May 8th 2013 6:00 am PT

Arcade: Doritos Crash Course 2

Doritos Crash Course 2Content: Doritos Crash Course 2
Price: Free
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Dash Text:
Doritos Crash Course 2 is the sequel to the XBLA smash hit Doritos Crash Course. Run, jump, slide and wall jump your Avatar through 4 new worlds of irreverent obstacles, traps and pitfalls. In this 2.5 platformer, compete for medals and find stars to progress. Use your stars to unlock new courses, power-ups and vanity items. Compare your best time against up to 3 asynchronous game clips of your friends.

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Arcade, Free, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • aVeR

    Nice Job. Since three days nothing. Can’t play… :-(

  • aVeR

    MS i’ll buy a PS on the next gen. Bye

  • AutomaticOcelot GB

    I haven’t paid for LIVE in about 3 years, so I’m not sure what you’re on about, Mal.
    I did just pay $18 for 3 months of PSN+, because I like the current Instant Game library offerings more than I like random matchmaking with latchkey children pretending to be racist homophobes.

    PSN+ also says FREE GAEMS of course, but it’s dependent on maintaining the subscription. No mistaking that. Anyhoo that’s a great piece of Consumer Reporting you did there. Describing how business works and all. Keep at it.

  • Jose Olivo

    Nothing to do with Crash Course 2 but did anyone read the rumor that the name for the new xbox is Fusion? DAMN!! I kinda liked Infinity more.. Fusion sounds like an energy drink and I don’t really like energy drinks. lol

    • Zachary Miller


      • Jose Olivo

        WELL SKIN ME ALIVE AND CALL ME LUGGAGE!! I was right.. Fusion is an energy drink. I’ll never drink V8 again. lol Infinity sounds better but now that I remember, I think there’s a car with that name too. lol

    • aVeR

      Muhaahaahaa LOL

  • Desert Crawler

    There’s no need to be rude.

  • Andrew Poe

    I think it’s completely stupid to release a game as ‘free’ and you can’t play it if you are not a Xbox Live Gold member. I understand the game has microtransactions, which is fine. What about NOT allowing Xbox Free members the opportunity to download the game if Microsoft is not willing to allow them to play it.

    • donkeyjrplus

      whatever, we pay so we should get something “free” go get gold then you can complain because we can’t even hardly play it as it is right now.

      • KesMonkey

        Reading comprehension fail.
        Andrew’s point isn’t that this game shouldn’t be Gold members only, but that it’s pointless in letting free members download it if they can’t play it.

  • Ivanx360xpira

    I still can´t play the game!!!What a shame MS!!!

  • Ivanx360xpira

    well, just like Sony does!!A lot of PS players proudly says that PSN offers a lot of free stuff, but they are blind to the fact that it is, in fact, a rental depending on PSN+ subscription. If y stop to pay, then bye bye free games illusion…

    • BlinkFandango

      I keep telling PSN gamers this, but most of them are fanboys and don’t see the truth.

    • Curtis Isabell

      actually some games are free, dust 514 is free for example. and we pay for PSN+ and get free games, and sales it has nothing to do with fanboyism, if you do the math the game costs are trivial compared to the PSN+ price per year, heck this weeks sleeping dogs alone is worth $20 in store (assuming it’s on sale, not to mention the free dlc we got) so you can only imagine the actual cost of these games, it’s easier to say “these games are free” than “these games cost like $0.25 each.”

  • Maria Louise Frost

    We havent been able to play this game since downloading it, it keeps saying try again in an hour.

  • Ujn Hunter

    Turn off the Always Online DRM bullshit and allow the micro-payments to be removed!

  • pgtips77

    if you tweet xbox support, they will tell you to clear your cache and uninstall, re download. try looking at the real problem, dickheads

  • Porsche Monkey

    “Crash Course 2″ is “The Sims” of XBLA. So much for that extensive testing of XBLA games you brag about

    • Brandon Brashars

      I think you mean “Sim City”

      • Porsche Monkey

        i did

  • pronboy

    Managed to play one course so far and that crashed at the end. Worth every penny.

  • Joff

    Hi my achievement :Road Less Traveled, wasn’t unlocked. How can i unlock it?

  • H0RIZ0N

    Still have not got a chance to play it yet since release. So this is our future of always online DRM, even if it’s the devs servers that doesn’t work huh?! Not looking forward to it.

  • Curtis Isabell

    love how xbox fanboys downvote everything against xbox.


      I love how delusional morons like yourself keep up playing the PS3 when it has had so many strikes about it this generation. Personally, I got rid of my 4th PS3 last week. I will not be returning unless MS really drops some bombs.

      Maybe you need to re-evalute your life with your Juvenile made up words like Herp Derp and seek some therapy on staying away from the internet for an entire week. Personally for someone like you, It would do you a world of good.

      Oh but wait, you’re too busy waiting for those PSN downloads to finish… :)

      • Nate Wells

        This comment of yours is hilarious! Seriously, I laughed so hard at this. Bravo. How old are you again? 56? 73? And you act worse than most trolls. Maybe puberty never hit you, eh?

        I’ll say it again, but some xbox fans are worse than the trolls here. You especially. Seriously, if Curtis’ comment hurt your feelings so much, maybe YOU need therapy. Food for thought.

        • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

          Haha, no IT’S YOU who took the time to reply to me. That little scrub curtis could never hurt my feelings. The sorry SOB doesn’t even have the intestinal fortitude to debate with me over XBL. PS3 fanboys who overlook the countless Cons of their system are usually guttless cowards and fail to bring their nonsense to anyone other than on a guttless blog or message board such as this. PS3 fanboys have no brains.. PERIOD. :)

          I think it’s you who needs some serious therapy.. or perhaps you chould check out “Silver Linings Playbook.” Food for thought.

          Watch the movie Nate, you seem like you need more than just a hug kiddo!

    • Ivanx360xpira

      well, I’m no fanboy and I think you also play xbox, once you’re here! Reading forums in several sites like IGN or gamespot I realized that there’s nothing worst than sony fanboys, they’re stupid and think playstation is some kind of sacred thing, something untouchable.

      I recognize that even the games in PSN+ are not real free (it’s a rental…yeah at a ridiculous price if you do the math…but still a rental) , it’s a good strategy to keep the subscription. However, in terms of mantenance, connection, social interaction and security…xbox live is much better than PSN.

      Also, everygame has a cost to be made, I think it’s fair to pay a price for them. What I claim here, and will keep claiming is that Xbox live need better deals, more offers with more frequency.

    • Does Not Equal

      Love how children post inflammatory messages.

    • aVeR

      xbox sucks

  • Brendon Bosch

    Alot of people are missing the point here. Awesome game spoiled by stupid always online features. As each day goes by i`m leaning more and more to getting a PS4 and skipping the NEXTBOX. M$ when will you realise that you are costing yourself money

    • aVeR

      everything is said

  • aVeR


  • Motocross Madness

    I cant even play the game because the servers wont let me in. I understand it’s free and all but they should’ve fixed all this before they put this corrupted game out in public.

    • Ivanx360xpira

      I still can´t play…this is unaceptable coming from a giant like MS, they had much time to corrected the issue and nothing yet…not even a single note to consumers…

      Strange enough, I hadnt seem nothing related to this failed release in any of the major gaming sites…

      • aVeR

        I can´t play, too.

  • kizi 2

    Nice post.Thank you for sharing some good things!!

  • Y8 Games

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  • Anton LaVey

    DITO! Please REUPLOAD the City Lights DLC!!