April 24th 2013 10:01 am PT


On Tuesday May 21st, we’ll mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment. On that day, we’ll be holding a special press event on the Xbox campus and we invite you to join us via the live global stream that will be available on Xbox LIVE and Xbox.com. If you are in the US or Canada, you can also watch the broadcast on Spike TV.

On that day, we’ll share our vision for Xbox, and give you a real taste of the future. Then, 19-days later at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, we’ll continue the conversation and showcase our full lineup of blockbuster games.

We are thrilled to pull back the curtain and reveal what we’ve been working on.

A New Generation Revealed
Xbox Campus, Redmond WA
Tuesday, May 21st @ 1p ET/10a PT/17:00 GMT

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  • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.guss.3 Joshua Guss

    These PlayStation fans need to get the hell off here, go play there

    P iece of
    S hit

    • consolesblow

      wow, must have took along time to come up with something so original and unique.

    • http://www.facebook.com/TheAmazingCDJV Caize Duzz Jumadiao Velasco

      Microsoft paid your annual subscriptions. Surely it must be.

  • Alex_Atkin_UK

    I SOOOO hope this is true it would be AWESOME and makes total sense as the Xbox 360 SoC should be pretty cheap, small and low powered by now.

    I wonder though if its low powered enough when combined with the new hardware to be practical? I would certainly like to think so.

  • gaetano

    5 things nexy crappy box needs or ps3 for me, free online subscription, region free games and content afforable price like 299,
    blu ray and better exclusives.

  • StaceyJK

    Oh man, that sucks! More Europe-hating from Xbox! Major you need to sort this out! Why is the announcement happening at 10:00am in the US but here in the UK we have to wait eight hours until six in the evening to hear it!?

    And you’re doing this deliberately! It’s a live stream, but you’re clearly putting it into a loop in the Internet – somewhere over the Atlantic probably – for eight hours! Sony wouldn’t do this! They would send a solid-gold, jewel-encrusted helicopter, piloted by none other than the Goddess Sara Rue herself, to pick me up and fly me to the event!

    Poor, show, Microsoft, poor show! I tell you, Washington would be gnashing his wooden chompers in rage if he were alive to hear about this…!

    Looking forward to what you have in store. Will be happily sat in front of one of my four 360s (no RROD for me, ever!) waiting to be enthralled.

    • http://twitter.com/boe2BE Boe2

      Still more sensible than the average comment here :)

    • SteveFNL

      I live in the UK and guess what, I’ll be watching it live at EXACTLY the same time as our friends in the US. I have a secret that I’ll share with you StaceyJK. It’s not illegal, and is fully legitimate, and you can do it too if you want to. Firstly, a little geography lesson. We are in the UK, Microsoft are based on the West Coast of America. Please remember that as I explain the secret!.
      So, there’s this little known thing called Time Difference. Time Difference, heard of it? Well, here in the UK, we are currently 8 hours ahead of the West Coast of America (sometimes it’s 9 hours, but lets not get into that right now, I fear your head may explode). That’s not to say they’re stuck in some sort of weird time loop where they experience the world 8 hours after we do, we experience the world at THE SAME TIME!. However, we all want our 6am to be in the morning when the sun rises, and we want our 6pm to be in the evening just before the sun goes down. So, we have these things called time zones, basically so we don’t get confused when travelling to different countries!!. We are in a different time zone to the West Coast of America and coincidentally, these two time zones are exactly 8 hours apart. So, our 6pm in the UK occurs at EXACTLY the same time as their 10am. There’s no delay, no having to wait 8 hours, no looping it around the internet for 8 hours first (that made me really laugh!!). WE SEE IT LIVE, AS IT HAPPENS. Just switch on your Xbox at 6pm on 21st May and watch it at EXACTLY the same time as everybody else will be watching around the world. There, the secret is out, hope I don’t get in trouble for this!!.

      • http://twitter.com/boe2BE Boe2

        I’m downvoting you for that.

        • SteveFNL

          Erm, OK! And that will affect me how exactly?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=785779443 Zack Stein

        LOL. Awesome.

      • StaceyJK

        Witchcraft! Burn the witch! Burn the witch! ;-)

  • MrRadiolips

    Honestly playing pc more but will probably end up buying both consoles since im a gamer.

  • Superman64

    How many times are people like you going to repeat that garbage? People have said repeatedly…many people sell their old console to help buy the new one. Some people don’t have enough room to keep all of their consoles hooked up. Then there’s the issue of what happens when your old system breaks but Microsoft only cares about the newer system so you won’t be able to get your 360 repaired anymore.

    Sony and Microsoft (and probably game studios) can’t push digital content if they are going to make that content useless after a certain amount of time. They need to start having a PC mentality…where when you buy a game you will be able to play it no matter how much you upgrade your machine.

