March 22nd 2013 6:19 am PT

Xbox LIVE Spring Sale 2013 starts March 26th

This sale is now over.

It’s Spring (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) and the Xbox LIVE Marketplace team sent me this list of upcoming sales to share with you as a heads up on a big sale starting next week.

The following list of Xbox LIVE Content that will be on sale starting Tuesday, March 26 2013 until
Monday, April 1 2013 for both Xbox LIVE Gold and Free members.

Then on April 1st, we’ll have another set of offers that will be good that one day only (yes, I’ll have a blog post up about it).  Until then, below is a preview of the offers coming next week. I put the data in an Excel Web app spreadsheet so you can sort the list anyway you’d like.

Having trouble viewing the list in this post? Try this link.

*Prices and availability will vary by Xbox LIVE region. Prices for Games on Demand titles are show in US $ Please check your local dashboard or for specific content pricing and availability.

Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Josh Cox

    not bad ,i was going to get Just cause 2 yesterday but glad i waited

  • Akárki Szalámi

    The Walking Dead Ep 1 will be free for everybody or only the Gold members?

    • Andrew Harvey

      episode 1 free for everyone gold or silver

    • Davide

      The following list of Xbox LIVE Content that will be on sale starting Tuesday, March 26 2013 until
      Monday, April 1 2013 for both Xbox LIVE Gold and Free members. Ehm, how about you read.

      • Riki Bond

        Yep, he should have read the info, but you should have been polite. 2 wrongs…..

  • Boe2

    800 points for the entire walking dead season is nice. Also glad to see that the SF4 weirdness got sorted out :)

  • Rich Unsworth

    Walking dead back to 200 points – YES!!! episodes 4 & 5 here I come – cmon next week!!

  • Andrew Harvey

    mw2 dlc should be on sale

  • RampageDeluxe

    Things just got real. I’m giving my parents 800msp for Walking Dead and I’m grabbing the Max Payne season pass. Dawnguard too.

    • Thomas Johansson

      The season pass is just for multiplayer maps and a few weapons, right? I’m looking at Dragonborn and Dawnguard myself… Is Hearthfire worth it?

      • Tony C

        Hearthfire isn’t too bad. From what i remember it allows you to buy a plot of land to build your own house and the expansion also gives you the ability to adopt children.

      • Curtis Isabell

        for so little yea it’s pretty decent.

      • RampageDeluxe

        Its mainly just multiplayer. Hearthfire is cool if you like building homes. Its not awesome, but worth the sale price.

  • MacPh1sto

    It’s very nice to see the big blowout sales happening a little more frequently now, especially when they include new content that’s never been on sale yet, like the RE6 add-ons and the newer Skyrim content!

    • BlinkFandango

      Yeah, it’s nice to see stuff that haven’t been on sale a million times.

    • fantomena

      Funny thing is, Just Cause 2 is on sale on Steam for 3$ till next Monday. :P

  • Patrick Walsh

    Is is possible to post cash prices in other currencies? Without clogging your page, perhaps a link to an equivalent spreadsheet held elsewhere that had cash prices across various territories?

    • Jeff Hester

      google it

      or i guess i should say bing it

    • Jacob Bishop

      You could also use a conversion app if you have a smartphone. Or if you have android, say (dollar amount) to (your currency)

  • Daniel Lorenz

    Meh. I dont even own a playstation 3 and I can see how much better value ps+ is compared to what we get with our xbox live subs.

    Certainly factoring that into my next console choice.

    • Logan

      good please buy that useless system…you dont own a PS3…well i did..horrible…enjoy your creatively titled PS4

    • BlinkFandango

      These sales are great and PS+ isn’t that great of a deal. You do get free games, but you can only access them while you still pay the fee, which means in a few years time when you want to play a game for nostalgia you’re screwed.

      • Macy Slator

        no what’s being screwed is paying 60 bucks a year and later finding out that you can’t watch netflix anymore because your live ended. I never have to worry about that on the ps3

        • BlinkFandango

          Your first problem is you pay $60 a year, I’ve never paid more than $35 for live and these sales more than make up for how much I’ve had to pay for Live. I do agree though that it sucks that Silver members can’t access apps like Netflix, hopefully they fix that.

