April 24th 2013 10:01 am PT


On Tuesday May 21st, we’ll mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment. On that day, we’ll be holding a special press event on the Xbox campus and we invite you to join us via the live global stream that will be available on Xbox LIVE and Xbox.com. If you are in the US or Canada, you can also watch the broadcast on Spike TV.

On that day, we’ll share our vision for Xbox, and give you a real taste of the future. Then, 19-days later at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, we’ll continue the conversation and showcase our full lineup of blockbuster games.

We are thrilled to pull back the curtain and reveal what we’ve been working on.

A New Generation Revealed
Xbox Campus, Redmond WA
Tuesday, May 21st @ 1p ET/10a PT/17:00 GMT

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Xbox Reveal on Xbox.com

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  • http://www.facebook.com/bryan4208 Morgan Bryan Newman

    The first 2 years of 360 backwards compatibility was crucial to the success of the console. Remember that Halo 2 was still the most played game on XBL back then.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Liggli Dennis Fluttershy

    Play Used Games? Not that you can do that on phones…
    But I still hope you can play Used Games.

    • Marcus2012

      Phones use electronic distribution, you CAN’T sell them to begin with…

      • http://www.facebook.com/Liggli Dennis Fluttershy

        That’s my point. Away with the physical and have everything avaliable as Xbox On Demand has.

  • ShirtlessLocke


  • Nicolas Yara

    esoooo!!! ojala sea barato xD lol

  • http://twitter.com/celsowm Celso F

    @majornelson We will have a replacement for XNA ??? Hope so…

  • http://xstex.co.uk/ Stephen Robinson

    You could send him a private message if you want the D so bad.

  • http://twitter.com/Lpmikey mikey-p

    Unfortunately for you he is married to a woman.

  • H0RIZ0N

    I better not see no halo 5 and another gears of war for launch titles

  • cornelius turner

    I personally can’t wait until the reveal details. But clearly Microsoft won’t require the console to always be online unless they want to concede the upcoming generation to Sony. I bought the 360 at launch and have and have loved every second of it. But not all of us are always online nor want to be. Most of us are just in it for the games.

  • Z4M0

    Lately xbox live is slow, unnaccessible, etc. Microsoft should be trying to fix issues and improve things up cause you know… we are paying for something. Get stuff going then care about pull back curtains…

  • http://www.amotrix.com/ Matheus Amorim

    CODE Embed, please! ^^

  • http://www.facebook.com/zac.frenick Zac Frenick

    is the unveiling of the next gen xbox in Redmond on may 21st open to the public?

  • 007dog1

    I wish I knew how much it cost so I can start saving up. &500 doesn’t come out my pocket like that :)

  • Osteoporozis .

    Hey gais, can we aim for a failure rate under 50% this time? thx

  • Steve Chavez


  • http://twitter.com/brunogt Bruno

    about time ms

  • http://www.facebook.com/cristian.vazquez.336 Cristian Vazquez

    i really like both consoles and i have both of the systems, but if there’s something wrong about the 720 I’m still buying it cause i love collecting my games in the future my kids will see watch i used to play

  • Osteoporozis .

    I think you can expect both consoles to shove down your throat things you didn’t ever want, this being said it’d be a good idea to wait for a while after release. Also to escape RRoD 2.0.

  • Opinionated

    hmmmm, this reveal will be the deciding factor whether the console is dead or not. will they be a dictator ship that tries to control and force us, while absorbing our hard earned dollars? or will they give us freedom? Should they have a online requirment, lack of backwards compatibility, I for one will be skipping this console generation.

    • Nicholas Gatewood

      And not even going to consider a competing platform? Come on. There are more things out there than Xbox.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.roman.142 Brian Roman

    I really do hope that they also say what the games will come out for the sistom like the ps4 did.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=785779443 Zack Stein

      “Sistom?” LOL

  • MisterLG

    Our biggest ISP here in germany has announced that all flatrates will be capped at 75GB in 2016. You fall back to 384kbit per second if you reach this limit.

    So, always on and more digital downloads is no option in germany anymore.

    • ElektroDragon

      Time to move away then.

  • ElektroDragon

    Holy cow, he mentioned GAMES!

  • http://twitter.com/DarkJakHalo Jak

    I’m really looking forward to this but I’ll wait until E3 to decide whether to buy the new Xbox or the PS4 first. Xbox needs more exclusive games because right now Sony
    makes exclusive content while Microsoft buys it.