    • O Mosqueda

      Maybe you can’t get your 360 repaired but you can always get a second hand one in good condition and transfer. Technically, all digital content will become useless at some point, no matter the console, PC or company, accidental deletion, servers down, untransferable content, you name it, even with BC you’ll get there sooner or later. The better way to overcome this is DRM-free but that’s not gonna happen. I understand your concern over BC, I’ve always seen people “upgrading” by getting rid of the older, MS don’t care if you don’t have enough space, you want to lay 360 on “nextbox/720/whatever”, you need to buy a 360 mini. That’s how MS knows us and like us. Deal with it!
      Of course I hate all this, and no, I don’t work or I’m being paid by Sony, I don’t even own a PS3 and don’t plan to buy a PS4, not even a Vita, but I’m a proud owner of a 360. For me, it is too soon to make plans for the next gen, however, all of these decisions from MS will make it hard to make a decision as a consumer in the future, near or far.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.carter.12979 Jim Carter

    Offline play is my biggest concern. Well that and not having to buy multiple copies of a game just so I can play it on the system in the living room..

  • Anthony Tarantino

    Dear Microsoft,

    Please invest in more first-party franchises. Bring back some of those old Rare IP’s like Killer Instinct, Kameo, Banjo Kazooie, Battletoads, Perfect Dark, etc. Rare had so much potential under Microsoft, but you guys have demoted them to making Kinect games.

    • O Mosqueda

      The Spectrum to N64 RARE is dead. All we can get is ports and emulation or crappy new games made by people who wasn’t at RARE, they might not even be English. Let’s just hope they manage to get KI on XBLA, that’s as best as it can get.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=785779443 Zack Stein

      This has been my point in other threads – they haven’t had a new IP in years. Halo is last gen. Gears is so stale. Forza is last gen. Kinect Sports? Lol. They got out of making IPs. Meanwhile Sony really nailed it this gen: Uncharted, Resistance. Littlebig Planet – all a success. Even Killzone, though it started at the end of last gen, got an entire overhaul this gen. No, I’m no Sony fanboy. I own both consoles. The bottom line is I’ve seen Microsoft forget what got them to the top, while Sony is making a big play for that number one spot again. Success makes folks fat and lazy.

  • Anthony Tarantino

    Hey Major Nelson, why are you using Disqus for your comment system? Why not just integrate the comments with Xbox Live accounts and/or Microsoft accounts?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bush-O-Connor/555604190 Bush O Connor

      he says why somewhere on here, its to do with the new layout of the blog.

  • http://profiles.google.com/rpmalha Rui Malha

    Xbox Deception, that’s the name for the next one.

    You think you have games, but it’s all media, tv and apps……deception.

    Wait….they already have done it this gen, but next one will be official.

    And no, i’m not a Sony fanboy/Nintendo fanboy that come here just to make fun. I bought a 360 this gen, not a PS3…….i still cry to this day.

    • O Mosqueda

      No offense man, but if you hate your 360 so bad, sell it, buy your Sony and Nintendo stuff and don’t be around here. If you hate XBOX and MS already, why do you care for the next MS console? You say that you are not here just to make fun, but you say you cry for having bought a 360. Dump your 360 if you want, get your beloved PS3 and don’t come back here.

  • http://twitter.com/jason3535 jason dunham

    I’m sure you have a hard time keeping up with all the multiple threads but after $600 in shipping and handling 27!consoles later with one breaking for my last 2 Christmas presents from Microsoft I have no intention of upgrading currently as a broken console can’t even be traded for store credit to help pay for the new one. Sorry Microsoft I have to many games to play already can’t afford titles new @$70 anymore and as the price will jump another $10 due to the more expensive format and I’ve been out of space on my 320 gig hard drive for 12 months now can’t justify a 500 gig as with all the arcades I have on my back up hard drive would fill that over night I still wouldn’t be able to put new games on it even if I could afford it. Each time Microsoft sent me a defective console all they could say was they were sorry but we are glad you spent $400 please feel free to do it again or just at least another 30$ for shipping and handling. I’m one of 3 or 4 people who I knew who’s Xbox red ringed on the eve of halo 3 launch. What do you do with a $200 paperweight spartan helmet? Take it out and rub it hoping a master chief genie appears to blow your console up with a frag or sticky grenade was the best I could do. I’m an avid achievement fan like the community and my friends but have a hard time justifying this purchase. Looking forward to the announcement but will be waiting till the bugs get worked out, I was so glad I got my 1st console at Christmas with all my hard saved cash only to spend more on repairs than I did on games in the 1st 18 months almost.

