March 28th 2013 7:06 am PT

Play To Earn from Xbox LIVE Rewards

Starting Monday, April 1, we’re launching an exclusive feature for Xbox LIVE Rewards Members, MyPunchcard, an exciting new way to get rewarded for doing what you love!  And this April, all the action is in arcade games with our exclusive Play To Earn offers, your passion for playing arcade games can pay off in a big way.

Only the most devoted Arcade fans have what it takes to black out all three Arcade Punchcards. Those who do will be guaranteed a spot in an upcoming VIP Exclusives. By simply playing your favorite arcade games and adding to your game collection, you can earn rewards in April.

Here’s the three ways you can earn rewards all month long.

  1. Play 20 hours of any combination of arcade games, receive a free avatar item
  2. Purchase any four arcade games for 400 Microsoft Points or more from Xbox LIVE, receive a one month Xbox LIVE Gold membership
  3. Spend 3200 Microsoft Points on arcade games, receive 800 Microsoft Points in return. 

It’s easy and fun, you can earn for playing and or buying ANY arcade game from Xbox LIVE. 
So, play the games you already know and love like Minecraft, Terraria, Trials Evolution, Counterstrike: GO, Castle Crashers, The Walking Dead, LIMBO and more and discover new games to try and buy from Xbox LIVE. 

Here’s a list of games launching in April.

  • BattleBlock Theater
  • Double Dragon II
  • Motocross Madness
  • Sacred Citadel
  • God Mode
  • Monaco

You’ll need to be an Xbox LIVE Rewards member to sign up and learn more on


Flashy Marketing video below:

Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • liljrSanchez

    APRIL FOOLS! haha

  • Chris White

    This is some of the best news that I’ve heard from XBL in a while. Most of the games that I play regularly are XBLA, and now I’m getting rewarded for it! Well done MS. I hope this is just the start of what we can expect in the future from “MyPunchcard”.

    • Chris White

      I honestly don’t understand this board. This is the second post that I’ve made with positive, rational statements and I get down votes? So, only the sarcastic, immature, negative response are the ones that get support? That seems helpful………..Thanks.

      • Guest

        It’s the PauperStation trolls on this site that MN refuses to ban.

        Is this US only BTW?

        • Major Nelson

          I don’t control the voting. Sorry. I am puzzled as well :(
          Regarding banning, I really don’t want to ban people…but I think it may be time.
          The promotion is not US only. It’s available where ever the Rewards program is available…which it quite a few places if I recall correctly.

          • SecondClassCitizen

            Majority of Live regions are exempt.

          • Clint

            Quite a few yes, but what about those of us in countries that are not supported? What do we get for our annual XBOX Gold subscription? From what I see our service is not heavily discounted so we are effectively losing out. If we do not get these offers then we should be paying far less.

          • Curtis Isabell

            people are fed up with xbox in general major; simply put, people want MS to be on par with the competitions programs, which it isn’t it’s losing on all fronts. I’m telling you right now if MS started giving gold members a good game for free every week or 2 the whole attitude here and around the net would change.

            don’t believe me? convince whoever does the marketplace things to let castle crashers be free next week and the following week throw in another big arcade game for free (minecraft? terraria? trials evolution?) watch how in 1 swoop people will have faith in MS again. the “trolls” on this board are not fanboys, they are simply customers, or ex customers who went down the street and say they got similar, or better, for less money.

            since it needs to be drilled into peoples heads, here is what I got, for the same price of XBL gold in the months of feb and march with PSN+

            Spec ops the line free

            vanquish free

            joe danger 2 the movie (it’s a game) free

            spend $50 on anything get $10 back (included memberships to PSN+ and other stuff as well)

            Defiance beta access Free

            I know for a FACT i’m missing stuff as well, but those are the things that stuck out to me. and compared to what xbox did in those 2 months, well… try harder please.

          • jlh

            I see that you are extremely happy with your PS3 & PS+. That’s great I think everyone should be happy with their choice of game console. What I don’t understand is why you choose to continue to come to Major’s blog to troll every single bit of information that he posts.

            No sale interests you, no game releases interest you, Live is worthless compared to PSN so why do you keep coming here. I could see if you found even a little value in what he posts but I’ve read your comments for a while and there is nothing even close to positive in anything that you write.

            Also you’re wrong when you say that “people are fed up with xbox in general”. I’m not fed up with the Xbox at all. I am enjoying the heck out of my Xbox and have been since launch day. I come here to get the latest information on new releases, sales and apps because I love my console. I plan on getting all three Arcade Punchcards next month and I have tons of points to spend on the special April 1st sale. I’m also waiting anxiously to hear about release dates on three more big XBLA games and of course the announcement info for the Next Xbox. So I’m sorry that you no longer like your console but that is not the case for everyone and that is no reason to continue to come here and troll this blog like this every day.

          • Jordan Mcdonald

            he’s hardly trolling…

          • jlh

            It’s the constant rain of negativity that I consider trolling. When I first read one of his comments I was like “okay the guy is a little disgruntled, whatever” but then it became a neverending diatribe on every single thing that Major posts. Sales = same negativity, new apps = same, game releases = same, new features = same, etc, etc, etc. And now he’s a PS+ evangelist. It’s ridiculous. And it comes across as trolling because he never lets it go. I don’t know many other boards outside of someplace like Gamefaqs that wouldn’t have banned him (and some others) for derailing every thread by now.

