March 22nd 2013 6:19 am PT

Xbox LIVE Spring Sale 2013 starts March 26th

This sale is now over.

It’s Spring (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) and the Xbox LIVE Marketplace team sent me this list of upcoming sales to share with you as a heads up on a big sale starting next week.

The following list of Xbox LIVE Content that will be on sale starting Tuesday, March 26 2013 until
Monday, April 1 2013 for both Xbox LIVE Gold and Free members.

Then on April 1st, we’ll have another set of offers that will be good that one day only (yes, I’ll have a blog post up about it).  Until then, below is a preview of the offers coming next week. I put the data in an Excel Web app spreadsheet so you can sort the list anyway you’d like.

Having trouble viewing the list in this post? Try this link.

*Prices and availability will vary by Xbox LIVE region. Prices for Games on Demand titles are show in US $ Please check your local dashboard or for specific content pricing and availability.

Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • mrgstiffler

    Darn, I wish this started today for the weekend. Blood Money would be perfect to play while watching basketball.

  • doober187

    Keep using excel web, its awesome

    • Russell Gorall


      • doober187

        Actually, no, but maybe ‘awesome’ isn’t the word. I do like sorting columns, so its cool. And it works on the chrome app.

        • Major Nelson

          And THAT is why used it. When there is a lot of data like this, I want to provide away for readers to sort as they see fit. Thus, Excel Web App.

          • Ary

            more NEW arcade sales that cant be found in gamestop plz.

  • Russell Gorall

    Who do you blow every month to stay employed?

    Don’t answer that.

    • Riddick Snipes

      Major can’t u ban that Russell gorall guy. He never has anything good to say. The biggest internet baby I’ve ever seen. My GameCube is still not obsolete because I still play it.

      • Major Nelson

        I hate to ban people, but I think it may be time?

        • Crown_Lager

          It is.

        • Russell Gorall

          Well, you don’t have any games to talk about?

  • Russell Gorall

    Brought to you by…

    A web browser nobody uses for a reason!

    • Russell Gorall


      Download an MS app just to view it?

      Is this a joke or I am on an MS page?

      • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

        You could of just edited your first comment instead of adding another or are you comment boosting again?

        • Russell Gorall

          Both, sir.

      • Riddick Snipes

        Your the joke.

        • Russell Gorall

          Joke as in “you’re”?

      • Boe2

        It’s funny to read trough this thread and see you making all these posts within minutes from each other. Can’t help but imagine a young kid getting red with anger, foaming at his mouth, yelling at a site that only contains stuff he hates, yet refreshes that very site every 5 minutes, every day.

        Seek help ;)

        • Russell Gorall


      • Major Nelson

        Russell, not sure what you are using to view the spreadsheet, but any modern browser on pretty much any platform will work. What exactly is the problem you are having?

        • Russell Gorall

          With this platform called Chrome, have you heard of it?

          The box link you have up is dead.

          Why would you put up a Microsoft product link anyway? Is Windows 8 that dead?

          • Maritox

            I use the last Chrome without any addon and works fine

  • Ian Messner

    People keep saying they wish that this was included and they wish that was included. This is not ALL that is going to be on sale this week. He says himself it’s only a “preview of the offers coming next week”

  • The Batman

    I have been wanting to get Shattered Dimensions for a long time, but it is always too to much in my mind. Is it good enough to get at $15?

    • Thomas Johansson

      Yeah, it works at that price. It’s a good game with some nice variety.

  • BlinkFandango

    No, I can still play my games offline forever no matter MS does.

  • BlinkFandango

    Quick question: is this in addition to the normal deal of the week?

    • Ary


  • Clint

    I count at least 11 games on there. Not sure what list you are looking at…

  • M.Ali

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!! i can play Blood money and max payne add on. Good things Do come to those who wait.

  • Neftali Rodriguez

    I’ll get Just Cause and The Walking Dead

  • GmailIsDown

    After going through my filled up 250GB hard drive again and could not delete anything, I’m buying a 320GB hard drive and a transfer cable. Microsoft you win.