    Then now that I have other gamers in the house just getting in on the fun they cancel the family plan after I get my 1yr on sale thankfully for $35 so I’d be able to afford to pro rate it only to have it canceled anyways. Can’t wait to July though for my birthday month I hear 70 Microsoft points are in store to be able to buy 1 shoe for my avatar. Oh wait they came in pairs and I can’t buy .90$ in Microsoft points so to use my free points that cost $60 normally for a year of live costs ill still be spending another 400 points or $5 to se them but hey you can’t complain about free.
    To bad all those promised updates about canceled games from the marketplace never came o fruition till normally after they’d be removed. Oh wait you get paid fri but the content was removed wed. Now it’s only 19 million microft points or like an EA server closure and un obtainable forever.

    • http://twitter.com/boe2BE Boe2

      If you are going to make up stories, maybe inflate your numbers a bit less?

      Or at least don’t mention shipping costs, those don’t exist for RROD RMAs ;)
      Or simply realise you are weaving a story around an issue that has been fixed 5 years ago..

      • http://twitter.com/jason3535 jason dunham

        Then why did my slim over heat and turn itself off? I sentb12 xbox’s back for repairs over the 1st 2 years. This isn’t a grandiose hey look at me story.

      • http://twitter.com/jason3535 jason dunham

        I’m assuming you have an Xbox live gamer tag ? Are you willing to share that? After moving my Xbox cam has been misplaced from the move but my halo reach Xbox disk tray just recently quit moving and Microsoft wont fix replace it for less than than the newer reduced price of $80. Microsoft messed up many repair orders which is why I paid the $30 shipping and handling because I wasn’t afforded the luxury of the coffin. Before halo 3 launch malfunction red ring I only had disk tray problems and this have been my ongoing problems since. Jason3535

      • http://twitter.com/jason3535 jason dunham

        Consoles still over heat and freeze. How many slims do you own ? How much time do you spend playing? Yo never did reply your gamer tag .

  • http://twitter.com/jason3535 jason dunham

    I tried to edit my post to add my 360 gamer tag but it wasn’t wanting that at all. A couple of you said commented on wanting great launch titles assassins creed 4 is currently only ps4 . There were 2 other games slated for ps4 and not the new Xbox but or Xbox 360 instead.
    Where as all the griping about backwards compatible how many original Xbox games did you really try and play on our 360? I was never able o get that firmware update though for my 360 as it was normally spending more time in Texas than it was at my apartment however this time around with my current game collection that is more of an issue. But like I stated in my previous post I’m in no rush for either console. $$ won’t allow it or my better judgement of the fact of the 450 games I have to finish not to include arcades as well. Most of the speculation is hear say rumor we should just wait for the announcement but that’s not as much fun as debating lol. Sincerely jason3535 on Xbox .

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bush-O-Connor/555604190 Bush O Connor

      i had a large collection of original xbox games that i wanted to play on the 360. i dont have enough space to have more than 2 consoles under the tv.
      it was the reason i starting checking the majors blog, for the backwards compatablilty updates. they stopped pritty quick.

      • http://twitter.com/jason3535 jason dunham

        Ok I’m still a noob per say when it comes to working my way around major Nelson’s page but I’m getting more familiar with it now. Killer instinct just got reported on recently. That is a rare game but was a major Nintendo ip which means they had the rights to the game and they weren’t willing to release or sell them as it had been under discussion for awhile of bringing the franchise back for Nintendo off and on

  • xXgannicusXx

    cost more? its called build an emulator app, which common gamer techies have already done without MS millions to help them. I’d even pay $2 per game to be able to download a digital copy of old games to play on an emulator (ie: Matrix: Path of Neo or the LOTR games) so I don’t have to exit party chat with my friends. its pretty simple, MS doesn’t want to do it because they are scared people will rather play old games than spend money on new ones, which is true because most games aren’t worth $60-70, and if used games won’t be playable on the next Xbox you can be guaranteed (based on GoD) that they will use that to keep the prices of games as far above the desired market price for as long as possible.

  • Riddick Snipes

    All I want is backward compatibility big hard drives and 1080p/60fps cod. If it does this I will drop my load on the floor right now.

    • Volitar Prime

      Why settle for 1080p? 4k is future and it is coming fast.

      • Riddick Snipes

        Put it this way if the system can pump 1080p with 60fps I’ll b happy. 4k will only b for photos and stuff like that

  • http://twitter.com/t0o_cRaZe3 t0o cRaZe3

    “we’ll mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment” i’m afraid games is gonna be on third place :(

    • O Mosqueda

      I’m afraid of it as well and think it’s also our fault that they think that’s what we want from a console. Whenever I get Live Gold I use Netflix and YouTube a lot even though I own a PC and a Wii, and I have more digital games than physical even though I like discs better and always wait for a disc compilation of XBLA games. I’m not saying I agree with MS and their decisions, but we sure have given them a lot of reasons to make them believe that’s what we want. They see their numbers, not the discussion forums.

