March 3rd 2013 2:59 pm PT

Xbox LIVE Ultimate Game Sale: Day 6

Ultimate Game Sale Offers for today Standard Price Discount Price Savings % Off
Batman Arkham Asylum $29.99 $9.99 $20.00 67%
Fallout 3 $14.99 $4.99 $10.00 67%
Max Payne 3 $39.99 $14.99 $25.00 63%
Left for Dead 2 $29.99 $9.99 $20.00 67%
Metal Gear Solid HD $24.99 $9.99 $15.00 60%
Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker $19.99 $9.99 $10.00 50%
Orange Box $19.99 $9.99 $10.00 50%
Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution $29.99 $9.99 $20.00 67%

*Prices and availability will vary by Xbox LIVE region. Prices above are US$.
Please check your local  dashboard or for specific content pricing and availability.

Note: Due to the late start these deals got, they’ll be available for an additional 24-hours

Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Temple Jones

    Finally. Thank you sir for the info.

  • Matthew

    Isn’t that supposed to be Fallout New Vegas, I snagged it early this morning..

    • LycanXIII

      New Vegas was yesterday.

  • ninjastyle

    It’s not working yet.

  • Raheel Khurshid

    these titles weren’t on sale today, so wasted 1 day i guess

    • Kario

      They are on sale right now and will be for the next 24 hours. Tomorrow’s sales will start at the normal time. No wasted day.

  • JayShockblast

    Decided to grab the Orange Box. Played it super briefly in the past but for some reason didn’t get into it. I’ll try again for 10 bucks

  • Neftali Rodriguez

    Getting Orange Box.

  • Matt Thiessen

    Max Payne 3 for 4.99 in germany?! wtf!

    • Alo Dagh

      Maybe just a mistake, but i got it for this price ;)

    • Joakim

      Same here in Sweden :S

      • Byyys

        400ms in ireland… worth the download, old arcade games are that price!

  • Gary Norton

    Well Im Happy, got my Orange Box :) spent nearly 5000 microsoft points and got some great bargains in the process :) Really want Tekken 6 (Whats apparantly in the Monday Sale) but got Virtua Fighter 5 instead, anyway….Thanks Microsoft

    • Mark Farrington

      I think I’ve bought 10 games in this sale and spent roughly the same as you. Still tomorrow to go and I have 1600 points left as well….

    • Nic Holley

      Awwww man….I wish I knew you so I could have told you that Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown goes on sale for 400 points next week. The definitive version of VF5.

  • Dale Sickler

    not working for me.. no sale yet

  • Alo Dagh

    Max Payne 3 only 400 MSP in Germany

    • Temple Jones


    • Dean Turnšek

      160 msp in switzerland could not belive my eyes !

      • [CJBr]RaFaeLByGears

        no way man O.O

      • kapyshon

        Holy sh*t. Maybe it will cost negative points by the morning somewhere :D

      • ryan holden

        BUY BUY BUY before they (if it’s a mistake) fix it!!

    • simon

      Same here in Denmark
      Btw Mgs peacewalker is also 400 msp

  • Darth Stewie

    Does MGS HD include MG 1 & 2 as well?

    • Neftali Rodriguez

      you mean the first ones for PC? if so, then yes they are on the MGS3 game.

    • alex

      Yep! Metal gear 1 + 2, Metal gear solid 2 + 3, since mgs3 is the subsistence version it comes with all the goodies ;)

    • Zbigniew Borowski

      Nah, it’s only MGS 2 and 3.

    • gary

      Just 2 and 3

    • Youngindy21

      It probably includes Metal Gear 1 and Metal Gear 2 but not Metal Gear Solid 1. I think some people get confused between MG and MGS.

  • Jeffery Taylor

    Fallout 3 downloading now. Also bought BioShock the first day of the sale. Would have bought Code Veronica but my internet was out that day. More $5 pricetags please.

  • Beccer

    This doesn’t seem right atall;

    Batman – $9.99, UK – £2.69
    Fallout – $4.99, UK – £4.49

    Mistake or just idiots tapping these prices in?