    • Jordan Mcdonald

      it dosnt take much to make a hdd work with the xbox theres a few programs out there to help u format selected hdd brands… and as far as im aware ms dosnt really mind(or at least wont ban u for it). feel free to corect me major :)

      • Clint

        Really?! This is interesting to know! I only recently acquired an XBOX and with all these specials I am already getting concerned about drive space. Good to know.

      • GmailIsDown

        I was looking into this before and gave up on that idea because to support original Xbox games (Xbox disc games and Xbox Originals on the marketplace) the HDD needs a special partition to store emulation software. I can get it to the HDD but I’m not sure how legit it is. I bought a new official 320 GB media drive and a transfer cable off eBay for less than $50 by using a $50 coupon I have so it ended up nicely as buying a 2.5 inch HDD and a case would end up cost around the same anyway, and I would not get the extra 3 games bundled with the official media HDD.

        • Ary

          what 3 games ?

          • GmailIsDown

            Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Ms. Splosion Man, and Pinball FX2 (with Sorcerer’s Lair). These 3 games are bundled with the new 320GB Media Hard Drive as codes.

          • Ary

            Thank you. Ms splosion man may be only im interested because car game are almost all the same so i only play the hi rated one per console.

  • jared lange

    Still cant beat steam I mean I was a loving xbox fan for going on 5 years now but I built my gaming pc about a year and a half back and you just cant beat the deals on steam its nice to see that microsoft is finally getting the memo.

    • Clint

      I’m not a big gamer by any stretch of the imagination. However, I have always used a PC for any of my game playing. I recently acquired an XBOX and in my opinion the gaming experience of lying on your lounge couch, with a control in hand and playing on your large flatscreen TV cannot be beat.

      Of course, you can mimick this set up with a PC but it is not feasible in many households.

      And the PC is always there is need be…

      On a side note, the big advantage of the PC is the ability to play pirated games a lot more easily… suppose this is why PC games are so much cheaper.

    • Ary

      yes and why get a crappy low review games just cus its on sale why not play League of legends or other hi rated game on PC better FOR FREE

  • Jack Marriott

    Hey I sold my copy of L.A noire today for £6 and got 1200 MSP for a further £4. I’m actually waiting to buy L.A noire in the sale. Crazy huh? My disc reader has died and i would like to finish the game, you crafty microsoft fiends. Anyways will my 1200 msp, which i believe is about $15 be enough to get it on the sale? Hope it works out and you don’t stiff me somehow.

    • Jack Marriott

      Will probly be 1240 msp…

  • Carlos R Maldonado

    I can’t see the spreadsheet on Linux … perhaps an HTML table was too much to ask?

    • Boe2

      So many fictional facts coming forth caused by bias against Microsoft. Not only about the next xbox, but also about stuff like this.

      Check how this table is built before you cry foul. It’s JSON data visualised with standard jQuery. There is no reason it shouldn’t work in any modern browser, regardless of OS. Unless you got javascript disabled, but then you have a LOT of modern sites to complain about since you disabled a big set of html5.

      Not meant as an attack towards you, but there are others in this thread that are downright lying in order to spread anti-MS FUD. MS made some poor decisions, but we have to give them credit when they did it right, and this is one of those times.

      • Major Nelson

        Thanks for the independent verification Carlos. I had quite a few meetings w/ the Excel team about just this. I said I don’t want to use an embedded spreadsheet if it requires any unnecessary plug-ons. They assured me it did not, and was compatible across platforms and browsers. As you said, this should work find with any modern browser. If you have an ad blocker or a no script plug in, then well…it won’t work, but a LOT of things won’t work. I’ve seen my servers logs. I know that a MAJORITY of readers are reading this site on non-MS hardware and software, so I try to ensure that what I post works on as many platforms as possible.

        Still having trouble? You can view the actual non-embeded spreadsheet right here

        • Russell Gorall

          Why keep trying to get people MS and Excel, just put it up!


        • Carlos R Maldonado

          Hi Larry, I stand corrected. I was using an old version of Google Chrome on Linux (version 20) I just upgraded to version 25 and it’s working now, so perhaps it was a matter of version

          I tried this on a Mac OS X Lion with Chrome and it worked as well

          Thanks for reading and replying my comment

      • Carlos R Maldonado

        There’s a reason, outdated browser (Chrome 20 on Linux)

    • Major Nelson

      It’s a bit easier to use an embedded Excel table since there is renders exactly as it should – table seem to be browser dependent.

