March 27th 2013 2:18 pm PT

Lots of new entertainment coming to Xbox LIVE this week

This year kicked off with tons of great new apps on Xbox LIVE for our members around the world. In the first three months we’ve welcomed NHL GameCenter, Neon Alley, Telemundo, Crunchyroll, Slacker, Redbox Instant by Verizon, GameTrailers, CanalPlay Infinity and VEVO TV. The train keeps rolling as we’re adding a bunch of cool entertainment apps and updates this week*, including Game of Thrones actions coming to Xbox SmartGlass.

Xbox SmartGlass for Game of Thrones Season 3 (United States)
Discover even more of Game of Thrones® with HBO GO® and Xbox SmartGlass for your Windows 8 tablet or iPad. As the story unfolds on your TV, Xbox SmartGlass allows you to use your tablet as a companion guide to unlock exclusive content – including interactive maps, detailed character guides, cast and crew commentaries, behind-the-scenes extras and more – right at your fingertips. Now, you can control your Game of Thrones viewing experience like never before.

MLB.TV Refresh (United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Ireland, New Zealand, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Russia, Poland, Colombia, Chile, South Africa, Czech Republic)
MLB.TV on Xbox 360 is refreshing, including a new look and adding some new features that make watching baseball on Xbox better than ever. Access more than 1,430 Major League Baseball games live or on-demand, follow your favorite teams and get the best highlights and game recaps instantly. The updated MLB.TV includes a full view of game progress with base-runners and pitch-count, all without leaving the game you’re watching. Also, it allows you to get a quick view of the day’s MLB action with game progress including scores, base-runners and upcoming games. The refreshed app is more personalized and once you pick your favorite teams, the app will instantly start up with what you care about most – live games, clips and highlights, and game recaps of your favorite teams.

IndieFlix (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand)
IndieFlix on Xbox 360 brings the Film Festival home. Award-winning independent movies, shorts, documentaries, animation and web series from around the world. Discover films that launch careers, blaze new trails, and that actors and directors make for the love of the craft. Try it free at Every great film deserves an audience.

Revision 3 (United States, Australia, Canada)
With Revision 3, watch the best TV shows from the internet right on your Xbox 360.  Access tens of thousands of Revision3 videos, including all original weekly and daily episodic and community driven programs.  And with Kinect for Xbox 360 you can control your shows with a wave of your hand or the sound of your voice.

PopcornFlix (United States)
With Popcornflix on Xbox 360, stream hundreds of films instantly at no additional cost with your Xbox LIVE Gold subscription. Watch a wide range of genres including comedy, action, thriller, romance, family and many more. New films added every day. Get your popcorn and enjoy.

Toys “R” Us Movies (United States)
Watch the movies and TV shows kids love, instantly on your Xbox 360! Toys"R"Us Movies gives you instant access to thousands of family-friendly digital movies and TV shows for rental and purchase. Find the hottest new movie releases and TV shows selected just for your family and you can shop by age or your favorite characters!  Watch at home or on the go – available on hundreds of devices and now on Xbox 360!

There’s tons of great entertainment on Xbox LIVE launching this week so go check out the new experiences for yourself. Give it some time, though, it may take a few days for everything to rollout.

*Xbox LIVE Gold subscription and/or additional subscriptions/fees may be required and sold separately. Kinect functionality available with select Xbox LIVE content and varies by feature and country. For additional details and availability, see

Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Guest

    Still no TwitchTV app…

    • Marco

      TwitchTv is probably going to be in their Next XBox event, I am only assuming though..I just have a vibe Microsoft/Twitch will be doing something big together.

      • Jason Billingsley

        Hopefully it will work better than their iOS app.

  • Josh Ryan Abner

    Hurry up and make a Youtube tv app. That’s all I really watch

    • Brian Eyekon Koehler

      There already is a Youtube TV app it been out for months

  • Mikey ruless

    Why is revison3 no longer coming to the uk when months ago you anounced that it would be?

    • Ren

      rev 3 works in the uk, i still have a old us account on my xbox so grabbed it that way

  • Calum Young

    Any UK apps? Nope. As. Always. Thanks Major.

