March 22nd 2013 6:19 am PT

Xbox LIVE Spring Sale 2013 starts March 26th

This sale is now over.

It’s Spring (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) and the Xbox LIVE Marketplace team sent me this list of upcoming sales to share with you as a heads up on a big sale starting next week.

The following list of Xbox LIVE Content that will be on sale starting Tuesday, March 26 2013 until
Monday, April 1 2013 for both Xbox LIVE Gold and Free members.

Then on April 1st, we’ll have another set of offers that will be good that one day only (yes, I’ll have a blog post up about it).  Until then, below is a preview of the offers coming next week. I put the data in an Excel Web app spreadsheet so you can sort the list anyway you’d like.

Having trouble viewing the list in this post? Try this link.

*Prices and availability will vary by Xbox LIVE region. Prices for Games on Demand titles are show in US $ Please check your local dashboard or for specific content pricing and availability.

Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Bennijin

    Little tip if you’re after the Walking Dead episodes and you’re a Rewards member, you may want to wait until Monday before pulling the trigger as according to their Twitter “If you love Arcade games on Xbox LIVE, then you’ll want to get in on our upcoming exclusive offer”.

    So it’ll probably be a bonus for spending X amount on XBLA games. That said the episodes are counted as DLC and I don’t know if the offer will include XBLA DLC or just full games.

  • Rob O’Neal

    Is anyone able to get the correct price on Spider-Man: shattered dimensions? When I try to bring it up I keep getting $29.99. :-/

    • Nathaniel Frost

      price hasn’t changed yet. I’m waiting on it too

      • Randall Johnson

        Same here. Only thing I’m waiting on, to be honest.

        • Nathaniel Frost

          finally changed to lower price

          • Randall Johnson

            Yeah, I’ve been playing it all day.

  • Dennis Tomlinson

    zomg please fix the Walking Dead episode 2 price. Still showing 400msp.

  • Adam Karnes

    I noticed Shattered Diminsions is gone from dashboard sell section. Is it not going to be on sale now?

  • Adam

    Episode 2 is 200 now!

  • Phanatic

    Main page for TWD Ep 2 now says 200, but on the Confirm Purchase page, it still says it will take 400 points off the balance. Ugh.

  • Billy Cupid

    I wonder what’s going to be in the 75% sale on 1st April… I hope it’s not going to be the games that have been on sale all week, only with more off. That would be a kick in the teeth.

    • Brad Lavender

      Why would they do that?

  • Jared Walsh

    who ever live in Canada it for me hitman $19 and like Walking Dead Ep all Eps are 200msp in Canada tell me what’s wrong ok people

  • chris

    Of course it is. Nobody bought it when it was $99 and nobody will buy it now at $69.95

  • Rodrigo Araujo

    Hitman Absolution in the Brazilian Xbox Live is $20 bucks. Which is a steal, since the game on retail here is basically $75 or online you can find it for $50-$60 (I’m talking dollars here, not our local currency).

    Sadly though, for this month my credit card is already bloated with Games on Demand stuff – Dishonored and Deus Ex! My new credit card bill only comes around the 8th, I just wish this sale was on the 7th or 8th so that way I would have a month extra to pay the bill. Damn!

  • Denis Stepanov

    Hitman Blood money – why in Russia price is so high?! $9.99 499rub! Fix this scam plz

  • Bennijin

    According to PayPal $5 now equals £3.40. Can’t speak for the Euro.

    400MSP costs exactly that in both UK and US territories, where’s the parity?

  • chris

    It said in the info above the list that the list is a preview of what is on sale?
    So what else is on sale that we dont know about?


    Will the April 26 press conference be airing live on Xbox live???!!!!???

    • GMAN73

      You don’t want to watch it as that conference is the final nail in the coffin for the Xbox brand. PS4 is going to win Next Gen.

  • Jared Walsh

    if you want hitman now you can get it for $9.99 on steam it’s on sale now

  • chiron69

    Some great deals here, although I have Skyrim DLC’s. I wonder if Hitman Absolution is THAT much better than Blood Money? Or should I go for Midnight Club: LA instead? Appreciate if someone has tested all of them, and can recommend one, since I only have 1880 points left… :-|
    Best regards

    • Rob L.

      chiron69 – While I haven’t played Midnight Club: LA, I can say without a doubt that (in my personal opinion, of course) Hitman Blood Money is hands down the best game of the series. Absolution is by no means a bad game, but I enjoyed Blood Money a lot more personally. I suppose it would come down to what you like to play more of – racing games or action games with a bit of stealth.

  • Rob L.

    Hey jalbert – I could be mistaken here, but it’s written as “March 26 until April 1″ – ‘until’ being the key word. It seems like the sales on this list are good up until 11:59pm on March 31st, and then on April 1 they switch to a different sale that is only valid for one day.

    Again – I could be wrong, but that’s the way I read it