May 14th 2013 6:00 am PT

Twitch App Comes to Xbox

Today, we’re launching one of the most asked for apps on Xbox LIVE: Twitch.

Twitch is one of the largest platforms for the live streaming of games, with more than 800,000 people streaming gameplay and over 34 million people watching online at And now, with the Twitch for Xbox LIVE app, Gold subscribers in the U.S. will have access to 300 of the most popular streams from the service. Users can view top channels by popularity or individual game and the dashboard features curated channels, tournaments and shows happening now.

In addition to launching the app today on Xbox 360, Twitch will also host an exclusive broadcast following the May 21st #XboxRevealed event next week. I’ll moderate the broadcast live at 3p ET/12m PT live via the new Twitch app on Xbox 360 and also online at

Check out the app today by downloading it from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and tune in next Tuesday for the live broadcast.

Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Vulak’Aerr

    Exactly. This is incredible in its narrow-mindedness. What’s the reasoning?

  • Mr XBob

    Why US only, and why only the top 300 live channels? This is as pointless as the Android app. Why can you not simply search for a username and watch their channel? There is absolutely no reason to not make that happen.

    What a disappointment.

    • InfernoShade

      Umm there is a reason – business deals. Lets say that Twitch has a specific regional deal, or a specific deal with say Sony. Then MS can’t have the same deal. Come on people, we see this all the time on other services. Look: Cable, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Xbox, don’t all get the same movies. They have different deals. You all should know this by now.

      • Kenny Stubbs

        The agreements with companies like Netflix and movie companies should be very different from a deal with someone like Twitch. This isn’t copyrighted/licensed material from a Hollywood company. It’s the general public live streaming games they play. I don’t see why a search function is that big of a request.

        • ikari_paul

          +1. exactly

        • InfernoShade

          Dude, I was giving you an example of similar services. Typical though, you choose to completely miss the point.

          Netflix is a service and so is Twitch. The content is generated differently, though it’s pretty similar.

          You’re use of the term “general public” shows you don’t understand business. Obviously you have to license the Twitch feed and app, which is what MS and others do. And there are probably issues, restrictions, and various business deals attached to it. MS opted for a slow rollout based on all these. This is the way it is for the moment, but things can change. Just like Netflix makes deals with various movie studios for their content, but things also change.

          But please continue miss the point and whine. It’s very helpful to the gaming community. They don’t really want to understand how things work. Instead they just like complaining over and over, “why can’t I get everything I want, my way!”

          • markus

            The Microsoft check is in the mail, “dude.” You can clock out for the day.

          • fustacluck

            Actually, the first two sentences of that paragraph were sarcasm. The rest not so much.

      • ikari_paul

        man, youre highly motivated in defending microsoft. theres not one negative comment youre missing. talk about brand loyalty.
        shame your argument is bogus: yes, everythings down to licencing… but the same way M$ bothered licensing stuff for the US, it could also have bothered and license stuff for other territories (FYI: 95-99% of the services are only available in the US marketplace). so youre saying M$ managed to license stuff for the US market, but cant licence stuff outside? why not??? Your whole argumentation rests on the fact that M$ is unable to license stuff outside, its not in their hand. You know that for sure? You work in the licensing department?
        see, your arguments is basically a non-argument.
        everything comes down to money, money that M$ just doesnt want to spend. if they cared, they would.

        • ryder4life22187

          Who knows they could just want to do a trial and error in one country before they spend the money for the rights in another. Don’t see what the big deal is anyway just another pointless app.

          • ikari_paul

            i like twitch. its pretty fun. shame its not available. you can hardly go wrong with a service like that, has been tried and tested already.

        • InfernoShade

          Man, you’re a small-minded pain.

          I’m sick of all the same whining from people. I don’t care about MS. But all the whining is totally lame and childish. If people understood understood how this industry (or any business) worked maybe they’d whine less. So I explained it.

          But like most of your posts, you choose to complain and ignore reason.

          • ikari_paul

            i feel the same about you. just read the drivel you post. you only have 1 argument, and everything else is down to others being childish. way to go.

          • InfernoShade

            Really, man? Come on, it’s you and your buds that only have 1 argument.

            You keep saying why can’t they just flip a switch and give everyone everything; MS is just shafting us.

            I gave half a dozen arguments including licensing, exclusive business deals, regional laws, logistics, and lastly business goals. And I even used half a dozen other companies (Amazon, Netflix, etc) as examples.

            I go even farther and sympathize, saying I know it’s a drag to have to wait. And you guys just keep given me a hard time.

            Nope, I’m not the small-minded person.

      • Mr XBob

        Twitch is a global website. People from all corners of the globe can stream to it. There are Twitch servers in almost every major country. Anyone from any country can view any live stream via the website.

