February 12th 2013 12:21 pm PT

Telemundo and Neon Alley Launch on Xbox LIVE

Two new entertainment apps are now available on Xbox.
More details below and be sure to check them out by downloading from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Telemundo* (United States)
Watch clips of your favorite Telemundo novelas and shows, including “Caso Cerrago,” “12 Corazones,” “La Patrona,” “Pasión Prohibida,” “Fandango Cine” and “Crossover One on One.” Plus, enjoy Telemundo in a whole new way with Kinect.*

Neon Alley* (United States, Canada)
Watch some of the most popular, uncut and English dubbed Anime 24/7 with Neon Alley on Xbox 360. Exclusive premieres of new titles hitting North America are featured in addition to news and information on the world of Anime. Check it out with a one-week free trial from Neon Alley.* Neon Alley is also available to subscribers in Canada.

We’re also excited to announce that Crunchyroll is expanding to new regions today, including Saudi Arabia, Slovakia and the United Arab Emirates.

*Xbox LIVE Gold subscription and/or additional subscriptions/fees may be required and sold separately. Kinect functionality available with select Xbox LIVE content and varies by feature and country. For additional details and availability, see http://www.xbox.com/live.

Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • RicardoDawkins

    LOL…it is “Caso Cerrado” not “Caso Cerrago”. Por favor, corregir.

  • ungeheier



    I don’t understand why Telemundo is being announced on this blog when I’ve had the app for over a month or more here in the U.S.? Not that it matters to me, I don’t speak spanish.

    Not very big into anime anymore but It’s still disappointing that so many of these apps have their own subscription services in addition to the Gold pay wall. Crunchyroll isn’t free and neither is this new Neon app.

    This brings our app total here in the U.S. to approximately 62 on the 360 in case anyone was wondering.

  • Justin A Stewart

    It’s BS that they charge for it. I’m not using these but I am still waiting for Slacker Radio WTF is the holdup?

    • Guest

      You can still get a week out of it with the trial though. Might as well use I’d say!

  • fsdfg dsfds

    Here a idea – xbox gold = have access to all these stupid apps, xbox sliver/free = free online play

    Because if next Gen MS is still charging for online play im GONE, same with all my friends, id rather put up wih the stupid PS controller then continue to pay live fees anymore

  • ElektroDragon

    Where is my Frontier FiOS TV on Xbox Live?

  • fsdfg dsfds

    I agree Xbox is better, but after 5+ years of paying for Live ,three broken xboxs (the older non slim model are ALL the biggest piece of junk ever made) im over it, also xbox has gone casual , they been pushing there family/kinect junk for a few years now, i want a game console next gen with free online play, simple as that

    • Alex_Atkin_UK

      Perhaps due to my lighter use I only had one RROD and that was fixed under the warranty. I later replaced the console with a newer fat model for HDMI and that is still going strong so far.

      I am really hoping for backwards compatibility on the new Xbox though so I do not end up having to replace it when this one finally dies. There is also the fact I do not have the space for a new and old Xbox, especially if the new one is as noisy and so needs relocated as far away from the TV as possible, like I did with my 360. Sadly its not looking very promising that either consoles will be BC this time around if it is indeed x86 based.

      As for the other stuff, I btoh agree and disagree. I have had fun with Kinect games, but it annoys me when I see games which would be more fun with a controller but were Kinect exclusive for the gimmick factor.

      I can give at least one example where Kinect made a game more frustrating for me, Need for Speed Most Wanted. The easydrive menu gets triggered by noises from the centre speaker, its so bad I have had to leave Kinect unplugged.

      I have nothing against Kinect games, they are good fun, but the voice commands function is seriously flawed. Hopefully the headset quality will be better on the new Xbox so they can use THAT for voice commands instead.

      • fsdfg dsfds

        The slims are much quieter, and have had no probs with it, my three broken xboxs they have been repaired multiple times , so you could say of gone thru nine of them…

        Also you can use the Fat model HDD on the slims, you gotta break open the HDD case and just insert the HDD into the slim, MS have said they will ban you for this tho… this type of BS is just another reason im changing next gen, GTA V will be the last game i buy and play on a MS console

        • Alex_Atkin_UK

          Well aware of all those things, my friend actually has my old 20GB in his slim 4GB model as I upgraded to 120GB. I wasn’t willing to then upgrade to 320GB though as its such an incredible rip-off.

          I can’t see them banning anyone for using legitimate Xbox 360 HDDs though, even though they CAN tell as obviously the smaller sizes were never available officially for slims. They are legit Microsoft branded HDDs after all. I do not believe they even ban people for using the unoffically modded HDDs, although I wont risk it myself.