March 3rd 2013 2:59 pm PT

Xbox LIVE Ultimate Game Sale: Day 6

Ultimate Game Sale Offers for today Standard Price Discount Price Savings % Off
Batman Arkham Asylum $29.99 $9.99 $20.00 67%
Fallout 3 $14.99 $4.99 $10.00 67%
Max Payne 3 $39.99 $14.99 $25.00 63%
Left for Dead 2 $29.99 $9.99 $20.00 67%
Metal Gear Solid HD $24.99 $9.99 $15.00 60%
Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker $19.99 $9.99 $10.00 50%
Orange Box $19.99 $9.99 $10.00 50%
Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution $29.99 $9.99 $20.00 67%

*Prices and availability will vary by Xbox LIVE region. Prices above are US$.
Please check your local  dashboard or for specific content pricing and availability.

Note: Due to the late start these deals got, they’ll be available for an additional 24-hours

Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Hannah Ungless

    max payne 3 £4.49 batman arkham asylum £2.69 pretty good (uk)


    Great deal. Grabbed Orange Box, L4D2 and Max Payne 3. Hopefully I’ll get VF5FS tomorrow.

  • Chris Taylor

    I can buy The Orange Box at my local game store for 2.00

    • Cleiton Santos

      ‘effin buy it from that local store then.

  • dibils

    i am tempted by Arkham Asylum, i played Arkham City but never finished Asylum (i played few levels on my bros PS3). also do people still play L4D2? could i find matches?

  • Sebastian Weintz

    it seems like day 7 is already active i dl ttt2 for 840pts atm

  • ɾosɥ ɥɐɐs

    Alright, part of me is glad that Microsoft doesn’t have deals like this all the time. It’s getting so hard to resist some of these games!

  • Luke Galea

    I am getting that payment cannot be authorized. I have contacted Microsoft but they have not replied. I have already lost another daily deal because of this problem. Can anyone here help me please? Thanks

  • Scott Millar

    Now that they are finally working these are great deals. Glad to see theyve put the Fighting Games up early too but from this set I’ve already bought LFD2 as never played it but folks always rave about it. Thinking about getting CivRev too even tho I used to have it and played it right through…it is that good so if you are on the fence, trust me and get it!

    • Russell Gorall

      The DLC on these are only as good as the console you buy them on.

      Your first time as a consumer?

  • Paul Byron

    Annoyingly unable to find MGS HD collection on the UK store for some reason. It does list it as £8.99 in search, but then takes me to a page to buy retail rather than to buy on the store.

    • Getsuga_Tensho

      To get around that, browse on the US version of the site and go to the page for the games that way. The prices will correct themselves for your region when you click buy now. All the deals are up on the dashboard now as well so if you’re at your 360 then that’s finally an option.

      • Paul Byron

        Thank you, worked perfectly.

  • Adam Pepe

    Not working. MGS:HD is listed as $10, but will not let me purchase. WTG Microsoft, one of the only games I’ve been waiting to go on sale, and you can’t even give it to me properly.

  • Janko

    Day 6 Discounts? Image below tells you the whole true ;)

    • Russell Gorall

      You love cocaine?

  • ChameleonX

    Left 4 Dead 2 and Civilization Revolution at $10 a piece is a great price!

    • Russell Gorall

      Yep, DLC on a console they are about to phase out is always a great idea.

      • Bennijin

        Lol, “phase out”. Show of hands, how many of us are actually going to buy a next gen console at launch? I know I’m not, plenty of gems to be plundered yet.

  • Carlos Rodrigo Palomo Ramirez

    Sorry, does anyone knows if I can get MGS:PW on the market place in mexico, I already played MGS 2 and 3, but my psp broke before i could get MGS:PW, so i wish i could play it in my xbox.
    Thanks in advance

  • virose_pt

    I can´t believe I paid 4,99 euros for Max Payne 3 (Portuguese dashboard) … :D

    • Russell Gorall

      You should post this again, you get paid twice.

      • virose_pt

        It wasn’t on purpose, stop being childish.

  • Mücahit Can

    “Max Payne 3″ – done.

    • Russell Gorall

      You expect little.

  • Russell Gorall

    Yep, you overpaid, holmes.

  • Bennijin

    Surely if you need rupees you can just smash a few vases and cut down some tall grass?


  • Shaun Owens

    It says the games are on discount but when I go to purchase the games are full price. Why is this?