December 28th 2012 12:01 am PT

Countdown to 2013 Daily Deal Day 11: Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Today only: Get a copy of the Award Winning “The Walking Dead” game for free. Plus, every single chapter is 50% off.

Content Type Normally Discount Price Savings
The Walking Dead  Arcade 400 0 100%
The Walking Dead Ep 2 "Starved for Help" Add-on 400 200 50%
The Walking Dead Ep 3 "Long Road Ahead" Add-on 400 200 50%
The Walking Dead Ep 4 "Around Every Corner" Add-on 400 200 50%
The Walking Dead Ep 5 "No Time Left" Add-on 400 200 50%

Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Curtis Isabell

    I am surprised. though PSN+ gave both 1 and 2 for free, if you buy all the titles during this sale you actually save over the PSN+ price.
    with this sale, you are spending $10 on the game in total.

    even though I don’t want the game, this is by far the best sale xbox live has ever had. I only hope MS doing sales like this.

    • Alex_Atkin_UK

      Indeed, I have recently switched back to PC gaming due to the excellent sales on Steam.

      Then there is the fact my PC has 750GB of space. The only logical reason the Xbox doesn’t have a 1TB HDD yet is because at Microsoft prices it would cost as much as the console, but combined with the lack of good sales, its seriously holding back my ability to buy Arcade games now.

  • Alex

    Bought all of them, this is why I waited.

  • John Smith

    i am not disappoint

  • 90180360

    Thanks, that’s what I was hoping for!

  • Daniel Fernando Martínez Rodrí

    This i like!

  • Kromis

    Now THIS is an insane deal, Microsoft. First, you make the first episode free to swoop people in and then you sell the rest of the episodes for 200 points apiece? At 800 points ($10) for the entire game, that’s the cheapest I have ever seen it.

    Kudos to you guys for making this happen!

    • Sanglant

      makes you wonder why? they basically just gave away the profits on this game, which is supposedly the GOTY…makes you wonder how bad the sales were…which makes you wonder how it won GOTY. Answer: Fanboys voting without buying the game AKA not the GOTY

      • bko

        It sold just fine on other systems. Xbox isn’t exactly the ideal platform on which to play a game like this.

        • quamir

          No the first esp of The Walking Dead topped the Xbox Live Arcade charts.The sells went good.

          • Curtis Isabell

            he isn’t saying it failed or anything, he is simply saying it sold well on other systems as well.

      • Chico Edge

        I don’t think sales are all that bad. It’s been $12.49 on Steam multiple times as well as GMG. Heck, GMG even let you stack a discount code and get it for $10.

      • Chris Grub

        I would hate to be MS – no matter what they do there’s somebody saying they did it wrong.

      • AutomaticOcelot GB

        Way to find the cloud in the silver lining. ;) People clamour for a “good karma” action, a “steam sale” attitude, and then it can’t be believed that they’re listening to us. Ah well. Way to keep that banner flying, dude. Sales numbers and critic GOTY have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Dunno where you pulled that gem from, but it’s pretty brown.

        Also “giving away the profits” is absurd. 50% off is standard. You should know how digital distribution works. When apps and software are bundled and 99-cented, they’re ensuring a boost in revenue from bargain hunters and word of mouth. They reduced the profit margin, and as a result sales will increase 1,000%. There is no automatic loss. And it’s calendar year end. Guaranteed revenue boost on the books.

        Bye bye, I’m gonna go play.

        • Sanglant

          lol is this an impulsive reply or well thought out one? for your sake, I hope its the former. the funny part is how you think you get it when you actually didn’t. nobody is buying this, that’s why they did what they did. 50% off is standard? only for stuff that is no longer being bought. Its one thing to offer the first episode free to get people into it and hope they spend 1600msp on the remaining episodes…its a whole different story when you give away the whole damn collection for less than a standard arcade game price of 1200msp. reduced profit margin? lol look at the wannabe business student having no clue. you think DOTW reduces their profit margin? lmao. yeah, for content that is no longer selling and never really has any advertising because all the gamer sites do it for them as well as their own damn platform. bye bye indeed because you may as well have never been here with that argument. btw, the VGAs is what I was referring to, and that is not voted on by ‘critics,’ they are voted on by anybody who feels like going on the website to vote. thanks for coming out, though, it was pretty funny.