    • http://twitter.com/boe2BE Boe2

      Seems you know more than we do. Microsoft Studios won’t like to hear that they will no longer be making games next gen.

      • http://twitter.com/DarkJakHalo Jak

        I said “right now.” Microsoft needs more than timed-DLC and Kinect to win the next-gen console war.

  • http://twitter.com/Freiteez Freiteez

    Happy birthday to me! May 21st is my birthday!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Liquidfx-Xboxdude/100003184837175 Liquidfx Xboxdude

      happy future b’day! i hope it goes well. wait, just think, everyone (maybe) will be celebrating the news of the new xbox so you can act just act like they will celebrating your birthday. kinda cool. we are gamers so our imaginations can go there. anyway, hope your day does go well (may 21) be safe

    • Nick Peck

      Well Happy Bday for May 21st, mine was 2 days ago lol. That will be a really good day for you as MS will not disappoint!

  • kingcrusher

    Will be nice to see if the need to be always online is true. If it is, here’s one less sale MS can count on. Please blow me away MS and don’t make the mistake of the always online need, or blockage of used games. That will spell the end of the XBox (sadly).

  • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.guss.3 Joshua Guss

    Right now we think XBOX Live is good on XBOX 360. Wait until the XBOX 720 come. XBOX Live will be 100 times better than how it is now on XBOX 360. Just like XBOX Live on the XBOX 360 is 100 time better than how it was on the Original XBOX.

    • kingcrusher

      I truly hope so :-)

  • http://twitter.com/boe2BE Boe2

    Was going to ignore the obvious FUD being posted here, but I feel the “used games” thing really needs to be elaborated.

    Neither Sony or Microsoft will actively block used games. This is up to the publishers, and guess what? They are already doing so. Those “online passes” you find in recent EA games? That is exactly what you are complaining about, it has nothing to do with next generation consoles, but everything with EA being a douche. Feel free to boycot the publishers instead. SSX was the last EA game I bought.

    For the rest, if you are seriously still spreading the “always online required” thing, you are either an idiot or a troll for assuming either Sony or Microsoft would slice up their userbase like that and thinking you are smarter than them.

  • http://twitter.com/davidkenobi davidkenobi

    Finally ! Long tough waiting, hope it worth it :)

  • jlh

    I’m putting in for half day off work on the 21st so I can be home to watch the stream live. I’ve been looking forward to this for so long and finally it’s here (well almost here)! And then a few weeks later E3 hits for the second wave. Seriously looking forward to XBox news in May/June.

    The only two things I’m concerned about is the controller (please don’t change it) and the release date. I would love to have it in time for my birthday at the end of September but I guess that would be too much to hope for.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=785779443 Zack Stein

    Many of the comments here truly frighten me; abhorrent spelling, an absolute lack of grammatical skills, and child-like bickering. Way to represent Xbox fans! Go on with your bad selves…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Liquidfx-Xboxdude/100003184837175 Liquidfx Xboxdude

      True. However, blogs are not really a place for grammer police and some people don’t have as high of a reading level as others. So, go on, and feel good about the fact that you are smarter than others and feel the need to point that out. It doesn’t make you look like a jerk or anything.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=785779443 Zack Stein

        I will. Thank you.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Liquidfx-Xboxdude/100003184837175 Liquidfx Xboxdude

          you are welcome.

    • ElektroDragon

      You are worse than Adam Orth.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=785779443 Zack Stein

        I take that as a compliment. Thank you.

    • donkeyjrplus

      the girl in that picture with you is ugly. is that your mother? making me throw up over here.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=785779443 Zack Stein

        “Mmmm. Me a troll. Me need troll food…”

  • Jrdnw

    the fact that it says “we’ll mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment.” scares me. Sounds like the new Xbox wont be gamer focused to me, they are trying to get it to do too many things.

    • Nicholas Gatewood

      Of course the new Xbox isn’t focused on games, Microsoft lost the focus on gamers years ago. They wanna be the new Nintendo, but with a more monopolistic “Microsoft flair” to it.

    • Nick Peck

      Most people like me would rather have one device do it all then having 4 boxes, each doing one thing (maybe two) in my entertainment center. The Xbox has done both for years now (as has the ps3, as will the ps4) so I’m not sure why people are so confused about this.
      I have always been fine with it. Games aren’t taking a back seat either, just wait and see.