          • Curtis Isabell

            it’s the case for a whole lot of people, not just me, I think it’s funny when a fanboy steps up on a pedistel and does the whole “why are you here if psn is so much better” because I bought an original xbox shortly after launch, had live for over 8 years, and got a 360 at launch that’s why. I bought thousands of dollars in 360 games. the original xbox is my favorite game console of all time, not the nes, or sega genesis, not the n64, or PS2, the original xbox.

            looking at what you just said, you even showed the another issue with xbox, every game you are excited about is an arcade game, and we both know they will be over priced. you pay for gold membership and get litterally the same stuff PSN gives you for free. unless you really think party chat is worth $60 a year.

            the complaints will keep coming, not only from me, but from many others who are tired of MS asking for more without providing anything theirselves.

            between the live price, lack of games, pushing kinect junk, focusing on apps. over pricing hard drives, controllers, and market place items MS is in for a very rude awakening when the non-fanboys actually jump ship when next gen starts. and if you think that won’t happen, look at what happened last gen, the xbox was so good PS2 players jumped over why? because xbox had better games, better service, and was competitively priced. this is no longer the case, and sony has since upped their game 10fold, and even when they are ahead, they up it again.

          • jlh

            Not agreeing with you does not equal being a fanboy.

            Chris White is right when he says that only the sarcastic, immature & negative responses get support here. I held back on posting here for so long because I thought why even jump into this trollfest. It shouldn’t be that way on an official Xbox board. But then I remembered that you are just the extremely vocal minority of Xbox owner and that the majority of people do not act like this.

            Also I really wish you would stop trying to speak for me; I don’t agree that Arcade games are overpriced. To me 1200 points for a game that I enjoy is not too much. Do I like sales? Of course and I take advantage of those sales at every opportunity but that doesn’t mean that I believe that all Arcade games are overpriced. Also PSN game prices are the same or similar (since they use real $). I know that they are because I own a PS3 and visit that blog regularly as well.

            Everything else you talk about is all your opinion and as such is valid because that’s what you feel but is there a reason why you feel you must express it in every single thread. This is a post about MyPunchcard which I’m personally really excited about and has nothing to do with the price of Live, Kinect, hard drive & controller prices, etc. so it’s just beyond confusing why you’re talking about all that other stuff here.

          • Craig Taylor

            Amen Brother

      • Jason Peek

        Welcome to America.

      • Some guy

        This is the internet, what do you expect?

      • Tylerh1701

        Dude, they’re just downvotes. It just means someone disagrees with you.

      • KENNETH B

        Well, I’m not trying to troll and I’m not trying to argue or say you’re wrong… but did you really look at the ‘rewards’? The smallest reward (an avatar item) is for actually playing games.

        The biggest rewards are dependent on spending money and how much money you spend… so while I do appreciate your positive comment and attitude, its also somewhat perplexing that you’re excited about a singlular Avatar award…. unless you’re planning on buying 4 more arcade games and spending at least $40 in the process to qualify for the other 2 awards.

        So probably the negative down votes are over your choice of verbiage… none of the above is really a reward for PLAYING games (as your comment makes it out to be), its a reward for spending money (which is still a good thing too).

        • liljrSanchez

          Not sure why people complain, some rebate is better than no rebate. Just keep that in mind…

          • KENNETH B

            You are right… actually, I edited my comment to remove the bit about ‘being perplexed over an Avatar reward’… not my place to say otherwise if someone is excited about it.

          • Steve Melton

            THANK YOU! That’s what I hate nowadays. If I got money back at the grocery store for buying certain items I’d say “Thanks!” — not ask “Why can’t be this other thing be on sale!!!?!?!?!??!?”

          • Curtis Isabell

            if there were 2 grocery stores next to each other, one said “our membership is $50 a year and you get a random item each week or free anything from a bag of potatoes to a bottle of wine” and the other said” pay us $60 a year, and we will let you shop here” I think we would both pick the first one.

          • Steve Melton

            So why are people shopping here if they like the other grocery store better?

          • Curtis Isabell

            at this point, stupidity and brand loyalty, there are a few of us, like me, who tell the manager at the weaker store to improve, what the others are doing, at least try to match it.

      • BostonSup

        Some people down vote because they feel they are rebelling and therefore they are cool, others (not in your case) down vote because they simply do not agree. In this case a person cannot disagree with you because you stated something personal that clearly only applies to you and is not an “Xbox should do this…” type of statement.

        As for negative comments geting up votes, that isn’t supporting a “troll” as someone else suggested, nor does it always mean that it really a negative comment. Some people forget to communicate that they support or supported the Xbox brand but goes straight into what they see as MS’s problem.

        To say Xbox’s problem is A, B, and C or that one or more aspects of their service is lacking to their competition does not mean “Xbox Sucks”, but rather that they feel MS needs to pick up their game to be the best. A lot of the opinions relate to value vs service, exclusives, and global sales… all that seems to be genuine concerns to one degree or another.

        The great thing is that Major Nelson actually does read (or at least skim over) these comments, as proved by his responses on many of these comment sections. So don’t worry about the down votes, it is much too inconsistent to provide any value.

        • Curtis Isabell

          well said I just hope all the voiced complaints brings change before everyone leaves the xbox platform for next gen. people have been angry for a while but every time I turn around sony is doing another thing that makes me wonder why i still try to get MS to change :(

          • InfernoShade

            Listen I get it. We all want everything our way.

            But here’s a suggestion. Simplify your life, save your money and lessen your aggravation. Do you need multiple game systems? No. Do you need every game? No. Do you have time to play every game on every system? No.

