December 21st 2012 12:01 am PT

Countdown to 2013 Daily Deal Day 4: Rockstar Games On Demand


L.A. Noire Red Dead Redemption Max Payne 3 Midnight Club: LA

Today only: The following Rockstar Games area available for direct download from Xbox LIVE for 33% off:

Content Type Normally (US) Discount Price (US) Savings
LA Noire GonD $29.99 $19.99 33%
Red Dead Redemption GonD $29.99 $19.99 33%
Max Payne 3 GonD $59.99 $39.99 33%
Midnight Club: LA GonD $14.99 $9.99 33%

*Similar discounts in other countries where content is available


Deal, Xbox 360 Games On Demand By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • BlinkFandango

    Wow, and we’re back to lame deals. I got the first two for around $10 at retail and I think Max Payne 3 was only like $14 used from Gamefly. Epic fail MS.

    • Daniel

      Implying there was ever any good deals.

      • Sanglant

        hey, MW3 DLC 50% off was a damn good start, saved me money and MW3 DLC is the best DLC value in years because the maps & Spec Ops are awesome.

        • Curtis Isabell

          now when those map packs were already over priced XD should have been 400 points or less per pack.

          • Sanglant

            nah, I would’ve felt happy paying 1200 because they are that good. but i get your point that DLC should be cheaper than it is

      • BlinkFandango

        There have been some pretty good deals. I picked up some MW3 DLC, Fez, Mark of the Ninja, Super Meat Boy and Jet Set Radio in the first few days of sales.

  • Sanglant

    LMAO, caman, is this like an end of the world joke? I could buy everyone of those games for that price in a store and not wast disc space. wow what a fail

    • Chris Grub

      caman? Is this like Come On? I’m new to English.

      • Sanglant

        Caman is a slang version of “come on” that is a sarcastic emphasis designed to mock the person your responding to. its a Vancouver sports twitterverse thing.

        • Chris Grub

          Thanks! Surprisingly, that’s actually quite interesting.

  • Curtis Isabell

    LA Noire complete edition is $20, so rip off there
    red dead GOTY is about $20 so nope.
    max pain is $30 in store right now…. so again, nope
    midnight club is OLD I am sure it is cheaper elsewhere as well… this is why people don’t respect xbox and why so many people like PSN+ over xbox gold.

    • fantomena

      I already spent 30€ on the Steam sale which is waaaaaay better than this stuff. Even L.A. Noire: Complete Edition has many times been for 7,49€ on Steam.

    • 90180360

      I was with you until the last sentence.

    • Z4M0

      …then there’s BULLY, a hard to find game at $9.

      Microsoft dissapoints and fails like everyone does, but people seem blind before what they do right. As someone else posted, you lost me at the last sentence.

    • Luke Es | sE ekuL

      “So many people” as new Xbox head Nancy Tellem looks at LIVE having triple the market share, which will grow with TV services, and shrugs. Don’t forget that in order for a market-share-losing amount of people to enjoy PSN+, they must first purchase a PS3 they don’t own. Having both consoles is a small part of the venn diagram.

      • Curtis Isabell

        actually, it isn’t here is the issue with hard drives for xbox.

        everyone knows that the 360 uses 2.5in computer hard drives with 5400rpm, AKA, standard laptop hard drives. the only difference(besides the cases that hold them) is 1-2 files that tell the hard drive to work with xboxes only, a few years ago you could actually take a 1tb hard drive and use it with xbox, because people figured out you can just copy and paste the 2 files. MS learned this, made a patch to wipe the hard drives of everyone doing this.

        the 320gb is the biggest xbox hard drive available now, and the average price is $80~$125, $80 is about the same price as a 1tb laptop hard drive, which is roughly 3 times more space for the same price and same read speed. PS3 can use any laptop hard drive, so you can put a 1tb hdd in it for the price of a 320gb xbox hdd, PLUS you can always use that hard drive in a computer if you ever want to sell the ps3, 360 hard drives will probably be useless after 360 dies.

        • ryder4life22187

          MS should read your comment very true indeed. I think they believe that a 320gb drive is massive but ill tell ya my 250gb drive has only 26gb left and i don’t even install any of my disc based games. We should be able to put at least 1TB drives in are boxes. I stopped buying alot of DLC and arcade games due to I don’t want to fill it up and have no space left. As i don’t delete anything ever.