  • Daniel Birchal

    Allways online could REALLY mean the end of Xbox.
    Got it Microsoft?? Hear your loyal costumers!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/boe2BE Boe2

      Thank god you warned them. They were about to kill off their console, but luckily there are smart people like you.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Liquidfx-Xboxdude/100003184837175 Liquidfx Xboxdude

        yay for people. oh yeah. are you bo(e) jackson? bo(e) knows video games. leroy jenkins.

    • Nick Peck

      It’s so hard to not be rude to people like you that really have NO CLUE as to what “always on” means. Here’s a clip of what it means and you will see on May 21st that MS was NEVER even planning on make a system that shuts down and won’t work when there is no internet lol. Have you ever used Steam on the PC? You do realize it has an offline mode right?

      “Durango will implement different power states so that it can always be powered on, but will draw minimal electricity when not in use. The console will be ready instantly when users want to play, and will always maintain a network connection so that console software and games are always current. With this “Always On, Always Connected” design, users will quickly and easily enjoy their connected entertainment experiences, with no waiting for the console to restart or install updates.”

      Now not to confuse the simple minded, but does everyone understand how your DVR works? That is “always on” so that it can actually RECORD stuff.. OMG REALLY???? Most devices do NOT shut off completely anymore as they just go into a standby mode (which is… wait for it……. ALWAYS ON… HOLY GOD< REALLY?). This is not rocket science haha, I just don't get the outcry, but it is amazing how people act when they simply do not know what something is or how it works.

      • kingcrusher

        This is one theory, and hopefully that’s the correct one. But, if that were the case, you’d think MS would have already combated the public’s way of thinking that they are going to get hosed. Multiple sites and game makers as well as a Microsoft employee have come out to say that what you said is actually NOT the case. They have stated, and shown the “you’re not connected to the internet, your system has 3 minutes to connect” screen that appears when not connected. So while no definitive answer has been given, speculation is all we have, and if MS doesn’t like the speculation, they could always make a statement (which they haven’t) to debunk that train of thought. So, while you think belittling people is how to get your point across, you are just speculating as well. So, in short, stop thinking you know it all, and relax. People will base their opinions on the information that is out there, and up to this point that information leads to MS making these mistakes, and people will react to it until proven otherwise.

        • Nick Peck

          That 3 min disconnect is on the dev systems for a reason and there have been several talks about why its there for testing reasons, the final system will NOT have that. Do you honestly think they will sell you a system that totally locks up with no internet connection? Seriously??

          Also, they haven’t said anything because they will say it at the reveal. Why would MS go to every site, every blog to combat some idiots uninformed babble post and explain how things will work that way? It’s a waste of time. Don’t worry, everyone that has cried fowl will find out how stupid they are once MS reveals the facts. I BET that they whole “always on” thing will be the first thing they talk about and “joke” about.

          People are also stupid to make final decisions on rumors / bs. This just shows how bad social media is at spreading garbage around the world instantly. Common sense is dead in todays world sadly. There has never been a moment that MS decided to kill the system with no net connection, not once. They KNOW people will freak out if that’s the case, they aren’t stupid.

          • kingcrusher

            Yet you are so certain of the opposite without having facts as well. So you are speculating (for the positive) just as much as everyone else is for the negative. So it’s really a silly argument because nobody (including you) knows the final say until MS makes their announcement.

            So, hopefully it will be a system that everyone is happy with and MS doesn’t do anything stupid like what is feared. But, as I said, It’s all speculation right now. We’ll see next month. I’m hoping for the best :-)

    • Does Not Equal

      Why would they only listen to people who make costumes? That’d be a pretty small percentage of their user base.

      • StaceyJK

        Best. Comment. Ever.

  • http://twitter.com/Clint_ZA Clint

    I find these discussions around gaming and the new consoles interesting. Many on here seem upset by the fact that the new XBOX mentions a focus on entertainment and TV, along with games. Elsewhere I read about layoffs, downsizing and companies closing in the gaming sector. Now, I don’t think I need to be a rocket scientist, or chief economist even, to realise that a focus on other sectors other than just gaming is actually the only way to go! Gaming seems to be taking a knock. Streaming TV, and digital entertainment devices, appear to be increasing in popularity. Obvious really.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Liquidfx-Xboxdude/100003184837175 Liquidfx Xboxdude

      wow. your logic is, well, not logic at all. xbox, in general, is a GAMING SYSTEM. that is why people are talking about the media editions as they do. it is meant for GAMES first and media second.

