 1200 600 50%
Trine 2 Arcade 1200 400 67%



Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Kevin

    Great deal on Trine 2

  • Stefan Gabbert

    Finallllyyy, the deals have come back to…Xbox Live.

  • BlinkFandango

    All great games! Finally getting Fez and Mark of the Ninja. Already have Rayman Origins (if you don’t have it, it’s a great co-op game and $10 is pretty good, not sure how much it is retailing for) and Trine 2 (cool puzzle game, but been on sale before).

  • WillRon

    Got Trine 2 half off a while ago, LOVED it. Great co-op game.

  • Nikolaj Korsgaard

    The price on Rayman Origins is still the same on the danish store, how come?

    • Jair Zavala

      same thing for me in mexico … that’s not cool

      • Rodolfo Antonio

        Same here in Mexico but at least we receive a little discount of 699 MXN = 55 USD (4160 MSP) to 499 MXN = 39 USD (2960 MSP) I find it hard to see the 50% here.

        I also blame Ubisoft for his overpriced GonD compared to US prices considering that the game costs 299 MXN = 23 USD new in stores.

  • Boe2

    Hell Yeah for 600 is a steal. Released in 2012 and really underappreciated by the press. I loved it, got all achievements :D

    Will get Fez though, been on my “to play” list for ages.

  • Alex

    THESE are Amazing Deals, FEZ for $5 is a bargin.

  • rhooper

    Fez, Mark of the Ninja and Trine 2 are “must have” games. Totally recommended!

    And I’d like to get Rayman Origins, but it’s priced £19,99 in UK. Oh, god, why?

    • fantomena

      Getting Fez, the other ones I already have on Steam and PS3. :)

      Other than Fez, my money goes to Steams winter sale which begins today.

  • Curtis Isabell

    trine 2 was free for psn+ members, but i might jump on Fez I am surprised that MS is actually having deals, maybe xbox will compete with PSN now?

  • m1nh0ca

    I was expecting more than 50% discount on the other games too…
    But I guess it’s expecting too much, better keep my feet on the ground.

  • Steve Smith

    Nice! I can finally get Fez, Been waiting on it for a while to go on sale. I’ll pick up Trine 2 for 400 but I’m gonna pass on everything else.

  • CoreUndisturbed

    No Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie on sale? :( I enjoyed Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and want to play the classics, but I don’t have enough points for them. :(

    • Michael Košut

      you need to wait to 27,or 28th.. Banko Kazooie is gonna be in sale :)

      • CoreUndisturbed

        I heard about that, but wasn’t that supposed to be just Nuts & Bolts?

        • Tylerh1701

          I think it’s just nuts and bolts.

          • CoreUndisturbed

            Dang, I’ll still hope for a surprise haha

  • Andreas Kristiansson

    awesome sales, Trine 2 and FEZ is a given at these prices. And I picked up Geodefence and Mush last night for 0.99 a piece on windows phone, now I just have to find time to play all these games. Anyway keep it up microsoft.

  • Pedro

    Rayman Origins is 24.99 euros on the portuguese store!why!?!

  • 90180360

    Great deals, thanks!

  • Z. Ombie

    Plz fix the price of Rayman Origins outside of US… instabuy for 10€

  • Jason Williams

    so… why does angry birds star wars show in major’s gaming history – did I miss an announcement?

    • rhooper

      Windows Phone, I suppose…

    • mcmax3000

      Either Windows Phone, or Windows 8. I believe it’s available on both platforms (I know Windows 8 for sure).

  • Alexandre Taú Lema

    It looks like all non-US Marketplaces were not updated with the new price for Rayman Origins. Please fix that.

  • Galdric

    Rayman Origins is still £19.99 on the UK store as well. (For those interested, that works out to about $32.50 US dollars.)

    • Crown_Lager

      I think Australia once again takes the crown for the biggest reaming. Rayman Origins is AU $39.95 (US $41.89).

    • LCJalternative

      As my previous comment wasn’t shown (I’m guessing because of swearing), i’ll edit it slightly.

