March 3rd 2013 8:27 pm PT

Xbox LIVE Ultimate Game Sale: Day 7

Discounted price is available for 24-hours only:

Ultimate Game Sale Offers for today Standard Price Discount Price Savings % Off
Mortal Kombat $49.99 $19.99 $30.00 60%
Mortal Kombat vs. DCU $19.99 $4.99 $15.00 75%
Street Fighter IV $19.99 $9.99 $10.00 50%
Street Fighter X Tekken $39.99 $19.99 $20.00 50%
Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition $29.99 $9.99 $20.00 67%
Tekken 6 $19.99 $9.99 $10.00 50%
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 $49.99 $19.99 $30.00 60%
The King of Fighters XIII $29.99 $9.99 $20.00 67%

*Prices and availability will vary by Xbox LIVE region. Prices above are US$.
Please check your local  dashboard or for specific content pricing and availability.

Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • AshtonNextGen

    I gotta say, despite the negative impact over the problem with day 6, this has been by far Xbox’s best sale to date! I only wish I’d known about it sooner otherwise I wouldn’t of spent so much on the Playstation Vita sale that came a few weeks before it.

    So far I’ve already managed to snag Grid, Virtua Fighter 5,Resident Evil 6, Portal 2, Rayman, Hawx, Call of Juarez, Batman Arkham Asylum, Left for dead 2, Max Payne 3, Fallout 3, Civilization Revolution, King of fighters Xiii and Bioshock and I’m still dead tempted to go back for Mortal Kombat vs DCU.

    Hats off for the team for giving the Xbox 360 one last hoorah before the next generation of consoles rolls in. There’s plenty here to keep us busy for ages to come for those who won’t or can’t afford to dive in at launch.

    • Nick Peck

      Nice haul there man!! I already have most of the games on the list that I would want but I finally picked up Left 4 Dead 2 again. Everywhere I look it’s still 425-30 used/new and I just didn’t want to pay that for an older game, but $10 is a good price point for that game.

  • Ramiro Luis Teixeira

    the best day! got SSFIVAE and KOF XIII. i am considering even buying MK, and im not a fan of this game.
    MS should cut the prices of some arcade games too, like Limbo, Super Meat Boy and Torchlight… i would buy them all.
    I was hoping to see Mirrors Edge in the Ultimate Sale, but im not lucky enough…

    • Getsuga_Tensho

      We’ll have to hope that MS announces the next Xbox soon along with announcing backwards compatibility and has a huge sale so people can start filling up their library to carry over to the new console. Sadly I don’t see us getting a good sale like this again for a while unless that happens.

  • Gary Norton

    Still see people moaning after the great game prices, look, if you can find it cheaper in game stop stop yer moaning and buy it there, it don’t matter if it not got DLC, i got some great games at stupendously cheap prices, Microsoft doesn’t have to reduce the games or have a sale, and offer the games cheap (they cheap for me – im in UK , YOU ARE NOT OBLIGED TO BUY THE BLOODY GAMES!!!! Basically I have filled my hard discs up with some great classics :)

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      lol you miss the point of complaining. if people don’t like something they have the right to complain. this is one of the few places that someone can complain that might get looked at by someone that matters. the fact is that the competition usually has better sales and microsoft, being as big as it is, should have better sales. this ultimate game sale was anything but “ultimate” and yeah there were a few good games here and there but in the overall scheme of things it was a drop in the bucket. good for you that you had your fill but a majority of people are not happy with the overall deals and the way they were marketed.

      • Nick Peck

        If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. So many of you would have died back in the day when you didn’t have the internet to learn about an entire game before you bought it. You had like 1 magazine you had to get to get reviews and that was it, so just enjoy and play what you get and if that isn’t good enough, get a new hobby.
        These sales are always good. Also, opinions are like aholes, everyone has one!

