April 16th 2013 10:10 am PT

Flixster Launches on Xbox LIVE

One of the most popular apps for movies is now on Xbox LIVE. Today, Flixster* is available for Xbox LIVE subscribers in the U.S., bringing your favorite Flixster features to your TV. Flixster lets you buy and rent thousands of popular movies, check out show times at your local theater and access the latest fresh or rotten movie scores from Rotten Tomatoes.

The Flixster app also gives you access to your UltraViolet movie collection on your Xbox.

With Flixster for Xbox LIVE you can:

  • Buy or rent standard and high definition movies
  • Browse current movie listings in theatres near you
  • Peruse new and upcoming DVD releases
  • Watch high quality movie trailers
  • Access movie details, including film posters, synopses and Rotten Tomato scores
  • Easily sort and watch movies from your UltraViolet movie collection
  • Navigate using voice and gesture controls with Kinect for Xbox 360

Download the application for free from the Xbox LIVE marketplace now and get watching!

Screenshots of the app are on my Flickr

*Xbox LIVE Gold subscription and/or additional subscriptions/fees may be required and sold separately. For additional details and availability, see http://www.xbox.com/live.

Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Cogbert

    Hopefully works better than vudu.

  • CombatW1zard

    S no UK then again :(

    • Guest

      Why would they make an app for, what is, best I can tell, a US only service, available in the UK?

      • http://twitter.com/Inaba_kun Inaba-kun

        Flixster is not a US only service. It’s been in the UK for quite a while now, and new UK blu-rays often come with ultraviolet copies.

      • CombatW1zard

        I have lots of films with ultra It’s not just a US service needs to be more multi region launches to make it work all round if not and it keeps,going this way it will be more fragmented than Android imo.

    • http://www.facebook.com/plunkettp Philip Plunkett

      The UK has at least twice the apps we have in Ireland. I agree with you but I thought I should point that out.

  • Hugoku

    Yay! One more feature I won’t be able to use because i’m not in the US!

    • http://twitter.com/boe2BE Boe2

      While it’s a valid point, were you really waiting for this?

      • Hugoku

        Not really. Just bitching about the whole US-only apps deal versus rest of the world still paying full membership.

        • http://www.facebook.com/Dr4gons.fury Dagon Furey

          It’s a US service, you don’t see the Americans bitch when they don’t get Sky or BBC iPlayer etc.
          It’s stupid to moan about something that you can’t get in your country to begin with.
          US has their own services, UK has their own services as do all other countries.

          • morpheus2n2

            We do get it over here thats the points, is used as the new digital download service for a DVD’s now instead of itunes!!!

          • http://twitter.com/fcviotto Fernando Coli Viotto

            Dear friend, show your extensive knowledge showing us what is available for the other countries and the extent amount of available applications which they are “proudly” worth paying their membership.

    • http://www.facebook.com/sid.meyers.7 Sid Meyers

      Yay! One more feature anyone can use because you can EASILY create a USA gamertag and use a VPN if necessary for full features. Aside from the fact that a lot of these Apps can be used by any gamertag, once downloaded. It’s how I have Apps NOT specific to my Xbox LIVE region and still use my main gamertag. Derp.

      • Hugoku

        I have used VPN. It’s more trouble than it’s worth though.

      • xPutNameHerex

        Fairly certain a VPN is against LIVE’s ToS.

      • http://twitter.com/fcviotto Fernando Coli Viotto


        Let us all extra pay for quality VPN service because MS didn’t make anything available on my region! How we didn’t thought about it?

        Certainly that’ s the best way to resolve this probl… if I worked in the Xbox division on Microsoft! Out of US gold members would continue to pay the same as others and don’t get anything!

        Hey Major Nelson, I recommend you to grab his CV. You’re losing outstanding potential going in the wrong direction with services available for other regions.

        Regards from Brazil

    • closingracer

      Well Ultra violet is only in the US and UK I believe in general anyways and recently to New Zealand ( not sure about Canada ) and coming soon to 2 European countries ( I think France and Germany ? ) so there is really no point to release this app to other markets where you cant even use the product

  • http://www.facebook.com/barefootboyz Don Barefoot

    I work in a movie theater and half the time the post the wrong times for our showings. Have people constantly get mad because they only update times once or twice a week when showtimes can change daily due to special showings, Opera, or advance screenings. Only use Fandango for correct times

    • Nick Peck

      I have never had that issue with this app ever and I have been using it for years. However I do not limit my data on my phone so maybe it’s just constantly updated.