  • http://twitter.com/Byyys Byyys

    If its going to cost money for “Xbox Live”, im going PC way for playing games…. ive recently built my own PC, and its 100x times better than the xbox..and i dont need to pay for online gaming!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000665418521 Ben Hunt

    having bought the Xbox 360 when it 1st launched at £500, followed by malfunctions of the console, I am going to be wise and wait at least 2 years before going for the next gen. I am not keen at all on touch controls either so makes me in no rush at all to buy the 720 or whatever it’s going to be named.

  • O Mosqueda

    So many people saying PC playing is better, I hope this won’t lead to a second market crash, I really like consoles over PC’s for playing games but I’m afraid all of this will take us there. Peripherals, no innovation in games, too many poor quality games, upcoming consoles everywhere, computers being a better option; I thought this was 2013 but apparently it’s 1983 again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=785779443 Zack Stein

    Sandly, what folks aren’t realizing is that people just want game innovation. Yeah, it’s nice to watch Netflix, HBO Go, and other entertainment options with your console, but my TV has the same options. I want gaming innovation – the rest is just decoration. I really think Microsoft, in its quest to take over the living room, is on its way to the garage.

    • O Mosqueda

      Same like 30 years ago, Atari, Coleco and Mattel wanted to get so bad in libraries and study halls turning their consoles into computers, they ended up in the garbage, I mean garage, I mean, uh, whatever.

    • Nick Peck

      Or wait until the 21st and see everything they are trying to do? /sigh
      I have always loved the “one box” does it all mantra, I HATE having a ton of things in my entertainment center. If you don’t want to use some of it, don’t install and or use them, simple enough.
      There is plenty on the way for gaming and a bunch that no one has even thought of, just wait and see before judging lol.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=785779443 Zack Stein

        Or, I could have been basing my comment on already released information, like the fact that they’ve opened up a tv production studio in Los Angeles; they’re looking to allow more set-top box operations like they already have with Xfinity and Verizon; they’re looking to close more deals with movie studios. Of course the one box does it all is great. I never said it wasn’t. The point is the Xbox was founded as a gaming console. And it seems that gaming should be its focus. But that hasn’t been Microsoft’s focus for several years with the Xbox. My comment is based on the fact that they haven’t had a new IP for the Xbox in many years – they continue to milk the ones they have, which have grown stale. Meanwhile they keep trying to jam the fact that it is this entertainment box down our throats. “lol”

      • Guest

        You “hate having a ton of things in” your “entertainmrnt

  • TheJoker360

    I take it Usher has been booked for the 21st May then.

  • Justin McDermott

    I really hope that the new xbox will act as a home server and stream games and content to your tablet. Like how the PS4 will stream to the Vita. It has to do this in the background while you are running other content on the box

    • O Mosqueda

      Probably that’s why they’ll make it with Windows8. That way “XBOX 720″ will be able to stream to a Windows8, the least successful tablet in the market, just like PS4 will be able to stream to a PS Vita, the least successful hadheld console in the market.

    • TheJoker360

      You will be lucky to have any games on the new xbox.

      • O Mosqueda

        I wouldn’t be surprised that at launch you’ll get a 1 month Gold trial and some sort of discount card for upcoming games since, thinking as the people at MS, it’s the entertainment side we are looking for, so we will be OK with Netflix, HBO, Comcast, XBOX Video, Music and YouTube until the games are ready, that’s if they will care about games at all.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=785779443 Zack Stein

          I think you should wait until the 21st before you judge lol – isn’t that what you told me? And then you post this?

          • O Mosqueda

            I didn’t tell you that, but I agree, however, most of us are not judging, we are only saying what we expect knowing MS’s shenanigans from the past and what we don’t want the next box to be. It worked with the PS4 and the one-time registration for on-disc games was dropped. Unfortunately, great chances are that everything will be futile.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=785779443 Zack Stein

            Sorry, that was someone else. My mistake. Sincere apologies.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Exactly. Microsoft isn’t gamer centric anymore like it used to be or ever was so the only games may be Halo, Gears of War, etc. with a few new I.P.s and that’s it..it will be just like this past generation where 360 thrived on third party software… that shouldn’t even justify Microsoft making u pay for xbox live. I bet u that if they had more exclusive games then then the y wuld be doing a lot better than Sony..from what I read inside and anonymous sources linked to Microsoft said that they are behind in software development for first party exclusives and canceled numerous projects with the actual console not coming out until 2014..I read that couple days ago but don’t remember what site it was. Like Beo2 said, u any first party titles on next xbox is a very slim chance at all..I say that out of what ive read and what I know and not outta bias

  • O Mosqueda

    Your point being….?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Curtis-Isabell/1036013363 Curtis Isabell

    blu ray is not owned by sony

  • Alex Solis

    what is backwards compatability again?