        The Twitch app is available on iOS in all countries. On Android devices in all countries. Yet on Xbox it’s only available in the US.

        This is not a region-specific Twitch deal. This is a Microsoft “US is the only place the matters” deal.


    I live stream everyday, Thanks for this!!!

  • Federico Casavecchia

    Nice strategy at microsoft. Keep launching new services for US only marketplace, SONY EU will thank you very much as soon as PS4 will hit shelves. Well done

    • Rich Unsworth

      Really??? Lets see if Sony gets twitch and then see if they are allowed to launch it world wide.

      • ikari_paul

        i think they already licenced ustream (twitch’s rival service), and worldwide.

        • fustacluck

          Yeah, which will allow you to broadcast from your PS4 as well. And it looks like it’s free.

    • Guest

      Not up to MS to get broadcasting rights. It’s up to Twitch. Complain to them.

  • Tony G

    It must not be live yet because I don’t see it.

  • Victor DP

    OMFG Why only on US?
    Will you bequeath to the rest of the markets before the presentation of the new Xbox?

  • AnEternalEnigma

    “Top 300 channels”. So in other words, it’s totally useless just like the mobile apps are. Very poor showing from Twitch. Why even bother if it’s going to be this half-assed? Hope you enjoy nothing but League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and DOTA 2.

  • Zbigniew Borowski

    Oh boy… Again it’s US only? Why, Microsoft – why are you giving up on Europe?

    • InfernoShade

      Same thing over and over. Hello, don’t you get it yet?

      Every country is a unique situation – different businesses, laws, requirements, deals, etc. So if some other company, say in Italy, has a deal with Twitch, MS may not be able to use the app there. Even here in the U.S. for example, MS cannot show every movie on the Xbox because studios often have exclusive deals with different services. That’s why Netflix is constantly changing the movies they have listed. The deals change.

      Get it?

      • Kenny Stubbs

        Maybe the frustration comes with the fact that Twitch is available commercially in Europe and it’s hard to understand why an agreement isn’t in place to launch the app over here too. There isn’t even any indication in the press release that an EU app is coming soon

        Get it?

        • ikari_paul

          youre wasting your time with this guy. hes been defending M$ dealings for ages, whenever someone complains. His whole argument rests on the fact that licensing deals are unique on each territory, so noone can really criticize m$… but strangely never comes to the conclusion that “yes! every territory has a unique license agreement, so lets license stuff for other territories the exact same way they did for the US”. apparently, according to him, thats impossible, not even an option. and he gets pretty aggressive if told otherwise. fanboyism at its worst

          • Kenny Stubbs

            Yeah I can sense the sarcastic arrogance in his posts. Many companies manage to launch services worldwide at the same time so why should we expect anything less? This is 2013 and companies like Twitch and MS should be better at this by now

          • InfernoShade

            Actually you’re wrong. Sorry if the truth sounds sarcastic.

            Most services launch in one country and are rolled out to other countries over time. Like look at FB, Amazon, Netflix, TV stations like Discovery Channel – all took time to launch globally. And many never become fully global.

            Sure there are services that have done it, but it’s usually extremely difficult to do a global launch of a service.

          • ikari_paul

            (wrong section)

          • InfernoShade

            Dude, I’m trying to bury the hatched here. Too funny. :)

            Just because I said he was wrong I’m “egocentric”? Sorry, from my POV you’re a negative, angry, and self-entitled person. Obviously, I don’t know you but this is the impression you’re making.

            I’m not sharing some “wisdom”. It’s the most simple business principle. But every time I post them, people go nuts and refuse to consider the truth.

          • ikari_paul

            man, how old are you? you try to “school us” on licensing deals like a industry veteran, but then go around with petty remarks. so, now im angry and self entitled, because all i did was to criticize (like 99% of users around here, have you noticed?) that yet again M$ only bothered to license for one territory, and all you have to say is “well, licensing is difficult, so no one can expect M$ to give a damn outside the US marketplace. that its, end of discussion”

            (and use insults like “tools”, which later gets edited away. yeah, saw that. very mature)

          • InfernoShade

            My initial posts were simple, straight forward, and pretty nice. Then you guys jump down my throat and started the “petty” bend to this conversation. What you didn’t expect me to respond in kind?

            Yeah, I edit it. I wanted to match your jerky tone, but I thought better of it. Is that bad?

            The reason the 99% make the same complaints over and over is because they don’t know anything about business, or they choose to ignore common sense. That’s not to be insulting. It’s clear when it’s over and over. When you read non-gaming sites, and they have articles about games/movies/tv, people get the business challenges and reasoning.

            On straight up gaming and tech sites, all people do is complain about how they want everything their way without any reasoning. It’s sickening. I’d like that to stop. I thought explaining things might help. Seems I’m wrong.