            Save your money for a rainy day, or when you get old you’ll find yourself crippled by financial pressure. I love video games, but I don’t let myself get sucked into the whole rat race. Break away from demanding you get everything you want, your way, at all times. You’ll feel free, and will be in a better place than all your friends.

        • InfernoShade

          Have to disagree. No offense. :)

          A lot of downvotes here an other sites relate to people feeling entitled to free stuff. It’s just like this whole mobile culture. Stereotypically, you have Android users complain when an app costs 99cents, and isn’t free.

          Also, the whole competition thing is bull. MS is already in competition with it’s counterparts. You are not business people. Also PS has the free service and the pay service, just like MS. But people play the whole competition card in the hopes of getting free stuff.

          Hey we all love free of cheap, but doesn’t mean we should always expect it. Bottom line: if you don’t like something then don’t buy or subscribe to it. Paying for it and complaining is a mixed message. Simply, complaining does not make things free.

          • Curtis Isabell

            this “entitled gamer” fanboy argument needs to stop, MS has to compete with the competition.

          • InfernoShade

            Disagree again. :)

            If gamers didn’t act like entitled children, and makes posts like “why isn’t everything cheap and free”, then that argument would stop. But it’s all over the place on game and tech sites. Like a post I read yesterday. Xbox was having a sale, so why not have the same sale on the same things on Steam. Hello, different companies, different deals, different prices. Totally entitled attitude.

            I’d guess most of the downvotes I got are from Android users too. It’s stereotypical that they want things cheap and won’t pay. Research shows this. That’s why many mobile developers expect to make money on iOS and not Android.

            Gamers complaining is like people going to McDonalds and complaining. They complain but keep on going there over and over. If you don’t like something, don’t buy it. If you think a service is not competing, don’t buy it. That’s the way to make change. But just complaining and buying it over and over, not gonna change.

          • BostonSup

            I am rebelling and voting you up (though I disagree). As Curtis says, it isn’t this “entitled gamer” mentality, it is about being a consumer and wanting **value** for your money. Sometimes money comes into play, sometimes it doesn’t, but nobody expects everything to be free (even if marketed that way, as PS3 does).

            Every consumer is different, but if Xbox raises the price of XBL and gives me added apps that I don’t use or want… well that isn’t value for my extra money. If I see that many of the apps are additional fee based or that there are ads on my paid service, then I feel nickel and dimed by MS.

            If I feel that sales for the same game are better on another platform, I then feel like I am not getting the same value for my money as the other users. This also fits into location of the person. If the consumer feels their country is left out on sales with one platform and not with another, they will not feel as if they are not valued customers.

            Competition is about providing more than the competitors and/or adding an incentive to get the edge. Stores do this all the time. They will sell the same product that is either cheaper, or has a bonus, or offer free shipping, or comes with a discount for a future purchase, etc. They are doing that because they are competing with other stores, not because they don’t like money. If Amazon is cheaper than GameStop then people shop at Amazon. If GameStop offers amazing exclusive items that Amazon doesn’t, then people shop at GameStop. If Amazon is cheaper but GameStop offers exclusive items, then the gamer/consumer has to think which is more **value** for their money.

            PS3 offering “free” games (its a rental figured into the subscription price) isn’t because it loves their consumers, it is because they need to offer something Xbox doesn’t to entice consumers from their competition. Microsoft is not doing that anymore, imo. It is the end of the generation and they are focusing on the next. What I don’t think MS is thinking about is that it colors them poorly right now and people will jump ship if they feel jaded this close to the next consoles. It isn’t about being free, it is about value.

          • InfernoShade

            Hehe, I appreciate that. :)

            Well, if you get additions to a service, like added apps that you don’t like, then the company thinks you are the minority. You realize they do research, and if research shows the majority of users would like something, then they create it.

            I know what competition is. BTW I work in marketing. Competition is not matching every move that another company does, otherwise there would be no distinction between the services.

            Gamer are sort of silly. They complain about services but get them all. They complain about games but buy them all. They complain about DLC but buy that too.

            Hello, if you don’t like something don’t buy. That’s how you teach companies.

          • Craig Taylor

            Wish I could click like againfor this comment …..boy to go on to complain and whine about this every single time I mean come on folks ….if your not happy stop buying …other than that please stop complaining …free …free …free ….blah, blah, blah..face it people everything has a price

    • Z4M0

      the real reward here is an avatard item. Period. That’s what you get for playing minimum of 5 hours a week / 4 weeks a month arcade games. If you want anything else you’ll have to dish money.

      Remember next week’s DOTW includes 200 msp valued games that WON’T COUNT to the “buy 4 games, get 1 gold month free” promo.

      I was excited at first and it’s better than nothing but they aren’t giving away that much. I’ll sure will get RETRO CITY RAMPAGE for 600 msp. MONACO, BBTheater and Terrania do appeal to me but most likely won’t buy at full price to get just 800 msp, wen I could have higher saving by just waiting for DOTW.

      • Michael Burden

        Maybe not, but those 200 MSP titles would count towards the 3200 MSP threshold.

        • Z4M0

          Yup, already took that into account while writing my post… RCR for 600, then 2 games at 1200 each and one 200 msp arcade would made it. It’s a shame I already own most of those 200 msp arcades (I recommend swarm and walking dead)

          Maybe on April’s second half deals we’ll found that special something reduced to round up the Rewards promo :)


  • Bush O Connor

    i LOL’d when i saw the price of that Terraria game on the Arcade after seeing it on steam for 2 euro only 10min before hand. the extra 200 gamerscore on Arcade games sent the prices through the roof, dont think ive bought one since that time.