      • http://twitter.com/Clint_ZA Clint

        I’m afraid to say that my logic is actually perfectly logical. Take your “I’m a hardcore gamer and I know it all and you know nothing” glasses off for a second and put some thought into it. Or even better, focus on what I actually said. Have I, or have I not, been reading a number of articles about game producing companies battling and laying off staff and the like?

        And then while you are doing that also consider that not ever person who buys a console is a hardcore gamer. Many are in fact attracted to the other features offered as they have no intention of spending 18 hours a day playing games. Those other features allow them to justify the expenditure.

        Please chaps, if you are going to argue then always try to consider that it is not only you out there in the market. There are other consumers too. If you don’t want to take advantage of the other services offered on the XBOX, then don’t. The games will still come.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Liquidfx-Xboxdude/100003184837175 Liquidfx Xboxdude

    lol yeah right. so you come on an xbox blog and boast about not needing an xbox? you are probably the biggest xbox fanboy of them all. king fanboy. lame.

    • consolesblow

      yes, i am the king fanboy for Xbox. thanks for noticing einstein

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Liquidfx-Xboxdude/100003184837175 Liquidfx Xboxdude

        thanks for clearing it up and pointing out that i am right though you are wrong, einstein is not my name but everyone makes mistakes.

  • http://twitter.com/dlchief58 Michael Burden

    LOL, like the PS3 is just bustling with MMOs. They have how many? TWO, you a grand total of TWO MMOs (DC Online and Defiance). And how many are on the Xbox? There are two active ones at the moment, Defiance and Final Fantasy XI Online, and Phantasy Star Universe was shut down a couple of years ago. Looks like the Xbox won that battle.

    The delay on GoD availability has nothing to do with server stress, it is more a nod to Brick and Mortar stores as to not aggravate them. And I would never pay full retail for a GoD version when I can get the physical copy for the same price – never buy one unless it is under $20.

    Tell us how long patches take on the PS3. How about cross game chat? And most important of all, how about that PSN hack?

  • david_hoyland

    Excellent news but kind of sad that most of the posts on here are clearly made by the Sony Defence Force.

    Looks like the Durango has them worried! Lets hope Xbox shows them how it’s done for another generation!

    P.S Hope the console launches in some form of black not white.


    • consolesblow

      why would they launch it in black? its what most people want….. they can start with white and then a year after launch sell you another one that is now black , smaller and a little bit cheaper. come on, its more money.

    • Daniel Birchal

      As long as Microsoft hear their loyal costumers and DON’T REQUIRE INTERNET FOR SINGLE PLAYER GAMES I agree with you. Otherwise I’ll be forced to buy my first Playstation.

  • Nick Peck

    Why even come here with that stupid post? NO one cares. Yup, enjoy upgrading your video card to play new games with new effects and enjoy playing the new games the Consoles get, oh wait you can’t. However, I hope you keep enjoying the console port PC games lol!

    • consolesblow

      you must of cared, you actually responded…. and just so you know, the hardware inside your “future” Xbox is already outdated.

      • Nick Peck

        No, I don’t care but like to reply to stupid posts just because. Dev’s make a ton more money on consoles sold than they do on the PC, which is why most PC games are just ports. I have no problem if you like PC games more, I used to play on the PC all the time many years ago but I just got to the point that I stopped caring to upgrade and deal with issues.
        Also, Win8 is fantastic if you bother to learn a few crazy fast short cuts, but again, whatever floats the boat for you. Now, go make an account on the sony and Nintendo sites and do the same thing you are doing here since it seems like you have so much time to accomplish nothing :)

        • consolesblow

          lol, i already hit Sony up after their news back in feb. ill go back after they revel the console later next month. ahhhh now comes Nintendo…. yea, their fans i actually feel bad for. Nintendo is the old man of the consoles. old men are stubborn and mean, some are even delusional. i don’t want to step on their lawn, ill stay away from them.

  • Does Not Equal

    It’s spelled “kinnnect.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/TheAmazingCDJV Caize Duzz Jumadiao Velasco

    No BC, always-on, weaker than PS4, Kinect requirement, No used games, Usher, this means Doom for XBOX if true.

    • consolesblow

      ahhh welcome mr. PS4 fan. glad to have you here with the rest of us trools

    • Does Not Equal

      I’d totally play Doom with Usher.

  • http://www.facebook.com/RaiderNationVA James Ward

    Some of you posting in here are damn idiots.

  • Nick Peck

    Right, not stop paying for psn+ and guess what, you no longer have your paid rental. It’s not free, you are still paying for it but I never said it was a bad deal.

