March 19th 2013 6:43 am PT

Demo: Gears of War: Judgment Multiplayer Demo

Gears of War: Judgment

Content: Gears of War: Judgment Multiplayer Demo
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Dash Text: Download the Gears of War: Judgment OverRun Demo. XP earned carries over to the final game if you purchase and play Judgment in the first week following release.


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Demo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Hugo Andrade

    Nice thanks for the demo!

  • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

    Had it a few days an I enjoy it. I like that whatever rank you are it will transfer

  • m1nh0ca

    I’m still satisfied with GoW 3…

  • Dagon Furey

    I don’t see the point in this game, it looks and plays like the last Gears although it is dumbed down a little. It’s more GoW 3.5 or an add on.

  • Agusia

    I know it has nothing to do with what’s posted here… but I’d like to ask you, guys at Microsoft, to update the Sales & Specials app with other deals… I ran it today and it’s still with Bionic Commando. If it keeps there, we’ll go through our 4th week with the same discount. I’d appreciate to have something new.

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      that “team” is good for nothing. they are pathetic and should be fired. don’t hold your breath for anything new or worthwhile. all they want to you to do is buy a stupid gears of war game, a series that was supposed to end on the third one. they like to milk stuff. those scratch and match deals were the only good ones so of course they decided that they didn’t want to do that anymore.

      • DarkNightRJ

        There is likely no team at all. Just some people were tasked with it and then taken off for some reason.

        Also what do you even get if the stuff matches?

      • Patrick Bruckner

        treu treu

    • Curtis Isabell

      yes please, PSN+ users got “the cave” free today, they got spec ops the line free a few weeks ago and vanquish free the month before.

      • Silent Killer01

        and we get apps :( I want to play games on my “game console”.

        • Curtis Isabell

          worst part is many apps are better on ps3 anyway, like netflix =

          • Xhawk27

            Not Youtube.

  • Hugoku

    Thanks for the prompt demo!
    Still, i’ll probably hang on to GoW 3 for a while. Horde is my favorite mode.

    • John Doe

      Who would f**king downvote you? The lack of Horde mode is the sole reason why I’m not interested in Judgment. I don’t like PVP modes and I’m not gonna waste $60 for a campaign mode.

  • Vince

    Major Nelson, tell those idiots to bring back Locust and DBNO in a patch. Oh and also remove bots in TDM.

    • John Doe

      “remove bots in TDM”
      And DBNO is returning in the Execution DLC in the future..

      • Curtis Isabell

        lol.. the only mode dbno doesn’t matter and they put it in that mode… lol.

  • BlinkFandango

    Major, you read these posts right? What happened after the Ultimate Game Sale? Did you let the deals team have a holiday for the good work they did? Didn’t you finally notice that reasonable prices for digital content greatly increases your revenue? Does Microsoft seriously not want money?

    Slightly on topic: I am not getting Judgement till it drops in price and I make some serious headway towards Seriously 3.0. Nice to have a demo though.

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      i really don’t think he cares or maybe there is nothing he can do about it. i wish he could though, this is just shameful. i can’t wait till the ps4 comes out. i will get the xbox too but i will get the ps4 first this time around. microsoft is pathetic.

      • Major Nelson

        No…I do care.

        • BlinkFandango

          Is there anything you can do though?

        • Curtis Isabell

          so…. listen to the customers?

        • GMAN73

          How does it make your feel that MS have abandoned its loyal core fan base in favour of Kinect and Apps. The rumours that have going around about the new Xbox really make me want a PS4 instead. Ive been gaming on the Xbox for 10 years now and the last 4 years have been bloody awful

      • Fox E Salazar

        Well the Ps4 is going to come out before the new xbox.

    • Major Nelson

      Deal of the Week is different from the Ultimate Game Sale….that said, we should have more Ultimate Game Sale style sales in the future. No idea when or what…but it will happen.

      • MilkyTee

        Sounds good to me, cheers Larry. The Ultimate Game Sale was excellent and the upcoming Spring Sale looks promising too.