      I know, insta-buy bargain right? I just wish I hadn’t bought it from PCWorld the other week for a fiver!
      saved myself the hassle of clicking 3 buttons, but that doesn’t matter I
      can now spend that £15 buying lots of paper, sticking the pieces
      together and drawing a map of UK & EU* on it.
      Then I can go upstairs, stick my backside out of the window and take a giant dump on
      it, just so I can join majornelson and the XBL team having a bit of festive fun!
      ‘Tis the season to be jolly, after all.

      *I’ll add Australia and other countries to it as and when needed.

    • Hugoku

      Rayman is still USD$37 in my region. Which sucks.
      Already have it on Wii but would love to play it in HD.


    I’ve been waiting for Mark of the Ninja to go on sale so I am very happy. Lots of good things happening on Xbox this holiday season.

  • lasborg

    Please let us all get Rayman Origins for 800 pts.

    • Nick Peck

      I did, didn’t beat it yet so 800 points is a steal.

  • mcmax3000

    I’ve heard great things about Mark of the Ninja, but I don’t have any points right now, and the last thing I currently need is another game to play.

    • Lee Rayson

      It really is good it worth full price. art style is pretty awesome too

  • Thales Ramalho

    Brasil Rayman Origins 39,99 cade os 50% ontem era o mesmo preço.

    • rhooper

      Cara… se tá complicado pro pessoal de outros países conseguirem descontos, imagina pros brasileiros?

  • dools

    Like others have already mentioned the price for Rayman Origins has not changed.It’s still €24.99($33 USD) here in Ireland.Doesn’t bother me as I picked up a brand new copy in HMV a few months back for €15 but it would be nice for other folks who want to buy it

    Definitely going to get Mark of the Ninja and Trine 2.I was going to wait and get the Trine 2:Directors Cut on Wii U(which I’ll hopefully be getting after xmas) but I don’t think I can pass it up at 400 msp

  • Nathan

    Mark of the Ninja is mine!

  • Fernando Coli Viotto

    I hope Fez, Rayman Origins GonD and Mark of the Ninja are also available for Brazil. I’ve got MEGA FRUSTRATED yesterday while trying to buy Lego: Pirates of Caribbean and that been not available for my region :(

    Do someone recommend HELL YEAH! ? I’ve not read cool things about it though :/

    • rhooper

      Fez and Mark of the Ninja are.
      Rayman is not discounted (still R$ 40).

      • Ange Alexiel

        for once Ms made an effort to offer good deals , but it ahev to be ALL YEAR LONG… im really an xbox promoter on the web even if i own a ps3 , but even if i hate sony for a lot of stuff, all i can say is like steam they put all their effort into great offers online , and MS dont. i suppose the XBLA terms of use for devs is not so ggod now , rules are too tight, prices too high for dev.. , and xbox lovers are punished by not having oddworld munch oddyssey or stranger’s wrath… please make the XBLA less strict and pricey for devs , and with a lot more sales and offers all year for all users .

        btw, rayman origins is still at 24 euros in france… and please make more offer on GoD like deathsmiles, dodonpachi ect… thanks.

  • Hugoku

    Got Fez, Sonic Adv 2 and Mark of the Ninja. Good going MS! This has been great sale.
    Waiting for Walking Dead and Trials.

  • Russell Gorall

    Great stuff!

    No sarcasm!!

    • Hugoku

      That’s a first for you!

  • James Benn

    Just adding my voice, Rayman Origins GonD price is wrong (Xbox Live Marketplace UK)
    Please fix!

    • Hugoku

      @MajorNelson:disqus Any clues why this is not a worldwide deal? I do (and a lot of people) feel a bit burned.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    yeah major, the team stepped it up this year. i hated last years deals, except for bastion. this year it really feels like an Xbox Live Christmas. Thanks so much. I know there are even more good deals coming. this acutally makes up for all of the crappy deal of the weeks this year.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    its coming i think if i read right.