          • BobLe Head

            I have two 1TB hard drives on my computer and each are about 25% filled up. 360 doens’t let you have alot of room. As much as I don’t like PS3. I thought it was awesome they made the HDs so you can go buy your own HD and not be limited to the ones they have for it. MS should take note about that.

      • Sanglant

        so i should go buy a refurbished 250gb for $80 – u paying for it?

  • Gavin Hudson

    LA Noire Complete edition (all DLC) Amazon UK = £16.00 ($26.00)
    Red Dead – Game of the Year (all DLC, including undead nightmare) Amazon UK = £14.00 ($23.00)
    Max Payne 3 – Amazon UK = £15.00 ($25.00)
    Midnight Club LA Complete edition (+DLC) Amazon UK = £14.00 ($23.00)

    So the only bargain is really Midnight Club LA, a 3 year old game.

    Back to PSN and Steam it is then.

  • Ruben

    the only deal i cared was the rayman origins, but hey everywhere else but not the US got fucked over as there was no deal on that game.

    • Mik3t

      I though 50% off mark of a ninja was a good deal

      • Ruben

        well for me as i just had 1000 points, i prefer a full game and with higher production value(rayman origins), for the same amount as an arcade game, thats why i said that was the only deal i cared about.

  • Lukas

    Max Payne 3 $40 LOL ! What a joke, Amazon has it brand new for $19.99

    • Sanglant

      Gamestop too for Dec 21 only, and only in Canada.

    • Marcin Śleziona

      In Polish marketplace Max 3 costs 10Pln (79) more than yesterday (69).that’s an offfer. My next gen will be ps4.

    • Ruben

      yeah here in mexico the game stores had max payne for less than 35 bucks.

  • louie

    put all the walking dead episodes on sale and i will spend my money untill then no thanks

    • Sunny Man

      Rumor says it’s on 28th

      • Z4M0

        and rumors so far were right…

    • Lee Rayson

      Episode 1 will be free from 25th December an the rest will be on sale on 28th

      • louie

        where did you hear this from

        • Curtis Isabell

          common knowledge, PSN+ got episode 1 and 2 free a few months ago, you could also buy the disk version for $30 at most stores, I think it comes with something else too i’d look it up.

        • Lee Rayson

          Google it bud, I would post a link but commented are policed for links so the comment wouldn’t show if I put a link

  • Sunny Man

    I already spent US$20.85 on Steam today for 5 games.

    US$0 on xbox live.

  • xPutNameHerex

    Well, with other good days in the Countdown, there just had to be at least one day where they didn’t even try.

    • Fernando Coli Viotto

      I have to agree :) The other days so far were a waaaaay better.

    • Z4M0

      bingo, haha! I hope rumors about just one game per day (tony hawk HD, Counter strike) are inacurate and we get more to choose from. Cheers!

      • LCJalternative

        Don’t get your hopes up!
        Tony Hawk is the only game reduced so far this morning – 1200 > 600 MSP, so it doesn’t look likely i’m afraid.
        Quite why they didn’t lump THPS in with the other SoA releases I have no idea, they then could’ve had something else for today, but we all know they don’t do logical thinking, right?

  • Asif Bashir

    These deals are aimed at those that cannot get to a local store or do not want to wait for games to arrive in the post or just find it a lot easier to buy games from the market place. What if you was given quite a lot of Microsoft points or you bought a lot for less than the RRP? I am sure you might want to spend the points in buying the games on the marketplace instead of spending further in stores…Some people need to give things a much better thought before posting such nonsense.

    • Mik3t

      LA Noire is a 3 disc game, im pretty sure i could walk to the shop quicker than downloading it, if someone cannot get to a store then order online

    • Curtis Isabell

      this argument has been said because and it is false, pretty much no one actually thinks this way

  • オミナエ イサム


    PS: Steam is doing again Batman Arkham City GOTY for 14.99, THIS IS a real fair price!

  • Gavin Grayson

    All cheaper to buy retail. Sigh…

  • NuFX

    Lol yesterday u didnt gave us Rayman for the US price and now we get Max
    Payne for 19,99€ and US is 40$, to bad i dont want that and that u
    still can get retail for nearly that price. Im in germany if anyone
    wanna know.

  • Fernando Coli Viotto

    The only decent deal for today is Midnight Club: LA, all others can be bought better / complete DLC versions for very similar prices in retails stores.

    Max Payne 3 is “normally” sold at US $ 59,99? Not in this planet.