      • Russell Gorall

        Or you could just put it up?

        It isn’t working without a download of Excel with Chrome, what is this?

        • Hanhua Yin

          I can view it correctly both under Chrome and on my phone browser.

          • Russell Gorall

            Well, try your Chrome browser on PC. It is a nothing.

  • Realmusik Recordz

    I enjoy the podcast yesterday but was surprise that no one asked about the new Xbox?

    • Major Nelson

      I was as well.

      • Russell Gorall

        Well, a lot of gamers are interested in games? A lot of developers.

        So, you get the idea?

  • Adrian Blessing

    So,I see that Assassins Creed 3 for GonD is going to be $39.99 throughout the 1st….I get paid literally 12AM that night/day CST(Direct Deposit onto my Debit Card)…..If I’m up at that time would I still have the option to purchase it for this price (since I know some things aren’t usually updated till 3 to 4AM),or will the price change Sunday or @ 12AM Monday Morning?

  • Евгений Кочергин


  • Benno van den Berg

    Do’h, I just bought all Skyrim addons for full price >.<

  • Alan

    The Walking Dead games for 800 altogether :)

  • David de Carvalho

    I might pick up Just Cause 2 the demo was really fun

    • Russell Gorall

      Played it years ago, and played it last year with Playstation Plus. Barely touched it. How much?

  • guy

    Walking dead first episode for FREE…. I want my money back…..

    • Steve Melton

      Sorry, but getting all five episodes for a total of 800 MSP invalidates your argument. If you’re mad because you bought it before, well that’s life. Things go on sale, people who want to wait get the bonus. People who want to play it earlier pay the full price. Such is life.

  • Vi Ron

    Can we have more than games for sale? This list is only very few…

    • Riki Bond

      GonD = Games on Demand – These are full copies of games. Pretty much answering your first question ;)

    • Ben Havlik

      Games on Demand

  • Ryan Davis

    A plethora of good deals here. It’s about time the Marketplace team stepped it up! Unfortunately nothing I’m personally interested in. WE WANT BANJO!!

  • Russell Gorall

    Any reason you just can’t put the list up?

    Who else trying to sell something asks you to use something else to view it?

    Besides Microsoft.

  • Brad Lavender

    I’d still like to see a sale on the Ultimate MvC costume pack.

  • Jared Walsh

    in Canada

    Hitman: Absolutionis $40 so it well be $30 just let you know

  • Russell Gorall

    STILL doesn’t work, great job.

    Hey, what do they pay you for?

    • Major Nelson

      They pay me to ask you again: What device/OS/browser are you viewing this on? Post that information and a screenshot if you can take on that shows what you are seeing.
      If you do that, I am sure together we can figure this out.

    • Ary

      Ha he asked u again troll stop complaining and read it all before u complain. What device /os browser are u on? give any additional details his not a mind reader.

  • Russell Gorall

    Just put a list up. If you can’t… Christ, what do they pay for?

  • Russell Gorall

    After a thousand messages that without a WORKING browser it won’t work…


    • Major Nelson

      So I’ll ask again. What Device/OS/Browser are you using? If you share that information I can try and solve the problem.

  • Jonathan Reichert

    It is 12 am pst and 3am est already… when do these go on sale?

  • H0RIZ0N

    The games was free during the holiday’s 2012, guessed you missed it.

  • sunny

    No sale till yet?

    • gary

      Rockstar Pass is 1200MSP, Walking Dead Ep. 1 is free. Yeah it is up

  • Adam

    The Walking Dead Episode 2 is still 400pts.

    • gary


  • scuff ryder

    walking dead Episode 2 is not on sale, every other one is.

    • Dwaggie

      Yeah I’m waiting for Episode 2 to go down.

      • Bennijin

        Funnily enough this exact thing happened last time.

    • Guest

      Looks like it is fixed now.

    • Guest

      It is showing 200 msp now but when you go to purchase it still says 400.

  • Jonathan Reichert

    Hearthfire and the Skyrim dlc is still normal price

  • XeWoN

    Microsoft is slowly rolling out the price updates in all regions that apply for the sale.

