January 31st 2013 12:03 pm PT

Wordament Web Beta

Play Wordament on the web (in Beta) and earn achievements . . . all in your web browser.

Xbox.com By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • http://twitter.com/Ganon255 Ganon255

    I love this game

  • http://www.cheapassgamer.com/forums/blog.php?u=324759 Tylerh1701

    Awesome. This will be the third time I get to earn achievements in this game! :-) Thanks Larry.

  • http://twitter.com/AnthonyPolito Anthony

    i am canada why does Larry lie and usa only can play totally lie larry

  • http://twitter.com/chuponopolis Kyle

    Awesome. This is now the 4th way I can earn achievements for this game!

    • Ryan T

      I only know of three SKUs, whats the fourth? PC, WP7/8, BROWSER,… Is the fourth an Xbox Console version?

      • Ryan T

        From @facebook-576127196:disqus up above, the iOS version also offers achievements. :-/

  • http://twitter.com/ptuco John Brown

    Just started playing and I’m earning the same achievements again that I already got by playing on my iPhone. Awesome.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ian.thompson.902604 Ian Thompson

    Thanks for an easy 50Gs! :D

  • http://twitter.com/sbisson Simon Bisson

    It works just fine in the UK!

  • http://www.majornelson.com Major Nelson

    I updated my post…it’s currently available in English only.

    • NBA Kirkland

      It’s not English only. You can change the language in the options.

      • http://www.majornelson.com Major Nelson

        Yea, I just saw that…the team has been rolling up the various versions so things have been changing in real time! I’ll update my post

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=576127196 Mark Farrington

    4th way to get achievements :)

    WP8, iOS, W8 and now Web. Seems to work in Spanish too as I just got the multilingual achievement quite simply.

  • Ryan T

    They really need to stop making each version a separate sku. I now have 3 versions of Wordament in my Achievements list and have to complete the ones I’ve already done all over again.

    • http://twitter.com/TrashMKX Trash

      Uhm, nobody told you to play 3 versions!

      • http://twitter.com/NAVARiN BENNiJiN

        Nobody told him NOT to either, achievements are serious business don’t you know.

      • Ryan T

        Your missing the point. Microsoft promised this big feature called Play / Pause / Resume that would let you continue progress in a game across 3 screens. Those being PC / Xbox / Mobile. Now for that to make sense, one would think that each version of the game, while on different platforms is the same SKU. This however is not the case, and ultimately shows that Microsoft cannot even integrate their own feature properly.

        Secondly, its detrimental to developers because they have to code separately for these platforms when they were promised a write once, deploy everywhere sort of environment.

        It just doesn’t make sense. The point is integration and this is not helping it.

      • http://www.facebook.com/pavels.ahmadulins Павел Ахмадулин

        I do not play them. I just wanted to test.

        How can I figure out how MS Surface is cool without trying some of XBOX live games?

        And I tried. Now I have some game duplicates on my XBOX Live achievements stats with 0% completion =(( I’m kinda esthetic about 100% completing games so for me and other thousands achievement addicted gamers it IS PROBLEM.

        • QuixoticRocket

          if you haven’t earned any achievements you might be able to delete the records (but don’t ask me where or how… I just remember someone mentioning the possibility before)

          • http://www.facebook.com/pavels.ahmadulins Павел Ахмадулин

            First time hearing about this. I know iOS with it’s Game Center has this feature, but not XBOX Live.

          • QuixoticRocket
          • http://www.facebook.com/pavels.ahmadulins Павел Ахмадулин

            Yes, I deleted some games with 0 gamescore, thanks for tip.
            But still, some games give you achievement simply because you start play it. Or because you completed first level while testing it. Good example is Game Room title and Show Me! (Visited the Showcase Arcade) achievement.
            All I want to say is I have some titles I will never play again with 5-10 gamescore =( And wordament for iOS. I started game just to see how it differs from WP version. And got some achievements after few rounds.

          • NBA Kirkland

            There is no way to delete or remove a game if you have earned ANY achievements.