    • dools

      All the leaked lists I’ve seen have only mentioned Nut & Bolts bot the original games

    • Matt S.

      I’m stoked, if so.

  • Juan Puente

    Are they even going to fix Rayman Origins price, or is it going to be just
    like LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday which was a US exclusive deal ?

    • James Benn

      Worse than that – they couldn’t even be bothered to respond! (major/xbox live support – here or on twitter)

  • Ryan Davis

    Excellent deals. Thanks for getting the marketing team back on track, Major Nelson!

  • Chris Grub

    Finally some good deals!

  • ElektroDragon

    EVERYONE should buy Fez. THIS GAME, not Journey, not Walking Dead, should have been the downloadable game of the year.

    • Lee Rayson

      Did The Devs patch the corrupt save issue???

      • ElektroDragon

        Don’t know. I finished the game and my save never got corrupted.

      • Tylerh1701

        Haha, no they did not. It’s a long story. Google it if you’re interested.

        • Lee Rayson

          Yeah I know the story behind it which makes me not want to buy it.. I hate games that come with possible corrupt save bugs

          • CoreUndisturbed

            I think the “save corrupted” glitch only effected people who already completed the game before downloading the patch. I don’t think it effects any other players, meaning if you buy it now and download the patch with it before playing, I’m pretty sure you won’t be effected.

    • Tylerh1701

      I actually don’t even think it’s one of the 3 best games on this list. But to each their own.

  • Sam Taylor

    Can’t buy anything using the online store as my parent/guardian needs to confirm the purchase.

    Im 21…

    • Miller

      that’s pretty hilarious.

    • Lee Rayson

      There a way to promote your account you should look into that

  • vivalajam26

    I would buy Rayman in a heat beat if it were on sale in the UK…

    hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

    • Hugoku

      Say no more.

  • Mark Sparky-Sanxion Coupe

    Meh…..Rayman still not on sale in the UK (£19.99). Is it just a US exclusive then? or an error?
    Anyone actually know?

  • James Benn

    No discount for Rayman Origins outside of U.S. – no problem: Microsoft & Ubisoft get NONE of my money since they clearly couldn’t care less about the rest of us.

  • Jair Zavala

    Unbelievable …. and I was thinking the Rayman problem was only for Mexico, but after reading this … i can see that only US got it at 9.99 …. bummer :(

  • Rick George

    You are ripping us Australia off… how do you sleep at night.. $39.95 in Australia is more the twice your “Normally” price. this has to stop. its internet delivered content for F**k sake.

  • Sunny Man

    A few months ago, I would have bought in a heartbeat the Mark of Ninja, and (if neogaf’s leaked list is true), Deadlight, Walking Dead ep. 1-5, Trials Evolution. Perhaps Borderlands 2 as well.

    But now that Xbox has pushed me to Steam, I will wait for their Xmas sale.

  • Karl Cramer

    Grabbed Mark of the Ninja.

    • Designer Sunglasses

      I Grabbed Mark of the Ninja for someone to gift.

  • Ruben

    Please fix it in mexico its 2965 microsoft points a lot, there is no discount :(

    • Ruben

      For rayman origins

  • Gibson

    Really hoping Scott Pilgrim goes back on sale. I missed it last time it was on sale, and now that I know they are adding online multiplayer (finally), I’m ready to jump on board!

  • Willy McBurgle

    Some improved deals there…

  • Luke Es | sE ekuL

    Ahhhh such a bummer I missed Mark of the Ninja after waiting so long. Maybe I’ll just get it for PC after all. I held out for months Major, but ta hell with the cheevo points. ;) 25% off for the next 15 days, and can count on a flash/community sale. I already gifted it to a friend, and it’s just gorgeous.

  • SanyaBotva

    noooo, i’ve missed it… starting to wait for a deal on Mark of the Ninja, Fez and Trine 2 again..

  • Erik Jan

    Aaaaargh I missed Fez, waited for it half this year, only to see today it was on sale the day before yesterday….

  • Lucky13X

    I bought almost every single game on that list.