        • Gary Norton

          so true Nick, :) and Liquidfx, it was a ultimate sale, Microsoft didn’t have to do a sale, items much cheaper than I could buy in the shops, everyone has a opinion, you might see deals cheaper on PSN, but every system has different sales, I do agree with you on the overall scheme of things, its only a drop in the ocean, they can afford to do it more, and Im certainly enjoying my fill of new games, especially Street Fighter and Orange Box, I will also be buying Sonic Fighters and Fighting Vipers (Apparently 160 Microsoft points each from the 5th – My kids love fighting games)

          • Liquidfx Xboxdude

            i do like your retort but i disagree with the fact that it was ultimate. there are so little real deals in this sale that it doesn’t deserve that title. i picked some things here and there like code veronica and orange box but ultimate would imply that it is above all other sales. this was not even close. i will also be getting fighting vipers and sonic fighters because i miss my sega saturn (stopped working a year ago)

          • Gary Norton

            Sega Saturn…….The Memories :)

          • John Doe

            Your kids love for Fighters would be forever changed if you buy that horrid Sonic Fighters. If you love your kids, you will not buy that.

          • Gary Norton

            Mate, wish i didnt buy sonic fighters now, got all 12 achievments within 20 mins lol, xbox….can i have a refund????

        • John Doe

          What you said is not even near relevant to the subject matter, wtf?
          If the subject was about “how come there is no demos to every game?” then you may had something there.

      • Getsuga_Tensho

        You are right, people have the right to complain just as they have the right to stuff their face full of cakes every day but it still doesn’t mean you should do it. It’s a sale and these prices have been great for the most part. They’re huge discounts on the non sale prices for Games on Demand titles and many of them are cheaper than you’ll find those games for preowned elsewhere.

        If you can find it cheaper elsewhere then buy it there if it really matters. All it means is you’re getting a great deal elsewhere, it doesn’t make these deals bad. A few people complaining also doesn’t represent the majority. I’ve been keeping an eye online for news about these sales and people for the most part seem to be pretty happy with what they’ve been able to get.

        • Liquidfx Xboxdude

          a few people? do you look at this blog often? that is all people dom which is complain, so that should tell microsoft something. i used to back them and say they would get better but that is just not the case.

          • Getsuga_Tensho

            The number of people who comment on this blog shockingly enough isn’t even close to being the majority of Xbox users. You mostly see complaints on here because those who are happy with deals and such don’t have reason to comment most of the time.

            Just like in many things gaming, the happy majority are often quiet while the unhappy minority are very loud. MS will probably just ignore people on here for the most part because people complain at anything and everything regardless which makes the feedback useless.

            If people complain about things non stop and start ranting about how they’re getting a PS4 instead of the next Xbox because the one game they wanted wasn’t on that weeks Deal of the Week then they’re hardly going to take more complaints seriously are they? Not when there’s many happy customers elsewhere buying the titles on sale and not making a single complaint.

    • Luiis Cubias

      I dont know why people complain about the prices neither and you so right. If you find the game cheaper in other place just shut up and buy it from there. I personally bought King of Fighter 13 bc is cheaper than gamestop.

    • John Doe

      The complaining from people is the reason why your HDD is filled up, Jack.
      I’m not those people, but on their behalf, Your Welcome.

      For months people complained about the Deals of the Week and how Steam this and PSN Plus that. Now, people finally got a reason to waste Microsoft Points for once in a good long time. I barely see any complaints here, but the ones I do see in terms of some of the cost issues, does warrant one. If a vanilla version of a game cost more or equal to an upgraded version, then we got a problem..

  • Dominican Lou

    Okay so this sale aside from the technical issues has been a success I would say. If my cheap a$$ went and bought GRID, Kane and Lynch, Assassins Creed 2, Batman:AA, Dead Island, Fallout 3 and MK/DCU Then it had to be good. I’m so excited right now to play these damn games I can’t even tell you. Lets hope we get another one of these soon.

  • Chico Edge

    Well done, Microsoft and all of the publishers who took part in this sale. I bought ten games in all and the price tag was $63. I hope we see more sales of this quality in the near future and maybe a mass Arcade game sale like this. Kudos for making this sale accessible to everyone whether they have a Gold subscription or not.

  • Luis Perez

    do we need to still buy online passes for MK or Tekken tag 2… or does it come with it ?

    • BostonSup

      Not sure what you mean by passes, but all GoD comes with multiplayer mode (it is only used discs that does not).

      If you are talking about Season Passes, I don’t believe any GoD have DLC. You would have to buy the Gold Edition/GOTY edition in retail for all DLC.