    • http://twitter.com/karlcramer Karl Cramer

      For me Flixster is usually the most accurate. Also the only one that bothers separating 2D and 3D movie listings.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hwalker84 Harold E Walker Jr

    Now get them to update the awful Windows Store App so I can watch my Ultraviolet movies on my Surface.

  • https://live.xbox.com/MyXbox/Profile?gamertag=DarkGin87 Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

    About time ive been waiting for this on my surface but now he jumps to Xbox awesome

  • http://brandon2brown.webs.com Brandon Brown

    Why Microsoft? Why? There are other countries that want new apps too. NOT just the U.S.

  • MaidenLOKO

    Good for those who live in US. Well, beeing a xbox live gold member in US in one thing, in other countries is a totally different experience, even though everyone in every other part of the world has to pay the same value that is paid in US (depending on the currency of each country of course).

    In part I understand, once every country has its own rules, but I’d really like to see MS put more effort in providing the same experience, or at least, something close that is offered to the US users, once everyone pays the same price for beeing gold.

    • ikari_paul

      Agree. I also have a subscription to live gold, which costs 30% more over here, and all i get is online play, and nothing else. Just not worth it. Once the next gen is released, and unless i get the same services as in the US, i certainly will not continue to subscribe, and will probably buy another console

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Curtis-Isabell/1036013363 Curtis Isabell

      as a US xbox live member it sucks here too, just no where near as bad as in , say europe. at this point I don’t know why anyone not in the US owns an xbox at all.

      • MaidenLOKO

        if US live sucks, imagine here in Brazil, it sucks really really hard then. And PSN, also sucks, well almost everything sucks here…but what can I do after all, just going to sit on my sofa (which doesn´t suck) and play bioshock infinite ´till my mind blows, and going to work tomorrow again (which sucks…VERY hard).

        • [email protected]

          at least you have a job :c Aqui em portugal tambem os serviços sao super limitados

          • MaidenLOKO

            my friend…we’re living in dark days!!!luck to you there!!Abraços ao povo de Portugal e espero que situação melhore por aí!

  • http://www.facebook.com/FlunkYou2 Christopher BlueNose Fendick

    UK Please!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ZuliuZ Joey Hernandez

    So far Cinemanow works the best with playing Ultraviolet movies, it auto-adjusts quality like Netflix for you automatically. However sometimes randomly you have to try a movie more than once to get it to play.

    VUDU (the best on PS3) mostly often takes 7 tries to get a movie to work and when it does work you have to stop the movie and change the quality down to at least “HD” from “HDX” UNLESS you have a VERY DECENT WIRED connection. Which sadly most xbox user base is connected wifi based on convince.

    I have yet to try Flixster on Xbox so i have no opionion based on it. Though it is nice to have a third app on the xbox that plays Ultraviolet movies

  • ungeheier

    Guys complaining about US Only… These apps are garbage. We bought our xbox’s to play games on them. I personally feel there’s too much clutter with all these crappy apps.

    • ikari_paul

      Valid point… But at least you guys have the option to use the apps or not. We dont. All we/i have is internet explorer… Imo, microsoft has to offer more than online play to charge for its service. The competition has come a long way, and is free. Unless you really want to play a xbox exclusive franchise, live gold is just not worth it anymore, imo

    • http://twitter.com/karlcramer Karl Cramer

      Be careful of absolutes. Just because in your experience you bought it only to play games doesn’t mean others did too. From launch day, my 360 was also meant to be my DVD player. As they’ve added Netflix and other stuff, it’s replaced my cable box as the way I get entertainment. Since they’ve proved popular, others have too.

      • http://twitter.com/MKTheory John Doe

        I’m sorry but It’s people like you are the reason why my Xbox 360 is barely a gaming console anymore, and the reason why Gold sub fees increased. Microsoft has clearly proven over time on how little they cater to gamers, haha and why should they when people are paying $60 a year for a effing Netflix machine? Microsoft is geting paid just from that alone, I know three people who use the Netflix App way more than they game, which doesn’t make sense because they have a computer to view Netflix on. But when us gamers want better service in terms of digital gaming content, we get dicked.
        But go enjoy your movie app for the uptenth time as if it’s going to replace Netflix.

