March 26th 2013 2:52 pm PT

Xbox Apps for Windows 8 refreshes with new look and feel

More screen shots on my Flickr

You may have noticed that the Xbox apps for Windows 8 are receiving some updates this week.  Some are purely background updates that you might not notice but there are also a few cosmetic and functional updates. The Xbox Games and Xbox SmartGlass apps for Windows 8 and Windows RT are refreshing this week with new looks and some new features. The refreshed Xbox Games app will make Windows 8 and Windows RT tablet and PC gameplay simpler and more personal. The home screen of the updated Xbox Games app will now display the last game you played within the past seven days. We’re also providing faster and smoother access to related downloadable content for that game to further personalize your gameplay and your Avatar. Game trailers and screenshots are also more easily discoverable inside the refreshed app. We’ve added some enhanced communication features inside the app too, like the ability to send and receive text messages between Xbox LIVE friends and toast notification similar to those you receive today on Xbox 360.  The Xbox SmartGlass app has been refreshed so that your device stays awake while you are engaged in a 2nd screen activity.  It also includes some stability and connection issues, as well as an updated controller layout which includes the Xbox guide button for more easily discoverable options.

The refreshed Xbox Games and Xbox SmartGlass apps begin rolling out on Windows 8 and Windows RT devices starting today and could a few days to reach everyone around the world.

Xbox 360, Xbox Live By James Pfaff (litheon), Blogger

  • Chaosprower

    Nice. I found the Xbox games app bad for game discovery without screenshots or videos. Do you need to have a Gold subscription to send messages to Xbox 360 users or is it just for Windows players?

    • J.A.J.G. Thiéfaine

      It’s free messaging cross platform for Silver members, like it is through the xbox(.)com web interface and on Windows Phone.

  • Tobias Weisserth

    More importantly, the Mail app got an update. It feels slightly faster now. Could use more work though.

  • Cole Train

    I would like to see a “Party Chat” function from Windows 8 to Xbox …

  • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

    My windows RT got the updates the ones I use feel improved but still needs more tweaking

  • Dan Wheeler

    Is it just me or does the link to the Flickr page not work? – it’s saying

    “This page is private”

  • JT

    Looks like Steam stole your “new” and “refreshed” design. Might wanna check into that.

  • T

    When is Microsoft going to start accepting Microsoft points for Windows 8 xbox games. I don’t have a credit card but I do have several thousand msp and I would like to buy some of the games. I get the points cards for Christmas and birthday every year.

    • J.A.J.G. Thiéfaine

      That’s probably never going to happen as it never did on Windows Phone or Zune before that either. I think MSP will go the way of the dodo next gen as far too many are cheating the system with it e.g. through much cheaper deals on eBay.
      At least you can now tie a PayPal account and buy through that.

  • Russell Gorall


  • Eric Starr

    Now when will they update the smartglass for Android tablets?

  • Guilty Spark

    Hello Mr. Hryb,
    I would ask you if you could clarify something for me, since all the other places and people i’ve asked for an explanation went mum.
    So my problem is this – why can’t i reach and install on my Win8 machine, Jetpack Joyride – i see it in the hub, i can read the description and etc. but when i try and install it – it doesn’t show in the game list (hub) in the Store. I know it’s probably some account/region store restrictions, but no one did clarify even that. And if in fact that is the matter with the game, could you elaborate is this situation going to stay as it is, or could we eventually hope to be able to access and install the game (and probably others like that) at some point in future and when?

    My second question is:
    Also could you comment on the pricing model for the W8 Store games – most of them are wayyyy to expensive compared to the other stores and pricing. And when i say MUCH MORE expensive, i seriously mean it.

  • ElektroDragon

    You should have tried harder to make GFWL popular and accepted. This is no replacement.

  • Lawrence Sonntag

    Can I send messages to people on my friend’s list yet?

  • Luis López

    stop that tablet style app for a deskpot machine, is like.. horrible (im talking abaut pc..)

  • Russell Gorall

    So… Games for Window Live is dead? Please?