December 29th 2012 12:01 am PT

Countdown to 2013 Daily Deal Day 12: Family Games

Day 12 of the Countdown to 2013 promotion sees the following Xbox LIVE Arcade and Games on Demand titles on sale:

Content Type Normally Discount Price Savings
Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts GonD $14.99 $9.99 33%
Cars 2: The Video Game GonD $29.99 $19.99 33%
Crash of the Titans GonD $19.99 $9.99 50%
Toy Story 3 GonD $19.99 $9.99 50%
Crazy Taxi Arcade 800 200 75%
The Splatters Arcade 800 200 75%

Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • rhooper

    The Splatters for 200 is a steal!
    But, anyway, yesterday was the best day…

    • Manuel I. Bueno

      Yeah, I can’t believe the Walking Dead sale. I’m sure tons of people went out to get points for that.

    • Telltales

      Splatters and Crazy Taxi for 200 is a great deal. Happy with this days sales

  • CoreUndisturbed

    Wow, great, thanks Microsoft. Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie are way overpriced and you can’t even put them on sale for a single day? Pathetic. Why are they so overpriced anyway? Perfect Dark had more additions in the port to XBLA such as online multiplayer and only cost 800MSP at release, but Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie are more or less straight ports and are 1200MSP. It doesn’t make sense.

    • Manuel I. Bueno

      Perhaps in these last 2 days they will be on sale. To be honest, I’ve been waiting for a RARE sale this entire time. So hopefully those three will go on sale. I’m still hoping they put one of the missed deals on sale. And I’m not interested in any of these, Nuts and Bolts I already have. But I hope more people get it to play online; the game was pretty cool online. Back to Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie: they are definitely way overpriced.

      • m1nh0ca

        No, they won’t be on sale… unless MS wants to surprise us.

        Tomorrow will be fighting games day (Virtua Fighter 5, Street Fighter III and Dungeon Fighter) and on 31st wll be Skyrim and Oblivion.

        • harry luggins

          how do you kno what’s coming up on the sale??

          • dools

            The list was leaked on Neogaf a couple of weeks ago and so far it’s been 100% accurate.Just google “xbox countdown to 2013 neogaf” if you want to see for yourself.It should be the first result that comes up

  • Alan Wake

    Major Nelson,
    You never responded about yesterday’s deal, in Australia there was not a daily deal [28th USA time] (because Telltale Games made a business decision not to release The Walking Dead in Australia), there was nothing on the dashboard or website. It is disappointing that there was not even a replacement deal for Australia. I am hoping that there will be a deal offered to Australians. This could be done in the coming days/weeks.
    Thank You.

    • chris

      Yeah as far as I know no one has responded at all about this, not on here, twitter not even the xbox Australia facebook page. Also I believe Brazil and a few other countries were screwed over also.

      • m1nh0ca

        This situation with “The Walking Dead” really sucked for some of us…

        But be happy, mate… at least you, Aussies, have a waaay bigger variety of Arcade games available than we have in Brazil: 504 vs. 154.
        As I stated before, our “Deal of the Week” is lasting 3 weeks with “Orcs Must Die”, ’cause we don’t have the content that was on sale for most of players.

    • 90180360

      Complain to your government about moronic video game laws.

      This is not Microsoft’s fault.

      • Mik3t

        What? So not having a different daily deal is the australia governments fault?

      • Michael Thomson

        telltale chose not to have the game rated in Australia, and many believe it would have passed with the highest available rating anyway, MA15+. It was not banned as some believe. On that topic, The Australian adult rating of R18+ should be going live for video games Jan 1, ’13. So, not long now.

      • Jan Václavík

        Well, Microsoft Australia could have arranged different deal. I remember different DotWs in various regions. That said, majornelson is not Microsoft Australia person – they are crying on the wrong grave.
        Then again I imagine players who already own The Walking Dead would be complaining about Australia getting better deal. I remember I was complaining about some markets in Asia getting Half-Minute Hero sale.

    • Bobby B

      Maybe because he was on Vacation.

      • chris

        But he was able to post up these deals (if that is what he does also), and he has been on twitter posting about the deals and other deals every day sometimes more than once.

  • m1nh0ca

    As usual…
    Cars 2 in US – $20 / in Brazil – $49,50
    and *sigh* Toy Story 3 in US – $10 / in Brazil – $69,50

    Dude, I really hate console’s pricing policy for our country… even for digital itens they’re insanely surreal. Sony makes even worse than MS.

    Fortunately, it doesn’t work with Steam. Some of their prices are even cheaper than in US or EU.

    • Locke

      Create free account on US, download it and then switch back to ur current account.

      • BostonSup

        If you make a US account and buy pre-paid point cards, then make sure you buy the American cards. Maybe it changed, but at least a few years ago foreign point codes could not be redeemed with US accounts.

