May 9th 2013 12:25 pm PT

Yes, Xbox will be at Gamescom this year

You may have already seen this from our friends in Europe , but I just wanted to make sure you know that Xbox will be back at Gamescom this year. I am very much looking forward to returning to Cologne in August as we have a lot to share with you this year.


Events, Industry By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Peter Roth

    make you a lottery for winning gamescom Tickets. Sry for my bad englisch.
    best greetings xOGC6685x

    • Dominik Santini

      A ticket costs about 15€ … stop being a cheapskate.

  • Edwin Villamizar


  • Ben

    Have you made a decision on heading to PAX AU, Larry? Is it just E coming across?

  • boe2

    Will be visiting for 2 days, bringing my nintendo DS just to make queueing for Microsoft easier :)

  • ungeheier

    “Xbox” or “Xbox 360″? ;)

  • Luih

    “our friends in europe” ??? in europe we are tired of asking microsoft abaut bring services such as free games like with psn+ every month

    and even stop paying (gold) for play online games who had been payed previously ¬¬

    yes, I know, “free” and “microsoft” words are incorrect in the same sentence xD. for that reason here sony is the king

    sorry for mistakes, google traductor isn´t perfect

    • Xhawk27

      PSN+ is not free.

      • Luih

        yes, psn+ isn´t free but i think that you can understand me =) what i want to say.
        the worst thing here is pay for something (online game) who is free in sony, yeah you in EEUU have another services with gold but here NO, its only pay for play online, sorry but in the next gen, like every xbox gamer that i know, we are going with sony this time

        • slasaru

          Agree with you
          If next xbox is USBox like it is now, too many people outside the us will choose PS4
          There is absolutely nothing for gold live members in europe

          • Curtis Isabell

            there isn’t much for gold members in the US, it’s just junk filler and apps/contests. I want content that is worthy of a GAMING console.

      • Paul Rolland

        but its cheaper than gold and you get more for you money so~

    • scrapplejoe

      doritos crash course is free =)

      but yea, ps+ is not free, but if microsoft pulled something similar, it would rock.

      • rhooper

        Well, somehow it’s “free”… I still couldn’t play (server error), but I’ve read that you need to be Gold to play it, besides needing to be online.

        Really free are Aegis Wing, Hexic HD, Harms Way, Crash Course 1 (delisted, unfortunately) and Dash of Destruction (delisted, as well). Not so great games, but something.

      • Curtis Isabell

        lets weigh the games for a minute…

        Sleeping dogs—- crash course 2….. I’l take the first one.

    • XBLA

      PlayStation Plus is a rental service.

      • rhooper

        Well, as Gold we don’t have anything besides DotW (rarely with good deals), online gaming and access to apps that in other places are free. So, rental is an amazing feature, as if I want to keep playing the game for a longer time, I just buy it.

        I’m a Xbox gamer, I prefer Xbox, I would not change for a PS3… but I’m not a blind fanboy that can’t admit that PS+ is an excellent service, that deserved to be copied by Microsoft.

      • Curtis Isabell

        buying games on xbox must be renting them since you can’t play online without paying then.

        • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

          The way I see it, MP in general is a rental, which Is why I don’t mind. When I look at the pros and cons of both systems, I always have prefered gaming on XBL over PSN, unless of course it’s an exclusive. Not really any other reason to game on PS3 other than for exclusives, Especially when the majority of our multiplats run and perform better than those on the PS3.
          Unless MP is local, it’s never a permanent part of the game anyway. In the meantime you keep on enjoying your PSN+ rentals which you only own on layaway! :)

      • Paul Rolland

        PS+ is awesome~ Ive stopped my gold service, sick of all the ads, please bring back the blade dashboard and not some crapped windows 8 ad infested dashboard ><


        Indeed it is brother.. Indeed it is!

  • Steve Mark

    I bet $1,000,000,000 that the Next Xbox will simply be called “Xbox”.

    • John

      Don’t think so, the Original Xbox only ceased in 2005 and Xbox Live for the Original Xbox was only cut off a few years ago. I think that would cause confusion.
      I think the leaks of Xbox Infinity are becoming more and more prevaling and appear to be true.
      Xbox Fusion will be the new discless Xbox 360 according to a friend of mine. It will fuse with the Infinity for backwards compatibility.
      Take it all with a huge grain of salt though. At least “Infinite possibilities, infinite entertainment” sounds a LOT better than “Greatness awaits”.

      • TonyLN

        Going to go out on a limb and say Xbox Infinity is going to be the new name for Xbox Live that will get you a bunch of extras compared to what we have now. (Perhaps another level of Live, above Gold, that includes access to Netflix, Hulu — or maybe even includes the Music & Movies from M$s store).

        Xbox Fusion is going to be the way they play off the fact that you can play Windows-RT titles on any M$ product (Tablet – PC – Phone – Xbox).

        Next Xbox is going to be called…. Xbox
        Those are just my personal guesses with very little to back it up.

    • metallicorphan

      with every major leak saying it and even Major Nelson just saying it in this post,wow, that’s some real guts you have there making bets like that

  • Master Metzger

    See you there…