May 14th 2013 10:00 am PT

One week until #XboxReveal

We are one week away from the #XboxReveal event. You can join us Tuesday, May 21st @ 1p ET/10a PT/17:00 GMT via the live global stream that will be available on Xbox LIVE and
If you are in the US or Canada, you can also watch the broadcast on Spike TV.

PLUS, today I announced that we’ll be teaming up with Twitch and I’ll be hosting an exclusive post-show at 3p ET/12m PT. You’ll only be able to watch the special show via the new Twitch app on Xbox 360 and also online globally on During the show I’ll be joined by some guests who will go into more detail about our #XboxReveal announcements.

Here is a preview of the special structure we are building on the Xbox campus where we’ll be holding the #XboxReveal event

WhoSay - Photo from Larry Hryb

Events By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • ODST_365

    18 Hours Remain

    – Microsoft Make Us Proud. We expect the best from the best. I have many friends that have switched over to the PS4 show them, conceive, and give them the best.

    – PS “Like This Up If You Agree” / I WILL DO THIS FOR EACH HOUR /

  • ODST_365

    17 Hours Remain

    – Microsft Make Us Proud. “There is no question it will have a big hard drive, a DVD/Blu-ray drive, a fast processor, and tons of memory,” RIGHT? “Microsoft has all the network support it needs to ensure a stellar multiplayer experience. What’s left is software, non-game functions, and form factor.”(credit-CNET)

    – PS “Like This Up If You Agree” / I WILL DO THIS FOR EACH HOUR /

  • ODST_365

    16 Hours Remain
    – Microsoft Make Us Proud.

    – PS “Like This Up If You Agree” / I WILL DO THIS FOR EACH HOUR /

  • TonyLN

    There is all this talk about how Xbox’s internal studios have died and are not producing anything… It happened like 4 or 5 years ago… Makes me wonder if those studios have been working on some REALLY great Next Xbox titles?

  • Naz

    I CANT WAIT. PLSS DONT DISAPPOINT US. really friggin hope that the next xbox is called xbox infinity

  • Angry Consumer

    uggh I really hope it isn’t just COD + EA Sports games :(

  • Rui Carriço

    Hi Major, i cant access the Live Event Player, i have a gold account, the only one that is sign in and i get a error to sign-out the users that are blocked Unrated Content. I’m in portugal

  • Zach Macfarlane

    As long as its not called the XBOX 720, and it has a disk tray (or at least uses disks, as opposed to downloads)..and is actually and improvement on the 360…this is going to be absolutley freakin doubt about it

  • BSAA x Clan

    Ok , I want to bet ! : Xbox will be called Fusion , Gta5 and Cod Ghosts will be shown, and new engines , bundle of xboxes , Xbox Compact , Disk now used for installing games , but not lay for movies right now (maybe later update ) Illumiroom only talk and little demo of how it works but no visual , like xbox model. (at e3 juni this year) Pvr and new skype System Demo, No Xbox points but real money , like gift cards. Xbox TV , Rent buy movie 3d , and 3d view , More Connectivity with Social media for game spreading.

    Get something extra with bundle !and will be soon ,

  • Chulo Fernandez

    lets do it

  • Luis Peña

    Where is the party? Is on the main Microsoft campus in Washington?

  • Zach Macfarlane

    I find it quite funny that one of the most wealthiest/profitable companies in the world, is holding the extremely highly anticipated announcement event of their next big product…in a tent