          • Curtis Isabell

            you forgot to mention you also get sales. and though you can only access the free games while you are a member it’s a much better than paying just for internet. if they give you 1 game a month worth $4 or more that you like the service pays for itself. very few games are worth playing for more than a month and the argument “but if you stop paying blah blah” is terrible, because why would you stop paying ? in march alone I got like $30 worth of games that i’d never buy otherwise. I got a sale on scott pilgrim vs the world content so I saved $1 over xbl gold member prices, plus I got the original game free like a year ago.

            even if we use your sale for live argument you fail, if you had 360 for 5 years and spend $35 a year that is $175 you threw in the trash for paying to simply play online. that could have been like 3 brand new retail games.

          • Corey Williams

            lol.. i have both systems.. and playstation network just sucks Soo bad for online play compared to xblive.. I only use my playstation for games i can’t get on 360 now..

          • RampageDeluxe

            Same here. I regret even buying a PS3 due to how little I use it for games.

          • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

            I completely agree. It takes a very unassertive and inept individual to say these services are the same in terms of quality. My experience with PSN has been horrible all around.. the only exceptions being their 1st party games that run smooth as butter.. Too bad multiplats always look and perform better on 360 for me though.

          • BlinkFandango

            Very few games are worth playing for more than a month? Why buy games at all then, why not just use Gamefly? Well, it’s because you might want to play again in the future (yes, some of us play games for more than a month or come back to old games when we’re bored or want nostalgia) or you can trade it in towards another game. Owning physical copies of the game will always trump having to pay a fee to access games, hands down. PS+ would be a great deal if you always had access to the free games and the only reason I don’t buy into it is because I don’t own the game when things are said and done.

          • Curtis Isabell

            and you can play those games in the future, I have had just cause 2 from PSN+ since last year, and I still play it but don’t worry you can buy it for $10 on xbox.

          • Daniel Beverly

            I pay $100 for 4 accts and I’m happy withthat. PSN is worthless

          • BlinkFandango

            Yeah, the family account was awesome, it sucks that they’re discontinuing it.

          • Ary

            not all of us are rich$

          • JoeGrahamcracker

            If being rich means spending $100 a year then I’m ballin.

          • Ary

            some of us dont have extra 100 just to play games. Food and water wold be a priority in my poor family.

        • cris178

          Your Logic: Xbox-It sucks to pay money for subscription just for it to end.
          PS3- I don’t have to worry about that, hold on let me rebuy and brag about my PS+ subscription before it runs out.
          Why are you even here. Shouldn’t you be complaining over at IGN.

      • xXgannicusXx

        PSN: buy a game for $60, you get all content. Xbox (silver): buy a game for $60, can’t access any of its online content such as MP. PSN+: get to play some free games Xbox LIVE: get full access to what you already paid for, plus you get party chat. I’ll be honest the party chat has been worth it for me, but Sony is evening that benefit out with the next gen.

        • Ed

          PS3 games have the same DLC as the 360 games.

          • xXgannicusXx

            that has nothing to do with what I wrote. PSN, you don’t have to pay $60 per year just to be able to play online MP, but you do with Xbox Live.

          • Ed

            I understand what you meant to write now.

        • Curtis Isabell

          this is what i’ve been saying for a while, on XBL you pay for party chat and that’s about it. since the ps4 will most likely have a similar system there is nothing stopping the switch to the sony console, sales wise ps3 has already surpassed the 360 even though the 360 came out sooner, was cheaper, and had all the RROD issues (and thus people buying 2nd, 3rd, and 4th consoles).

          I wouldn’t be surprised if 30% or more of the current xbox market share switches to a sony console assuming both companies continue the way they are run, MS will make more kinect stuff no one wants and sony will have some more exclusives and improve on everything they have done in the past.

          • xXgannicusXx

            i find it amusing people down vote your comment. the reality is a significant share of Xbox customers will likely jump ship if the PS4 has party chat and MS offers nothing worthwhile for the $60 you pay. these are the gamers that would rather spend money on games than access to games, and who don’t care about Halo and Gears. however, if MS’ new AAA IP being developed in Vancouver is a success, that share Sony can steal will be reduced significantly. furthermore, if MS introduces some great features, etc, they may even gain customers because Sony’s new features (streaming, game sharing) are not all that special. by E3, if both companies have done their jobs, we shall know where as consumers stand. But MS definitely needs to step up and hit a HR when they debut the next gen and at E3.

          • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

            We really need more open minded individuals like you here on this blog man. I nearly agree with everything you said here.

