February 6th 2013 6:00 am PT

Arcade: Special Forces: Team X


Content: Special Forces: Team X
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: Special Forces: Team X (STX) is a team centric 3rd Person cover based shooter. The game features a unique map selection system, with the ability to shape the battlefield by selecting individual environmental pieces, resulting in over 100 map variations. STX supports asymmetric game play with 2-4 teams and 5 frenetic game modes. Cooperative play between team members is richly rewarded. Customize your skills, weapons and character to tailor your tactics and performance in battle. STX brings you the brutality of war as you take on the role of an elite soldier in a Special Forces squad.

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Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • http://twitter.com/DreamTwice Kenny

    Downloading the demo now!

    • http://www.facebook.com/stefangabbert Stefan Gabbert

      I could only care less, if i hadn`t written this comment.

  • ElektroDragon

    I used to download and try the demo of every XBLA game released since 2005. But nowadays, because of price, subject matter, perceived quality, lack of advertising, etc I don’t even bother anymore. I don’t even know how it would be possible to make the description or title of this game any more generic.

    • ungeheier

      I agree. I have 250+(?) XBLA games. I bought The Cave, but havent bought much in a LONG time. I used to buy at least 2 a month.

      • http://www.facebook.com/chris.grub.5 Chris Grub

        I’m in a similar situation. I’m sure MS is noticing.

        • http://www.facebook.com/stefangabbert Stefan Gabbert

          Same here. Got over 100 Arcades and even bought some mediocore games in the past, jsut because the price was only 400MSP. But in the last year I only bought

          trials evolution and some add ons for pinball.

        • Z4M0

          I’m not that sure they are aware… after xmas mega sale (avaliable to everyone not gold exclusive) they keep dropping value of being GOLD. 2013 xbox live-wise is daunting at best.

  • ryder4life22187

    So i take it there is no single player campaign by the sound of it. Then i’ll pass I don’t like to pay especially that much for a game if it has no use after the community dies down on it.

  • Russell Gorall

    I’m going to wait until it costs more.

    Seriously, these types of games are a dollar on Android.

    PS4 announcement FEBRUARY 20th!!!

    • ElektroDragon

      I hope you are right, but I fear it will be a game streaming announcement instead.

  • Z4M0

    You keep going in the wrong direction. Keep pricing ONLINE ONLY XBL ARCADE games like that and they’ll keep dead as they’ve been so far (except for battlefield and counter-strike).

    And dead community = no single game sold a week from it’s release date.

    Seriously; those need to be released at reasonably cheap price tags (maybe 400 msp will trigger most impulse buys) so people keep buying the game; people may quit but over time people’ll keep buying it and thus playing.

    Active community = strong sales.

    Do you think COD is so popular solely by its quality ? It’s damn easy to find a game no matter what, but guess what happens when you want to play a fun arcade like Hybrid. Noone playing it, or 20 minute waiting to join a lobby. That’s why online only arcades don’t sell well… they’re condemned from their birth.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Curtis-Isabell/1036013363 Curtis Isabell

    anything 2gb or more is forced to be $20 by MS if it’s a downloadable title.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Curtis-Isabell/1036013363 Curtis Isabell

    this sounds interesting but these arcade prices really need to stop.. come on now unless this is a high quality arcade title it should be like $5.

    • ryder4life22187

      agreed. Some games are worth the 15 dollar price tag like alan wake AN, and trials games. But do they really expect us to drop 15 on a game that they didn’t promote to give us the skinny on the details and that litterly a week before release i couldn’t find anything about what it was besides a release date.

      • fsdfg dsfds

        dicryder4life and curtis you guys should get married , imagine the all the little r-tard corkys you can make together

  • Th├ónia Santos

    for Online only Arcade games, it should have a partial online access for silver members.

    No silver member will ever buy those games since they do not have online gaming.

    and those who get gold membership generally prefer playing other games…

    a good way to keep those games alive, is to let silver member have some sort of access.

    it be time limited (like 1 or 2 hour per days), or some free slot (25%
    of slot availaible for silver,but priority to gold), or some hour of
    the day, orsome days of the week/month.

  • Clattus

    Well, how bad is it?

  • ryder4life22187

    Noticed on the marketplace that it doesn’t say Requires gold or gold only. I see a problem if a silver user downloads it thinking it has a single player campaign.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Curtis-Isabell/1036013363 Curtis Isabell

    so I tried the demo, a little impressed but probably won’t get it, if it was a $5 game or less i’d consider it.

    the gameplay is a mix of gears or war and rainbow 6 vegas, you got a nice 3rd person shooter with cell shaded graphics, very colorful. the recoil on weapons is very realistic and holding down the trigger is a sure way to miss half your shots. I will definitely be looking to buy this title of it is ever put on sale for a good price ($5 or less would probably be my limit)

    there doesn’t seem to be any single player for the people asking. but the trial is worth… trying.

  • st0rmgazer

    It’s a fun and great looking game with smooth running matches in a cel shaded environment. By the end of the 45 minute trial I was convinced to buy it. Another worthy purchase. Nice job Zombie Studios!


    I can’t believe how anyone in their right mind would buy a MP only game. No single player, no buy for me me. Just like the horrible battlefield 1943, this game is a waste of time.


    No Single Player = NO Buy! There is no reason to waste money on something that has no longetivity what so ever. Art style is great, gameplay is very much like gears but honestly I’m getting tired of this whole Multiplayer fad and I’m sick and tired of it ruining franchises that have always been single player like Tombraider and RE.

  • barry hansen

    I would love to see more retro games like mr Do on live arcade for about 400mp.