          • Guest

            Don’t be so bitter. Enjoy life.

          • David Lira

            Really? I bought these games and loved them. Have you played it? They had this same offer for iOS and another on steam. It isn’t just Microsoft but maybe telltale games themselves. I also had to run around from store to store to buy this game for my little brother for X-mas. I finally found a copy at Best Buy but it was sold out at all other stores. Did you really hate the game? Or are you one of those people upset that their favorite game didn’t win GOTY at the VGAs? If it’s the second, then you should give them a try.

          • revellandrew17

            Man, The Walking dead is one of the highest selling arcades games this year? Are you an idiot? Look up the sales numbers, I love how you think your so smart, yet you are soooooooo dumb! I know i had no interest in buying this game, than it went on sale, and i took the plunge, thats what sales do, they get different kind of gamers to play a game that they wouldn’t normally play. The Adventure Game genre is having a Renaissance, you obviously haven’t hit the train yet, I am enjoying these walking dead games so much, i’ve even looked into buying other tell tale games at full price, this is where they make there money back, as well as the word of mouth of a friend saying oh man this game is great! and the friend goes and buys an episode for full price or even the disc game now, you’re the same kind of person that complains about no new idea’s or they keep putting out shooters, well here is a studio that has just revived a long (and beloved by many) genre, and are doing it so well that an “Arcade” game is winning GoTY

          • Sanglant

            yeah its so popular that the initial sales netted a million purchases, but approx. 20% followed up that purchase with other episodes despite the price being only 400msp per. yeah, I’m the idiot. you enjoy your game, nobody is telling you that you cannot. the primary point I was trying to make to begin with is that gamers need to wake up and realize you are getting ripped off and not be suckers for deals that really aren’t deals. and, no, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the deal if you like the game, but don’t be so gullible – take some marketing courses or do some intelligent online reading, you might learn something. PS: I could care less what genre wins GOTY, but I’m not naive enough to not notice how the VGAs work, the fact that the voting begins before major competitors even release their games and ends before people can accurately assess those releases makes the GOTY a joke.

    • Matt Watterson

      I thought most Arcade games were 800 points anyway?

      • Curtis Isabell

        walking dead was $5 per “episode” each being a few hours long with a total of 5. and most arcade games now are overpriced to $15 instead of over priced to $10.

  • Chad

    Gettin’ all of them.

  • Deane ML

    Sucks I can’t get it here in New Zealand…. >:(

    • Vipers RealTV

      Yep same here.

  • rhooper

    Now, that’s a deal.
    Got ‘em all!

  • GioB

    this is a very good deal,with one episode free and the others at 50% off I will spend 800 points for the entire game instead of 2000.I think i will buy it, the only complain is that the game is full english without italian subtitles

    • 90180360

      “the only complaint is that the game is English without foreign language subtitles”

      Yeah, not a problem for me but some friends aren’t getting it because of this.

  • Ashley Huggett

    not avaliable in Australia? :(

  • Daniel

    Thanks Xbox. What a deal!

  • CoreUndisturbed

    Awesome! Now I hope tomorrow’s deals includes Banjo-Tooie and Banjo-Kazooie on sale and not just Nuts & Bolts!

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      the deals have been leaked and it looks like banjo nuts and bolts the only one of those games that will be on sale. sorry.

      • Bennijin

        Urgh. Don’t get me started on Nuts and Bolts. It says something when Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing is the best retail game on the 360 with Banjo and Kazooie in it.

  • Trent Carroll

    Anything for those of us in Aus that don’t get Walking Dead on our XBLA service?

    • Trash

      Tell your country to change its silly laws on video games

    • Bennijin

      To be fair if you’d had a replacement deal then those outside of Australia who wanted that deal would have gone mental.

      It’s not ideal, but when Germany got Half-Minute Hero at 50% off for October 2011 when the rest of the world got the Dead Rising 2 episodes for the 9001st time people were LIVID.

      And the real kicker? I don’t think HMH has been on offer anywhere since.