    • Max

      The publishers determine the price, not Microsoft. “Games on Demand” or arcade titles are pretty much only worth buying during sales and even if they are on sale they’re often more expensive than Steam games (not always though).

      • ElektroDragon

        I don’t think that’s a s true as you think it is. If you think there isn’t a serious push to price things at 1200 points so MS gets a larger take, you’re kidding yourself.

        • Max

          Games on demand titles need to be more expensive than retail games because people would purchase download versions a lot more and retailers wouldn’t make quite as much money.

          • 4d_lulz

            You’re right; to hell with giving the consumer a deal when there are profit margins to protect. Especially when it’s the profits of your retail competition. Isn’t M$ great?

          • Curtis Isabell

            games on demand prices should be cheaper, in fact they should be almost half off retail since you don’t own the content you just have a 1 time licensing agreement.

      • Curtis Isabell

        the reason oddworld strangers wrath didn’t come to xbox was because MS wouldn’t let them charge the price they wanted, MS wanted it to be $20 or more, the developers and publishers wanted it to be $15 or less.

        • Michael Burden

          WRONG! It was already stated by the devs why the game isn’t coming to the Xbox. The game is too big for an arcade title in terms of file size and didn’t sell enough copies to get a GoD version (had to sell over 1 million copies on original Xbox). So it is Microsoft’s fault but it is because of their restrictive rules for games on Xbox Live, not because of a price dispute. It just fell into a dead spot in the MS policies that prevent it from coming to the system.

          There are other instances of Microsoft affecting price of games/DLC (see Valve and Epic for examples) on the marketplace, but this wasn’t one of them.

          • HellsDelight

            Wasn’t the size limit been stretched higher already?

            I can’t believe that Microsoft won’t do anything to get this title too :(
            It would be one of the biggest XBLA Games, also I at least hope they will bring the Abe’s Odyssee HD Remake as soon as it’s ready.

    • ElektroDragon

      Prices were excessive well before the extra gamerscore.

  • Roger Davis

    Please be retroactive.

    • Chris White

      It appears that this deal starts as of April 1, and from the reading it appears that this will run for 1 month. The Idea sounds like a Punchcard for the Month, so these three items have to be completed during April to qualify.

      Hopefully, we will see monthly programs like this going forward. We shall see.

    • Max

      I’m pretty sure it only counts games you play or purchase after April 1st. Too bad I bought The Walking Dead yesterday…

      • Michael Burden

        Purchases will only apply for promotion if made during April. Any Arcade game is eligible for play time regardless of when it was purchased but the play time only counts during April towards the “punchcard”. Not that hard to figure out.

  • Major Nelson

    Note: All Xbox LIVE Arcade games will qualify – WIndows 8/Windows Phone games are *not* part of this promotion.

    • Zonic505

      Will add-ons for XBLA games count as well? Or just the games themselves?

      • Christian Hinse

        I suspect The Walking Dead counts as a single game for this, despite the multiple purchases.

    • ®?¤•ŠëÑï]_é 911×™

      It’s a shame Windows Phone games are not part of this promotion. It’s like MS doesn’t want the phone to succeed. You Major Nelson don’t even blog much of anything about it either. I see a few tweets here or there but WP should be getting just as much exposure since its a portable gaming device with Xbox Live on board. How will all your followers know what new games are out for it if you don’t blog about it?

      Also another thing, I would buy so much more on the PC and WP if I could use MS Points. What gives??? Either get rid of the points altogether or bring it to all MS products!

      Now for the punchcard. Bad name! As some mentioned below, a punchcard it to reward a repeat customer over time. It’s like you want people to load up all at once being such a short time period. Do something like buy 5 get one free or even buy 10 get the 11 free.

      Things need to start changing for the better or next gen is just going to fizzle out for the Xbox division.

    • John Doe

      Good to know, I still haven’t beaten Perfect Dark.

    • John Doe

      Just double checking, does Happy Wars count? I’m asking because it’s a free to play game.

  • masquamacus

    I’d like to join Xbox LIVE rewards, but it’s still not avalible in my country (Poland). Too shame, because I’ve got WindowsPhone, Windows 8 PC and xbox. I feel like Microsoft don’t care about other countries except USA.

    • John Doe

      If Microsoft didn’t care about other countries, you wouldn’t have a Xbox, or a windows phone or Windows PC right now.

      • masquamacus

        I will get it from abroad. And then I will get all the benefits.

    • Craig Taylor

      Dude Major has said this a few times its not up to MS for content in regions some regions take longer due to local laws and such …. just a question why would they not want to make more money as a corp….not being mean just informing

      • masquamacus

        may it be, but the orders are from US department.

  • Jason Peek

    Too bad its not retroactive. I’ve played a ton of full house poker.

  • SecondClassCitizen

    As usual nothing for the rest of the world that pays more for the service. Next generation is going to look bleak for Microsoft in majority of the world.

  • Matt Ray

    Xbox should take a leaf out of PSNs book. Free games monthly would be good enough for me to stay with xbox. This is an ok deal but nothing on the incentives from Playstation.

    • lethargicj

      After being a Xbox only super fanboy since the launch of Xbox 1, I finally bought a PS3 last week. I already have 15 free games. I will not be renewing Live again. It’s really become embarrassing at this point.