    • Getsuga_Tensho

      You don’t need to buy online passes for Games on Demand titles. Online passes only exist to try and get people to purchase a game new instead of preowned so you’ll have no worries with either of those titles.

  • Wakefield Hawthorne

    a bit overpriced in my country, but I think it has been a good week, i bought:

    Tomb Raider Legend – 240 msp
    Code Veronica – 400 msp
    Resident Evil 4 – 760 msp
    Peace Walker – 760 msp
    Halo 3 – 760 msp
    Metal Gear 2 and 3 – 760 msp
    Halo Reach – 1160 msp
    Batman – 1160 msp

  • Rodrigo DeAraujo

    Damn it, can’t buy Fallout 3 thru my American XBOX LIVE account, only because I am currently in Brazil. Stupid Microsoft! DAMN IT! I wanted to buy Fallout 3 so bad.

  • BostonSup

    Good deals this week. You know though, these are the types of sales that many people want spread out for the Deal of the Week. Take a good game or 2 and knock off the price by 50% or more and add in a few DLCs. Then keep doing something like this every once and a while.

  • [CJBr]RaFaeLByGears

    Major nelson, you could put all the games we’ve been promoting the sale for one day, for those who missed the opportunity to buy some of them, tomorrow would be a good day for this, put all games with a great price again.

  • Jorge T Gonzalez

    awesome sale i got assassins cre2,brotherhood and revelations, el shaddai, resident evil 4 and code veronica and the orange box

  • Curtis Isabell

    <3 owning both consoles, xbox has these good sales, and now PSN+ is fighting back with their march lineup

    Spec ops the line free tomorrow and joe danger sometime this month as well, guess i'l play what I got today until then

    • Getsuga_Tensho

      Yeah you really can’t complain at the moment if you own both consoles. All these great deals on the Xbox and PS+ giving us lots of full games. We’ll not be short of things to play for quite a while.

    • GmailIsDown

      if you have a Vita, they will be giving away 4 PSP games tomorrow (for everyone. this is not the “free” rentals for PS+ users). you have to use an actual Vita to get them.

  • Ramiro Luis Teixeira

    got Orange Box, Portal 2, SSFIVAE and KOF XIII.
    now, give me Mirrors Edge!

  • Justin Mewse

    Please tell me what is the BEST of these: Super Street Fighter 4AE, King of Fighters 13, Tekken 5 or Vitual Fighter 5? (I’m not a Mortal Kombat fan). Used to love Tekken and Soul Calibur on PS2, but not delved into fighter games with Xbox as yet. Cheers guys.

    • Bennijin

      VF5 Final Showdown is on sale for 400 tomorrow and I’d go for that instead if I were you. Tekken 6 was a jugglefest, KOF13 is great but SSF4AE will probably have more people playing.

      I’d have to suggest getting either SSF4AE or KOF13 (or both), giving Tekken 6 a miss (get TTT2 instead if you must buy a Tekken) and pick up VF5FS tomorrow.

  • Rob Goldie

    FYI Australians: TTT2 is only $9.95 and King of Fighters XIII is $4.95 for us.

  • disqus_CRw9XqYkQc

    I’m getting “Your purchase cannot be completed at this time. Please try again.” error on Civilization and Batman: AA. It’s been like that for 6 hours or so. Any ideas ? I’m using msp and I successfully bought both MG titles earlier today.

    • Sebastian Waligora

      You can’t do anything, i have the same problem but 30 min later the sales disappear and the regular prices were back. I called microsoft support but they can’t do anything :/

  • Jared Walsh

    For ME
    Batman AA
    The King of Fighters XIII
    Dead Island
    MG 2 And 3
    Call of Duty 2
    HALO 4 + WARS

    Assassin’s Creed Revelations+2

    The Darkness 1GRAW 1+2

    TC’s RainbowSix Vegas

    Virtua Fighter 5

    Call of Juarez

  • Bennijin

    Street Fighter IV: £8.99/1040
    Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition: £4.49/520

    what is this i dont even

  • Mark Farrington

    Batman AA
    Orange Box
    Fallout 3
    Max Payne 3
    RE5, RE6 and RE CV
    Dark Messiah – I kinda regret this one…….
    I have a few MS left but nothing else takes my fancy :(

    • Russell Gorall

      I just have to laugh at anyone who announces they buy Max Payne 3 digitally at this point. Very funny.