      • kit walker

        to be fair?!… with all respect ben, thats a horrible argument to make…

        • Bennijin

          That “to be fair” was drenched in sardonicism.

    • Vipers RealTV

      Very true I was wondering the same thing. A shame for us to miss out.

  • Sam Elfström


  • AZZATRU! MachinimaPartner

    Hmmmm got ep 1 yesterday and have 880 msp left…may treat myself to the rest….hmmm what to you guess think?

    • lahcoe

      Go for it!

    • Steven Santerre

      Do it!

    • Lee Rayson

      If you don’t do it you will regret it

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      are you an idiot? if no then get the rest of them.

  • chemicalmuppet

    WTF, why isn’t this offer available in our region – Australia ??

    • chris

      Because it is not available to buy in Australia, but we should get a substitute deal or something

      • Lee Rayson

        Yeah they should put another game on sale for you guys, but if you really want Episode one make a UK account download it that way :P

  • Tony Kemp

    cheaper than the steam sale! liking that Microsoft! everyone should own these episodes. Season 2 season pass for sure Take my money.

  • lahcoe

    Microsoft, you’ve outdone yourself! A lot of people (including myself) would have happily bought the remaining episodes even at 280 MSP each. To make the first one free and then take 50% off all the others is astonishingly generous by M$ standards. In fact, this may go down as one of the best XBLA deals there has ever been!

    • Lee Rayson

      I think the walking dead winning game of the year has made this deal possible. it really put some major top titles to shame for story telling

  • Charlene Gorman

    Very happy, been waiting for it too go down on price and for 800 msps….yay! Best bargin ive seen on xbox for a very long time :)

  • Jurd Man

    Wheres the love for us Aussies? NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!

  • aSMiLoN

    The entrire Countdown to 2013 Daily Deals were awesome and I believe today’s is the best of all! These are the deals most of us want and gladly pay!

    • Curtis Isabell

      fanboy detected, there were maybe 4 good deals in the whole 12 days.

      • aSMiLoN

        Just because you liked 4 games from the deals does not mean that the deals were not good.

        The entire Countdown was, hands down, one of the best sales we have seen on Xbox 360, covering games for all gaming tastes and finally giving discount to many items that had not got one until now. We even got 2 free games! How’s that not a good deals package?

  • Alice Lockhart

    I can’t believe it O.o…

    • Lee Rayson

      Best daily deal out of the lot

  • James Mossop

    Am i the only one that get’s the error message below when trying to add 3 & 4 to my download queue? (purchased them no problem & others are queued to download)

    “We were unable to add this item to your download queue”.

    • Jo Carter

      I get this too :(

      ETA: But at least they are purchased at this awesome price!

      • James Mossop

        might just of been a problem from the website, on the xbox i simply went to redownload & it worked fine :)

        • aSMiLoN

          That worked, thanks :)

    • aSMiLoN

      I get the same error, even though it is marked as purchased it cannot be added to my download queue ;-/

      What gives?

    • Lee Rayson

      Could be due to a lot people downloading them but as long you buy them then your sorted and when you can download them it be fine

    • Volitar Prime

      I had the same problem. I was able to re-download them from my download history from my Xbox itself.

  • Andrew Barnes

    Again Microsoft leaves countries out of the deals. We missed out on all of the GOD sales too

  • Matthew Nicholls

    Amazing deal. This game has been pretty much off my radar for this year. Glad I played the first free episode… it’s great. Also can play all episodes without having to wait for the next one.. AWESOME :D

  • Telltales

    Enjoy The Walking Dead everyone! :)

    • metallicorphan

      I would if the store would let me purchase some points so i can buy them,seems quite a few other people are having the same problem

  • Captiosus

    Not spending another penny on anything on Xbox until my account suspension is removed. Almost 6 years as a subscriber, and a user since day one, and my account gets suspended and I’m given NO proof of wrong doing. I get an e-mail accusation of tampering with my tenure level (what a laugh that is) with no proof, no dispute resolution, and no ability to dispute the suspension.