  • Alex W

    When is Android going to start getting more of these SmartGlass features?

    • lethargicj

      I have two droid phones, both with the latest software, and SmartGlass doesn’t work on either of them. I’m not even allowed to download it.

  • Bennijin

    ITV Player for UK please. Voice Studio was a dirty dirty tease that ITV content was planned.

  • Stephen Crow

    Can’t wait to interact with the new series of game of thrones! Oh wait, I live in the UK…

  • Stephen Robinson

    I don’t understand the reason Revision3 isn’t coming to the UK?

    • lethargicj

      The real question is why would you want it?

  • Chris Grub

    Damn, even more Gold services I will be paying for and not be using. Must reconsider next console generation.

    • Lucy Silver

      No, not really, you would be paying that price without these apps, just like people did before.

    • John

      That doesn’t make any sense.

  • DC

    You know what perks I’d prefer from a gaming service? Games. Like what PSN give away. Will we ever see that on Xbox Live? Of course not! Xbox Live used to be cutting edge, but now it’s a sad, yesteryear mess of outdated content, extortionately priced games on demand (most of which are ‘sale reduced’ to prices still in excess of those available in online retailers), and TV services for the one in a hundred users who don’t already have Sky, cable or a laptop. Just saying it like it is. If the next Xbox is some metro ‘living room fun play time dance multmedia entertainment hub’, count me the fak out. I want a games console, not an over glorified Wii.

    • Riddick Snipes

      Beautifully spoken. I agree the whole way. Although I will b getting the next Xbox I don’t care at all for any apps or services. Just games. Please just focus on games.

      • Riddick Snipes

        Only a moron would down vote this. As far as I’m concerned this gen is the first gen where its fine to have both the Xbox 360 and the ps3. I use the Xbox for games and the ps3 for blurays and media storage. Same goes for next gen.

        • kit walker

          i didnt downvote u but i could understand someone doing so, as u just said u agree with dc and all his points but ur going to blindly purchase a new console (that hasnt even been anounced yet)… also dont take it too personally , plenty of ppl on here with different views.

    • ikari_paul

      agree. even though, i think i wont bother much with the next xbox, and go with the PS4 instead. dont believe M$ really want to deviate from their current business model. Lets see what next month theyre going to present… but im not holding my breath.

    • InfernoShade

      Oh please. It’s a renaissance of gaming. There are more games than ever out. More than you have time to play. And most all of them, outside of exclusivity deals are on Xbox.

      Also, many people like the apps. Like the Netflix app, ESPN, or HBO, etc. And we also like SmartGlass on our tablets. If you don’t like them, don’t use them. No one is forcing you.

      Not to mention, from the very beginning MS said they were creating an entertainment hub. Everyone wants to do that. Even Sony, but their PR is bs’ing you.

  • ikari_paul

    again, no content for my country. shame.

    …haha.. renew live gold… haha hahaha… ….no.

    • Luis López

      +100000000 I´m agree with you,… in my case, no content for spain, (always the same..) but no problem !! =) of course im going with sony in the next gen

  • Jochen Bullerjahn

    “Lots of new entertainment” … unless you’re one of us 700 million Europeans, I guess.

    • Realmusik Recordz

      man..relax..yall got all of those beautiful women over…that enough….

    • Fernando Coli Viotto

      Or if you live in South America :(

  • Realmusik Recordz

    i get tired of playing my games sometimes…and i just want to watch a movie, listen to music, jack off, and ext….i dont kno wat u guys are talkn about but the xbox is killing ps3…and will kill ps4! mark my word! xbox is on the right track…i enjoy my nba app….watching Lebron James make history with the longest nba winning streak….i enjoy my espn app..keeping up with manny pacquio and my 49ers!!! i dont have to search to figure out whats going on in the world…its all on my xbox!!!Keep da apps coming major nelson…you are doing a great job! lol ..these people crazy on here man…i sware. I like games also…but i like a whole lot of other stuff as well.

    • Tylerh1701

      Haha nice try, Major!

