March 19th 2013 12:52 pm PT

GameTrailers and Redbox Instant Launch Today on Xbox 360

There’s some fun stuff arriving on Xbox 360 today.

First, GameTrailers* is landing and its bringing early access to the new series “Seedlings,” a 12-part series set in the world of “Minecraft.” Watch it first on Xbox. See the best of GT and access cool GT Original shows, in-depth game reviews and the newest game previews and trailers. Want to see the latest rant from the Angry Video Game Nerd, predictions from Michael Pachter or opinions from Geoff Keighley on the Bonus Round? GT on Xbox has you covered. You can also take a look at the library of Previews available to you as soon as they’re posted.

Attention Redbox fans: the Redbox Instant by Verizon app is available on Xbox 360** now. Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers in the U.S. can sign up for Redbox Instant by Verizon and start enjoying Hollywood’s newest releases, in addition to a movie-lovers collection of popular classics available for unlimited streaming. Redbox Instant by Verizon also offers the ability to purchase and rent new releases and stream them directly into your living room through Xbox 360 without needing a subscription.

A Redbox Instant by Verizon subscription package, priced at $8 per month for DVDs or $9 per month for Blu-rays, combines four credits for rentals at Redbox kiosks with the catalogue of streaming titles. Use the power of voice and gesture control via Kinect for Xbox 360 to search and select a movie when you’re streaming Redbox Instant on your Xbox.

As an added bonus, Redbox Instant by Verizon will be unlocked from Gold for a limited time so download it from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace today.

*Available in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Japan and Mexico. Xbox LIVE Gold subscription and/or additional subscriptions/fees may be required and sold separately. Kinect functionality available with select Xbox LIVE content and varies by feature and country. For additional details and availability, see

**Xbox LIVE Gold subscription and/or additional subscriptions/fees including a Redbox Instant by Verizon subscription may be required and sold separately. Kinect functionality available with select Xbox LIVE content and varies by feature and country. For additional details and availability, see

Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Silent Killer01

    Just change the Xbox motto to “Gold Required” .

    • fsdfg dsfds

      Its also pathetic how you see all these adverts “join the army” or “buy a hyundai” yet we still have to pay for gold, they think by giving away stupid gamerpics for these things makes it all ok…

      • Russell Gorall

        Join the Microsoft Hyndai Army. Most here do.


        Gotta agree. Nearly every other online service on the internet that isn’t free isn’t subjected to adds. As much as I love XBL and know it’s leaps and bounds better than PSN, even I’ll be switching to PS4 if they have the audacity to implement another price hike without significant improvements.

      • John Doe

        Yeah, because when I think about video games, I think about signing up for service and buying a car I can’t afford.

    • Russell Gorall

      Major, you all knowing corporate guy… when is Microsoft at least going to get up to their competitor, Sony, and take out these weird Gold subs on top of other subs?

      In the age of torrents, this makes no sense. Or, in the age of ANY OTHER streaming service on top of another, including smart TV’s.

      Please respond, unless the answer isn’t good or you have no answer.

      That would be one approach.

      • ElektroDragon

        “That would be one approach”? Ooooh, cheeky! I love it!

      • Macy Slator

        you won’t get any real answer from majornelson. he still works for microsoft. he’s not here to fight for any of us. he’s probably got free xbox live subscriptions, so it doesn’t affect him.

  • ElektroDragon

    This company is now obsessed with video services. Even Sony, who owns a movie studio, is not nearly so video and movie focused. And yet due to poor gamma and other issues, all my streaming video experiences are via my PS3. With the competition focused mainly on games, and so much other competition in the streaming video device space (Roku and Intel’s upcoming on demand and live video streaming box just for starters), we have a recipe for disaster. Especially since Roku and other devices don’t require a monthly fee just to “access” other pay services. I hope I’m wrong, because I used to really love MS.

    • Russell Gorall

      I thought it was just me! And anybody with vision.

      The 360 videos play terribly considering they can match game graphical fidelity. I am not sure why, the codecs just don’t play as well. Considering MS charges for these services regardless, they may want to check that.

      • Volitar Prime

        One of the reasons that all look bad is because they are all limited to 720p. The only 1080p video streaming app on the Xbox is Xbox Movies (formally Zune).

  • Cameron Wong

    too bad you can rent blurays but not play them on the xbox….let’s hope the 720 will have bluray (even though I know it wont!)