    A cursory glance at the suspension forums shows an awful lot of supposed people tampering with tenure level over the last month. Am I to believe that all these people (including myself) suddenly started modding tenure at the same time XBL is close to turning 10? Or could it possibly be, as I wrote in my certified letter of dispute sent last week, that there could be something wrong on MICROSOFT’S end?

    I’ve spent thousands on this platform since 2007 and encouraged several others to do the same. This is how I’m repaid? A ludicrous accusation that I can’t defend myself against and immediate judgement that effectively steals a year of Live service, 1400 points, all my online passes and seasons passes? Not to mention blocks me out of all the XBLA titles I’ve bought on any account other than the suspended one.

    Fix this and maybe I’ll spend more money on your service.

    • Lee Rayson

      Lol what a cry baby you are, you’ve almost been a subscriber 6 years ? yet your tenure is 10 years which is clearly modded. guess there goes your proof, even I can see it modded. perhaps you thought you could get a free Xbox out of it perhaps not either way your wasting your time playing the victim when you are not

  • Lee Rayson

    Best daily deal this year, 800msp for a game that has a really good story and at times can make you feel so guilty for your choices, it is money well spent

  • Jarkendia

    As Kromis says, this is a real deal. Even cheaper than Steam. Thanks!

  • Adam Barry

    these are the kind of deals we want microsft!! not that other garbage you keep shoving at us week after week.

    • Curtis Isabell

      I am surprised as well. out of all the sales xbox has ever had this is probably the best one. note MS, when you price things well, people buy.

      If they continue deals like this it will almost justify the cost of XBL gold membership.

  • chris

    Well instead of giving Australia a replacement for the Walking Dead sale, in the countdown the whole day has disappeared. Would not have been hard to just give a replacement deal. It is supposed to be for everyone, so if other countries could not purchase the deal a substitute should have been provided, not good microsoft.

  • m1nh0ca

    Just like the Aussies, Brazilians are not receiving anything too… not even a replacement deal.
    Another thing I noticed: our Deal of the Week is “Orcs Must Die”… and it’s lasting 3 weeks until now LOL!

    • chris

      Yeah it just sucks. also notice noone from microsoft or major nelson has mentioned anything about countries not able to get the sale, and i said countries not country as it is not only just 1 country not able to get it but many not able to get the sale.
      If you include a game in a huge sale as this for a day, make sure that everyone can get the sale or provide a replacement.

      • chris

        and major has a black ops sale update on twitter, but nothing about the many countries getting screwed over on not able to get walking dead as sale and not having replacement

  • Willy McBurgle

    shame this only happens once a year…the rest of the year, everyone is beating you guys on price.

  • E.Nich

    Amazing deal, you can count with my points to get all the episodes. Microsoft sure knows how to sell when it wants xD

  • Erik Jan

    Dunno, but I already downloaded ep1 for free on the 25th..?

    • mcmax3000

      Yes, it was free starting the 25th, until the end of the month.

      • Volitar Prime

        I wonder how/why the Major missed that. He also missed posting this week’s Gold deals.

  • ErrorDante

    Now this, Microsoft, is a deal. We need more stuff like this on XBL on a semi regular occasion.

  • Mark Irwin

    I tried the first episode and there was no way to invert the y-axis. Did they ever fix that?

    • Volitar Prime

      It doesn’t look like it :(

    • Nick Peck

      Trust me, it drives me nuts that they didn’t put that in the game!! I have to invert my controls!! I love these games but I can only play a little at a time because I get annoyed with the controls.

  • H0RIZ0N

    A must buy if you love the show and comics!!!
    Would of got it, if i didnt already have all of the eps on the pc version, then again, I still wouldnt get it digitally since there is a retail copy of the game, then once again, the game doesnt run so well on the xbox. I Download the free episode and noticed there are lots of framerate stuttering in the game and there is no reason why should it not be able to run smoothly at 60 FPS(especially being a cell shaded game), bad lazy coding on telltale games part.

    • Volitar Prime

      I have never watched the show or read the comics and I’m enjoying it!