        • m1nh0ca

          Thanks for the hints, guys, but I already do have an US account (which is not my main one, but where I get some points through XBL Rewards – another thing we don’t have in Brazil – and some games – mainly those ones released / offered for free).

          My main account is Brazilian because when they officially lauched the XBL service here, lots of benefits were offered if we migrated (MS points, games, possibility of buying points in local stores – several times they’re cheaper than buying from US, game localization, etc.). Now, I regret so much my migration… we can’t switch back.

          The thing is that some content is IP blocked, so not everything is allowed to be downloaded (some of them are not possible even using VPN).

          Regarding points, they are really region locked (I guess only 100 and 240 MSP are not… maybe 480). The same doesn’t occur with Gold subscriptions, which you can buy anywhere and the codes will work worldwide.

          • Locke

            We had same situation in Poland, many peoples migrated their accounts, and now most of them regret it. I stayed with my US account and im happy with this. MS Points you can easly buy on ebay with email delivery, Mercado Libre or just google it for some website. US Microsoft Points are 1600 and 4000.
            About VPN – yes some content is region blocked so you have to use VPN, is pretty easy :)

          • オミナエ イサム

            “Now, I regret so much my migration… we can’t switch back.”
            You can try again. m$ let you move for “another country” again… they changed the mind if I’m correct.

          • [CJBr]RaFaeLByGears

            in january we can migrate account again :)

  • Mik3t

    Was looking ofrward to a nuts and bolts deal but $5 off isnt it, this is a microsoft made game after all so was hoping for 50%

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    lol have you not been looking at this blog? the first 2 dlcs for skyrim will be on sale but not dragonborn.

  • Paxton Sarazin

    Joy Ride Turbo sale please.

    • mcmax3000

      It was on sale for Deal of the Week not that long ago.

      • Smygan

        Only for Gold members.

  • Smygan

    Joy Ride Turbo sale please!

    • H0RIZ0N

      That game is bad. Buy blur instead.

      • Smygan

        no, i tried demos and i like JRT better… will pay full price if there is no sale to be had… but it was offered to Gold members at 50% off previously, I just do not need Live Gold since I don’t play online and none of the apps are useful in Canada

  • Mark Adams

    So uh.. why on earth is Crash of the Titans $9.99 in the US, and £11.99 in the UK? It should be closer to £5.99! No chance am I buying that. Was vaguely interested in it till then. Still, Splatters made the cut into my library.

    I guess this is exactly the reason why I don’t want to see the demise of Microsoft Points. We get fair pricing worldwide with those.

    • The_Mr_T

      I totally agree with you! However, I would love to buy Crash of the Titans even if it was gonna be slightly overpriced but unfortunately it’s not available in Greece. I do not understand why the Greek marketplace is still so poor content wise… :(

    • drunk beers

      It was worse in MS points, 800 in the US for Crash Of The Titans, 1440 in the UK.
      I was prepared to buy it at 1200 but even that would have been a rip off compared to the US.

      • The_Mr_T

        1440… ouch!

  • DarkNightRJ

    Splatters seems cool. Wish I could buy just 200 points…

  • Fernando Coli Viotto

    The Splatters is a very nice game and for this price is absolutely a must have. About Crazy Taxi, just remember that this version doesnt have that old amazing soundtrack from the original game

    • Stank Beard

      Yeah this version of Crazy Taxi has an awful soundtrack, but one of the great things about xbox is you can make a custom soundtrack for any game.

  • mcmax3000

    Even at 200 MSP, I’m not sure Crazy Taxi is worth it. I grabbed it when it came out, and it does not hold up very well.

    • Ary

      Whant to buy samurai shodown on sale please. Anyone know were I can find how many or how much people are playing a specific game online? I dont wana buy a old game only to find that no one is online playing it anymore (example gears of war 2?)

  • BlinkFandango

    Picked up Crazy Taxi, great deal. Splatters is also a good deal, but I wasn’t a big fan of the demo. I loved Toy Story 3 and Banjo Kazooie, they’re pretty good deals for $10. If Cars 2 was cheaper (around $10) I might have picked it up. Anyone know if Crash of the Titans is any good?

    • Ary

      Better than 1 opinion look for metracritic and gamerankings witch show the review of all the other reviews sum up and divided so u know what everyone things not just one opinion about a game. Most of these FAMILY games are only one player not coop and cars 2 that actually can be played with the FAMILY is overpriced compared to the reviews. Whant to buy samurai shodown on sale

  • ElektroDragon

    Rare gave us this trash instead of a new Killer Instinct. Even if I wanted to buy it, I’ve run out of a room on my tiny 320GB hard drive for a 6GB game.

  • ryder4life22187

    I would say so they probably figure they are not getting enough money back. Back when they did those family games for 5 bucks for the GOD i grabbed around 5 of them.