            Well you guessed it, I am an entertainment and tech industry veteran. I’ve worked for many brands. It’s always the same thing, even if you want to make consumers happy, it’s complicated. It’s not the personal insult people take it to be.

            I was trying to have a discussion. I gave examples of why things happen, but you guys didn’t take it very well.

            You’re summary of my thinking is wrong. Yes, licensing is difficult, but no, it’s not conspiracy where they are shafting you. Well at least we got half way there.

          • fustacluck

            Nope. Nothing egocentic, sarcastic or arrogant in that post.

            And you weren’t trying to have a discussion. You were trying to give a lecture. There’s a bit of a difference.

          • Kenny Stubbs

            When you start a reply with “Same thing over and over. Hello, don’t you get it yet?” it kind of sets the tone for the kind of poster you are.

            I’m not saying that you’re argument isn’t a valid one but you seem to be hell bent on focusing on one aspect of this. The fact of the matter is that this isn’t the first time has done this an we’re getting a little tired of having to take a back seat to MS and their BS.

          • InfernoShade

            Well if that’s how you feel, fine. But it seems very fragile to me. People speak like that all the time, including face to face. It’s what any person in real life would say to people who need the same
            explanation over and over. Try that thinking at work and see what

            You know what sets the tone for me? The incessant complaining every time some service (or anything) is offered. Every thread is filled with it. This thread alone, what a dozen people acting like they were personally screwed, instead of trying to understand why. It’s almost better if services weren’t offered.

            Ultimately, if my argument is valid you shouldn’t be upset by the words “hello .. get it”. Instead you jumped right on the band wagon with putting me down. I shouldn’t have to sugarcoat simple truths.

          • ikari_paul

            when did i ever insult you? you’re arrogant, you go around patronizing everybody like you own the truth, and you insist that everyone agree with you, or else you keep repeating the… same.. arguments.. all.. over… again… “ad nausea”. grow up. FYI, i will keep posting here in this blog my opinions. Guess you will have a lot of work in the future, whether you like it or not. grow up. you keep mentioning “your examples” and explanations like you where sharing secrets with everyone, which in your viewpoint is anyways too stupid to understand. grow up.

          • InfernoShade

            My initial posts were fine, far from arrogant. Then you call me arrogant, fanboy etc., so it was on. Sorry you can’t take strong reasoning that opposes yours.

            I look back in your log and see a YEAR of hating on MS. A YEAR, and you use “ad nausea” on me. That’s you by definition.

            Fine, that you don’t like a company or a service. At every opportunity you slam MS and often tout PS, and generally without being open to reason. At this point your pretty much a troll.

            It’s clear YOU need to grow up because you can’t face simple truths and you complain about the same things over and over like a broken record.

            People like you ruin social circles on the web. You don’t want to learn anything. It’s just a place to vent and drag everyone down. If you don’t like MS whey do you even come here? You see it on every site, a group of haters that just want to give people a hard time.

            You’re whole approach is prime example of angry childishness. I’m not surprised our whole conversation devolved into this. When people refuse to learn, refuse to let go of hate, and only want to stir people’s anger, this is what we get. And this is how I’ve seen you end other conversations.

          • fustacluck

            Again, how do you know this is The Truth? The only way you can know this, since there’s been no official word from MS themselves on the subject, is if you were an employee yourself, which would at least explain your position. Otherwise you’re just talking out of your arse.

            As it is you’re starting to sound a lot like that tw@t that recently got fired from MS for gobbing off all over Twitter.

          • InfernoShade

            Who said this was the “Truth”?! See how things get so twisted.

            I was offering examples based on actual business practices mixed with common sense. You can the others just say, hey they can flip a switch. Nope, it’s not that simple.

            MS offers a service to part of the world, and dozens of posts how people are screwed. Sure, it’s a bummer for those that have to wait, but come on, it’s not a personal attack. There are reasons. Is it too much to ask people to realize how the world works? It’s not that I care about MS. I care about common sense.

            See, you call me a twit, but if I return the favor, I’m horrible. For the record I haven’t called you anything. And you’re insulting to me in your other post.

          • ikari_paul

            man, you’re one egocentric person, that thinks hes doing a favor of sharing his wisdom with others. stop explaining the obvious. we already know what your constantly trying to “explain”. were past that. how many times can are you going to explain licensing? how many? thats not the point.

          • fustacluck

            Your second paragraph has no bearing or relevance in this discussion. We are not talking about the launch of Twitch itself here, that already happened (globally, but more on that below). All we’re talking about is an app that’s grants access to the service.

            And Kenny Stubbs is right. Many companies do launch worldwide, particularly in the IT field. Allow me to give one example, of whom you might be unaware: Microsoft.