    • kapyshon

      Meanwhile in MS offices

    • Andy

      That is extremely random but thanks for the tip on Batman, just picked it up!

  • randy kicher

    Leaning towards metal gear

  • Chris Quintero

    Metal Gear Solid HD is still marked at the wrong price.

  • Ramón García


    • Slugger D. Maxman


  • Jeremy Carrier

    Fix Metal Gear Solid pls BibleThump

  • Josh Adamski

    The Metal Gear games show their prices correctly, however when you go to buy it still shows normal pricing. (IE 24.99 for 2 and 3 HD and 19.99 for Peacewalker)

    • Harley Nelson

      I was able to get peacewalker for 9.99. It displays 19.99 but when you click purchase, it comes down to 9.99 on transact screen. Still no lick with mgs HD

  • Harley Nelson

    MGs HD is still not priced right.

    • Temple Jones

      Agreed. Neither MGS HD’s are the right price…..whats going on MS? Seriously? It shouldnt be this hard.

      • Harley Nelson

        Mgs HD just started working

  • alex

    Well thats both the metal gear games bought, and in the uk market place peacewalker is half the price of the HD collection. Never played any Metal Gear game, and now i’ve got 5 for £12 :D. Cant wait to get stuck in…

  • Javier

    finally thanx major!

  • Sam Choi

    please fix the MGS prices :(

  • Mark Farrington

    They’re not showing in the Ultimate Game Sale section, but if you search for them they’re all showing up.
    I think I’ll get Fallout 3, L4D2 and Orange Box today.
    Max Payne 3 is showing as £4.49 but when you click Buy it shows £24.99, so there’s still some wrinkles to iron out….
    Much better deals though

  • Billy Cupid

    Left 4 Dead 2 and Max Payne 3 are both £4.49 in the UK now – down from (£19.99 & £24.99 respectively). Finally, some great deals!

  • Bennijin

    520 in the UK, 400 in other regions. What the hell, MS? XBLA games can be the
    same in MSP but GoDs cant? The whole point of MSP was to not have to
    deal with this currency dissonance…

    (Still good prices though.)

    • Alo Dagh

      520 MSP is still a steal.

  • Joakim

    Just bought Max Payne 3 for 400 MSP :D

  • Phillip Lowery

    Civ rev is DL’ding

  • Charlene Gorman

    Max payne 3 for 520 msps a’ll take that! Thank u and hopefully tomoz i can get l4d2 wen get more msps :)

    • kapyshon

      In what country? It’s insane! I’ve got it for 960 MSP ಥ_ಥ

      • PiotrZ

        In Poland 960MSP too:( Still good price. But I wont 520MSP now:)

        • kapyshon

          I agree. The same feeling here :) Never mind, it’s a good deal.

          • Rodolfo Antonio

            That’s an amazing price for European territories.

            Here in Mexico Max Payne 3 is 1760 MSP ಥ_ಥ

          • Gordo

            I Know wee :(

  • Gibson

    Damn. Tempted to get Left 4 Dead 2…

  • lethargicj

    I was thinking about getting the MGS games but I’ve ready a lot of people claiming that the games are boderline unplayable due to the Xbox controller. Is this true? Or how true is it?

    • Chuck Yoder

      Not at all. Very playable but since the 360 doesn’t have pressure sensitive buttons, you have to press the right analog stick down to lower your weapon. Becomes very natural after a few minute.

  • Joey Kuhn

    Left 4 Dead 2 still isn’t showing up for me. It’s still $30. Yet every other game has changed.

  • Luiis Cubias

    I hope they realease the king of fighters VIII for 800 MS points bc Thats all I have left in my account.

  • Kenny Krush

    change your location to get MP3 for 400 points

    • RUTHLE55 K1LL3R

      any explanation on how to do this??

    • Gordo


  • mcmax3000

    Tempted to grab Civ Rev since I’ve always heard good things, but man, the last thing I need right now is another game to play.

  • Adam Bower

    None of these games are showing up in the Ultimate Game Sale section on the dashboard home page for me.