    • MaidenLOKO

      I mostly use my Xbox for gaming and I really love it, aways loved games. Also enjoy some apps avaiable here, like netflix (even though the movies avaialble here are not even a small portion of those avaiable for US). But the point here is that I think it’s fair to everyone which pays for gold to have an equal service. Like our friend ikari_paul said he pays 30% more for gold and can just play online, don’t know if y live in US, but if y do problably y pay less and have access to lots of more apps than us, which don’t leave in US, even if y don’t want to use them. it’s ABSOLUTELY nothing against US, just think MS should provide a fully experience to non US residents.

    • fsdfg dsfds

      Yep, no doubt MS gets money from the companys of these lame apps, but do we get free or cheaper live ?? no way, xbox live = ad ridden trash

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Curtis-Isabell/1036013363 Curtis Isabell

      other than netflix i haven’t used an app for 360 yet, most require a separate subscription like netflix… why would i do that?

      since i got ps3 my netflix has been done over there though since it’s in 1080p instead of 720p

      • ungeheier

        What some people need to understand is that Netflix is on a whole different level than the rest of the ‘apps’ on the 360.


        I always knew I had more extensive knowledge of the 360 than you do and this clearly shows it. I have had every app downloaded to my system at one time and most of them are indeed free. I keep roughly 50 apps on my system and I only use maybe about 20 of them on a semi regular basis. Most of my app use is mainly just Netflix, Amazon, Hulu+, Youtube, Last FM, I heart radio, skydrive, IGN, Gamespot, Revision 3, Gametrailers, Blip, Snag Films, Indy flix, and a few others. All of these I see value in. The others I just keep around for that rare moment when the GF might want to look at TMZ or want to reserve a bluray at redbox with the redbox app.

        I don’t blame you for wanting to use Netflix on the PS3 though, I see a substantial difference in picture quality on the PS3… It’s much better.

        • http://twitter.com/MKTheory John Doe

          Name the Apps I can use for free on the Xbox 360 without paying for Xbox Live Gold.

          • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

            Who said anything about not paying for gold to use apps? I’m talking about apps that don’t require an additional subscription. The majority of them are free in that sense. All you need to do is download everyone and see for yourself just like I did.
            The gold pay wall is another discussion and is something that shouldn’t be there to begin with.

          • http://twitter.com/MKTheory John Doe

            And there’s the detail that was lacking…okay.
            Because it sounded as if I could use Apps like Youtube and Internet Explorer without a Gold subscription all of the sudden (if that was true, this sudden change was definitely under my radar) in your other comment. That’s all.

          • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

            No worries John. We can only hope that one day MS wont hide these apps behind the gold sub anymore. I know it’s highly unlikely but here’s to hoping!

  • ikari_paul

    Ok, not going to complain about another app that isnt available outside the US. Ill just get bullied by Microsoft’s bit… ah, fanboys.

    According to rumors, the next xbox is going to be more than a games console, its going to be a media hub… Just hope that Microsoft makes an effort this time around, and actually signs deals with content providers all over the world, not just with 1-2 countries, so that more people can enjoy this kind of content. If not, why bother to buy it in the first place.

    • InfernoShade

      Next console a media hub? From the very beginning MS said the Xbox360 was going to be a media hub. Remember that young guy, who was called the little Bill, the wonderboy over at MS? He was bald, looked a bit like Michael Stipe? I forget his name. He said it over and over.

      Also I appreciate you not complaining. We already went over that. Thanks.

      • ikari_paul

        Ok, the 360 is already a media-center of sorts (in the US; not here)… but their going to dial it up to 11 next time, with full tv/box integration from the start, and all that stuff. They’re clearly trying to compete with the Apple TV… so, if in the end the other regions just get a castrated X720, with all that media stuff removed (stuff that differentiates the X720 from the PS4), it would just suck, specially if M$ is still going to charge money for Live Gold. Personally, i don’t think i would buy into the xbox platform anymore. just not worth it anymore. But it depends on what everyone wants from a console

        also, thank you for approving the fact im not complaining. next time ill make sure i run my opinions by you before posting them. sorry i aggravated you. have a nice day

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Curtis-Isabell/1036013363 Curtis Isabell

        yet as a media hub the ps3 is better in pretty much every way, their goal doesn’t make sense when the competition beats them at almost every turn.