    • O Mosqueda

      Is when you can play games from an older console using a newer one, the Atari 7800 could play 2600, the Game Boy Color could play B/W Game Boy and the original PS2 could play almost flawlessly PS1 games. Their main pros is space saving by not have two or more consoles in one place, and extended software life beyond its original platform. Its biggest cons are broken compatibility, inability to use game saves from the previous one (both present in XBOX360), peripherals rendered useless due to lack of ports (Game Boy Player on Wii or Guitar Grip on DSi) and none of it assure a 100% compatibility, even when internally it features the exact same hardware as part of the new hardware. There’s always a feature or two forgotten or dropped, like the GBC IR port or a rarely used memory mapping, like 2600 Burgertime.

  • ODST_365

    Please Do Not Make Us Look Like Fools In Front Of the PS4.

    • O Mosqueda

      The first time they looked like fools revealing a PC in a fancy console case with subscription-based BB-only Online gaming, no native DVD playback and for being the last, the second time they did it with a console with no HDD, badly performed BC and a console that should have had a printed label saying, Expiration Date: 1 year from first use.
      They’re used to it and they have “dealt with it”. Maybe that’s why they want us to do so as well. I guess is not a matter of whether they look like fools or not, is how they will do it.

  • Marcus2012

    No, it’s owned by an entire consortium, of which Sony is a single company part of said consortium, it wasn’t even DEVELOPED entirely by Sony, Panasonic did it I believe.

    • mike howard

      Ur right sony phillips nd panasonic are the biggest investors in bluray. Over 70% between the three of them. But either way microsoft would have to take their profit from the bluray tech md split it with said investors. And if I am wrong please just kindly tell me so.

  • Marcus2012

    I don’t even know what you meant to say, is that even English you’re speaking?

  • crazycolaist

    i cannot wait. idc wot it got

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.kolar.372 Daniel Kolar

    im happy you can record game-play on the new Xbox whithout a capture card

    • spamme

      That hasn’t been announced for next Xbox. That’s from the PS4 announcements. Xbox will probably have it too, but its not a confirmed feature.

      • jlh

        Polygon has an inside source that reported it was a feature of the new Xbox. I expected it to be the case and I hope that they will announce some kind of Twitch integration at launch to easily stream your gameplay in addition to the ability to upload to youtube.

        • spamme

          Rumor vs Announcement

          • O Mosqueda

            It’s all we got now, and most of them seem to be closer and closer to the real announcement by the minute. If this is what we do with “rumors” (more like leaks if you ask me), imagine what will happen the minute after the announcement. For everybody’s sake, let’s hope it will be cheers and not jeers like now.

          • jlh

            True it is a rumor/leak but the source is very important. Polygon is usually spot on with their Xbox news and this fits in with the leaked document from last year which also detailed some type of game recording and sharing functionality in the next console. So a trusted site with trusted sources and a document that has been right on other aspects of the new Xbox all point to this being a reality.
            Of course it is the best policy to wait until the full announcements have been made but since MS have been so slow to announce anything all we have right now to discuss are the leaked reports.

          • spamme

            Look at my first comment on this thread. It’s likely it’s going to be a feature. Just saying its not confirmed, so there’s a tiny chance of it not being there or not being what most people think it will be.

    • TheJoker360

      all the COD losers will use this to upload all their junk game footage,

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    If Microsoft doesn’t exceed expectations either I know I can count on Sony’s launch lineup since Mark Cerny said it will have the strongest launch lineup in PlayStation history. .seriously he said that, in that case I know they WON’T fail deliver like Nintendo did at first and Microsoft will. U will c it all unfold in time.

    • http://twitter.com/TheHitman1982 John Costa

      You know COD is going to be a launch title, they are going to be released at the same time.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Yea, it’s inevitable that it will be a launch title. But ActiVision isn’t going solely next-gen since they’d lose too much money so most likely it will be cross-gen. Last couple years since MW3, COD has been losing it’s caliber so hopefully they get it right this time(I’m talking about story at the moment) and try to balance out multiplayer and the story so it’s look getting two for the price of one thing instead of only one aspect of the game having mass appeal. I don’t completely hate COD, I only liked Black Ops and Modern Warfare and that’s it really-I’ve always preferred Halo, no offense but I find sci-fi and future technology much more interesting than modern day stuff personally. Though it’ll most likely rake in a lotta money like it always does..either way both COD and next Xbox will have announcements in the coming weeks so no doubt Microsoft and Activision may present them simultaneously at E3 2013. I want the game to blow me away, if they manage to get it right, I’ll never doubt the series again..if this is the end of it though, or the beginning, it better do it with a bang, not a whimper, and impress a mass audience if it wants any more prominence than it has contained this past generation. But for me, I’ll always Halo, until COD changes my mind so we’ll just have to wait and see where Activision takes the series next. IF and when it goes only next gen or cross gen, will you buy Microsoft’s next system just for COD or whatever launch titles will be there cuz I want their next console as long as gamers come first and they do stuff right?