  • Guest


  • http://www.facebook.com/RaiderNationVA James Ward

    There are two things that bug me. Backwards compatibility and used games. We do not need BC. I’ll just keep my old X-Box 360 if I want to play 360 games. You know how many regular X-Box games I played on my 360? That would be one, As in one less than two. I have almost 300 disc games for 360 and about 250 XBLA games. I couldn’t care less about BC.

    Second, used games. I can’t stand used games. I also can’t stand Gamestop. Used games are killing the industry. That doesn’t make sense to you? Well, when I buy a new game, the developer gets a percentage of that sale. Which could go into development of a new game. But when I trade it in, and someone buys my used game, only the retailer gets the money. So what you end up seeing is the same game over and over and over. Companies will not take risks on innovative, new IP because if it doesn’t sell, they lose millions. So all we get are Call of Duty games and Call of Duty clones. It’s a vicious circle. It’s why so many developers are closing down or laying off creators.

    • kingcrusher

      I hold true to the belief that if game makers would make better games, then people wouldn’t trade them in. If they lose so much, then why is EA pulling in 3 billion dollars over the last year? Yet it is EA who is so aggressively supporting the ban of used games. I don’t see them hurting, and yet it’s EA who is the most aggressive at trying to stop used game sales with their “online passes” and such. Yet, the smaller companies are the ones who are in support of used games and have a similar attitude as mine in that it is the companies who make the games that are responsible for making their games better.

      As for backwards compatibility, it would be nice to be able to take my XBLA games over to the new system, that is a sizable investment I have in those, and while I can understand backwards compatibility not being there for the disc based games, having my downloaded stuff carry over would be a MAJOR plus, as my XBox Live ID is going to carry over.

      And used games do serve a purpose. Look at it this way, if I buy a used copy of call of duty and get hooked on the series and the next go around, I buy the new version when it comes out, then that was a plus for used game sales because it’s not a game I would have bought new. Again, if the game is good enough, then the publishers won’t have to worry about it hurting their sales.

      And, so many developers are closing down because they keep releasing garbage. The video game industry is much like the movie industry, you’re gonna have winners and losers. But the bottom line is that if you’re blaming used game sales as what’s hurting you, then your title must have had problems to begin with as so many people are getting rid of it. At least in used games people can get a taste for what they so wisely avoided at full cost.

      • http://www.facebook.com/RaiderNationVA James Ward

        EA is not just a developer, they are also a publisher. That’s another thing that is killing game quality. And also why so many EA games aren’t that great. They buy up the developers, make all the profit, and that money doesn’t go back into development, and they close down their development houses. EA is also a huge part of the problem. And you are wrong about if a game is good, it will sell. There are many great games out there that didn’t find an audience, and part of that is due to used game sales. When game X sells 100,000 copies, those don’t count used games. Maybe those copies were sold 3 or 4 times over. and the difference between 400,000 copies sold and 100,000 copies sold could be a greenlight for a sequel. And there are many garbage games out there that do sell well, and those get greenlit for sequels and we get more garbage. And really, does saving $5 or less by buying used make that much of a difference to your wallet? It doesn’t for me, I would gladly pay the extra couple of bucks for new. Or wait til the prices drops. I’ve paid $20 for a ton of new games by waiting 6 months. Yet the developer still gets a percentage of that sale. (As does the publisher, the console makers, etc.). When a used game sells, the only one getting paid is Gamestop. (or whoever the retailer is). Imagine if there was no selling of used games at all, how much bigger game development budgets would be, how much better games would be in general. And just as an example, the creator of OddWorld (I didn’t like it, but it was critically acclaimed, and did have it’s following) is on kickstarter now, because he has some great ideas for a new game, but can’t get the funding because his last game, (by most accounts, a great game) didn’t sell well. How much of that is because of used games? It’s unfortunate really that people can’t see that the used market hurts all of us in the long run. You may not agree, but I will never buy a used game.

  • http://www.facebook.com/randy.alejo.90 Randy Alejo

    YAAAAAAAAWN BORING…….PS4 will be better! I am a 8 year GOLD MEMBER, but this year I’m JUMPING OUT. I don’t see any reason to stick around for XBOX, I am not a fan boy. I became an XBOX fan because of HALO, and XBOX LIVE. But now it seems SONY may have gotten there thing together and the PS4 will ROCK. So it really is going to come down to games, Online service, played second hand games, and doesn’t need to be online all the time.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bush-O-Connor/555604190 Bush O Connor

      xbox needs new exclusives, im sick of sequels for the last few years. unless they pull a brand spanking new ip out of the bag i’l be getting the ps4 first next gen.
      i bought the 360 under the assumption that killer instinct was coming out at launch (OXM UK had it in their launch line up) and it still hasnt shown up.