      • 4d_lulz

        And as soon as you stop paying for ps+, you lose access to all those “free” games. What you’re doing is renting games, not getting them for free.

        • lethargicj

          Yeah, that’s why it’s great. I pay for something and they give me something. Unlike Xbox where I pay for Live and get nothing.

        • Curtis Isabell

          why would you stop paying for PSN+? the it’s rental argument has never been valid and is laughed at. PSN+ gives you on average 2 games a month, sometimes more sometimes less. plus for a year is $50 MSRP, so if either of those games are worth more than $5 to you, you saved money. this of course doesn’t count the occasional retail game, or the sales PSN+ members get.

          this is where your argument falls flat it’s where MS loses any hope of gold not being a joke and it’s where you can tell if you are a fanboy, or missinformed person who honestly, with a straight face, can say gold member ship is worth paying for.

          • Chico Edge

            The ‘rental’ argument is absolutely valid. The very definition of ‘rent’ is periodic payments in exchange for use of a property. That is PS+ all over. I am not a big fan of the rental model but I do like the sales on Plus. The rentals on Plus this week were Disgaea 3 which I played four years ago and The Cave, which I still ended up buying because I wanted to support Tim Schafer.

            I can honestly say that I save about $200 per year through Gold sales, so yes, it is worth paying for in my case.

          • slasaru

            Well, it takes a month to complete the game and get achievements, after that let be whatever, its the same as many gamers sell their games

          • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

            Just don’t listen to Curtis, this kid is still in High School for christ sakes, probably mows lawns for a living and is deluded in every sense of the word expecially when it comes putting up with the medicrity of PSN for their rental service.
            You’re right, The Rental argument is always valid and that’s exactly what PSN + is.. A rental service that masks the networks own inferiorities through games, nothing more.

          • Macy Slator

            Totally agree it’s renting a game. Just like Live subscribers are renting time to play online. Same thing.

          • ungeheier

            I stopped paying for it.

        • slasaru

          Who cares whether rent for a year or bought forever?
          Next gen both ps4 and xbox will not have backwards compatibility, so unless you keep two consoles, your games will vanish

        • Matthias Laureys

          that’s not exactly true you can exploit the ps+ system i don’t have ps+ and i have many ps+ games downloaded on my ps3 from my brother who has ps+ so when my brother decides he doesn’t want to pay for ps+ anymore he can just redownload them from my download list back on his ps3

  • Eric Starr

    I don’t see myself buying 4 arcade titles or spending 3200 points on arcade titles within one month. If it were like a store’s customer card and extends until “whenever” there would be no problem.


      Good point… a punchcard IRL is about making a customer into a repeat customer, not a short-term award for specific actions. A really good ‘punchcard’ deal would something like ‘buy 5 Arcade games get the 6th one free’ within a long term, like 12 months or something.

      • Curtis Isabell

        they should combine this promotion with games on demand games, and put up a massive april sale. 85% off all arcade games more than a year old would be an instant wtf everyone buy gold membership and spend $100 in MSP.

    • Bennijin

      There’s a fairly decent XBLA sale on Deal of the Week from the 2nd of April and if you don’t own Case West and buy that on Monday then that’ll count towards it too. Plus this mystery Microsoft Studios Sale might have some XBLA stuff.

      To be honest unless someone already owns a lot of the games offered then 3200 and/or 4×400 isn’t that lofty a goal.

      But yeah to have it just for April is stupid.

    • King Wayne-Z

      well i guess this promotion won’t apply to you

  • TonyLN

    “Purchase any four arcade games for 400 Microsoft Points or more from Xbox LIVE, receive a one month Xbox LIVE Gold membership” — how does that work for family accounts? My son’s account was affected by the Cloud Storage outage and we never got a free month of service even though he got an e-mail saying he would. I assume that is because it doesn’t apply to family accounts.

    • Michael Burden

      Family plan is discontinued and you won’t be able to renew it once it runs out. All the family plan accounts will turn to standard gold.

      • TonyLN

        well that’s just dumb

        • Michael Burden

          No argument from me there, I just switched to a Family Plan last year to get my girlfriend on Live. Guess I’m gonna have to start getting Live cards from Amazon now.

  • ThePootermobile

    Would be interested on hearing whether or not this includes DLC add-ons. I’ve had my eye on completing my Pinball FX2 table collection and that would probably put me over the 3200, assuming DLC counts towards it. Otherwise, I guess I’m in the boat with a lot of other people; I don’t see myself buying 4 new games in april.

  • ryder4life22187

    just when i thought the rewards program couldn’t get any more stupid then it already is. Who in their right mind is going to go after the 20 hours for a avatar item.

    • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

      people do it naturally just playing minecraft so it not that stupid

    • Curtis Isabell

      change your xbox to shut down after 6 hours

      start up an arcade game

      sit at title screen, go to bed, wake up with 6 hours added, repeat 3 more times and you are done.. it isn’t that hard.

      • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

        That’s just sad you would even think of that

        • Curtis Isabell

          it’s an avatar item, who cares plus there hasn’t really been an arcade game worth buying in a LONG time. I only have like 5 arcade games, from my like 7 years of owning a 360 and being a gold member.

          • Bennijin

            There are plenty of Arcade games worth owning, just hardly any worth paying full price for.

            I’ve got over 200 myself since Jan 2006 but cheap prepaid cards, luck with competiton wins and the now very rare decent sale price have contributed a lot to that. Still, different strokes for different folks.

          • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

            There been a ton of arcade games worth buying over the last 7 years perhaps your just not willing to give them a try?