          • xXgannicusXx

            I’m not perfect, but I refuse to be a blind fanboy. I’m even one of those rare gamers that appreciate most FPS for what they are rather than blast anything that isn’t COD or BF…yeah, I even loved Homefront.

      • ElektroDragon

        Obviously you keep paying for Plus and keep getting new free games in the meantime, genius.. on PS4, PS5, etc. And if your Plus lapses, all you need to do is resubscribe and all those freebies are back, assuming you had previously downloaded them.

        • BlinkFandango

          Yes, but that’s assuming Sony keeps offering PS+, if they ever decide to stop you’re screwed. Now it might not ever be a problem, but the fact that it could be a problem is a problem in itself.

          • Curtis Isabell

            i doubt that will ever happen and if it did they would probably just let you play the past games.

          • Alice Lockhart

            Just buy the games at a retail store at a lower price.
            Besides, PSN has deals for everyone and (permanent) price drops.

    • mrfrost1977

      What you got from MS for paying 35$/year if competition gives you the same for free.


        The problem is the competition doesn’t give you the same for free, unless you like having to wait 4x as long for downloads and installations, like gimped multiplats, like controllers that are “ERGONOMIC NIGHTMARES”, not having demos for every game, not being connected with our friends no matter what we do on the console, the list goes on and on.
        I also won’t touch PSN+ with a 10 foot pole because I prefer physical copies of my games due to the fact I’m a “collector”.

        • Rob L.

          I don’t quite understand your comment sir. What is it that you do not get (at no cost) with a PlayStation account? I guess there is party chat, but what else substantial does Xbox Live Gold give you?

          I understand the collector thing, I also prefer to have tangible, physical disc copies of my games. However, the value of PS Plus is undeniable, especially when compared to a paid Xbox Live Gold account. You get free digital copies of games on a weekly basis! And you can get a 1 year PS+ subscription for as little as $40 if you catch a good sale on Amazon or NewEgg (and occasionally some ebay stores).

          I have both Xbox Live Gold and Playstation Plus, I like both of them, but I must say that after 3 months of having both, I do not see anything that would justify me spending the money to renew my Xbox Live Gold subscription.

          • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

            First off I wanted to say thank you for the well thought out and very mature comment. I actually wish more people here would follow in your footsteps here on this blog!

            PSN+ is a good value in it’s own right. The thing for me is however, that I don’t think the CONS of gaming on the PS3 and PSN make up for that imo. I could get into the details if you like but I would feel as if I’m beating a dead horse here so I’ll just name a few as my experience with PSN has been drastically different than my experience with XBL.. in otherwords, I prefer XBL and prefer to do all my gaming on 360. The only exception for me to game on the PS3 would be for it’s exclusives.

            With XBL gold I get:
            4x faster download speeds and installations, custom soundtracks (that I use all the time), cross game chat, parties, a better controller that doesn’t feel cramped, light as a feather and feel like it’s going to break in my hands, the piece of mind knowing the majority of our 3rd party multiplatform titles will not run or look inferior like the majority does on the ps3, demos for every single game.. no exceptions, a much better library of award winning digital titles through XBLA, Voice messaging, etc.

            I could go on with about another dozen or so reasons but like I said I don’t want to beat a dead horse. In the end, XBL is the better value for me, maybe things will change come the PS4. I really could sway either way this gen, it all depends on what MS is going to do, and there is a very strong possibility Sony will be charging a fee for PSN next gen.

            Hope that anwsers your question at least somewhat.
            Take care man!

          • MilkyTee

            Just want to point out that you don’t need XBL Gold to access or avail of the following:

            Download Speeds & Installations, custom soundtracks,the controller, the XBLA library, “superior multiplats”(differences between the two platforms are laughably negligible, with only a few notable exceptions), voice messaging.

            And there is most certainly NOT a demo for every single game. 90% of the demos that DO reside on the Marketplace are multiplat demos anyway, so the PS3 also has access to the exact same games. The “benefit” of Gold is that you receive “exclusive” access to demos a week early, while free members wait. Over on the PS3, EVERY member can play the demo at the same time. i.e. Microsoft just arbitrarily lock you out of demo access for a week unless you’ve ponied up for XBL Gold.

            No matter how you try to spin, XBL Gold cannot measure up to the benefits PSN+ provides. Not by a long shot. All it does is hold a load of features hostage until you pay, including *drumroll*, Multiplayer, for a game you’ve already paid for, on the internet subscription you’ve already paid for.