    • http://www.facebook.com/philip.meyer.75098 Philip Meyer

      Always ‘member IF Sony’s PLAYSTATION 4 was better they would of waited.
      ‘N I said IF — if is a big word.
      They always save the best for last.
      It’s the same when ya go to a concert the best performances are always saved for last ‘n the openin’ acts are nowhere near their level of expertise.
      Sony is the entry level in this case.
      – XBOX WIZ4RD

  • Nicholas Gatewood

    Enjoy your DRM and not ever truly owning your games, elitist. PC gaming elitists really are the worst kinds of gamer, except maybe the Nintendo gamers who deny Nintendo has a ton of problems right now.

    • consolesblow

      i own my games as much as you own yours unless you bought yours through live. if you did you dont really own the game, just another licenses to use it. i don’t use steam, try again please.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=645202180 Jon Determan

    Please for the love of God, do not require a persistent internet connection. learn the lesson from Sim City. Requiring the connection 100% of the time WILL alienate a large portion of your audience.

  • TheJoker360

    On May 21st, find out just how much Microsoft hates YOU, the consumer, when they finally throw us all a frickin’ bone to chew on, as they unveil their latest Orwellian nightmare to a world that has got so sick of waiting for information they’ve probably already pre-ordered a PS4.

    “Hosted by blithering sycophant Geoff Keighley, brace yourself for a new era of high-defintion advertising, where YOU, the consumer, are at the heart of every advert, enabling YOU to interact with your adverts using the new and improved Kinect 2.0, with enhanced eyeball tracking so Microsoft can see those tears of joy cascade down your rosy cheeks and recommend a box of Kleenex for you whilst playing Halo 5: Deathatron Reloaded

    “Marvel at the lack of original IP! Be wowed by the soulless corporate greed as Microsoft abandon the very gamers that got them into this position within the industry in the first place. Behold your inabilty to play single player games without an internet connection and get ready as
    Microsoft rinse you for every ****ing penny you have. You ain’t seen nothing yet… because you’ll need to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold in order to subscribe to all the other AMAZING services you can get elsewhere… and for far less money.

    “Xbox Reveal. Sponsored by Nestle, Pepsi.Co, Pizza Hut and Kraft. Coming May 21st”

  • O Mosqueda

    Contrary to what happened with the PS4 when some of the features leaked, MS apparently won’t listen to us. Since Paul Thurrott was right with the reveal date, like all the media are saying, he might be right with everything else. If you look back to the history of the XBOX, you’ll see they didn’t listen to anyone and succeeded because of it. With the original XB, people didn’t want to pay for access to XBOX Live and wanted dial-up too. With X360, we didn’t want to keep paying for XBOX Live and didn’t want DLCs and digital formats and an “optional” HDD. Since we have dealt with it, I guess MS is pretty confident we will deal with it again. Just one thing for MS, if you won’t include, I mean, since there won’t be BC and used games, drop the BD/DVD/CD drive, what would be the point, if we will end up recycling after its use in one console, save the plastic, instead just issue cards with redeem codes if you still want to make physical collectibles. Cardbord is easier to recycle than BD´s.

  • BostonSup

    I prefer the 360 over the PS3, as do a lot of people. HOWEVER many people are close to jumping ship (as you can see from many of the comments here and else where).

    I hope MS will *start* to focus on consumers and also get over their identity crisis.

    1. Make a GAMING machine and SUPPLEMENT it with Kinect gaming and ‘other’ entertainment (ie apps).

    2. Focus on the gamers and consumers and you will consistently make the same or more money than when you are focusing on advertisers and squeezing every penny from us. Focus on us and we will be happy to support your brand.

    3. If rumors of always online and no used games are true (although understandable from a business perspective), then you lost the console war. You must be more creative to combat piracy and loss of sales. If it isn’t true, MS should have made a statement MUCH earlier before it got out of hand.

    • consolesblow

      they make way more money catering to advertisers than they would from their customers. consoles always lose money by selling it cheap but make up for it with a % from games and apps, and i guess from Xbox now it includes advertising…. but hey…… you bought those advertisements, your paying for that online feature so whos actually catering to whos needs here lol.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1160358194 Eric Jones

    Season 3 of 1 vs. 100?