            They’ve got this operating service called Windows, that they launch globally. They also launch apps on their Windows phones, again globally. They also have an office Suite called Microsoft Office. Guess how that gets launched? I could go on.

            My advice: When you read a comment, and the need to defend Microsoft’s honour (chuckle, that went ages ago) arises just take a deep breath, think, then respond instead of just getting your knickers in a bunch and thinking your the god of gaming business wisdom handing down commandments to us peasants.

          • InfernoShade

            You’re both tools. And frankly anyone who down voted me is too. It’s like this community is made up fo 12 year olds who don’t know squat about business and the real world.

            I don’t care about MS any more than I care about any tech company. I own products from all the major tech.

            I’m not defending MS. I’m defending intelligence. My point is everyone complains about the same thing over and over. It’s business. And often companies cannot anything they want because other business deals stop them.

            It’s like complaining that Showtime doesn’t have Game of Thrones. Showtime could, IF there wasn’t the deal between HBO and the production company. It’s a moronic complaint.

            If MS could, don’t you think they would make everything equal?! Of course they’d want to make all their customers happy. But the world does not work like that. But deals change, and so do services. So this may change too.

            It’s amazing how little gaming and tech communities know about business. Please go learn something, stop whining, and grow up.

          • ikari_paul

            its you who doesnt get it. yes, everything must be licensed… but yes, everything must be licensed! so why doesnt M$ license stuff for the other live markeplaces? it just doesnt care, thats why! if they wanted, they could. the same check that paid twitch, could have paid the other rights. this invalidates all your argumentation.

            whats the point you want to prove here? that we shouldnt complain about never getting any services, despite paying more for live gold? as a costumer, who pays a more expensive live gold subscription, i can complain. does m$ HAVE to license? no, of course not. but then i can say: “considering you only license stuff for one marketplace, and forget about the others, I as consumer wont buy your product anymore”. How, FOR HEAVENS SAKES, CAN THIS BE CRITICIZED?!? I never said that one license covers the whole world; what i said is that, as long as they bothered to license stuff for 1 territory, they could also have bothered with the other territories. Twitch is hardly Netflix…

          • InfernoShade

            As I posted below.

            “Listen man, lets bury the hatchet. Instead of going at it, lets agree to disagree on some things. It was not my intention to give you a hard time, or to act like a crazy MS fanboy (which I’m not). My goal here, and on other posts, is to point out the reasoning behind something, and stop the senseless complaining.

            Moving ahead, I’ll try to consider people’s frustion, but I do expect people to be open to real-life, business reasoning.”

            It would be cool if you and others were more open-minded. But, it is what it is. Some people just like to complain. From my POV, I made a post explain something, but you guys jumped down my throat like I was defending a mass murdered.

          • fustacluck

            Your argument is a little silly, since you’re intimating that Microsoft can’t work out how to licence global IPs outside of the US or at least find alternatives to give outside territories a service that’s at least close to the one US subscribers enjoy, especially since we pay more for the service.

            More importantly, do you know for a fact that it’s because of business deals? Just that you’ve been shouting all over these comments about it, yet I see no evidence that that’s the case.

            Also, if you are truly trying to “bury the hatchet”, I wouldn’t end my comment with such a condescending and patronising paragraph, particularly since you’ve displayed little of that open-mindedness yourself.

          • InfernoShade

            No my argument is filled with common and business sense. Having been involved in the launch of global brands myself I know the realities. It’s far from easy.

            It’s you’re response that is silly. You’ve given no reasoning other than it should be as simple flick of a switch.

            I’ve given many reason why these things happen from deals, to regional issues, to logistics, to simply it’s not an immediate goal, to it’ll be eventually global.

            My first posts were nice, then they were condescending and insulting to me. I gave it back. I tired to bury the hatchet, then they CONTINUED to insult me, so I returned the favor. Interesting how people who dish it can’t take it.

        • InfernoShade

          Did you even read my post?!

          Yeah, I know things are frustrating (first world anyone). We’d all like to have everything our way. I would too.

          I did explain why situations like this happen, but you choose to ignore it and repeat your complaint.

          So don’t say “Get it?” to me, when you clearly missed what I said. Brilliant.

      • ikari_paul

        yeah, so what? if the m$ suits made a deal for the US, then they can also go and make a deal for other territories. Its not rocket science, and certainly not impossible.
        if the next xbox is going to be a media hub/store, selling more than games, and if they only really bother licensing stuff for the US market, you have to agree that people outside the US are asking themselves why even bother with the xbox in the future. Of all the xbox owners i know, nobody is going with the machine next gen. i guess kinect’s success gave m$ the false impression they could release anything and sell it. well know in november

    • ElektroDragon

      Because Sony won Europe already. Europeans are smarter.

      • donkeyjrplus

        lol they only sound smarter.