            Though I am liking the recent trend of great sales on XBL, certainly a step in the right direction.

          • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

            You don’t need gold to access our 4x faster download speeds, you are correct here.

            Differences between multiplats are very apparent my friend, especially when you have an ISF calibrated display like I do. Please don’t tell me this because I rent multiplats all the time for both systems and the differences are still night and day for me. It is well documented all over the internet that PS3 gets inferior versions of 3rd party multiplats all the time and my own experience renting the different versions of the game backs that up tenfold. Take a look at titles like Bioshock 1 and 2, Ghostbusters, Bayonetta, Skyrim, Fallout, etc. I can simply see the differences quite easily I’m afraid by just switching the hdmi inputs on my tv back and forth from PS3 to 360. You don’t need a trained eye to spot these things as they are very noticible to begin with.

            When I said we have demos for every single game, I was not talking about retail titles, I’m talking about having a trial for every digital game available minus Games on Demand. Every single Indy and XBLA arcade games have them and I find it dispicable that every PSN game doesn’t. This is my point.

            Oh I can spin PSN+ in many different ways, at the end of the day, I see no redeeming value paying for it when I don’t care for nearly half of PS3’s exclusies anyways and don’t want to put up with the cons of playing on the PSN. For instance bringing home GT5 for the first time and having to wait 4 hours before I could even play the game due to a dozen updates and installations that would have took the 360 15 seconds to do compared to PSN’s 4 hours? No thank you.

            There is much more value to me when it comes to accessability, features that matter and ease of use with XBL.

            Hopefully this explains why I dislike the PS3 and the PSN as much as I do. Everything about the console is a “Waiting game” and even Sony acknowleged that during their conference in febuary. Again, there are simply too many cons when it comes to gaming on the PSN from my experience.

            Hopefully that clears things up for you.

          • mrfrost1977

            You forgot one more thing.GAMES.Sony has much better exclusive games.Sorry,but how many more Halo or Gear of War can we play more-every next release follows the same footsteps.Sone has some really nice games coming this year.God of War,The Last of Us or Beyond Two Souls are major titles(probably GOTY)New hardware looks decent,too.I’ve been with Xbox from the beginning and like the system.For me,somehow MS loosing ground and not trying hard enough.BTW,all recent sales on XBL it’s an answer to PS+ giveaways.Means “We are loosing customers and something has to be done=SALE”

          • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

            I am saving my PS3 just for The Last Of Us and Beyond: Two Souls, however you cant argue preferences and tastes.. You just can’t. Out of all the PS3 exclusives out there, I only am intrested in about half of them.

            I share some of your views on MS not trying hard enough however right now I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt untill we know more. Then need either to match their specs or surpass them while they also need to make some major improvements to live as well. If PSN does have a mandatory subsription fee next gen (I think they might) they better out peform live’s features. If they fail to do this, It still won’t be worth paying for to me. At the same time, If they remain free and finally bring PSN up to the standards of XBL gold that will become a problem to Microsoft’s fanbase.

            If you ask me, PSN+ is more than likely related to the “Welcome back” package. Personally I think alot of the motivation to make PSN+ a reality stems back to how guilty Sony must feel for letting their network get hacked in the first place. That’s how I see it anyway.

          • ryder4life22187

            Lol last time i checked there were more God of war games out than there is of gears of war so you might want to recheck that statement. Here we go again another fanboy going were getting the last of us, is that the best all of you got, as i could care less for that POS game.

          • mrfrost1977

            I’m Xbox fanboy.Pad,XBL service of quality of the games -full respect and love.Things changed.Sone became more and more aggressive with their price policy Constantly adding more and more to PS online service.MS beside adding some app to their system didn’t do a lot.In meantime they lost exclusive like Mass Effect.Sony stays hardcore platform for gamers,MS wants to sell home system for families(Kinect games).Not mention games became bigger and MS DVD media can’t handle it(3CD and required installation-really?)Hopefully MS will able to convince core gamers with new Xbox and present something more then next generation of Kinect.

  • Wh1plash96

    I can’t see any image with the sales :(

  • Tylerh1701

    Way too much DLC. Would have loved to see some arcade games like Pid and Black Knight Sword, and maybe even Serious Sam DD XXL

    • cris178

      Am guessing that is for another time. First we had full a full retail game sale now DLC sale. Maybe the XBLA sale will come after.

