March 7th 2013 9:50 am PT

Watch the “Gears of War: Judgment World Premiere” event

If you missed the show when it ran live last weekend, here is the video on demand version.


Gears of War By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Mike Tucker

    Ive got to say some of the graphics on that were amazing, the part witht he fog and lighting looks great

  • Curtis Isabell

    they removed horde and replaced with survival? I don’t like this, I’m sure it would be a good mode but everyone wants horde. a lot of this doesn’t bode well for he series, I’m not preordering it, so much seems bad with this new gears game. I’ll have to talk to my friends and see what they are saying about it, most are die hard gears fans and they haven’t said anything about this gears game…

    • Adam

      Survival sounds like a better more intense version of Horde to me. As for the game as a whole, I’m still on the fence with a preorder. None of my “Gears” friends are very hyped up for it. I do want for the game to be good though,and I’m sure the cooperative portions of the game will be great. I’m just afraid they will try to diversify the versus MP side of things in an attempt to get away from the Gnasher fest that is all the other gears games (which would be a good thing IMHO) and all the Gears “purists” will whine and bitch endlessly because of it. Have you seen these guys get pissed off about the Sawed Off and Retro Lancer? Haha! Leading to it falling down the ranks of the playlists because the game isn’t really that fun to play for guys that haven’t been wall bouncing and Gnashing it up since Gears 1.

      • Curtis Isabell

        at the same time, what they did with beast mode was also like 10 waves and failed. survival looks awesome, but I have a feeling many many people will be disappointed with horde being out. I’ll probably wait and get it later, or just avoid it. this generation is almost over and i gotta save for my next system.

  • Clattus

    Single player could be the same old but as for horde and multiplayer glad that they revamped it. Could go either way but still better than being stale, the same and vapid. Glad they’re taking a risk rather than going the Call of Duty route.

  • Alice Lockhart

    I like the fact that I don’t like how this Gears of War looks like. I have so many games to buy XP.

  • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

    Could be a lot better than other gears

    • Alice Lockhart

      What bothers me the most is the “all-time reticule”. Watching how players still aiming is ridiculous.
      Those “sniper rifles” with a lot of bullets per magazine must be annoying.
      And the fact that you can use the shield with any weapon is bad -.-.

  • Russell Gorall

    Is it just me or did you redo this blog post because there were a hundred comments on the page about the game sale?

    Just reposting it doesn’t mean anybody still cares about it.

    • Boe2

      You seem to care a LOT though.

  • demetreHG

    F..ckin epic soooooooooooooooo can’t wait for this game !!!!

  • MrRadiolips

    Wish they would share Judgement with pc. This would be so good!