    • Guest

      Because it’s up to Twitch to organise broadcasting rights, not MS.

      • Zicoz

        Twitch is already broadcasting world wide through their websites and apps for Android/IOS.

  • Paulo Santos

    Bring shenmue 3 to next xbox, and you have a winning formula for the next gen..

    • Paulo Santos

      and dont forget you have players in the rest of the world to…

  • Ivanx360xpira

    Great…I mean..for americans…
    I promised myself I wouldn’t complaint anymore about this stuff of “US only”, once I really don’t care much about apps and the most of them are US services. But I really don’t understand the MS policy around the world, for example why in the earth Brazil don’t have access to rewards program???Here, 85% of current consoles are Xbox, they’re being produced here, while in Japan (nothing against japanese) where everybody knows that Xbox is a epic fail, the rewards program is available…It’s sad, third world simple doesn’t exists to MS.

    • ikari_paul

      eles estao-se cagando para fora do mercado norte americano. basta-lhes o mercado ingles e americano, pelos vistos.

    • SalarymanDaishi

      Aren’t you contradicting yourself? A 85% market share would imply a resounding success, something that is hardly possible without the company doing plenty of things right and the consumers rewarding them for that.

      • Ivanx360xpira

        cheaper means a lot here in Brazil…

        Xbox has more options for bundles here than PS, the standard version of Xbox (4gb without kinect) is a good option for most of wallets here, and it sells like hot cakes…

        If y look the japanese example, MS tried many strategies to please japanese costumer and failed, the service of XBOX in Japan is better than here in Brazil, the japanese should be more happy with Xbox, and instead it is still a fail…

  • boe2

    Now previously I could understand US-only apps as they were for services only available in the US.

    But Twitch? What is the reasoning behind this?

    It’s commercially available in Europe, I’m using it both on my android tablet and XBMC mediacenter. And stuff like this is a reason for people to invest in a mediacenter instead of an xbox.

    Here is to hoping that the next xbox will have an open app ecosystem.

    (and why only the 300 most popular streams? What kind of technical limitation could possibly impose such a thing when other 3rd party apps don’t have that limit?)

    • Timothy Leucht

      “What kind of technical limitation could possibly impose such a thing when other 3rd party apps don’t have that limit?”

      Legal issues.

  • DJ Hawkes

    you cant search? dumb. really hope theres a channel that streams Melee in the top 300…..

    • Richy G.

      Twitch removed search on their iOS app with the latest update.

      • boe2

        well, the official twitch apps for iOS and android are absolutely horrible anyway (to give you an idea: on the Play Store, 40% of the user reviews are a 1 star rating).

        I am using Streamie, it actually allows you to search channels without limitations and even allows you to participate in chat.

  • ikari_paul

    another US only service? im not even going to complain, or else i get spamed by a horde of fanboys and blind brand loyals… but one wonders if the next xbox is going to be worth it outside the US. guess M$ only needs the US market. I guess ill vote with my wallet next gen. neg away

    • Kenny Stubbs

      The EU has been ignored a lot by MS and Sony this gen. Games are delayed (sometimes inevitably RIP CS:GO on PS3) and sometimes we don’t get the same services. Let’s hope that next gen will change but I will be waiting to see what happens before I pledge my loyalty to either company.

      • Andy Milenovic

        I understand that being frustrating, but its not always Sony and Microsoft pulling the strings…sometimes its a licensing thing, while at other times localization plays an issue. Also sometimes they look at something (the twitch app not being an example of this) from a business stand point, “is it worth releasing in the European market”?

        • Kenny Stubbs

          I understand that there are times when it’s not possible to release things. Sony has this problem with PS1 classics because digital rights are vastly different and new licenses have to be agreed. Twitch is different though and as it’s a current service that is available worldwide then you would expect in this day and age that they should be able to release an app in more than one territory as many companies do. I only hope that both MS, Sony and all the other companies learn from these things next gen as they only serve to annoy their users/customers.

          • InfernoShade

            Dude, funny you tell this guy you “understand” when he says the same thing I said. But you jump down my throat. Nice.

            Then you go on to basically say, how come it’s not a no-brainer to just flip a switch. It really doesn’t seem you “understand”.

            Just because Twitch itself is worldwide that does not mean it’s instantly the same when it’s on Xbox or PS (or any other platform).

            Yep, as he said, licensing and regional issues. Yep, the decision can be simply business. There could be some financial impact on MS. Everything is a give and take.

            Many things roll out slowly, then reach globally. But it’s not some conspiracy to screw anyone. That’s likely never going to change. Everyone can’t have everything. That’s life.