    • John Doe

      Anybody who actually plays video games instead of using it as a Netflix machine?
      You’re making it sound like it has to be done in one day.

  • Nitramuse

    Yay! Now just enable Rewards in the Netherlands!

  • Carlos Navarro

    Now this for just for playing Arcade games in general right? Not just clocking 20 hours to play these arcade games online?

    • MrT26

      I would imagine you have to be connected to Live for the time to be noticed, but I don’t see any requirement for multiplayer in there.

  • ElektroDragon

    The rewards are really weak. But if that Motorcross Madness is the port of the original by Rainbow Studios, its an insta-buy.

  • Hugo Andrade

    Xbox live Rewards is not available in Portugal.

    • GMAN73

      to be honest you are not missing much anyway.

  • Chairman Meow

    link is down

  • MauricioNoh

    Seriously guys, you need to make big games, big deals for the nex gen because THIS is a joke, PS plus so much better, its almost April and not a single word from the next xbox, im starting to get worried since this gen was fantastic until kinect came out.

    • GMAN73

      MS don’t care about games anymore, its all about Kinect and Apps. Really pathetic that MS wasted million investing in Kinect when that money could have been spent on new IPs/Exclusives etc. PS4 is going to be the next gen console for the gamer. Xbox is finished.

      • MauricioNoh

        Sad but true :(

    • John Doe

      Two things. To see what Sony does with their console so that they can one up it. Another is “e3″, Seriously people, wait for “e3″ before screaming “y u no show us new xbawks?”.

  • GMAN73

    More poor deals from MS, Sony treats its PSN customer better

    • Steve Melton

      Well go shop there, then.

  • TJEgan

    I just bought Terraria for $2.50 on Steam, and you guys are charging $15?! C’mon… I’ve been an Xbox Live user since 2003 and Midnight Club II, but I don’t see myself continuing after this generation. It’s turned purely into a money-grab, and I’m not getting anything more for my money than I could with PlayStation Plus.

    Microsoft, it’s been good, but it’s time to move on.

    • Nathaniel Frost

      None of the coming generations of consoles look too enticing right now. PS4 graphics from the given demo in February look on par with current gen graphics, and backwards compatibility seems dead. Xbox specs are just rumors right now for coming gen but seem to up the ante on performance and processing. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to see what these new consoles will be able to do, how current subscriptions to services and games will work or not with them, but it seems that if we, as gamers, want machines dedicated to gaming at a financial and user advantage to us, then PC gaming seems the route to take. It’s not perfect though, requiring hardware and initial costs that seem to nullify any savings in games, and games that just don’t port over to the pc, but it’s an alternative.

      • Curtis Isabell

        lol what. you think the ps4 games looked on par with this gen? did you watch the show in standard definition or something?

      • TJEgan

        You’re kidding right? PS4’s specs are going to be on par with PC’s for the next few years, that thing is a BEAST. You didn’t watch the videos well enough if you think that an almost 9 year old console can keep up with the PS4…

        • Chris Carlson

          If you think the PS4’s specs will even match a high end PC by the time it releases, you’re kidding yourself. Let alone for the next few years. My current build blows the PS4 out of the water. You console kids are so naive.

          • Curtis Isabell

            this made me lol we have no real clue how powerful the ps4 is, all we know is from the tests they did. unless you have a $1000+ gaming PC you probably won’t come close to it.

          • registradus

            PS4 has an 8-core AMD CPU and ~Radeon HD 7850 and 8GB of GDDR5 RAM.

          • registradus

            would cost ~$600-$700 to build a PC as powerful

          • John Doe

            “You console kids are so naive”
            PC Elitist in a Xbox 360 related blog.
            All of my wuts, take ‘em.

      • Jonathan Pedroza

        The answer to “next-gen” is the Wii U… they have their own games, for their own public. Once Microsoft and Sony learn how to deal with their public they’ll have loyal fans like Nintendo have.

        • Stephen Robinson

          LOL you mean the Wii U which is a new console and was outsold by the 360 every month this year? Alright then, whatever you say.

    • GMAN73

      MS are greedy b*stards, look at Xbox you must be Gold to use Netflix, Youtube etc, but you access them with no additional subscription on the PS3. Seriously Xbox is going to lose next gen.

      • chiron69

        I have asked Microsoft to look at their pricing policy for ages, but they don’t listen, it only gets more expensive as time goes by. Do MS really think that people will stay on XBLive because of loyalty, when PS4 arrives? They HAVE to make a few choices VERY soon, regarding used games lock, and the XBLive pricing policy, if they want to atat ahead, or at least in the game,

        If they block us from purchasing used games, they will die, for sure, sadly….

        • ivan cesar desuo

          Jesus…I’ve been a loyal member for 2 years, spending something between 800-1600 MS monthly and all that I got as my special birthday gift was 20G. THAT WAS OUTRAGEOUS, I felt disrespected !!I’m really dissapointed with reward program, MS MUST change this now!!!!MS should learn on thing or two with PSN in this respect. C’mon MS you can do MUCH BETTER!

          About no used games I have some thoughts. It’s really hard to be a gamer here in Brazil, once the original games are very expensive (about 3 times what is paid in US). Nevertheless I prefer to save money and keep things original instead of piracy. Here, used games are an alternative to keep things original and pay a fair price. Furthermore we have few games on demand to download which makes buying used games a great deal. If MS ban used games I’m no doubt switch to PS4. I think MS shouldn’t forget that XBOX is primarly a GAMING device, then it should provide new franchises, keep compatibility with the 360 and no ban to used games and I bet next gen will be a huge success!!