  • Jason Bachelor

    The Walking Dead Episode 2 is still showing as 400 pts while the rest are 200.

  • Marc Cossins

    Hearthfire DLC is showing up as 400MS points and not 200? Is this correct?

    • Dwaggie

      No, that’s not correct. 400 is normal price. Wait until it’s discounted.

    • Dwaggie

      It’s now 200 MSP. Buy it now.

  • David Frahm-Falkenberg

    Maybe you should post the sale in something that can be viewed on a iPhone? Now, all we iOS users see is a big blank empty white space.
    Or at least include the list as a download as well.
    Thanks. :-)

    • Dwaggie

      Then use a microsoft windows phone, and not an overhyped, over-priced piece of apple trash ;)

    • Rob Hernandez

      I’m viewing it just fine on my iPod Touch…

  • Paul Sandry

    The Walking Dead episode 2 is still 400 MP where the rest (except ep 1 of course) are all 200 MP. please fix?

    • Dennis Tomlinson

      I keep saying this too. I’d like to give them some money…err…msps. Please fix.

  • Nathan Curd

    The Australian store didn’t put the second episode of The Walking Dead on sale. Not sure if this has been made aware of to anyone. I’m sure it will be fixed by the time I get on tomorrow after work, but I felt I should mention it in case no one knew or noticed.

  • Byyys

    €49.99 for ACIII in EU? is this really 33% savings?.. 40 dollars is only 31euro not €49.99!!

  • Major Nelson

    A few of the items (like Walking Dead Ep 2) have not dropped in price yet. I am investigating, but everything should be at the right sales prices later today. I’ll tweet out when that happens.

    • Neftali Rodriguez


    • Jared Walsh

      in Canada it’s 200msp (like Walking Dead Ep 2)

  • Douglas Coleman

    I just bought Walking Dead Episode 2:Starved For Help and was charged 400 points instead of the Sale price 200 points on today, March 26th at 9:45 am Eastern.

    I bought the rest of the episodes and they were only 200 points each as was advertised.

    Was the sale removed from Episode 2 at the last minute???

  • Douglas Coleman

    I had already purchased Walking Dead Episode 2 before noticing that the price drop was not adjusted yet. Is there anyway I can get credit for my 200 points?

    • Cameron Lessing

      most likely not

      • Douglas Coleman


        • Bennijin

          Telephone Xbox Support and explain, you should get it credited back so long as you can persuade them you bought it believing the price had been adjusted. It’s really not as rare an occurrance as you’d be led to believe. They’ll be able to tell just when you bought it too.

  • ZenLikeCalm

    Is there any reason Walking Dead episode 2 is still listed as 400MSP, while the rest of the episodes are already discounted?

  • Andrew Graff

    Anybody notice Episode 2 of the Walking Dead is still 400 in the Marketplace? They need to fix that.

  • Major Nelson

    What device/browser are you using? Does this direct link work?

    • Robert Longo

      Win7 x64 using Chrome. It wasn’t working for me because I had to log into SkyDrive. It worked once I put in my passport password. I wasn’t sure why it would require me to put in my passport credentials to view something that is labeled as public.

      I went to the direct link earlier (iframe’s src) which is where I was prompted to log in. I logged in and it worked perfectly for me. Your direct link above works for me as well.

      Hope this helps.

    • Russell Gorall

      How many times do you have to be told it doesn’t work on Chrome?

      I am not downloading a Windows app just to look at a list, that is the definition of malware.

      • Major Nelson

        Russell, I’ve checked this in Chrome in Windows and Mac (sorry, I don’t have Linux installed here) and it works fine. You don’t have to to download a Windows App just to view it, so you can stop repeating that. Do you have an ad blocker or an add-on that blocks scripts? That may be it. Does the direct link work?

        • Russell Gorall

          Not working. The direct link asks me to install a Windows program.

    • Robert Longo

      I’m thinking I could have had a bad cookie on my computer that for some reason SkyDrive sniffed and tried to use for auth. That’s the only thing I can think of as a possible reason why it would ask to log in to view embed (and have my username already in place).

      Just a thought.

  • Nathaniel Frost

    Spiderman Shattered Dimensions isn’t on sale yet, will it be soon???

    • Nathaniel Frost

      finally changed