December 24th 2012 12:01 am PT

Countdown to 2013 Daily Deal Day 7: Trials HD, Trials Evolution and game add-ons

The following Trials content is on sale today only:

Trials HDTrials Evolution

Content Type Normally Discount Price Savings
Trials HD Arcade 800 400 50%
Trials Evolution Arcade 1200 800 33%
Trials Evolution Origins of Pain Add-on 400 200 50%
Trials HD – Big Thrills Add-on 400 200 50%
Trials HD – Big Pack Add-on 400 200 50%

Arcade, Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Curtis Isabell

    hardly a sale, what a surprise, trials evolution should be $5 now, arcade games should drop in price like any retail game, if batman arkam city was $10 6 months ago why is trials evolution $10 now, this is the problem with arcade games and DLC.

    • Alex

      Get a Job at Microsoft and slap their team around, or admit they wont drop the prices cause hey, they didnt become Microsoft giving things away. If their user base were to drop off then they would entise their users with great deals. I think PS+ is so giving because there is not that many people subbed to it.

      • Curtis Isabell

        nah, we still don’t know how many subscribers either company has, MS hasn’t given GOLD subscribers, and PSN hasn’t really given any info on their subscribers ( I think a few years ago they said they had 50million accounts, but this isn’t PSN subscribers)

      • Chris Grub

        I love how everyone without any marketing credentials says they can work there.

        • Bush O Connor

          they couldnt do any worse tho could they?

          and merry christmas everyone

          • Chris Grub

            They could sell the games so low that MS loses money on each sale. There’s a threshold and since MS offers all kinds of services besides just gaming it has to make back money on those other services. Steam can do what they do because they focus mostly on software distribution.

            Merry Christmas to you as well, all the best!

        • Curtis Isabell

          uh no,hardly any free service microsoft just offers for xbox users, almost everything we pay a premium for, almost all the apps you have to be gold and pay for the app subscription on top if that, XBL games don’t have dedicated servers or anything provided by MS so that is out too, and to patch games and such the developer/publishers have to pay thousands of dollars just to get it certified.
          minewhile, steam offers REAL sales, and PSN+ users get free games, while Gold members get mediocre “sales”
          your argument is steam games are cheaper because they only focus on software distribution, well, other then the xbox console, that is all the xbox division of MS does as well, I can see games being a bit more, but take off your fanboy goggles and look at the differences in price between a 360 game and steam.
          zeno clash ( iirc on arcade for $10, $1 on steam)
          stacking ( iirc $15 on arcade, 7.50 on steam)
          saints row 3( steam price is $7.50)
          heck dawnguard expansion for skyrim is half off on steam.

    • Jan Václavík

      According to the stats on this site, Trials HD remains one of the best selling arcade games. Trials Evolution sells even better. There is no reason for Microsoft/Ubisoft to permanently decrease the price. In a way this is actually pretty decent sale, because many people would buy those games even at full price.
      They do decrease prices of arcade games and add-ons here and there, but its usually stuff that does not sell well – unlike Trial games.
      I think the fact that downloadable games and add-ons do not drop in price is one of the reasons publishers and developers enjoy this kind of content. How much money do you think the publisher makes per copy of Arkham City?

      • Bush O Connor

        they probably made a lot more for Arkham City at that price, i would imagine the sales of a game being over a year old at that price would multiply the profit by 10 at least, from barely selling at all

      • Curtis Isabell

        you make it sound like it continues to sell large numbers, after the initial launch, games, especially arcade titles, don’t really have major jumps in sales unless they go on sale, if that, before this sale there were probably less then 1000 sales of any of those games last month, it’s just how gaming is.

    • H0RIZ0N

      Yeah, castle crashers should not cost $15 right now.

      • Jan Václavík

        It has been on sale multiple times. Despite that its one of the best selling arcade games even at $15.

        • Curtis Isabell

          uh, halo 2 was one of the best selling games of all time and it went down in price, by your logic games should go up in price as they sell more.