          By the way I think major nelson should change the title of this post to “BUY to earn from Xbox Rewards”

      • Macy Slator

        Agree with everything you say! Wish other gamers would start to see this. MS doesn’t seem to care much for their customers.

    • Chico Edge

      I don’t think MS is charging $15 since Terraria is also that price on PSN. I paid $10 for Terraria on Steam and even then I got more than my money’s worth.

    • Gyossait

      “I just bought Terraria for $2.50 on Steam, and you guys are charging $15?! C’mon…”

      You seem to be new to this whole pricing business. One version JUST came out, the other has been on its respective service for a long while now. Do you honestly believe the Terraria devs are going to offer their latest and greatest version of the game for the price of two cokes? I DON’T THINK SO.

      Also, PC games are in a totally different pricing tier than console games. Never expect console games to receive huge discounts like their PC brethren.

  • GMAN73

    MS need to fire Don Mattrick and get back Peter Moore, he was so focused on games.

    • MilkyTee

      He’ll probably be the next head of EA so I reckon he isn’t going anywhere.

      • GMAN73

        Pity, Peter Moore was brilliant for Xbox, especially at E3 time, while Don Mattrick is a complete waste of space for Xbox.

        • MilkyTee

          Yeah, he was a good guy. Unfortunately Don Mattrick fits the bill for Microsoft’s current strategy so he’ll also be staying put.

          As long as he pulls in the dough from Kinect sales and pushes useless entertainment apps, he’ll remain secure in his position.

        • Riki Bond

          Agree, Peter Moore was excellent

  • Andrés Salgado

    Can we expect some Arcade deals to complement this promotion?

  • Barry

    Thanks for posting a list of the arcade games that will be released next month. Hopefully you’ll be able to do this every month on top of the fortnightly posts.

  • lethargicj

    Shouldn’t this be called “Pay to Earn”?

    • Michael Burden

      You could say the same thing about PSN+ and EA Season Pass but would be more fitting – pay money for discounts.

  • GMAN73

    “Play 20 hours of any combination of arcade games, receive a free avatar item” wow that is really generous Larry. MS really looks after its customers. While MS give out free Avatar cr*p to 10 years Gold subscribers PSN users got a $10 voucher to spend at PS Store just as a way of saying thanks for being part of the PS Community.”

    • Michael Burden

      Some of those 10 year Gold members got free special edition Xboxes as well, worth a lot more than a $10 voucher.

      • GMAN73

        Wrong the only ones who got Special Edition Xbox consoles were VIP’s, Joe Public 10 years subscribers got a stupid avatar hat and cr*p Kinect game. Way to go MS.

        • Sid Meyers

          Sold the so-called stupid 10 year Anniversary Avatar gear and other bonuses for over $100. Beats the hell out of $10 PSN voucher.
          Also sold the SE console for $800. Way to go MS, indeed.

          • GMAN73

            Some how I don’t think you got the Special Edition Xbox, you are just Joe Public and not a VIP. Only a sad pathetic Xbox fanboy wold pay $100 for an avatar item.

  • Bully of Smeg

    God forbid Xbox do any kind of extra incentive that doesn’t force anybody to do anything but is a nice thing to do for people who would like to! I think they are horrible people who should have just kept to what they were doing and not offer anything over and above that, let alone force EVERYBODY who doesn’t want to partake in this offer to do so!

  • Michael Burden

    From Just Add Water dev log:

    “On XBLA there is a 2[GB] size limit we have to adhere to, currently the title weighs in at 2.1GB and that is without any updates, so either we have to pull a miracle out of the bag with some type of amazing compression system, or ask Microsoft to increase their 2GB limit”

    and from Shack News (first paragraph of article):

    “Developer Just Add Water has been struggling to release the HD update of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath on Xbox Live. At first, Microsoft claimed the re-release didn’t meet file size requirements. Once the developers met that requirement, Microsoft supposedly rejected the title for not meeting sales requirements on PC and PS3, where the game currently lives. It appears enough is enough, as the developer appears to have given up on releasing the game on Xbox Live.”

    and from the same article you reference:

    “A last ditch effort to get the game out on Xbox 360 happened in January 2012, but JAW was told that Microsoft’s team had gone off the idea as it had already been released on the PS3 some months earlier.”

    So it was a victim of Microsoft’s all too strict rules for Xbox Live distribution – first was too big for Arcade, didn’t post enough sales figures, and finally was released on a SONY platform first. Lots of factors involved (yours included as GoD games must have a $20 minimum price) and they all have to do with Microsoft’s Live submission rules. The only way it can come to the 360 now is if they put in additional content since it appeared on a competitor’s system first (like Joe Danger).

    Microsoft will need to loosen up their rules if they want the marketplace to continue to thrive next gen as they have already alienated quite a few developers.

  • Meadowlark Lime

    My opinion may change in the near future, but right now I’m enjoying these “Quick! Buy our stuff before we announce how none of it will play on the NextBox!!!” sales.

    And that’ all this is, buy up to 3200pts of arcade games get 25% back.

    • Nathaniel Frost

      Yes, that part does scare me since the PS4 came out and Sony said there wouldn’t be any backwards comparability. Loved how they tried to mask over it by saying the Sony game store would have a bevy of old titles available for use on the new console…..for a price. This news doesn’t bode well for the coming Xbox console and its own specifications.