    • Getsuga_Tensho

      I suspect that won’t be updated for a while. You’ll be able to find most of these by browsing for the games individually on the dashboard and if a few games haven’t had their prices updated on there yet then they should all be at their correct prices on the xbox site.

  • Mario Pendleton マリオ

    I’d rather get the Metal Gear HD collection on disc for $30.

    • Getsuga_Tensho

      That’s fair enough, some people prefer physical copies of their games. MGS HD and Peace Walker are at great prices at the moment though and are more than worth a purchase for many of us.

    • CaptBenLWillard

      why? I’d rather spend way less and get the same thing. Less clutter with no discs

      • Atomicow

        You aren’t getting the same thing. The HD collection on disc has 1+2+3+Peace Walker. The HD Collection here only has 2+3.

        • ScottWong

          Hi guys, MGS HD collection on 360 actually has 2 discs: Disc 1) MGS 2+3 and Disc 2) MGS: PW. So it’s not all 3 games on one disc. If you purchase both MGS HD and PW in this sale, you basically get the same stuff as the disc version. And sorry, MGS 1 is not included.

  • Nune Alex Luis

    Max Payne 3 5€ in Portugal!!

  • Dylan Satterfield

    do i have to change my region prem ” to get batman and stuff for 2.69?

    • Dylan Satterfield


  • ungeheier

    Larry, Im curious about the Xbox Live Rewards plan and these GoD sales. If I purchase these games with $ and not MSP does it still count toward the Marketplace rebates?

    • Lalah Warren

      I just got 4000 Microsoft points from this site for free! :D freemspointsforever com

  • Getsuga_Tensho

    Here are the prices for those of you in the UK since the above are for people located in the US.

    Batman Arkham Asylum – £2.69 / 320MSP
    Fallout 3 – £4.49 / 520MSP
    Left for Dead 2 – £4.49 / 520MSP
    Max Payne 3 – £4.49 / 520MSP
    Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (MGS 1 and 2) – £8.99 / 1040MSP
    Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker – £4.49 / 520MSP
    Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution – £4.49 / 520MSP
    The Orange Box – £8.99 / 1040MSP

    That should save a few people having to hunt around for the deals when the prices aren’t up on the dashboard yet. I just picked up MGS HD and Peace Walker there and that’s left me with 160MSP.

    I do want Max Payne 3, Fallout 3, The Darkness and Tomb Raider Legend but I’ve not got enough for them at the moment and annoyingly, I get paid the day after the sale ends. I have hope that the deals will be live for a little bit in the UK on the 5th and that I get paid in time to grab the latter two.

    Aside from all of that, this has been a great sale aside from some hiccups and a day long problem like today. I’d love it if Deal of the Week was more like this with one or two XBLA games, Games on Demand titles and a dlc or two/themes & picture packs on sale. Having more of a set structure to that would give me a lot more to look forward to on a weekly basis.

  • Dny Playa

    Max Payne 3 is $15 in US. It’s $5 or less in other countries. WTH! !*%#$&%^^$^
    Microsoft hates USA!
    …. just kidding, I don’t care. You see how dumb you guys looked the past few days?

    • André Svensson

      I’m guess it is some kind of error or similar

      • Vitor Caetano Silveira Valadar

        Yeah, go ahead and complain that they hate USA, while we Brazilians have to pay U$30 for the same thing… isn’t it nice?

        • Dny Playa

          It was sarcasm

  • Ryan

    Does anybody know why Halo 3:ODST is not on demand? Is it because of the MP disc?

    • André Svensson

      yes it is because the MP disc there are no Multi disc games, on demand

      • MilkyTee

        Err, Max Payne 3 has two discs.

        • André Svensson

          true, but pretty much like RE6 (which also has two disc’s) the game fits on one disc not sure why they did it like that

          • Nic Holley

            I don’t know about MP3, but I know RE6’s extra disc is just for different languages.

          • Cleiton Santos

            What’s your excuse for L.A. Noire?