      • BlinkFandango

        Good to know more UGS are in the works I got a bunch of games in the last one, having said that the Deal of the Week really needs to improve. You know permanently reducing the price of old content instead of putting the same content on sale over and over again (like GTA last week and Ubisoft content this week as well as the constant Bethesda, Borderlands and Bioshock sales) would go a long way in instilling my faith in Xbox’s digital future.

        As it stands I feel like the deals team is kind of hit and mostly miss. Every once in a while we get great deals (like the Countdown to 2013 and UGS), but most of the time it feels like we get rehashed content. I believe I suggested this before, but I feel like the following method would work better:

        1. After 3 to 4 months, put the game on sale for 50%.
        2. After 6 to 8 months, permanently reduce the item by 25%.
        3. After a year or so, permanently reduce the title to 50% off the original price.
        4. Maybe after 2 years have a sale that reduces the item to 25% its original price.
        5. After 3-4 years, permanent reduction to 25% of original price.

        How this improves on the current method:

        1. You are putting the same items “on sale” about the same number of times as you currently are now, but you are (hopefully) reducing complaints because the amount you reduce the item by increases each time.
        2. You are advertising the item each time it drops and (as you may have noticed with the ultimate game sale) the lower items get, the more likely you are to sell them i.e. impulse buys (e.g I never would have picked up Call of Juarez or Rainbow 6 if they didn’t drop down to $5, plus I also convinced my friends to buy them and some other games).
        3. Since you are mixing permanent reductions with sales, the games don’t appear in DotW as often as they currently are, which would hopefully be another reason that complaints go down.
        4. You are more closely following the retail model which shows consumers that digital media is on par (if not superior) to their physical counterpart. For me personally, this would help convince me to purchase the next Xbox since I would see that Microsoft was not trying to monopolize prices on the Xbox Live Marketplace and was reasonable in their pricing schemes. As it stands, Steam looks like they have that down, so a Steam Box might be a more viable option for me next gen or (as I have mentioned previously) the Wii U seems tempting because I haven’t played Nintendo games in a while.

        Now Major (if you’ve gotten this far), I know others have expressed interest in helping out on this matter, but I haven’t yet so here’s my offer: summer is fast approaching and so, if it is even still viable, I would not mind taking on an internship with the “deals team” to work on some predictive modeling to see whether or not my ideas would actually generate more revenue. My undergraduate degree was in Mathematics and Computer Science and I have a Master’s degree in Computer Science (with an emphasis in Control Theory). I am currently working on my PhD and some experience in industry doing predictive modeling would be great for me, not to mention more revenue from sales would be great for you. If anything, I would at least work to ease complaints by not putting the same things on sale all the time. If this proposition interests you (and is feasible) please feel free to contact me: chettyv at byu dot edu, I can provide my resume and letters of recommendation if necessary.

        • Curtis Isabell

          after 2-3 years the game should be like $1 and the DLC free tbh. games go by very fast now, you can wait 2 weeks and get a game half off retail in stores.

      • Russell Gorall

        So, where is your corporate sponsored DOTW post?

        It isn’t like it is your job or anything.

      • Curtis Isabell

        if you had an ultimate game sale every week, or every 2 weeks people might spend more MS points.

        • Xhawk27

          The Ultimate sale on XBL saved me money on Ghost Recon 2. I paid only $5 for it and on PSN it’s on sale for $10 for Plus members.

