March 6th 2013 6:00 am PT

Arcade: Dollar Dash

Dollar Dash

Content: Dollar Dash
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
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Dash Text: Find it, rob it, and keep it. Grab the cash in this fast and frenetic top down multiplayer versus game. Dollar Dash will have you shouting for joy, as you make a dash with the cash. You must attack, defend or outrun your competitors in any of the three game modes (Dollar Dash, Save the Safe or Hit’n’Run) using unique and comedic tactics. Stand out from the crowd by customising your character, upgrading your favourite weapon, earning perks and unlocking achievements. You can’t stand still for a second as combat is crazy and money changes hands frequently. Choose your weapons carefully as you challenge your friends to become the best thief in town and laugh out loud as you smash them with a huge Bolder, peck them with a Mag Pie, while protecting yourself in Jelly!

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Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • ryder4life22187

    So i take it it’s only a multiplayer game then by the sounds of it. Won’t get this at that price if thats the case

  • ryder4life22187

    So i take it it’s only a multiplayer game. Won’t get this if that’s the case

  • Hugoku

    This feels like a mobile game. I would gladly pay .99 cents for it.
    At least I would be ensured I will always have someone to play with. As a full priced XBLA game, i think it is gonna suffer a quick death.

    • Z4M0

      …it’s not only a full priced XBLA game, is an almost online one (no campaign, and local competitive isn’t everyone’s routine) so online-only XBLA equals INSTANT death indeed.

      As online trial time dissappears the almost non existing community for this will fade into oblivion.

  • Curtis Isabell

    dollar dash should cost a dollar.

    • Bennijin

      I’d dash to my Xbox then.

  • Pukemon.

    800 points for this?… and right after i payed 9.99 or less for a FULL RETAIL GAME… somebody on the marketing dept got be fired

    • ungeheier

      Yeah, I spent a few mins with this game. meh. back to Fable III.

      • Bennijin

        Out of the frying pan…

    • Riddick Snipes

      Only somebody?

      • Riddick Snipes

        Also just wanna add that I have a 120gig black elite and I think it blows that I can’t buy a 250 gig hard drive off any shelf in Australia unless its a slim one. Y discontinue them if its still the current gen or at least cater for the 30 million or so that don’t have a slim!

        • ryder4life22187

          you can still buy a hard drive but requires you to take the old HDD case apart to put the new one in simple solution solved.

          • Riddick Snipes

            And risk getting banned. No thanks.

  • Tony Ortale

    I think Major just spoiled the name of the next Xbox!!! Apparently it’s the “Xbox 36″
    (See the “add to game trial” link…) :D

    • Z4M0

      LMAO +1

      • Russell Gorall

        I can just imagine the standup at your house. I see a lot of Howie Mandel material.

        • Z4M0

          …this blog is a great humoristic resource; how frequent is to find redundant info, promises of telling the marketing team how upset we are about deals or get to know future releases/deals with -grab your machos- a week in advance. That’s 7 days in the future wow !!1!

          Then, you got Skulls of the shogun, Special forces team X, all serious sam games and add-on… all reduced to 800 without warning. That makes me crack up.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    poo game

  • Vince

    Hey Major Nelson, does the Xbox 720 have 8 cores or 10? confirm please

    • Curtis Isabell

      we don’t even know if there will be 8 let alone 10…

    • Russell Gorall

      3… rings of death.

      • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

        Wise guy PS3 has had there consoles Brick to you know an yes on a large scale maybe not as large scale as RROD but least Microsoft sorted it over the years and gave a 3 year warranty on it Sony didn’t do nothing

    • ungeheier

      Graphics card has 10 cores.

  • Lk Kolz

    Oh dear, here we go AGAIN with the poor people crying poverty and can’t afford 10 dollars for a game. LOLOL.. Sucks to be as poor as you people are I can imagine. Glad I got an actual job instead of living off the government like you low lives do and can afford any thing.

    • Curtis Isabell

      if I won the lottery it wouldn’t make this game worth more than a dollar.

    • Russell Gorall

      You have intimate relations with your sisters.

      • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

        You are really messed up

    • Superman64

      Too bad you can’t buy some intelligence with the money you make.

  • fsdfg dsfds

    Wow XBLA has sucked for ages….

    • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

      What you expect this is the time were most Devs will start on next gen consoles

  • Russell Gorall

    Is there any way I can pay more for a dollar App Store title?

    I want to fund the next gen RROD.

  • Stank Beard

    Isnt the scratch and match deals supposed to change every tuesday, its still showing Bionic Commando for me. And not that the chain reaction is ever great but its been on the less than worthless Ninja Gaiden 3 weapon packs for over a month now.

    • O Mosqueda

      This game is so bad that even the trashing has become boring. From the cores of a yet-to-be-confirmed console to a region-limited offer, it’s all better than keep talking about this poor effort. MS should have a better review board before launching XBLA games, the worst part is that low-selling and low-rated games are not removed unless the company get a conflict with MS, the license of a brand expires or the company closes. Crazy Mouse is been there forever and I bet it hasn’t sold a copy since 2010.

  • ■ ᴲᴅ ■

    Another SEGA remake..

  • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

    So if this game any good