      • Ary

        Yes plz Arcade sale. Hoping for Samurai Shodown2. and some info on wich game are on scratch and match?

        • Bennijin

          It looks like Scratch and Match has been abandoned, the “deals” will be Bionic Commando and Ninja Gaiden 3 DLC forever more.

          • Ary

            thank you, i missed out on last deals so now i can get it now that my xbox is fixed

  • Riki Bond

    Thrilled to be getting The Walking Dead in it’s entirety for 800MSP. The Max Payne 3 Pass may be purchased too as I bought the game in the recent sale. Awesome sales on Xbox at last!

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      that is prob the best deal on there and anywhere. that is such a good game.

  • Thomas Johansson

    I wish the Mass Effect 3 DLC was included.

    • BlinkFandango

      Me too, I used to buy Mass Effect content as soon as it came out (only game I did that for), but with ME3 they made it too expensive, I don’t know why they didn’t stick to 800 MSP. Hopefully it will go on sale soon.

      • Liquidfx Xboxdude

        i will be all over that once they go on sale. i don’t buy $15 dlcs and never will.

        • BlinkFandango

          Worse is the dreaded $20 DLC (I’m thinking about Forza Horizon, but there are probably others). I’m not paying more for DLC than I did for the actual game (FH was $15 during Black Friday last year).

          • Clay Martin

            Forza 4 & Horizon had $20 “expansions”. The Horizon one is a complete rip off. 3 hours of content at the most. Skyrim has two $20 DLCs and I believe one of the Mass Effect 3 DLCs was also $20. I agree DLC shouldn’t cost that much. And XBLA games should never be more than $15.Minecraft is the biggest waste of $20 I’ve ever spent.

          • Curtis Isabell

            except the skyrim DLC is huge and the mass effect and forza DLC is small

          • Anthony Southwood

            Horizon Rally Pack added cars and parts that can be used in any mode and new online modes. I have spent at least 40 hours rallying online and doing rivals events.

    • Jordan Mcdonald

      this commment got 32 votes in under 2 mins!? can u teach me how to do that?

    • Dominican Lou

      Not me, already got it all. I’m not a DLC guy, I stopped playing all COD games cause $15 dollars for 3 maps was a major rip. All the ME3 Multiplayer DLC has been free and I have enjoyed it this whole year so I have no problem getting their story DLC because for me they have all been more then worth it.

      • Ary

        What is ME3? srly not joking not everyone is a blog master and know all terms.

        • Bennijin

          Mass Effect 3.

  • E.Nich

    Lately there are a LOT of good sales, I have serious lack of money due to that fact :(

  • Robin

    still no ME3 DLC on sale…

  • Dwaggie

    And Dragonborn BETTER BE ON SALE NEXT WEEK, MAJOR NELSON. Don’t pull it back like last time!!!

  • Logan

    hows the max payne crowd these days? thinking of getting back into was good times

  • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

    Looks like the same sale from the other month, will the dragonborn dlc really be on sale this time

  • Eric Starr

    Nothing for me this time around.

  • Marco A Estrada Castañón

    Excelente! Good News!!!

  • MrT26

    So will Dragonborn actually be on sale, or will it be withdrawn without saying like last month?

  • Maurice Jason Davies

    I’m a little confused. Will these deals listed go away on April 1st to be replaced with the 1 day only sales, or will these plus the 1 day only sales be on up April 1st?

    • Brad Lavender

      Shouldn’t matter. You still have ten days to decide and buy.

    • Brad Lavender

      Shouldn’t matter. You have ten days to choose and buy what you want before then.

  • incphi

    Hopefully there will be some XBLA games added on April 1st.

  • ikari_paul

    would love to see a Battlefield Premium sale :-) the only way ill ever get premium, i reckon…

    …but i wont hold my breath :S

    • Ary

      MS will be giving one free game per month for gold members now…

      • Ary

        …to soon?

      • ikari_paul

        where did you get that info from? sounds interesting, i guess. something has to be done about live gold. outside the US its just a really bad deal, and because of that, ill go with PS4 next gen, i recon

  • ungeheier

    With this sale and the Ultimate sale, this should give me quite a bit of time until I ever need to purchase the Next Xbox. Thanks MS, for delaying that purchase for me. ;)

    • Riddick Snipes

      Dude that doesn’t even make sense.

      • ungeheier

        Since you’re slow, I’ll break it down for you:

        * I bought about 7 games during the Ultimate Game sale.
        * I’ll buy about 4 more during the spring sale.