  • dools

    So let me see my options

    a)I could buy L.A Noire for €19.99 from Xbox .If I want all the DLC it’ll cost me around another €20 so roughly €40 in total

    b)I could buy the complete edition brand new from Amazon(which includes all the DLC)and have it delivered to my door for €25

    c)I could walk into one of the shops in my town and pick up a brand new basic copy of L.A Noire for €14.99

    Someone at Microsoft wanna tell my why the hell I’d even consider picking option a)

    • Lee Rayson

      No need to swap between 3 disks

      • dools

        No offence Lee but that’s a pretty silly reason.Switching discs takes a couple of seconds and is a minor irritation at best.It certainly does not justify paying a higher price

        • Miller

          He’s a blind fanboy that’s why.

          • Lee Rayson

            Right…………and your calling me blind, my comment had no indication of being a fanboy so get a grip

        • n_marcoux

          maybe i’m weird but i would occasionnaly pick option a) to avoid switch disc and going to the store. Specially since i install all my games to my hard-drive ( xbox is 5 years old now and i have a 250g) and i’m a little lazy. With taxes in the store and the small price difference i’d go for a) but that’s me

        • Lee Rayson

          You asked for a reason why you buy it and im just pointing out the only reason you buy it off xbox is so you didn’t have to switch disks, I don’t even buy games on demand just saying

    • Lordy

      Microsoft is looking for naive peoples. Greedy company!

  • LCJalternative

    Now, this I like!
    Not because these “deals” are any good because they’re not, it’s the fact that even the U.S. gets shafted on this one, not just the other territories.
    Over the past few days the U.S. has had some great prices whilst everyone else has been left bewildered and sore by the lack of lube the XBL marketing department has used.
    Don’t worry Americans, now you know how the rest of the world feels and you’ll probably get some great prices tomorrow to make up for it, i’m sure.

    As someone has already mentioned, you can get pretty much all of these (DLC included) for less than the prices you’re offering.

    Maybe the Microsoft/Xbox Christmas party started early, they had a little too much to drink and they decided to hit the keyboard with their heads to see what random nonsensical deals they could each produce? What a fun time everyone must’ve had!

  • Crunchewy

    These deals are lame, but that’s OK. I bought 3 games yesterday: Fez, Trine 2 and Mark of the Ninja, all for cheap. I’m happy. :)

  • Byyys

    got fifa’12 a few months ago, and never opened it (still in plastic).. took it to a store to trade it in for a new game, how much was i offered?…. 3euro!!!.. no thanks ill keep it for that, it cost over 50 to buy this game, the store would only sell as “new” for 20-30.. nice profit! was told in store, its not worth anything because of fifa 13.. so why does microsoft insist in charging way over the top for games on demand that are a year or 3 old?.. i dont understand, it costs
    considerably less to keep it on a server than getting it packaged, shipped and sold in stores!

  • Lee Rayson

    Ive got them all but im shocked not to see Bully not on the list, it a good game why not put that on sale

    • dools

      The reason Bully isn’t part of today’s deal is because it’s already part of the full sale and has been discounted since the 18th

  • Russell Gorall

    I really didn’t care for any of these games.

    These are far from deals, also.

  • gamereviewgod

    I’ll continue to stick with my physical copies, no matter the sales.

  • Clattus

    If you don’t play any xbox arcade games and received the points as a gift then it makes sense. Otherwise it’s a much better value and deal buying arcade games on sale than these overpriced games. Just impatience and/or stupidity if you do.

    • Curtis Isabell

      the only DLC worth buying lately has been skyrim DLC since they actually pack their stuff with content.

  • Gary

    So because Rockstars sale isnt that good, ‘this is the reason people dont respect xbox’, ‘next gen for me is ps4′. Seriously? some of you morons need to grow up

    • Curtis Isabell

      if you look at all the sales xbox has ever done you see well over 80% have been garbage. PSN+ has completely shot gold out of the water, but hey, don’t mind me, I got resident evil 5 gold edition free, counter strike GO for only $7.50, and pretty sure the only remotely notable exclusive coming to xbox is another gears of war rehash.

  • CrashSixx

    I guess people are actually buying at these rip off prices… cause ain’t nobody listening to us in here. Steam’s holiday sale continues to get my money. These games should ALL be 10 dollars or less, most should be 5.

  • Ryan Davis

    Yeah, these deals aren’t great. Sales that bring games down to the regular price in stores are not sales.