          • http://twitter.com/dlchief58 Michael Burden

            Yes you can delete 0 gamerscore games on the Xbox. Go to your achievement list on the Xbox through the guide, go down to the game with 0 score, and press the appropriate button to delete the game stats (I think it is the X button, maybe the Y).

    • DarkNightRJ

      oh no, more achievements. how dare they.

      • Ryan T

        Clearly its diluting the “Achievement” objective if you can earn a bunch of quick ones right off the bat. Also, read my other comment below.

  • Lee Thomas Rayson

    Achievements :D

  • Wesley Womack

    Doesn’t ever load for me. It must be trying to load something on a non-standard port that the work firewall is blocking. Oh well.

  • Rykin

    I totally hope Microsoft brings more games with achievements to iOS and the web. Windows Phone is a failure time to move on.

    • Lee Thomas Rayson

      I can see it happening more but I just hope they dont start charging for web games

    • Nick Peck

      I hope it does better as WP7 and 8 are a much, much better OS than ios and android. Hands down.

  • Lee Thomas Rayson

    Just played it for a hour, completed all the achievements, I liked how I could use my surface while having the site open on the pc I found it easy to find words instead of using a mouse.
    Hope more games come out like this for “xbox web”

  • AlanWakeFan1

    Hi, achievements are not working in Australia.

    • fsdfg dsfds

      cause you guys are useless noobs, got your r18 yet?

      • ZenLikeCalm

        Yes we have got our R18, what of it.

        • fsdfg dsfds

          well finally NZ will stop getting your censored BS games, we had R18
          rating forever yet we get your censored games thanks to your stupid
          rating system, GTA IV had r18 on the cover yet if you look on the disk
          its MA15 and blood, prostitutes where removed (fixed now with patch) We
          missed out on Walking Dead thanks to you noobs and many other digital

          • Guest

            Maybe you should spend less time playing games (censored or not) and instead use that time to improve your grammar skills; like learning to use punctuation.

            Besides (no offence to the actually more respectible NZ players here), aren’t you guys in NZ technically the bigger “noobs” (it’s sad that you’re repeatedly using such a pathetic word in the first place) for copying us? It’s not our fault your government decided to piggyback off us and use our stupid outdated ratings system.

          • fsdfg dsfds

            OH KNOW ITS THE SPELLING POLICE, Why the hell would i spend my time on a
            shat website making sure my punctuation is good? Now be a good little
            greasy wog and go cook me a pizza

          • Guest

            Wow someone has a chip on their shoulder.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Liquidfx-Xboxdude/100003184837175 Liquidfx Xboxdude


  • http://twitter.com/rubernck21 Alex Smith

    Great game, BUT all you have to do to earn the “Swipe those tiles” achievement is just sit on the page, without playing or swiping anything for a few minutes.
    Please don’t take away my achievement.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pavels.ahmadulins Павел Ахмадулин

    Damn’, 4 versions of one game with separate achievements? NO WAY!

  • http://www.ReadyUpLive.com Greenskull

    I love this on my Windows Phone. Just as fun here!

  • Spazem

    I live in Australia and the achievements aren’t working for me either.

  • http://twitter.com/Zocktopus Zocktopus

    Cheevos are not working in Germany as well…

  • http://twitter.com/Aeyoun Daniel Aleksandersen

    Achievements are not working for me here in Norway either. I have tried everything from Chrome on Linux to Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8. They just don’t unlock for me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ducatisto.thorsten Ducatisto Thorsten

    I cant get any achievements too.

  • http://twitter.com/_jawelin Jawelin

    The achievements will work if you set your machine’s timezone to US (UTC -5)

    • ZenLikeCalm

      That doesn’t work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.garcia.549436 Daniel Garcia

    this should be a kinect freebie with voice support.

  • ZenLikeCalm

    Why are we unable to get Achievements in Australia?

  • DavidinCT

    Worked for me, free achievements….cool

  • http://www.facebook.com/muneer.younis Muneer Younis

    We need more games like this on xbx 360 and the web F2P games with achievements