        So, roughly 10 NEW games for me to play/finish were added in the past 2 months. That’s not counting any new games that get released, NOR does it count the games I already own that I haven’t beaten yet.

        This means that I have a BUNCH of games to beat. If the next xbox is released this winter, I will still have Xbox 360 games to finish before I ever want to start working on Next Xbox games. SOOOOO… I wont be purchasing the next xbox till well after the launch.

        • Riddick Snipes

          Haha. Yeah I’ve got bout 20 games I haven’t finished but still getting the next Xbox on launch. So if it launches with halo 5 and other AAA titles I guess you will be playing your old stuff. Good luck.

          • ungeheier

            You are correct sir.

  • BostonSup

    I picked up most of these when they had this sale earlier, and Walking Dead is WELL worth the 800 points ($10). If you missed the free first episode and the 200pt each sale, pick it up now. You won’t be disappointed (I think that is actually the price they should have been in the first place).

    Hopefully some new and different stuff will go on sale for the rest of us. ME3 DLC? Borderlands 2 DLC? etc.

  • BlinkFandango

    Good sale, I can finally get the Rockstar Pass.

  • LPHeadstrong

    Does the LA Noire Rockstar Pass include all the DLC? Might finally get this game

    • Riki Bond

      Yes it does buddy.

  • CrashSixx

    On your next sale, remember, the magic number for me open my wallet is 75% off… true story, ask Steam.

  • Graeme

    Dawnguard it is, for me! The only Skyrim DLC I don’t have :)

  • Alex

    I guess some one at MS finally figured it out, More DEALS at A Constant rate

    • Russell Gorall

      DLC on an almost obsolete console, that MS will push off, and they offer us deals?

      Well, take that RROD!

      • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

        You are such a tool still complaining about RROD

      • Riddick Snipes

        Go back under your bridge hairy troll.

  • MkoEC

    April Fools’ Day ¬¬’

  • Fernando Coli Viotto

    Compared with last year I can see a improvement in the promotions and deals but still there is a huge space to improve. So, Keep it up guys!

    In my perception:

    – Why not to include Indie games in on these sales?
    – Your DLCs are still too overpriced for old games, even during promotions.


    • Brandon Dutko

      Probably because 90% of indie games are $1.

      • guy

        and not everyone has acces to Indie games

  • ciprodriguez

    shoot I may replace my La Noire discs with gond just so I don’t have to swap discs

    • James Hamner

      Ummm, just install the game to your via disks.

      • Thomas Johansson

        You still have to have the correct disc in the tray, though. I had to with Dead Space 2 even though I had installed it.

  • Alice Lockhart

    Just got the whole persona series. No one can stop me! >=D. Translation: Nothing to do here =P.

  • Curtis Isabell

    lets be honest with this sale

    walking dead, was done at xmas but it’s still a good sale for those that want it

    Skyrim sale is ok but chances are a GOTY edition is coming out this year or next with all the dlc + the game, rather wait for that.

    everything else is meh, either the game is ancient, it was bad or it’s cheaper to get elsewhere. unlike the ultimate sale Idon’t think i’l spent anything and pass on this.

  • Ray Rodriguez

    Can we still purchase Gond’s via MS points?

  • JoeGrahamcracker

    Not that great of deals to me. Looks like a bunch of overrated games and crappy dlc. I already have The Walking Dead. Put some old Arcade games on sale. I even bought Rocket Riot when it was 200msp and enjoyed it.

    • Getsuga_Tensho

      I don’t have the Skyrim, Max Payne or Resident Evil dlc so it’s looking pretty good to me. Seems like a follow up to that recent GoD sale. I would have liked some of those games to have gone on sale along with their dlc so I could consider picking up Operation Raccoon City but I have enough to get through as it is.

      I’m with you on wanting older XBLA games to be put on sale though. Not everyone had an Xbox 360 or Xbox Live from launch and some like myself took a while before I really started purchasing from the marketplace. It’d be a nice excuse to catch up on what I missed.

      • JoeGrahamcracker

        Haven’t played Max Payne 3, but I got bored with Skyrim pretty quick. I thought RE6 was terrible and Raccoon city was even worse.

        • Getsuga_Tensho

          Yeah I’ve heard Raccoon City wasn’t too great but I’m a little interested just for the co-op. Co-op can make many a bad game pretty fun.