    • Guest

      Funny that you mentioned Arkham City, since The a bundle offering the GOTY edition of Arkham city (with all DLC) TOGETHER with Arkham Asylum is offered for 10$ on Amazon today. Redeemable on steam of course.
      Mpph… should I buy with the 10$ Santa gave me one (very good) arcade game offered for a mere 5$ discount, or should I buy two of the best games of their respective year which originally retailed for 50$ each, the latest of them scores a higher Metacritic average than any Microsoft exclusive game this generation? You’re almost making this too easy…

    • this_is_my_humble_opinion

      Funny that you mentioned Arkham City, since a bundle offering the
      GOTY edition of Arkham city (with all DLC) TOGETHER with Arkham Asylum
      GOTY edition is now available for 10$ on Amazon today (Redeemable on steam of course)

      should I buy with the 10$ Santa gave me one (very good) arcade game
      offered for a mere 5$ discount on XBLA, or should I buy two of the best games of
      their respective year – originally retailed for 50$ each, and the
      latest of them scores a higher Metacritic average than any Microsoft
      exclusive game this generation? You’re almost making this too easy…

    • Andre Thomas

      Its available at 1/4 of the price of a normal game year around, and almost monthly its on sale for less than that. Arcade games dont have to lower their price, their price is already low enough at launch, and for the quality of this game, its a good deal at $15.

  • John Smith

    i am disappoint again

    • H0RIZ0N

      Lol Let me guess, because you already brought?

      • JasonGW

        That’s one reason, but another is that these have already been on sale for these same prices this year, and pretty recently, I think. I got them the last time they were on sale. Not a very impressive Christmas Eve sale, anyway.

        That said, it’s still a good deal for those who haven’t bought. Yesterday was a LOT better though.

        • Z4M0

          not to pick on you but “yesterday was a LOT better” is a popular quote on tEh inT3rnEts yet “yesterday” people complained anyways about how crappy sales were and how previous were better. And that is valid any day of the year. Just saying.

          BTW Trials EVO was on sale never before, nor its DLC. Maybe it’s not the best time to pick EVO (I’m sure it’ll drop 50% or lower, sooner or later) but people already owning this should not miss DLC at tis price.

          • JasonGW

            Fair enough :). I wasn’t specifically addressing Evo so much as HD, which was very recently on sale. The DLC definitely can’t hurt. In any case, I only meant that yesterday’s sale on Deadlight and Dust was pretty phenomenal. I almost missed it, dammit!

          • Z4M0

            I even got points and loged into a friend’s account to make him some purchases… there’s been nice deals those days! Don’t forget Dec. 25-31 Walking dead episode 1 is supposedly to be FREE ;)

          • JasonGW

            Not too shabby if it turns out to be true! Is there a rumored list of upcoming deals somewhere? Has it been accurate so far, if so?

          • Z4M0

            URLs got comments hold for moderation so google ” countdown to 2013 xbox ” (neogaf should be the 1st find). It’s been 100% accurate so far… assuming it keeps being so accurate all walking dead eps. will be discounted on Dec. 28th.

  • GioB

    i’m lightly disappointed because i was hoping for a 50% discount but i will buy trials evolution with dlc anyway,i have waited too much for this game.
    almost all previous games were with 50% the only one i am going to buy is 33%,i hope that walking dead is at 50% and not 33% like trials evolution

    • Curtis Isabell

      if they do 33% on walking dead it will cost, what, 268 points? the odd number might make them not do it, but knowing MS it will be 10% discount or something dumb

      • GioB

        maybe they will do a 25% discount while steam is doing 50%

  • Tyler Beckner

    Sweet. Only had 210 points. Thanks for the Trials Evo DLC 50% off. :)

  • Joshua Wilson

    I’m actually quite thrilled about this. finally can join my friends and get the game plus the dlc for the price of the game usually. I just wish the new dlc was on sale as well.

  • Z4M0

    Trials HD has been discounted so many times and so much that seeing TRIALS EVO at just 33% off made me rethink about getting it today.