  • Ross Marah

    Haha you fucking serious all ireland get is a fucking shitty baseball update?roll on ps4

  • Jason Lafitte

    Weak, No MLB.TV in Canada yet the Jays are going to win the world series this year.

  • ElektroDragon

    What about games?

  • Inaba-kun

    Bizarre that Revision 3 is no longer coming to the UK. I doubt I’d of used it, but it’s still nonsensical.
    I wonder how many of these apps will show up on Durango at launch, or will we be going back to having no (or just a few) apps for a while.
    Also from a UK perspective, the continued lack of ITV Player is odd, and I’d also like to see a Curzon on Demand app.

  • Christian Hartwig

    Some timeline to announce for watchever? PS3 Version started yesterday in Germany. Somehow xbox is always a bit late to the game (think of lovefilm).

  • Inaba-kun

    Also I’m going to state the obvious – come next gen Xbox Live Gold needs to be a VERY different product. In short, it needs to be PS+. You also need to stop charging people to access their paid subscriptions to Netflix etc. I own my Xbox, and I pay Netflix for their service. There is no place for a middle man demanding his taxes.

  • lordfiSh

    i want HBO GO® and Xbox SmartGlass for Germany -.-

  • Volitar Prime

    What about SmartGlass for Android? Will it work with the HBO Go app? Or should I just use HBO Go for Android and skip using the XBox all together?

  • Simon Keatley

    Wow?!? Loads this week and even two for the UK even though one of them goes to everyone and everyone in the whole world just loves Baseball. Do you know what headline I wait for?

    Lots of new GAMES coming to Xbox LIVE this week! There is a total of 6 in April released at a rate of 2 a week and skipping 2 weeks here and there, basically 4 FPS and 2 Actioners. I have a TV and a Sky+HD subscription showing me more TV than I could wish for but I thought I also had a gaming console for the best choice of games around. Seven years ago the Xbox 360 was the best console ever to hit the planet and now it’s just turning into a App platform with the occasional FPS or quick fix game. Return to your roots, man!

    • InfernoShade

      Only 6 games in a month, boohoo. :) Seriously, how many games can you play in a month? There are plenty of games coming out. Since the beginning of the year, plenty. And there are a number of top games that just came out and are coming out like in a week.

  • Tal Boese

    I’m gonna need a bigger hard drive!

  • Russell Gorall

    Paid services like this are pretty old.

  • Russell Gorall

    Paying for free things is something MS customers LOVE.


      To settle for PSN’s Mediocrisy across the board is something Sony loves. Too bad they will more than likely be charging next gen. You think all those added are going to be free? Your sense of entitlement astounds me.

  • David McKenzie

    When is Twitch coming?

  • David Lee Lewis

    Why give us in the uk NBA GAME TIME and MLB.TV. We dont even like Baseball and Basketball here. We need ITV player

  • jlh

    That sounds amazing. I’ll look into XBMC. I remember trying it like four or five years ago but ended up going back to Media Center. But it sounds like it has matured a lot since then.

  • InfernoShade

    I haven’t missed any train, than you very much. I work in entertainment and technology. I’m on a bullet train to the future, leaning over the conductors shoulder with my face pressed against the glass. :)

    No offense (really!) but IMO all your complaints add up one big negative boohoo. Life is so unfair. Nothing is perfect in this life, but guess what we have so many great things. The tech we have now is amazing, and the games are plenty. And what MS, PSN, Google, Apple, and others offer is incredible. But if things like a tile on your screen bother you, I don’t know how you live in this world.

    Good luck to you.

    • DC

      You still aren’t comprehending my point of view, but if you do indeed work in entertainment, it’s utterly impossible that you ever could. Please, return to your market research.

      • InfernoShade

        No I totally comprehend your point. Thing is you don’t understand mine. But that’s ok, we can agree to disagree.

        And you’re “return to your market research” shows how little you know about business. Research is a small part of the whole, there are dozens and dozens of jobs and skill sets involved in marketing. And without marketing most businesses would fail. FYI I don’t work in research. At times I work with researchers, but I work in creative, if you know what that means.

  • slasaru

    Man, who needs baseball broadcast in Russia? Why no decent apps for eastern europe?