  • Eric Kromenaker

    I have my sights on buying all the L.A. Noire DLC

  • Denny Hilliard

    Definitely picking up that Hitman Absolution.

  • Major Nelson

    Looks like you like getting a heads up on the actual deals. Also: Thoughts on embedding the list as an Excel file vs a raw table?

    • MilkyTee

      Prefer this format. You can sort ascending to descending in whichever column you like, which is handy. My previous comment hasn’t shown up yet so I’ll take the opportunity to thank the Deals team. Really great selection of discounts.

      Though I’m quickly running out of HDD space :(

    • Curtis Isabell

      format is ok. heads up are always nice. better sales though please.

    • Tylerh1701

      Love getting the heads up on all this type of stuff.

    • John Doe

      Can’t see Excel with I.E. App.

    • Brett Burback

      This format is fine. Nice sales. Walking Dead for 10$ is a steal imo. I’d really like Alan Wake stuff on sale.

    • Russell Gorall

      It isn’t working for anyone.

      Who is upvoting your comment besides yourself? The imaginary people who love your podcast?

      • MilkyTee

        Go bang your head off a wall you useless troll. Aren’t you the same guy who was locked up for abusing women?

        • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

          Lmao yes he is and makes you wonder what he does between beating women and trolling Majors Blog

      • Brett Burback

        I accidentally found this guy on live lol. His tag is cuddlyredrum. That is the highest gamerscore I have ever seen lol

    • Alex

      Love the excel format

    • Brandon Dutko

      Other than the fact I can’t view the table when using the 3DS browser, this looks fine when on the computer. And the Xbox360Achievements site is able to just copy it instead of rewriting everything and such.

      • Jacob Bishop

        Nexus 7 shows it just fine on the browser.

    • kenzorollo

      TWD ep 2 price drop 200 mpoints…now it works!!! Thank you Major

  • Wilson H

    I don’t trust this whole April 1 sale. ” LOOK AT THE DATE!” >_< But, I do agree with the others. More arcade sales and the old contents should be way cheaper. Cough cough listen to the customers.

  • Davi

    Assassin’s Creed 3 Gond?

  • Volitar Prime

    I’ll be in for the Skyrim DLC, as long as it actually happens this time :)

  • Paul Lelowicz

    Your post is not Apple-user friendly. No list appears.

    • Russell Gorall

      It isn’t PC friendly.

      You probably need a Windows browser to seek it. NOBODY uses it, though.

      Welcome to MS.

      • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

        Stop speaking for everyone people do use windows browser so STFU troll

      • Clint

        Do you honestly need to say the same thing multiple times?

        Get a proper computer /phone /browser. I’m able to view this perfectly even on my android phone. Apples are for eating…

      • Volitar Prime

        It works fine using Firefox on my PC and Dolphin on my phone.

        • Boe2

          Chrome and Opera work fine here too. Not sure what browser he IS using.

    • Major Nelson

      I checked it on Windows (IE and Chrome) and OSX Mt. Lion using Safari and Chrome. What browser and version of the OS are you using? If you have any ad block extensions running, they may be blocking the iframe. Try turning them off.

    • Major Nelson

      Paul, what device/browser are you using? I checked in on an iPad, iPhone, Mac (OSX Mt. Lion) and every device rendered it perfectly. Are you in an older version of OSX? Older browser? Let me know so I can let the Excel Web team know…they want (as do I) to make sure Excel Web works on as many devices and browsers that support modern protocols.

    • Ary

      Enjoy ur apple and feed superior cus ur diffrent lol

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    its ok but not great but i will buy some like dragonborn dlc and case west. if you haven’t played hitman:absolution, it is awesome and $19.99 is a good price though it may be that price elsewhere also. anyway, overall not really good sale for me but better than the deals of the week so its a start.

  • Daniel Sims

    I’m getting nothing but white where the deals are supposed to be.

    • Russell Gorall

      Welcome to Microsoft Excel!!

  • Dustin Sexton

    I just boyght Dragonborn for Skyrim yesterday! I want $10 back.

    • Dustin Sexton


  • John Doe

    Excel is not Internet Explorer app friendly, someone type that sucker out, and upvote that person!

    • Major Nelson

      What version are you using? Works fine on the versions I tested against.
      Here is a direct link to the spreadsheet – does that work?

  • Rafael Victal

    What is the meaning of “GonD”?

    • Nizen

      ‘Games on Demand’