  • Bobby B

    I wish MS would start Bundles Games on Demand with their DLC. Even buying the core game, you still need to spend on the DLC if you want the full experience. Start Bundling to compete with the physical ‘Complete’ editions available in store.


    maybe MS isnt advertising the holiday specials in europe b/c your countries are very restrictive on holidays/religion and they dont want to step on any toes or offend anyone.

    • LCJalternative

      What’s holiday/religion have to do with anything? The name of the sale is “Countdown to 2013″, which means unless you’re living on another planet or in another dimension it applies to everyone here regardless of faith/colour/country.
      The reason people are pissed off is because most countries outside of the U.S. are getting ripped off by the wildly differing prices for GoD (in both currency conversion and MSPoints).
      If you can sell a digital product for X amount of MSP in one country you can sell it for the same amount everywhere else too, as they do with the arcade games.

  • John Gregory

    Disappointed with the deals today but overall, these Christmas specials make up for the lousy Black Friday deals. It be nice if those type of deals set a new standard for xbla deals but i have my doubts after seeing these deals today

  • Shonk .

    Great job on the crappy deals microsoft you have saved me a fortune this year

  • Joe. S

    lol isn’t that their normal price at the store. I swear… MS…. so tired of this company…

    • uss_liberty

      Not in Sweden.

      But then again $19.99 amounts to 130 SEK – which is a nice price – and the Swedish discount price on Live is 199 SEK. ($1 = 6,5 SEK, but the rate at Live is $1 = 10 SEK.)

  • Joe. S

    at this rate i literally have NO plans to buy other 360 if something happens to my xbox or next gen… it’s a really a shame what MS does

  • Alex

    Fez and Mark OF the ninja were a good deal

  • Lucky13X

    One thing I am disappointed about is that I bought the Walmart edition and like the sticker said, the code for a free Max Payne 1 expired on 5/21. It would have been fantastic for Microsoft to have reopened this code for use in November-December Major. But I understand why it was a limited time promo.

  • ninjastyle

    Midnight Club LA is supposed to be 800 ms points but when I switch to the “buy with ms points” option it tells me the game costs 1080 points.
    Does anyone know that is up with that?

    • Gavin Grayson

      Yup, you live in the UK – we get charged 280msp more. I guess we’re still paying for the War of Independence.

  • Ruben

    i just looked a news about PSN, assassins creed 3 gold full game ans season pass 35 % off.

  • Telltales

    This day sucks, but the last 2 were pretty good. Fez, mark of the ninja, and Rayman origins were great deals

  • Alexei Nazarov

    Major, you need to have new games available for purchase on day 1, just like PSN does. Do this, and I will never buy a physical game again (for Xbox). It is the future. PSN does it. Why can’t Xbox Live? Instead we have to pay full retail price on 3+ year old games? Please. I bought Max Payne 3 on STEAM instead for $10.

    Time for change.

    Thank you.

  • Adam Delacruz

    For all four of those would be a little over $100 with tax at 33% but you can pick up the Rockstar Games Collection Edition 1 which comes with 3 of those games and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From liberty City for $65 with tax and Max Payne 3 is only $25 with tax, Which brings up the question why $45 here??? But all in all thats 5 games under $100 with tax… come on jim

  • BobLe Head

    I in all honesty want to know who heads up the department that makes these specials. Is it some old guy? Maybe a chimp? Although I think I may get a better deal if the chimp headed it up though.

    I have never bought a game from GoD. And I never will. Even the sale prices are alot of money. People say its because your paying extra because its digital. What? I don’t get a cd/dvd so I have no way to get it back if they remove the game, which they will at some point. It takes up my HD space. If my HD goes I lose it and the saves. Whats the pro again? Feels like an over priced rental.

    This is also why I stopped buying Arcade games. Excluding the fact 95% of them that come out are terrible. They are overpriced. I may not love Steam, but at least the prices can be amazing and I can backup my files. If they don’t bother changing the pricing on 360 then I won’t bother with Arcade or GoD at all on the next Xbox system. Not to mention they will likely lie and tell us our 360 games are good on the system, even thought they gave up on it.

    Lastly another reason the marketplace drives me nuts is when I go to the “Add-Ons” section 95% of it is for Rock Band. >.< PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE give Rock Band add ons its OWN section so I can actually see when important addons come out for other games that exist BESIDES rock band.

    Ok done ranting now. lol