    Don’t take me wrong, it’s a fantastic game and DLC at this price is worth getting but I already got 6 games from those sales so got plenty to play with and can’t consider 800 msp an impulse buy, specially when I positively know this will drop to 600 or lower pricetag sooner or later.

    • E.Nich

      Yup, a little disappointed that Evo is just 33% off, anyways I’m gonna buy it along it’s discounted DLC because is a great game and I don’t want to wait till it hits the 600MSP mark.

  • Fernando Coli Viotto

    Low variety of games offered and all expensive. Trial HD should be fixed at 400 MSP long time ago.

  • Chris Hofer

    I’m finally getting Trials Evolution and the Origins of Pain DLC. Also, I find it interesting that the daily sales this season have consistently started going on sale a few hours the night before. Can’t wait for the Borderlands 2 season pass soon!

    • Curtis Isabell

      they go on sale 3am EST

      • E.Nich

        Maybe but the sale for Borderlands will be the 27th.

  • John Gregory


  • Russell Gorall

    Had 200 points lying around. Got the Pain DLC for a console a year away from being phased out. I am so smart.

    Good deals, can’t wait for the Skyrim stuff on the 31rst.

    • Bennijin

      You know you’ll still have that DLC when the next Xbox comes out, right? You’re still going to be able to play the games on it. When the Sega Saturn came out my Mega Drive cartridges didn’t just vanish.

  • dlmayday

    To bad I already own all this.

  • mcmax3000

    One of the highest selling, best quality, most content filled downloadable games of the year for $10, and people are complaining because it’s not cheaper.

    It almost scares me how little people value games nowadays. Makes me fearful that the future on PC & Consoles will be like the current mobile landscape, because nothing over a couple of dollars will sell worth a damn.

    • James M. Cornett

      Tell me about it. You get either the people who are convinced that a $10 will suck compared to a $60 game, or the people that won’t get these awesome games because they don’t get more than a 50% discount on them. The irony is, the people that usually complain are the ones who can afford to go either route in the first place. Me? I’m pissed I missed the Lego Batman deal, because I’m so broke that $10 is all I could have afforded, only I hadn’t got paid yet!

    • Curtis Isabell

      It scares me how much people value mediocre and bad games, I am sure trials is decent it was never my kind of game but for those who only kinda want it like me $10 is way to much when I can buy last years game of the year for that price, when trials is about as old.

  • Byyys

    Dear microsoft, please let me plug in my own Hard drives to my xbox and format them, my 250gig hd is full, im certinally not paying 100euro for a xbox 320gig hard drive, when i can buy a 1 Terrabyte HD for that price.

    • Curtis Isabell

      you used to be able to use normal hard drives but MS made a xbox update that wiped everyone’s saves for them for the purpose of making people buy their over priced hard drives, another reason many are moving to PS when next gen hits.

    • ElektroDragon

      I don’t even care if they charge me $500 for a 500GB drive. JUST LET ME BUY A BIGGER HARD DRIVE, PLEASE! 320GB is not enough when every XBLA game and piece of DLC is over 1GB!!

      • Curtis Isabell

        for $500 you could buy 2, 2TB HDDs, are you kidding me.

        • ElektroDragon

          Yeah I know that, I was just trying to make a point that I want a bigger than 320GB Xbox hard drive, regardless of cost. It cost me $80 to put 1TB in PS3. I will pay 3 times that gladly just to get 1TB for my 360. Make it happen MS.

          • Curtis Isabell

            there is no reason for it they should allow you to use any hard drive the artificial limits have to stop, hopefully next gen they won’t have the BS they do now, but it’s MS and they shown they don’t care about their customers, but it’s ok, $50 for 500gb ps3 hard drive.

  • kingcrusher

    I love the Trials games. Was waiting for Evolution to drop in price, so I’ll take advantage of this. I’m happy with it.

  • iClip

    By the way, episode 1 of The Walking Dead is now free. Downloading now.