      • Curtis Isabell

        they never talked about pricing they said, their hope with gaikai is to be able to stream the games, they never said if it would charge money or how much.

    • John Doe

      Didn’t know your 360 will vanish once the next Xbox releases. >_>

  • Cleaner7

    I’m going to participate in this promo since I was already planning on buying BBT and was interested in Terraria and Monaco. Throw in Retro City Rampage that I’m buying next week and that will easily qualify me for two prizes. Plus with BBT and other XBLA games I’ll definitely play more than 20 hours in a month. That makes my decision easy. :)

  • Bennijin

    Major, does DLC for Arcade Games count for the second or third stipulation? Such as the Walking Dead episodes two through five.

  • Russell Gorall

    I have two dead consoles and serial numbers to prove it, what do I get?

    • GmailIsDown

      You should seriously get a life instead of trolling awkwardly in EVERY blog post with broken English. Loser.

  • Thânia Santos

    Xbox live rewards is not available in my country …
    countries around mine have access…
    Once again, Gold membership is same price as anywhere in the world, but we DO have a worst service…
    Hopefully I have a PS3 with 10 to 20 deals every weeks, even for thos who are not PS+ members.
    and I got exclusive big games there, not just halo and gear of war (good games, but limited choice) …

  • xmedia

    Does Happy Wars fall under Play 20 hours, since its free to play?

    • John Doe

      I hope to God it is, I need a reason to go back to playing it.

  • Jay

    too busy playing real games to take this seriously arcade games? please smh

    • Riki Bond

      You’re missing out on some real gems.

  • Tony Moretti

    Really? I just bought all the walking dead the other day =(

  • neji hyuga

    I think it should be something more prominent to the games that we currently own/play such as DLC etc because DLC is more likely to be bought than a arcade game. Me myself personally the only arcade game that has ever interested me is trials, So basically i’ve bought 2 arcade games out of like the entire time 360 has been released all my other microsoft points go to DLC.

    • GmailIsDown

      for me i think most DLCs are overpriced and would rather spend MSPs on new games. i assume that all “XBLA” games count so there are XBLA games like Alan Wake AA, Lara Croft: GoL, and 2 standalone Dead Rising 2 expansions, which are not “arcady” games. i personally cannot believe that out of the 500+ or so XBLA games the only game you want to play is trials hd. there are a large number of excellent “arcady” XBLA games there (that i have bought and played), Spelunky, Splosion Man and Ms. Splosion Man, Trine 2, Sine Mora, Ikaruga, Castle Crashers, Mark of the Ninja, to name a few. for April, i’ll get the new Phantom Breakers Battle Grounds that i’ve been eyeing since release, and probably Islands of Wakfu, and see if i can grab some discounted XBLA titles in April sales. with that said, 3200 MSP is a bit excessive.

  • Riki Bond

    Who’s forcing you?

  • Thânia Santos

    Hong Kong
    New Zealand

    those are the countries wich have access to Xbox Live Award.

    If you are not living in one of them, bad luck…
    You pay the same price for gold membership as the other peoples of those countries, but you will not have access to the same deals.

  • Socal71

    Personally I think this should be every month. In just over a year I’ve purchased over 100 titles digitally and would love to get points back for a free game or add on then have to wait for a sale down the road. Currently I like getting something back each month when I buy games, just like my credit card rewards and I have no problem spending money on games that I want.

    So I hope this works and is continued forward. It’s a great idea and we should be rewarded for paying full price for titles. Also I realize Sony is its own company and can do what it wants, but Microsoft need to realize that we (gamers) see what they are doing and like it.


    You trully are an ignorant monkey are you? I can see why you would never last a second with me in any debate. You clearly have no clue the difference between a fact and an opinion. The fact that you claim your opinion to be a fact makes you a foolish walking contradiction. Plain and simple.
    Still up for a debate child.. whenever you are ready!
    GT: PSN Is Garbage

  • Georgeclooney Jones

    Is there a distinction between Games on Demand and XBL Arcade titles? If so, it would be wise to drop that.

  • Tim Hundley

    Wow, after reading just the first page of comments, I must say that I am disgusted at the XBox playerbase. This rewards sysytem does not have to exist, and the fact that it does should be appreciated. I hate when people say that the current generation is ridiculously self-entitled, but these comments make that argument so much easier to agree with.

  • Rahinul Mowla

    @MajorNelson:disqus I am a free xbox live reward member but Do i need to be a gold member for the following deal?-“Purchase any four arcade games for 400 Microsoft Points or more from Xbox LIVE, receive a one month Xbox LIVE Gold membership”

    • GMAN73

      You need to be Gold for practically everything on the Xbox these days.

  • King Wayne-Z

    …seems like a great deal.. i already planned on purchasing Terraria.. ill find a few other games to add to my list as well.

  • Pukemon.

    well… looks like GoD Sales made ARCADE sales go down. But this is an awifull try to make them go up.

  • LorenzoA

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Why are older games not reduced in price? Dig Dug is still $5, Mrs. PacMan is still $5, R-Type is still $15. It’s time to start reducing prices of older content or do sales by publishers, like Steam does. I have the points, just want the value.

    • LorenzoA

      I wanted to add that I think that this program is nice because earning any rewards for something you might have done anyway is great, I just wanted to comment on the prices in general.

  • ungeheier

    Motocross Madness? Tell me more!

  •!/BeeDizz BeeDizz

    I’d rather have my FAMILY PLAN BACK!!!

  • CyberSkull

    I’d only spend that much on arcade games if there were a lot on sale.