    • shinji

      The current specs list for the new XBox includes BluRay. They kinda have to in order to keep up in the storage department. Sony has no say to deny Microsoft the ability to put BluRay in their console. That is handled by a non-biased organization.

      • tabicat

        Current specs list? Come on, those lists are just blind speculation. No one outside of a select few in Microsoft know what the next Xbox will be like.

    • Gary Hanson

      The next Xbox will have bluray. :)

    • Volitar Prime

      Streaming Redbox’s “Blu-ray” through this app is no where close to real Blu-ray quality. It is not worth the price.

  • Russell Gorall

    Is this for all Live users?

    Can’t see re-upping on Gold as it is going to be axed when next gen console comes out.


      Gold isn’t going to be axed when the next gen console comes out. I’m still renewing my gold in October with no worries. It’s all going to transfer over Russ.

  • Chris

    Redbox Instant is so horrible, nice idea with 4 free credits, but as it goes for instant streaming, there’s nothing to watch that isn’t already on Netflix, Xfinity, or HBO :/ I unsubscribed today from Redbox Instant, its a terrible choice and I hope nobody joins it. Ill keep renting dvds on date nights :) and random games for more quick achievements.

  • Ren

    is coming anytime soon? or can you at least make xbox ie compatible with it ?

  • Eric Starr

    only things GT are good for are Pop Fiction, retrospectives and ScrewAttack. Not sure what Redbox is – don’t have it here, but I’m already paying for Gold and Netflix.

  • Gary

    I’d really like to try Redbox Instant, but they need to get onto the Apple TV or something. I have an Xbox, but I’m not paying for Gold to watch this or Netflix on it.

    • Macy Slator

      I’d wait until this comes out on roku, ps3, or some other device. my xbox has been a piece of junk after my sub ended.

  • John Doe

    Gametrailers, an app errr site, soley based on video games.
    Need a paid subscription to use it.
    Way to cater to gamers there, Microsoft.

  • Daniel

    The math of Xbox live:

    59.99 for high speed internet
    59.99 a year for xbox live
    9.99 for netflix (note you can’t sign up for netflix unless you’ve got an xbl gold sub…, yet on PC it’s free, just the internet fee)
    NHL game center live 49.99 (xbox live gold required…)

    This just gets ridiculous. I understand that MSFT is facilitating this content, but it’s ridiculous to pay so much money just to pay more money for the content subscriptions.

    Whereas on my PC there’s no middle cost between my high speed internet and the digital content subscriptions.

    • Sid Meyers

      What’s ridiculous is using the SRP of Xbox LIVE instead of the real world price that is $30-$35 USD when it’s CONSTANTLY on sale from nearly every major US retailer every single year since it’s inception. Not to mention the 200 MSP you get for redeeming the code when being an XBL Rewards Member. Plus whatever cashback you get assuming you use a rewards credit/debit card and/or any 3rd party cashback web site. Aside from using accumulated cashback and/or store credit once a year to use towards your Xbox LIVE Subscription. Aside from having spent the money on an video game console you cannot even justify using to play games online in the first place. Derp.

      • Macy Slator

        You’re a small percentage. Everyone wants ease of use, you’re going through way too many obstacles to save money, meaning you must also feel that xbox live is so freaking expensive and that’s why you resort to what you’re doing. Derp.

  • Macy Slator

    Another useless announcement/app for me. How do you plan on taking over the living room if you’re still charging an extra 60 bucks a year just for people to use a service they are already subscribed to?? I don’t play online enough anymore which doesn’t justify 60 bucks just to watch netflix, hulu, etc. I hope xbox falls behind next gen just for this.

    • JoeGrahamcracker

      Kind of like your face?

  • George Zagaris

    ANY APPS FOR GREECE MAJOR???????????????

  • Steve Randall

    There is nothing “Instant” about any apps on the Xbox. If you’re not having to update them every time they launch, they take 30 seconds to connect to whatever.

  • Moises Munoz

    Why can’t we get cool streaming stuff like this in Mexico, we don’t even have Amazon Direct.

  • Brad Ledbetter

    Agreed. Extremely laggy on any bandwidth.

  • Mark J

    I tried the red box app several times today with success on signing in failing 90% of the time. Once I was able to sign in, I quickly got another having trouble connecting msg and had to sign in again, but couldn’t. Gave up without streaming anything.

  • Mikael Bendiksen

    … why aint any of the good apps like this and youtube arrived to norway consoles??? this is bad!! will it ever come to norway??

  • Arnold Pryada

    NICE! I just Microsoft points for free from this site! :D freemspointsforever com