          • Kenny Stubbs

            You might be happy to be denied services but it doesn’t mean the rest of us should be. I understood what he said to a point as there are reasons as to why some things can’t be brought out in other regions but sometimes it doesn’t make much sense to annoy a huge part of your customer base, MS is old enough and you would think wise enough to try and make sure that something like Twitch would be available to everyone.

            The reason I jumped down your throat is that your replies to other people have been filled with a sarcastic arrogance and a know it all attitude that annoys me.

          • InfernoShade

            My first post was nice. Then Ikari insulted me and you agreed and called me arrogant. Then I replied in kind to you.

        • InfernoShade

          Thank you, Andy. It’s nice to see someone else who gets it. I made the same points, but I’m a raving MS fanboy.

          Keep it up. You give me hope, Sir. :)

    • Does Not Equal

      You changed the S in the abbreviation of Microsoft to a dollar sign to show that you think it’s a greedy company? Genius! You should get other people to start doing that.

      • ikari_paul

        M$, $ony, Nint€ndo ;-)

  • ikari_paul

    M$ is willing to license stuff for the US marketplace, but is just not willing to pay and license stuff for outside, its that simple. guess the US marketplace is the only one they are willing to invest money into and expand.

    • InfernoShade

      So what?! That’s their business plan and choice. You have to make difficult decisions when running a business. It’s not some evil conspiracy to make your life miserable. You can’t always give people everything they want. And if you did sometimes your business would fail.

      As a consumer if you don’t like something, you can choose other services.

      For example I wish every book I wanted was available digitally on Amazon Kindle. Guess what? They aren’t. But do I wast time saying Amazon is treating its customers poorly because Barnes & Noble has what I want. I understand how business works. Amazon would like to offer it all, but due to business issues, they can’t. So I just move on if I need or want something else.

      • ikari_paul

        agree. if someone is not happy with the service provided, he should buy something else. no arguing there, agree with your reasoning. im not happy with Microsoft’s licensing policy this generation, so next gen i wont buy their machine. really a no brainer for me

        • InfernoShade

          Well, I appreciate that.

          That’s something that’s important to you, so fine. And that makes more sense to me than complaining about not having a global rollout on the Twitch app (or whatever service pops up).

          I get it sometimes it’s a bummer. We’d like things to be a certain way, but it doesn’t work out.

          Listen man, lets bury the hatchet. Instead of going at it, lets agree to disagree on some things. It was not my intention to give you a hard time, or to act like a crazy MS fanboy. My goal here, and on other posts, is to point out the reasoning behind something, and stop the senseless complaining.

          Moving ahead, I’ll try to consider people’s frustion, but I do expect people to be open to real-life, business reasoning.

          • fustacluck

            At the end of the day I don’t give a damn whatever reason MS has. That’s their problem, and one I’d rather not be effected by as a paying customer. The problem, and one that you don’t seem to be able to grasp with your open mind, is that in comparison with the service enjoyed in the US, the rest of the world are being overcharged for a substandard service and this is yet another example. What we’re seeing is no attempt to treat the rest of the world fairly in relation to the US. Can’t get a certain licence with their gazillions of dollars (if that really is the case, which though you say is The Truth has no evidence to support it)? Fine, give us something else of equal value. If they can’t, reduce the extortionate fee for Gold.

            And yes, we could just not buy their next console, something that I’m almost certainly going to do. But Microsoft should be given feedback and the opportunity to rectify the situation before going elsewhere (something that has been delivered in spades in these comments, and those of websites round the world). That is a standard part of any business that deals with customers. As someone with such a vast amount of industry experience you should know that, or is that the reason you’ve had to move between many brands?

            If unheeded then Microsoft is displaying an arrogance that would dwarf even your own, and though they could probably survive if they only had customers in the US, I’m guessing they wouldn’t want to try that out.

          • InfernoShade

            No I have the open mind, unlike you.

            I get it, your frustrated. That’s fine. But you’re not being forced to buy this service. Yes, you can hope for change. We all can.

            I’m sorry if you think explaining simple truths is arrogance. The examples I’ve given can be applied to any company. I’m not loyal to MS. I’m loyal to reasoning and common sense.

            But it’s worse than close-minded when the reasons are explained and you choose not to hear them.

  • LondonGaming4fun i livestream on twitch,can watch twitch from Uk/EU on PC but on!This is a complete about being so blind to your customers in UK and EU yet again…and please don’t come back with Contractual reasons as if that’s the case why as I already stated is this service available freely on PC.

    I understand the other apps like HULU due to copyright etc etc but Twitch is an international brand watched by thousands freely on the internet..

    • Guest

      You know MS don’t create the app or control the broadcasting rights in each region right? This is most likely Twitch starting in a single region before branching. Although from what I hear they put together a really shoddy app to start with.

  • John Doe

    Can only view 300 people? So no Search feature?
    It’s like this company enjoys dropping the ball once they catch it. Do you hate your consumers, Microsoft?