  • http://www.about.me/liamdaly Liam

    I really hope this comes to the UK I have about 30+ movies from various blurays in my ultraviolet account and I believe I can use Flixster to play them. Seems stupid if it doesnt

  • Reinier Martinez

    Stop b*tching about it already, this same app is available on iOS and Android with the same regional restrictions and I don’t see you trolling Apple or Google because they’re not available in your country… First world problems anyone?

    • MaidenLOKO

      couldn’t care less about Apple or Google, even if I could afford an Ipad or i-whatever I wouldn’t use it for these apps, furthermore, don’t see why I’d complain about Apple or Google in this forum…

    • BigBernard

      Who died and put you in charge?

      • MaidenLOKO

        or maybe he just work for MS, look out man or y can just end like the “deal with it” guy!!

        • Reinier Martinez

          #DealWhitIt! :P

          • MaidenLOKO

            I´m dealing man I´m dealing…just playing bioshock infinite now…

    • Smackos

      Not close to correct, seeing as Flixster (with UV title access) IS available on both Android and ios in the UK. It’s just on the xbox 360 that is only currently open to U.S subscribers. Not a huge deal, given that from what I can gather Flixster still only manages SD streaming anyway. Anyone in their right mind stateside will be using Vudu to access their UV films anyway.

  • Padd

    This is very off topic, but I’m new to this. I was just wondering if anyone knew when MVP Baseball 2005 was going to be BC compatible again on Xbox 360. I was told this was the place for answers so I’d definitely appreciate one. Thanks a lot

  • Wael Hasno

    You know what, I’ve been supporting Microsoft all along but if I’m not getting what I paid for because all the fancy apps are US Exclusive, then I don’t think I should pay the full 1-year amount either.. You need to fix this on next gen, yes I just called it a broken feature.

    • Does Not Equal

      Oh, snap! No you dih’unt!

      • Wael Hasno


        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Curtis-Isabell/1036013363 Curtis Isabell


  • http://twitter.com/t0o_cRaZe3 t0o cRaZe3

    Give us games, not all those apps and ads

  • http://twitter.com/damashedavenger kit walker

    yer, i miss my old original xbox…

  • http://twitter.com/Inaba_kun Inaba-kun

    Why is this US only? Flixster and ultraviolet have been around in the UK for a good while now.


    This app is pretty much the equivilent of CinemaNow and Vudu with the added ability to watch our ultra violet collection. It’s a rental service just like the other two basically. While I have about a dozen ultra violet movies in the cloud from my Bluray disks, I don’t see the appeal of using ultra violet when you actually own the far superior blu ray disks with far less compression and a far better picture.
    UV would be cool I guess if you are on the road traveling and want to access your movies on the web but I see no point in using UV when you already have the superior viewing experience with the BD disk.
    Also I would assume that this is also only 720P streaming? I would imagine so since to the best of my knowlege Xbox video is the only app/service on the xbox that does 1080P, or am I wrong about that?

  • Elliott

    Those of you telling non-US gold members to stop complaining because Flixster is a US service are wrong. I live in the UK, have a flixster account and often stream through it, though with the inconvenience of connecting a PC to the TV screen. There is clearly no reason for usage to be confined to US gamertags – those external to the US still use the service, and since they pay the same amount should receive the same treatment.

  • Stadanko

    anyone having issues activating this? I keep getting invalid code.

  • Stadanko

    anyone else having issues activating? The code always comes up invalid when I submit.

  • [email protected]

    Yey one more app that i cant have -___- I love portugal, at least i can play games >.>
    Till when will microsoft release this apps only for US people. Uff annoying

  • closingracer

    Yet the service doesn’t work … every time I put in the code in it says invalid

  • GMAN73

    More focus on media instead of games, way to go MS.

  • Dan12R

    The link doesn’t work right for me. I’ve got a TV show in my Ultraviolet collection on Forster and it doesn’t play. I click on it and it does nothing. I go to my collection, and it’s empty.