      • Sanglant

        screw the UGS, just have a proper market-based progressive price reduction system on DLC & GoD

  • Brian Edden

    It’s a new week. Can you remove the GTA4 Deal of the Week now…

    • Nathan Gura

      It’s just early for next week’s sale ;)

  • BostonSup

    Not sure how they know, but read on multiple sites that this is the Deal of the Week (it is understandable why it wasn’t promoted):
    Assassin’s Creed II – Sequence 12: Battle of Forli 320
    Assassin’s Creed II – Sequence 13 : Bonfire of the Vanities & Secret Locations 560
    Assassin’s Creed Revelations – The Lost Archive 400
    Assassin’s Creed Revelations – Mediterranean Traveler Map Pack 400
    Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – The Da Vinci Disappearance DLC 400
    Prince of Persia – Epilogue 400
    SplinterCellConviction – Deniable Ops: Insurgency 800
    Beyond Good & Evil HD 400
    Mad Riders 400
    Might & Magic Clash of Heroes™ ?
    Outland400800Rayman 3 HD 400

    • MacPh1sto

      Yup this is 100% correct. It’s showing up on the Dashboard now.

    • fsdfg dsfds

      Major is to busy posting BS on twetter ever 5 mins to bother with us, imagine how much more work that would get done if he wasnt allowed to use it in working hours…

  • Russell Gorall

    I would like to say congrats to Microsoft first party development on a 79 on Metacritic.

    • Brad Lavender

      Judgment is not a first-party game.

    • Sanglant

      its a third party exclusive.

    • Zack Stein

      I have to say, this is the first time I’ve half-agreed with Russell on something. IGN snookered me on Gears of War: Judgment. GOW 3 was pure burnout. I couldn’t finish it – just got so stale. So, after the reviews I saw saying People Can Fly really injected some fresh blood into this series, I ran out and spent $60 on this game. Man am I really, really disappointed. After playing a fresh game like Tomb Raider, this thing just feels so dated and lazy. And the entire “story” is broken up by these summaries about how you did, and then it asks you if you’d like to play the same section again for a higher score. The controls are wonky, the button mapping has changed, leading to much frustration (just look around the internet). Overall, this is a case of going to the well one too many times. And yes, Microsoft treats this as a first-party game. It’s certainly exclusive. This is just mindless shooting. My brother walked in the room and thought I was playing online – it was a level of the game. But it’s so hectic and chaotic, no strategy. Just shooting into a cyber-riot of pixels. Thank God Bioshock comes out next week. I need a palate cleanser. Microsoft, more and more, really has me concerned. I’m a fan. I’m the guy that has purchased FOUR of your consoles since launch day in 2005. I own a Kinect for my children (they only play Dance Central, the other games frustrate them…). I buy you games. I pay for Xbox Live. And I feel like I’ve become nothing but a source of revenue to you. And I know I’m not alone.

      • オミナエ イサム

        4 consoles and didn’t gave up?

        man, you deserve a medal! (I’m not joking)

        Too bad that microsoft never admited the 3rl since the launch of the 360…

    • Xhawk27

      I would like to say congrats to Sony first party development on a 79 on Metacritic.

  • Patrick Bruckner

    xbox is not the console i new 6 jears ago the harcore games are not is xbox mind right now its only one thing money money monet nothing else

    • GMAN73

      MS have abandonded its loyal core fan base in favour of Kinect and Apps. As far as Im concerned the PS4 is going to blow the New Xbox away. Its a shame the way the Xbox brand has went. I blame that idiot Don Mattrick and the idiot that created Kinect Kudo Douchebag.

  • Michael Fi

    Dearest Major Nelson,

    I downloaded the demo last night and got crazy disc reading error, which there is no disc involved obviously. Deleted and installed again but same problem. Any ideas? Seems like others in the USA are having no problems.

  • Jason Polanco

    vs was a disappointment for me…to many changes…it caters to gnasher now…balance would have been better…ill still play it but im a little sad…wish cliff would return…

  • Shea Sealy

    Major Nelson, Why oh why isn’t this demo available outside of the US…XBOX does have international users

  • MrRadiolips

    Excuse me Major can you tell me why when i pre-ordered Gears judgement from Microsoft store online i have to wait 10 days for an email for my pre-order add ons and 1600 msp points? Seems very strange that if i pre-order from Gamestop i get it instantly at pick up but have to wait 10 days at microsoft store when the game is Microsoft studios.

  • GMAN73

    The worst Gears yet. This franchise is going to be milked to death just like Halo.