      • Clint

        At least you are laughing, better than being sad all the time.

        On a more serious note, I bought Max Payne for R52 in South Africa. That is the equivalent, at today’s exchange rate, of $5.73. A movie ticket to the cinema costs R55 in SA. I laugh at anyone who would not be willing to pay as little as that for Max Payne 3. The cheapest price I could find elsewhere in SA for this game, and yes, I shopped around, was R376 ($41).

  • Jared Z

    Seriously where do they get charging the SAME PRICE for SF4 AND SSF4? SSF4 is the same exact game as SF4 but with more characters! SF4 should’ve cost like 2 bucks XD

    • Bennijin

      Vanilla is twice as much as Super AE in the UK, it’s hilarious.

      • Russell Gorall

        Crack much?

        • Clint

          Troll much?

        • Bennijin

          I think some substance abuse may have been involved.

  • Jared Z

    Still couldn’t resisst L4D2 at 10 bucks. I see Gamestop has the balls to charge 45 dollars for a used copy? Ha!
    And picked up KOF 13 at least have a 2nd console to play it on now :P

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      lol i thought you were lying but no i just looked and it is $44.99 for a used copy. wtf

      • Russell Gorall

        Thanks, Bill Gates. You guys are crazy.

    • Russell Gorall

      That is a rental until until you buy a new console, at best.

      What effing Gamestop, cough, are you talking about? Do you work for MS?

      • Dan Etheridge

        It’s not a rental, buy a new 360 and you can download it on that. You can say the same thing about Steam.

  • Bennijin

    The version on sale IS the Arcade Edition. Might as well just buy that then trade in your copy of Super to recoup some of the costs.

  • Adam Atamian

    There isn’t a sale planed, but ya never know.

  • Cleiton Santos

    TR: Legends
    El Shadai


    • Russell Gorall

      In other words you bought rentals to those games for as long as you own a 360? Are you bragging?

      • Nick Peck

        Wow, that makes so much sense I don’t even know where to start. You are special Russell, and I mean that as in the short bus and candy flavored windows kind of way.

      • Cleiton Santos

        Okay……. I have a hunch that somehow this is related to PS+……

  • Russell Gorall

    Does major nelson ever just give up on life? When will he?

  • Russell Gorall

    Remember when 360 meant the place to play the top games as they were meant to be played?


    • Bennijin

      Pretty sure multiformat games still perform better overall, although man cannot game on ports alone.

  • Russell Gorall

    Remember when Gears of War meant something that wasn’t passed off to lesser developers?

    • John Doe

      Implying Gears of War meant something to begin with.

      The story is nothing to brag about, the online community is terrible and filled with people who use one gun which is ridiculously overpowered than any other. And when the devs introduce a new weapon, they cry nerf because they can’t use their OP shotgun against it.

      The company that runs it doesn’t care about it’s consumers demands. It’s been proven countless of times in their own official forum, the only time something gets done is to cater to making the Gnasher shotgun OP again, otherwise, no one is going to play Epics bread and butter, which will be proven when Judgment comes out, because the multiplayer is designed to make the Gnasher shotgun less usuable for once.

      • Bennijin

        I thought Gears of War was a breath of fresh air back in 2006.

        Unfortunately recycling that same breath of air doesn’t keep it fresh.

    • Bennijin

      >People Can Fly
      Dohohohoho. I think being lesser than Epic these days would be an achievement.

  • Russell Gorall

    Remember when a Halo game wasn’t a corporate made Halo game? What happened?

    • Bennijin

      Bungie wanted to stop making Halo games while Halo fans and Microsoft wanted Halo games to continue to be made. It’s quite simple, really.

      • Nick Peck

        Not for Russell, he’s not right in the head.

    • Dan Etheridge

      Money. It’s quite simple, really.

    • Nick Peck

      Remember when God of War, Uncharted, Resistance and Killzone weren’t corporate made games? What happened? Oh ya, all 4 of those still haven’t sold as much as Halo and Gears alone. SO much for “exclusives” lol.

