March 27th 2013 6:00 am PT

Arcade: Terraria – Xbox 360 Edition

Content: Terraria – Xbox 360 Edition
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
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Dash Text: Terraria – Xbox 360 Edition. Welcome to the world of Terraria! DIG, FIGHT, EXPLORE, BUILD! Nothing is impossible in the special edition version of this action-packed sandbox adventure! Over a dozen environments and hundreds of items to craft and enemies to defeat! The world is your canvas – make it your own

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Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Ren

    I understand people love this, but plays to me like Minecraft the zx spectrum edition

    • Matt

      What program are you using that has Y set as depth?

      • Ren

        care to elaborate

        • Matt

          Well you said zx spectrum, in other words on a 2D plane. Programs that I’m used to use Z as depth. Y as vertical and X as horizontal. So I was just curious as to where you’re getting ZX from?

          • Ren

            Ahh, no matey, I was referencing the Sinclair zx spectrum, a old early 80’s computer, the game reminded me of playing a very very retro version of minecraft :)

          • Matt

            Ah! Yes 80s computing is before my time.

          • O Mosqueda

            That was funny, it almost looks as if you did it on purpose. Do some research on the subject, you won’t regret it, the original RARE had its roots there, also, look for the games from Hewson.

      • Michael Burden

        LOL, you guys must be young. The ZX Spectrum was a computer made by Sinclair in the early 80’s. The ZX Spectrum was an upgraded color version from the Sinclair ZX81 which was marketed in the US as the Timex Sinclair.

        His post has absolutely nothing to do with coordinates in 3D space, he was making a snarky comment on the graphics which the ZX Spectrum was in no way capable of doing graphics on this level.

        • Matt

          Makes sense! 80s computing was definitely before my time.

        • Ren

          actually it was nothing to do about the graphics, it was more of the gameplay it’s self, feels very dated

  • StormRaging

    I’ll get the trial but I’m not sure the game is worth 15 dollars when it’s on steam sale all the time for about 2.

    • Wilson H

      Yeah seriously, for $15 I bought the Steam bundle and had four other friends join me.( But that’s when it was released.)

  • Connor Olin

    already got it on sale for like $2 on steam

  • TonyLN

    This is a great game; but not worth $15 — as I already have it on Steam I wont be picking it up here. I would advise anyone who hasn’t played it though to give it a try (either via Steam) or on the 360 after they drop the price or when it goes on sale. I’d say it’s worth 600 points, $7.50.

    • Alex Leska

      It is totally worth $15 dollars. I have over 100 hours on steam.

  • O Mosqueda

    This has got to be the most expensive XBLA game considering its size, last month I bought 2 GonDs for about the same prize, it was about 7 GB, this one is only 33MB! And I thought I’ve paid to much on the Wiiware games which prices are, most of the times, according to their size. It better be the greatest game.

  • Curtis Isabell

    thought about it but it’s $2 on steam, meaning someone out there is profiting much more from this then they should be.

    • John

      If people are buying it, then they’re profiting the right amount.

    • Alex Leska

      Most of the profit is probably going to 505 Games because they made the console version. Redigit is the programmer that made the PC version. He game 505 Games (They were a big fan of Terraria) Promission to make a port of the game on consoles. This means that they both games made by different studios.

  • Superman64

    People can get this for $2 on Steam….and we don’t even know if this game will work on the next XBox this fall. Kind of makes it hard to justify having to pay $15.

    • O Mosqueda

      So you are saying that if you won’t be able to play any it in the next generation, you won’t buy, it but if it does you’ll pay whatever they want? Interesting logic.

      • Superman64

        I didn’t say that. I am saying that adds to the difficulty of justifying the price. You have some interesting logic yourself…asking me a question and making a judgment before I can even answer it.

        • O Mosqueda

          Still, I don’t think compatibility for a system that no one has yet and doesn’t even have a name yet, should justify a purchase or its price, it’s the game alone that does.

          • Superman64

            But if you can’t enjoy that game in the future…that doesn’t matter to you?

          • Boe2

            Well, you can say that for ANY xbox game ever released. At some point there is a new console that won’t be able to play it. That doesn’t mean your current console suddenly stops working.

          • TonyLN

            It does for me — when the next Xbox comes out my current system will go to parents house (for Netflix mostly) and anything that isn’t compatible will get sold or given away. If arcade games don’t transfer over I won’t be able to play them anymore….

            With the new system likely coming out in about 6 months do I really want to pay $15 for a game that I wont be able to play after that. Furthermore, they may rerelease this for the next Xbox and then I would have to decide if I wanted to buy it again. As it stands right now I wont be buying any game for the Xbox (arcade or otherwise) until I find out about backward compatibility; if I really want the game I will buy it for the PC.

          • Alex Leska

            You should buy it on PC. It is one of the best indie games.

          • TonyLN

            I do own it on PC. =D — the comment was towards Boe2 whom didn’t seem to understand why some people may be reluctant to buy something whithout knowing if it will work on the next Xbox.

  • MetzlerAndy

    Bought this for 2,50€ the first time when it was on sale on Steam, loved it.
    But as I prefer playing on consoles, this was a no brainer. I don’t think the price is too steep for what you get there. Endless hours of gaming.

  • Bennijin

    See you in six to eight months, Terraria!

  • Hugoku

    Looks very interesting, but will wait. $15 is a very hard blow to take for this, considering it’s already an old game very often on sale.

  • Alex Leska

    Sandbox + RPG = AWESOME!

  • James Maxwell

    It’s really disappointing to see little discussion about the actual game and how it plays on the Xbox. Comparing a $15 dollar price point to a (75% off) SALE PRICE is ludicrous, especially when valuing the actual content of the game.
    And let me be clear: I would like to see better pricing on Xbox Live and will defend everyone’s choice (myself included) in shopping around and getting the best deal. But the way everybody here is addressing this issue is with complete disregard for the game and the developer.
    It is encouraged as consumers to question Microsoft’s pricing, but all that’s posted here is arrogant entitled that is insulting to Terraria and Re-Logic.

    • Bennijin

      If I found Minecraft boring will I find Terrarria boring as well?

      (Guess I could just get round to playing the trial…)

  • Morgan Riall

    SWEET! I just got a free Microsoft points card pin at freemspointsforever com

  • Socal71

    Loved the demo, unfortunately I’m waiting until Monday to get this game in order to take full advantage of the Punch Card Rewards. Normally I don’t agree with some of these $15 dollar XBLA titles, but judging from the demo it definitely seems to be worth it.