      • Getsuga_Tensho

        Thinking about it now though, they could do what the MGS Collection did and simply take ODST and put it up as a cheaper, standalone game or try getting 343 to stick the MP in ODST and just have a Halo 3 Multiplayer option in there. It’d be even better if MS started doing bundles like PSN but that’s fairly unlikely.

  • Curtis Isabell

    now this is a sale, fallout 3 for $5 is great for anyone who hasn’t tried it
    orange box is hard to get used for $20 let alone for $10
    L4D2 can go as high as $30.

    I got L4D2, and might get civilization, also looking into some of the weekly deals as $3 is hard to pass up for some of those games.

    • MilkyTee

      Indeed. I’m actually shocked, all the games on sale have been legitimately good with some seriously competitive prices.

      Bought Civ and MGS:HD(among others) purely because they’re at such attractive pricepoints. Convinced a few of my mates to get Dead Island, L4D and Max Payne 3 too. Looking forward to bro-opping with them 8)

      • lethargicj

        Seriously? Somebody voted this post down? haha

        Civilization is the game on this list I’m happy about. I played the demo years ago and liked it and have tried to find a decent price and never have. GS still sells this used at 30 bucks. I’m ecstatic to get it for 10. Some of the other prices have been wonky but this one game is enough to make the sale worth it.

        • Curtis Isabell

          there is a demo? I looked for one but couldn’t find it, maybe they removed it.. I also got dark messiah might and magic elements, it’s like a REALLY REALLY REALLY bad skyrim, but it’s $3 so what ever.

        • Jordan Mcdonald

          i almost voted it down simply for the use of “bro-op”…. very bromosexual…

  • alessandro ciriotti

    I have take max payne 3 for 400 micrpspft point in dashboard

    • kit walker

      WHAT ? WHERE?

      • alessandro ciriotti

        In italy this the price, i dont know in other region.
        You find it in game on demand

  • Rodolfo Antonio

    L4D2 for 600 MSP is priced right.

    But metal gear HD for 440 MSP is not.

    If it says 49.50 MXN the correct price should be 280 MSP.

    • Gordo

      Yeah come on i want MGS HD!! Fixed Major!!

      • Rodolfo Antonio

        Hi. :D

        At least we get good prices (more than 50%) on Resident Evil 6, Arkham City, L4D2, Civilization, Revelations and some others (Shame on you Brotherhood).

        It’s a shame not receive a surprising price as in other territories (That’s MGS HD for us, when the price is fixed).

        • Gordo

          Is all good, i have already bought Resident Evil 5 and Fallout New Vegas; i jus wanned fix so i can get Bioshock too

          • Rodolfo Antonio

            I don’t think the Bioshock price is a mistake considering that is very overpriced in our region (450 MXN/ 38 Dlls normally vs. the 100 MXN is now).

            I actually think that is a pretty good discount although it could be better is the fault of whoever decided these prices so disparate between regions.

    • cgguajardo

      Damn i just bought it at 440 is there a way to get a 160 msp refund?

      • Rodolfo Antonio

        Call xbox support seems the best idea.

      • Jorge Garza

        Let me know if they refund your MSP because I also bought it for 440 ;(

      • Jorge Garza

        I called Xbox´s support and they refunded me 200 msp because of MGS HD Collection!! :D

  • Tania Sakelariou

    I grabed Dirt 2 (400mps),Code Veronica (400mps),The Darkness (400mps),Dishonored (1640mps),Metal Gear 2&3 hd (400mps),Metal Gear Peace Walker (400mps) and Civilization (800mps) and have some mps left for the last day!!Many thanks to Microsoft and Major!!!

  • William Smith

    Metal gear solid hd collection microsoft points amount is incorrect. It should be 800 points. But when you choose to buy it says 2000 points.

  • ryan holden

    Gonna be picking up Max Payne 3 (which is weirdly priced at 1040MSP for us in Canada)

  • BlinkFandango

    Decent deals, if Civ Rev was $5 I would have got it. I own everything else already.

  • Nick Hayes

    So does this mean that the sale will be available tomorrow?