    • QuixoticRocket

      I doubt MS created the app. You should be complaining to Twitch to make a better app.

    • Daniel

      You must be new to Microsoft.Welcome to the world of disappointment and over priced cráp.

    • Getsuga_Tensho

      I wouldn’t blame MS for this, they’re not the ones that’ll be developing the apps. The Youtube app is great after all and other apps have all the standard features you’d expect. If that was MS behind them then Twitch would have them as well.

  • Mario Pendleton マリオ

    This app is so bad right now. You can’t even search for a specific channel and you can only watch live streams. I want to watch archived footage.

  • donkeyjrplus

    i would rather have a free game. not dcc2 though. it sucks.

    • Ivanx360xpira

      if only I could play DCC2…but it still doesn’t working for me…

  • Timothy Leucht

    What a disappointment.

    These are the only 2 channels I watch and there is NO WAY to search for and watch them:

    On the PLUS side, the video and audio quality is perfect!

  • Getsuga_Tensho

    Logged in on US account to dl it then logged into my UK account to give the app a try and I am amazed. I cannot believe that this app took 2 years to develop I mean…..really? Lots of wasted space, missing just about every feature that should be in there and I can’t even log in to my Twitch account?

    This app should be the Youtube app for livestreams. Doesn’t have to be as good but it could try. I was expecting this to be a great way to get livestreams into the living room and open up a new audience for everyone. Turns out it’s only for the top 300 and if you do find a stream you like to watch, good luck finding them again since you can’t follow them.

    Watch it in your browsers or on your phones/tablets people. The US can keep this app until Twitch take it a little more seriously. Not raging, just bewildered. I didn’t think an app would top Fable II for being something that was hyped up just to be so utterly disappointing.

    • fustacluck

      I’m guessinging the wasted space is to fit in with the Metro dashboard design and Kinect functionality.

  • Paul Rolland

    Yay! I can watch people play them awesome PC games that dont run on my 360

  • Sergemont Guillaume

    This app is bad..Why there isnt a search feature?

  • LPHeadstrong

    Rumours of a late launch?

    • fustacluck

      For the UK and Europe, apparently. Seems MS’ manufacture is running late.

  • andy

    “Today, we’re launching one of the “most asked for” apps on Xbox LIVE: Twitch.”

    Well the people have spoken Mr Nelson and it is clear they have “asked” for alot more fixes now.
    And the reason folks that people are blaming Microsoft for this terrible app is because a guy from Microsoft made this post that started with “Today we’re”.
    Would have made more sense to have somebody from Twitch announce officially that it was available, like on Sony’s Official Blogs.

    This suggests that Microsoft have made and released the app. Its a shame the amount of money that Twitch will have to spend fixing this app now, ultimately causing all the delays for such patches.

    • Hassan Bokhari

      Microsoft didn’t make this application. Twitch has a 3rd party working on the application. It’s not the last time this application will be updated. This application will be brought out to other regions soon :). As far as features and bugs if you notice any report them to the folks at Twitch they will file them and get them fixed for an update.

  • pissedoffcanuk

    as usual Canadians who pay get left out. Thanks alot. Guess we are not good enough for this. Please.keep ripping me off.

  • Deon

    microsoft so incosiderate of those outside of the country. i feel like removing my gold subscription as a Canadian :(

  • Gaf Neon

    This is one of the biggest factors of me staying with Microsoft and XBOX LIVE gold, the these APPS almost never come outside of the US but we spend a shitload for this monthly so whats the point for people outside of the US to pay when we don’t get half the apps they do.

    • Moises Munoz


    • Hassan Bokhari

      This application will be coming to different countries. Microsoft has different approval processes in different regions. Rest assured Twitch is working with Microsoft to make sure that this gets a global release eventually.

      • Hardcore_gamer

        There is no official confirmation so as far your words go Meh

  • Shane Battle

    WTF,what about the rest of the world microsoft,might have to switch when PS4 comes out.

    • Hassan Bokhari

      They will be releasing this application to as many regions as they can. Don’t worry, it will come out to more regions soon :).

    • Tony G

      It’s not Microsoft’s choice to pick and choose what countries they release in. There are laws and regulations in other countries and other things that must be overcome first before releasing in other countries.

    • Does Not Equal

      You’d switch systems used for playing video games because you can’t use apps that access internet sites available on your PC? I’d be surprised if someone spent $300 (or its equivalent) on a box for YouTube/Twitch/Netflix/etc.

  • Lord BBH

    Not only is this app terrible, it’s yet another app that completely locks out control if you’re not using an official 360 controller. Why? Why is it a problem for me to want to be able to navigate menus on a Madcatz joystick if I already have one plugged in? Other apps like Netflix and Youtube do the same thing, and it’s really irritating.