  • http://www.facebook.com/philip.meyer.75098 Philip Meyer

    I believe that you’ll be able to buy games for the next gen Xbox at GameStop ‘n at other retaliers worldwide so ya got nothin’ to worry about.

  • TheJoker360

    So the New Xbox will come with 8GB of DDR3 memory, less powerful than what Sony is offering. Look at the amount of resources thats going to hog that memory, Kinect, Ads, Windows 8 UI. Games are going to lag.

    • spamme

      Please stop. Your comments are adding nothing to the discussion.

    • O Mosqueda

      Something more that points that the next box is not focused primarily on gaming. The name XBOX is associated with gaming, maybe they should not use that brand if it’s focused on entertainment, having games as a plus. This won’t be a console, it will be Windows tablet without a display of its own and no portability.

      • http://twitter.com/jason3535 jason dunham

        That’s an understatement and a good point mosqueda

    • http://twitter.com/bleah3 Red Dotter

      Not necessarily. DDR3 operates at lower latency than DDR5 but less bandwidth. It’s a trade off, speed for bandwidth.

  • http://twitter.com/jason3535 jason dunham

    Was wondering what the difference was between reactions and comments or if its the no bargainers of reactions being obviously like Facebook likes lol

    • O Mosqueda

      Good question, all I see there is a bunch of shortened URL’s and short comments, I wonder if that’s what the people at MS read.

      • http://twitter.com/jason3535 jason dunham

        I just wanted to try and make sure it stood out enough for major Nelson to see my disgust at quality assurance lack of support originally and still for faulty products continuing to have the same problem later. So much more stuff arcade games dlc and extra content takes up so much more space my 320 gigs is full and now all my new games have to be on a 2nd hard drive. It’s a pain. So I have to sign a 2nd profile in to chat to friends or re sync my blu tooth. It stays connected to the Xbox it’s charging so I guess I could plug it into the other one and see if that works after my wired headset got damaged. It’s just as cheap as a terabyte is now adays I shouldn’t be limited to a 320 gig hdd especially when arcade games are a gig and a half regularly now updates for games are getting to be that big or the dlc is over a gig. I don’t want to delete arcade games because they get delisted before I can buy them sometimes without notice as well

      • http://twitter.com/jason3535 jason dunham

        Thanks o mosqueda for replying .

    • spamme

      Probably comments is the main threads and reactions are the replies… ? Maybe

  • O Mosqueda

    If this would be for real, it will be Nintendo’s doing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pen.ballpoint.9 Pen Ballpoint



    So much needs to happen here. MS is in a much better position than Sony both financially and due to their superior software to blow PS4 right out of the water if they want to. They could easily match the specks, give us full B/C, play used games, not require an online internet connection to play games and give us some quality new IPs. This could very well happen and surprise everyone.

    On the other hand, If MS makes another abysmal app/media and kinect focused press conference and doesn’t address the rumors on the 21st, then they may have already lost their way with me to the point that even I will consider getting a PS4… Despite how badly the PS3 sucked this entire generation as a whole.

    • http://twitter.com/jason3535 jason dunham

      Yea. I never got to own a ps3 yet but didnt see to many games other than little big planet and drakes fortune . Mod nation racers and twisted metal should have been fun

  • K1NG

    If you could announce some new Xbox exclusive IPs, that would be great. Confirm that the console doesn’t require an always online connection, is able to play used games, and of course backwards compatible. If all these things I’ve listed are met at your press conference, I’m sold. Otherwise I’ll probably jump ship and get a PS4 instead. GAMES GAMES GAMES.

  • ODST_365

    This was on IGN – “The next Xbox must be Internet-connected to use. This is the source of the ‘always on’/’always online’ rumors and isn’t as Draconian as many seem to believe.” So… you can connect it to the internet, then unconnect it? Maybe it just needs to touch base with the net and then it’s happy?

    • kingcrusher

      I honestly don’t see MS shooting themselves in the head (not even the foot, the head) with this one. It would be suicide for the system to require to always be online. I think (hope) that what this refers to is the ability, rather than the requirement. So it has the ability to always be online, for social networking, updates, streaming, etc… but to require it for games would be throwing in the towel on this generation of gaming systems. I keep my hopes high, but prepare for anything. You never know how much the CEOs and such underestimate the “peasants” ability to determine the success or failure of their company.

  • Pito

    Nice! Yo sólo puntos de Microsoft de forma gratuita desde este sitio! : D freemspointsforever com

    • O Mosqueda

      This guy is promoting free MS points, can someone delete the message?
      Si no tienes nada que decir sobre el asunto de la nueva consola, no escribas ni siquiera un punto.

  • livecustoms

    If the console cost $500 for the CORE version than unless the Xbox has amazing features ill be picking up a PS4.