  • Russell Gorall


    How long are these good for as far as DRM infused DLC?

    Just tell us what the rats actually tell you, sir.

    That is a unique approach derpp.

  • GmailIsDown

    I kept hoping for an encore…

    • Bennijin


  • GmailIsDown

    today is supposed to be the last day

  • xboxaus

    would have brought more if i was allowed to by XBL themselves love how i buy points to buy game only to see the words sorry can’t purchase at this time . talk to Microsoft support went over a few things even he didn’t know you could purchase them with points ? that say’s a lot . getting closer and closer to becoming a pc gamer or sony

  • Jorge T Gonzalez

    el shaddai
    assassins creed 2,brotherhood and revelations
    resident evil 4 and code veronica
    the orange box
    mk vs dc
    king of fighters xiii
    dark messiah

    pretty awesome deals thanks microsoft

  • Ravi Shankar

    Wouldn’t resist. Bought both/

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    deals of the day aren’t the right prices or so as your blog had stated with 160msp for both sonic fighters and fighting vipers. i guess this will happen every week. bait and switch, which is illegal in most professions.

    • Nick Peck

      Coming up correct for me online and on the Xbox.

  • Jeremy

    No clue if someone will go to the bottom of the feed and read this but here it goes. I loved this sale. I do however agree with some of you that if they put certain ones went back up I would snatch them but I really only missed out on Arkham City. I picked up:
    Fallout 3
    Halo 3
    The Orange Box
    Left 4 Dead 2
    COD MW2
    COD Black Ops
    Batman Arkahm Asylum
    MK vs DCU
    Rayman Raving Rabbids

    So I went crazy but I am done for a while. Had a 250GB HDD and I love digital over retail any day. This was a truly amazing sale. I picked up 11 games for $93. I know I saved a lot of money.

    • Nick Peck

      If you go into the sale on the Xbox there is an “extended” part where they put some of the past days games up still at the sale prices. I grabbed 1 more game because of that.

  • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

    Own them all next?

  • [CJBr]RaFaeLByGears

    i Got

    Bioshock and Mk vs DC

  • Matthew Griffin

    Went out and bought myself a (used) 360s with a 250gb hdd so I could fit as many games as I wanted on (and to replace my old pro console – I suspect it will fail again soon, it’s well out of warranty now.)

    I bought:

    Call of Juarez
    Red Dead Redemption
    Metal Gear Solid 2/3 + Peacewalker
    Arkham City
    Max Payne 3
    Tomb Raider Legend
    Mortal Kombat v DC Universe
    Street Fighter IV: Arcade Ed.
    Tekken 6
    Tekken Tag Tournament 2

    In total this cost me something like 8600 points, I paid about 90 euro for those points (Ireland here) and I’m damn happy with it. That should keep me going all summer.

    I wanted to buy MK9 and Borderlands 2 but the prices were too high so I’m going to buy the Komplete edition of MK on ebay and wait for a similar release of borderlands.

    5 thumbs up to Microsoft and majornelson. Great sale bar a few hiccups.

  • Leonardo da Leone

    will their be more sales ? i wanna one with halo . i wanted to buy fallout but then xbox got updated and i couldnt buy it anymore )-:

  • Jaipreet Lall

    AWWWW I WAS 10 ms points away from getting KOF please tell me there will be.a sale on KOF or Skullgirls or SFxT CHARS DLC

  • Jaipreet Lall

    *another sale

  • Luih

    more sales like this past week and people will love microsoft… true history

  • Bush O Connor

    i bought nothing in these “sales” they are to little to late, every single game that i wanted that has been on sale this week, i either already have, already traded it in or its cheaper in the local shop.

    i went to buy Harly Quinn DLC in the xbox sales for 800msp i think it was, i loaded up the computer to buy points online and low and behold Batman AC complete game of the year edition for 5euro on ORIGIN of all places. so now i have it on steam/xbox and origin. got the complete game for less than just one DLC on xbox, wtf!!

  • Lewis Emslie

    SWEET! I just got a free Microsoft points card pin at freemspointsforever com

  • Patrick Lewis

    SWEET! I just got a free Microsoft points card pin at freemspointsforever com

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