      What is this madness you speak of? You’re telling me you cant use a 3rd party controller for this app and you are telling me this isn’t the first time this has happened to you? Not calling you a liar but I find it hard to believe.
      Please, do tell..

      • Lord BBH

        Why would I lie over something like this?

        I used to be able to use 3rd party controllers on Netflix up until the last 360 dashboard redesign, which was like… a year ago? Whenever it was. Then all of a sudden with the new dashboard it decides to only acknowledge first-party controllers on Netflix, and now apps with similar interfaces like Youtube and now Twitch behave the same way. It’s stupid. (and yes, I have no issues using them to navigate the main dashboard)

        • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

          I’m not calling you a liar at all man. I just never heard of such a thing happening. That sucks, I had no idea..
          You ever try just getting used to the official Xbox controllers?

          • Lord BBH

            I play fighting games a lot, and I prefer to use a joystick for those. I learned how to play fighting games in the arcades (back when people actually went to arcades), so of course I want a stick and arcade button layout. For me the 360 pad is garbage for fighting games.

            The point is, I shouldn’t HAVE to have a first-party controller hooked up at all times just so I can navigate some friggin menus. There’s no excuse for that.

  • Hassan Bokhari

    It’s only available to the United States at the moment. Other regions are coming very soon.

  • LarZen


    No wonder the PS3 is selling better in almost every other part in the world, Microsoft do not care about costumers outside the US.

    • MauricioNoh

      Sad but true, u need to wake up Microsoft !

    • Does Not Equal

      I don’t think they give any special treatment to people who work with costumes inside the US, either.

      • SteveFNL

        Depends on the costume I suppose ;-)

  • Scotty

    BLAH BLAH BLAH US ONLY BLAH BLAGH BLAH GOLD ONLY – seriously people where do you get anything for nothing and yes, laws prevent broadcast outside U.S, not Microsoft.

    • Ivanx360xpira

      blah blah blah kill blah blah blah…sorry I couldn’t resist!!!

    • InfernoShade

      Dude, good effort. But these people don’t want to understand business or common sense. I try to explain it very clearly but I get called names. But thanks for trying. :)

  • FullCircle_360

    So Why can I watch all the streams on my PC but not on the xbox 360 app? Those saying laws prevent broadcast outside US, that’s a load of bull as if that was the case then people in UK wouldn’t be able to watch the streams on the PC, also broadcast laws don’t really affect services like twitch.

  • jlh

    I’ve been waiting for this app since it was announced last year. I thought it would finally be a way for me to bring Twitch to my living room without having to hook up my computer but I am seriously disappointed.
    This is basically just a port of the broken mobile apps with the same limited functionality: 300 “top” channels only, no account link, no search (which apparently the twitch community manager admitted never worked in the first place), no ability to follow streans that you do watch to come back to later, no VOD and no chat. So basically this app is completely useless to me and I’m back to hooking up my computer in the living room just to watch some streams. Sad.

    • JerryEveryday

      The streams aren’t scale to fit as well. All the streams I seen yesterday were cut off to the right.

  • xPutNameHerex

    At this point, I’m going to guess it (and other apps in this situation) have something to do with a very specific legal issue. These websites are available worldwide, but only accessible through a web-browser (and thus, “only” viewable on a computer or tablet screen). With the Xbox, the method of broadcast is through a television screen. There’s probably some law specifying what can be shown on a smaller, more “private” laptop screen than a larger TV screen which could be available for multiple people to see at once.

    I have no clue if such laws exist, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something like that as I’ve seen some even more bizarrely specific laws on the books. Lawmakers tend to go overboard when actually drafting those things.

  • wreid23

    It’s not Microsoft’s choice to pick and choose what countries they
    release in. There are laws and regulations in other countries and other
    things that must be overcome first before releasing in other countries….

    Stop being so Dense..

    Nice marketing by MS to have to this ready for the Live broadcast

    • InfernoShade

      Totally agree.

      I just spend 20 posts trying to explain the reasoning to people who refuse to understand. Expect to be called an arrogant fanboy too.


    • Zicoz

      How is it any different for Twitch to stream through a concole compared to streaming it through a browser?

  • Brandi (PMS Decoy)

    I tried it out today and to say top 300 is rather lame. While searching through some games they had channels that were hardly viewable and less than 3 viewers. I do think they should add a search feature to be able to seek out the channels you currently sub/follow. Lame Twitch!

  • Awesome Wells

    Meanwhile, Shadow of the Colussus, ICO, Demon Souls and Kingdoms of Amalur are free for PS+ Subscribers…

    Sadly, “one of the most asked for apps” pales into insignificance against that proposition.

  • Johnny Soiles

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  • david

    when will TWITCH come to nz