    • O Mosqueda

      Forget the features, the important thing here are games, let’s hope that at least 1 is announced, but like someone said before, I also think it will be all about audio and video streaming, social networking, TV, Kinect and, if any, a new installment of Forza or Halo. Let’s also hope that the first ones who acquire this thing won’t be getting a $500 plastic box that will fry in a few months like it happened before.

      • http://www.barleynhops.com/ Noah A. Bolmer

        Halo is getting very long in the tooth. I’d much rather see a new property unveiled than more of the same.

  • http://www.xboxinfinity.co.uk/ Xbox Infinity

    Xbox Infinity?

    • F1maniac


    • https://twitter.com/boe2BE Beo2

      Infinite Apps Zero Games

  • shmad

    I doubt it will be an online console only. Alot of places in suberbs of England for example can not get good enough broadband for online gaming. If MS kept the console as a purely online console they would loose so much money to people who spend loads on game releases simply because they can not get online so the game runs out of features quicker

    • O Mosqueda

      Some people in the press think this is the way MS has to push technology and change habits, maybe they’re right, but it sucks. That they could potentially lose money from middle class gamers, it doesn’t mean big losses for them since the people with the bigger incomes are the ones who will be able to buy the console at launch, the ones that can afford the better Internet services with the highest rates and the ones who buy games without hesitation, because they liked the cover and just for the sake of it. The only technology they’ll push is hacking and piracy.

  • BillSchoonmaker

    I’m not concerned at all about backward compatibility. I don’t plan on selling my Xbox 360 the day the 720 comes out. I will just keep both consoles hooked up. All of my TV’s have multiple HDMI ports.

    My opinion on used game sales. Lets say a game has 8 hours of entertainment value, even if we just talk about the single player component. Most modern games have at least this if I traverse through the entire story engage in it. With most games going for $60 that makes each hour of entertainment cost around $8. Most movie houses charge at least that much for a movie (more if you see it in 3D or Imax) the value for each are not that far apart. After I leave the movie house I own nothing, I have simply been entertained, no difference between the two to me.

    If I pay $60 for a game and get 10 hours of entertainment value out of it I feel fully satisfied. People that expect 100’s of hours out of each purchase are kidding themselves. With regard to used games, yes, I’ve sold games before but rarely do I get more than $5 per game and then it is usually just towards the cost of something new that I want to play. I typically don’t buy used games because I recognize the developer does not get a single dime out of that purchase and I like my money to go to them for their hard work. I have been known to buy bargain bin games but that is usually a year or more after their release and I did not want it bad enough to pay full retail when it released.

    My entire point of this post is just to say that the Xbox, like every other console is an avenue of entertainment. You must pay to be entertained. People work very hard to put these consoles and games out for us. Yes some games are bad but that is why I try to utilize demos and read reviews before I put my money down. I think it boils down to choice of first party titles with regard to console choice, for my money, I’ll bet on Xbox.

    • kingcrusher

      If I buy a used game it means a couple of things. 1) the game was not good enough to keep someone’s interest and so they traded it in, and 2) it was not a game that I had originally planned on purchasing and grabbed it because it was cheap. Your analogy with the movies is flawed. Video games are more like interactive books (choose your own adventures, if you will) that you control, depicting the outcome. Movies, you have no choice, hence the once over is good enough for most, unless it’s a great movie, and you then go see it multiple times.

      I do not look at my video game hobby (purchases) as a once over, and disposable. I keep my games (that I like) for future playovers, some (halo for instance) I play many, many times through. When the quality of the title demands I play it more than once, then I know I’ve gotten a good find. But, if there is a case where the game did not meet my expectations, rather than letting it set on my shelf, I will trade it in, and let someone else play the stinker at a discounted price. Had the developer not made a stinker, I would not have traded it in.

      The bottom line is that the industry needs to get off its butts and put more care into what they are making. How often do we see stinker games that the developer just took for granted that people will like and then wonder why they didn’t have a big seller on their hands. Your analogy with movies is correct in a different way than you intended. If a movie is bad, word of mouth can flatten their sales, and the makers will lose money (you don’t hear many people crying about how the makeup artists are losing money because people their garbage movie is being sold used). But on the opposite side of that, positive word of mouth can make a game a success simply because the game is good enough to succeed on the final product.

      The bottom line is that game makers need to stop pleading the poverty case and realize they are in a (as you put it) disposable income territory and if they don’t make the buyer WANT to throw their money that way, then they will fail. And that is NOT used games sales fault.

      • http://www.barleynhops.com/ Noah A. Bolmer

        “the game was not good enough to keep someone’s interest and so they traded it in,”

        What a wrong-headed statement. Even objectively, this fails, because EVERY GAME EVER RELEASED IS AVAILABLE USED.