  • Frank Costanza’s lawyer

    Wait, is that a pig? Flying?? No wait! It is a REAL deal on a game that is not ancient!! This must be an error. Let me get this straight: A real deal on a game that is #1 on many “Game of the year” lists this year. This can’t be right. I’m buying this asap before they realize what they’ve done. HURRY UP PEOPLE! BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!

    • Nick Peck

      I just bought 5 (all I needed) and it went ok on the site (at work). Man, I wish I would have known about these sales awhile ago and I would have held off on ep 3&4 and just paid the 200 each :( Also wish I knew about it before paying full price GoD for Borderlands 2… grrrrr. Luckily it was with gift card points but still.

      Great sales though MS!

  • mcmax3000

    Considering, as a whole, it’s longer than the single player in a lot of $60 disc based games that I’ve played, I don’t think $25 is anywhere near over priced.

    • SEP555

      However its marketed its still an arcade not retail. Many 800 & 1200msp arcades are 10hr. So either this or retail thats overpriced. I suspect licensing costs had a play in this.

      • mcmax3000

        I wouldn’t say either are inherently overpriced. There are certain individual retail games, and certain individual Arcade games that are overpriced, but I wouldn’t say that as a whole, either category is overpriced.

        Heck, I’d say that in some cases, some games, both retail, and Arcade are under priced for the amount of value that many people get out of them.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    great deal for those who were on the fence about this game. it took me 7 months to complete it by getting each one when it came out. i hope everyone appreciates this game like i did. one of the best games to come out.

  • Sanglant

    Deal of the Day? these were the prices yesterday too lol.

    • Volitar Prime

      I got them at about 10PM EST last night. It seems like all of the daily deals have been going live a bit early.

      • Sanglant

        let’s play search for the next deal of the day lol. I’m having to wait on this stupid countdown hoping the DLC on my list is going to be on sale. I already saved 1200 points by getting the MW3 collection 3 & 4 at 600 each instead of 1200 on Day 1, but this is getting annoying having to wait and see if DLC for games released in 2010-mid 2012 will go on sale. #justTELLus lol

        • Nick Peck

          There is a list out there if you google it, might help you decide better instead of missing stuff :)

  • RicardoDawkins

    Why do you people (americans) love this game? I played part of the free fist episode and got bored half way through it. Too many decisions, dialog galore and no action. Zombies are boring and stupid.

    Please. tell me what is really good on this type of games ? I’m going to read some reviews and watch some videos of it…but I really can’t fathom using 800msp on this game while I have Assasins Creed and Darkside unplayed on my Xbox. Just started playing Dust and I’m a bit lost. (maybe I’m too old for this, hehe)

    • Nick Peck

      Well if you aren’t interested in the subject matter then you obviously won’t like it. People like it because it’s more of a story game instead of the normal shooter / action game. Sometimes it’s fun to enjoy a game that you choose what to do and enjoy the story as it unfolds.

      This game is meant for people that LIKE the series of books and the tv show, if you don’t, then why bother?

    • Russell Gorall

      I could say the same thing about Assassin’s Creed.

      Honestly, I don’t really care for this game or series much at all. I find the show to be a bland soap opera and the game is the most overhyped thing to come out since sliced bread.

      • Superman64

        What? You? Not liking something? No way.

      • kit walker

        really?! u got a problem with sliced bread aswell now…

  • kriegir

    These games are actually kinda lame. To easy idk why ppl like them so much

    • Sanglant

      and to think it was voted Game of the Year at the VGAs lol sure it was.

  • Peter D.

    What’s wrong with the xbox live website? Getting tons of runtime errors!

  • metallicorphan

    AWW C’mon,…been waiting for this deal,but XBL wont let me add any points,says there is a problem with Xbox Service- Status Code:80154080

    I am in the UK if it matters

    • metallicorphan

      I can’t even get on the Marketplace at all now…why couldn’t of this happened when Tony Hawk was up,i wasn’t interested in that

  • Bryan Cristina

    Now, if you could just get the store actually working, I’ll buy these. Even tried MS’s precious IE, same “Uh oh that shouldn’t have happened” error when I log in.


    Site is down…

  • BlinkFandango

    Wow, did not expect this much of a discount after all the crappy deals. Why can’t you do these kind of deals more often MS?