        You then compound the absurdity by stating, essentially, that there is correlation between game quality and repeatability. There are many examples of excellent … albeit LINEAR … games which have very diminishing returns on a second playthrough. I LOVED Skyrim. There is zero chance I’m going to devote another 200 hours to that game with another playthrough – I’d rather spend that time playing something which I haven’t already seen unfold. For some (many? MOST?) people, ramping up the difficulty doesn’t make the game more fun. I don’t play a game from start to finish, and then do so again on another difficulty. I’d rather be engaged in a new story.

        I agree with the second half of your rant,.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I’ve only read interviews where developers such as the people who made Braid said the next xbox won’t be gamer friendly so beyond that doesn’t seem like Microsoft actually cares about their own games anymore. It’s never had that many exclusives anyway ever since the original xbox which its only good exclusive was Halo. I’ve never been a fan of DLC either really at all, never added significant value to the games I play, but Bioshock Infinite looks to be the exception if Irrational does it right. Even if Microsoft had more exclusives, it wouldn’t matter cuz Xbox 360 doesn’t even make half their profit-sure Xbox Live has made them money for years but really since they started out on PC that’s where most of if not all their revenue has been produced region-wise in the U.S. and other big computer gaming territories so they’re screwed either way unless they come up with something. I agree with you that they seem to doing a COD pattern with their franchises, most notably Forza with the other titles they have just not having much innovation with the exception of Halo since Microsoft is still here because of it so they wouldn’t want to milk it, at least they still have some sense. Like literally, I guarantee you that Bungie and Microsoft had never approached each other to make Halo on the original Xbox they would’ve been history a long time ago..I bet u that if u ask any gamer who had an original Xbox or is a big fan of Halo, they’d say the same thing and I’m sure Microsoft wouldn’t try to counter it as much as Bungie wouldn’t either. I don’t wanna see Microsoft disappear only because Halo still matters to me as a hardcore gamer and a true gamer and it’s doing too well for it to go down because Microsoft is making stupid decisions lately..I also agree that ever since they acquired Rare from Nintendo, Rare hasn’t been the same since and would be good if they were bought back so maybe they could do Banjo & Kazooie 3, though I never played the original or the sequel cuz a former Rare employee said he wants to do it so that would be cool. I think you should give Halo a chance, though it’s much different from other games out there once you spend lotta time with the story and the game overall you will fall in love with it and never fall out( no pun intended at all). Trust me, I only just started playing the series last year and I can’t wait for Halo 5 or whatever 343i does next-give it a shot and you will have an unforgettable experience with it. Hopefully more games do single player or at least co-op or a heavier, deeper and denser focus on story… or more platformers, I dunno..I don’t wanna c this industry go away..if u try Halo, get Halo 4..u will thank me later.

  • ODST_365

    Tell Me What You Want To See In The Next Xbox?

  • Jason Hoffman

    What I find interesting is the apparent confusion that has been generated with the two terms being tossed around, “always-on” and “always-online”. My gut tells me that all these people going bananas over an always-on console dont realize that this is most likely a lower power state that “if” connected to the internet will auto update, patch, install dlc…etc. The media has taken always-on and made it the bane of the next console when nothing about that term implies to me that it means “always connected to the internet or your whole gaming experience is shot”. Just my opinion

    • O Mosqueda

      Nice assumption, but, isn’t that pretty much the way consoles of this generation work? I think always on/online for the next is for console and game authorization and to force us to become gold, that’s if we would still have the option to have a free account. That would be a little too much but it’s a possibility. It would suck big time if you have to pay a monthly or yearly fee to use the console even if you paid full price for the console and your games.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gavin-Fielke/719127993 Gavin Fielke

    I will be happy if games are kept updated.
    I currently have 4 consoles around my house which I use as media centre extenders and I purchased one of those on the release day in Australia.
    Like most people I have an always on internet connection but that connection also regularly resets when the weather changes. I use an I.P. telephony service which does not work without an internet connection so I essentially rely on that internet connection for all of my communication needs. I also live in the country over 250Km away from the nearest capital city in a town with a population of only 1,200 people.
    I will welcome the console being always connected to the internet if I can install games and leave them in their case after that. I see this being secure if when installed on a console, or when you play it after installation, it checks whether the copy has been installed on another console then either blocks the game from being played or asks for the original disk if the game has been played on another console or it can not connect to the authentication server. This technique would allow people to play games on different consoles yet would stop people from playing the game on multiple consoles at once and I could keep my discs in their cases unless I am using a different console to my normal one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chasedaron Chase Sillery

    I am really hoping we see the Illumiroom coming. That would be the future and keep Microsoft #1.

    • livecustoms

      Illumiroom is a gimmik…..

      • http://www.facebook.com/natedoggcata Nathan Carter


  • http://www.facebook.com/moylobo83 Moises Munoz

    Looking forward to it, bring on the fireworks.