May 15th 2013 6:00 am PT

Arcade: Sanctum 2

Sanctum 2Content: Sanctum 2
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
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Dash Text: Sanctum 2 is the sequel to the tower defense/first-person shooter hybrid Sanctum. Players take the role of an elite soldier whose mission is to protect the Cores from hordes of mysterious alien creatures while playing as one of four distinct classes, all with their own unique abilities. KEY FEATURES: • Tower Defense – Build mazes with towers to stop the enemies from destroying the Core. • First-Person Shooter – Don’t just let the towers do everything, participate in the mayhem yourself. • Seamless Multiplayer – play up to four-player online co-op. • More than 15 maps to strategize and cause chaos. • Revamped weapons and towers from Sanctum that prove to be even Bigger, Badder, and Better on the battlefield.

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Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Andrew Barnes

    not avaliable in Aus:(

    • Nicholas J. Ambrose

      Apparently it’s not available in EU either :( One of the first XBLA titles I’d been excited about in months, too. Bah.

      • LondonGaming4fun

        yup not on xbox site or dashboard

      • QuixoticRocket

        Should be (from what I can tell) released to all territories.. maybe it’s just stuck in a tube somewhere and will take a few hours to roll out?

  • LondonGaming4fun

    cant download it..not availabe on UK dashboard

    • InfernoShade

      Here we go again. :) Since you asked “why.”

      It’s a bummer I know but there can be half a dozen reasons why some things are not released globally: licensing, exclusive business deals, regional laws, logistics, and lastly business goals.

      Dozens of other companies that seem global have the same issues when selling items or releasing content, including companies like Amazon, Netflix, etc. That’s why you don’t see every move in the world on Netfilx Instant.

      The good news is, things do change. This could be the first step in a timed roll-out or business deals can expire. So you may get it one day, or maybe not. Nothing is definite in life. Sorry.

      • Michael Burden

        There is also the possibility of copyright issues with the game/title in the EU region as there was with Trenched/Iron Brigade and Rocksmith. Double Fine had to change the name of Trenched to Iron Brigade because some board game had the name trademarked in the EU. Rocksmith was delayed until they sorted out the trademark issues with the band named Rocksmith.

        • InfernoShade

          Good point. Yep, there are copyright and trademark issues too. It’s sort of grouped with licensing.

          BTW I love how people downvote us for nicely explaining a simple truth. Shows there are many small-minded people in the gaming community. They just want to be mindlessly angry like little children, and ignore reason. Sure somethings are a bummer but it’s not all about you. It’s really a shame.

          • Does Not Equal

            How dare you bring reason to an internet message discussion. We want quick answers that go our way, or we want to complain and argue! You’re totally spoiling that with your calm logic.

  • Meallus

    According to Xbox Support Twitter the game is only available in the following regions: Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and US. I asked if it could just be a mistake and they said I could post about it in the suggestions forum. All signs point to the game not being available outside the aforementioned regions for quite some time.

    • Gunnyst

      Will it be available in the uk/Europe ?

      • Meallus

        I’m not sure, all I could get from the support staff was that it is only available in the regions I listed and that I should post in the suggestions forum. To me that is almost 100% confirmation that it isn’t going to be available for other regions, at least for a while.

        Having said that we could see it appear on the marketplace later today and be told that there were issues getting it out there for everyone. It wouldn’t be unusual, the same thing happened last Friday with the trial for Monaco.

        At the end of the day I wouldn’t recommend staying up late to check the marketplace, it doesn’t look like things will change. It’s a pity though, a lot of people from other regions would have been looking forward to it.

        • Gunnyst

          That just made my day. Thanks for the answer though

          • Meallus

            No worries, I was looking for an answer myself so it seemed like a good idea to just pass along the information. The benefits of living in Europe!

    • Z4M0

      may this be they are focusing their efforts on the “next gen Xbox live” ? live performance sucks lately, at least @ my region.

      anyway, I’ve had enough… won’t be getting this anytime soon so worry not, MS no need to hurry. I’d love to know what devs think about stuff like that.

  • Yepi

    This article is actually literate. this might be a rare instance presently.

  • David Wake

    pretty annoyed tbh, i went out and bought microsoft points just for this…. if i knew it wouldent come out in the uk i would of just bought it on PC like i was thinking of doing.

  • Gareth

    *Come home from a crappy day at work, boots up the xbox, Sanctum 2 here we come! goes to the marketplace O_O no Sanctum 2…… FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  • Matthew

    Why can’t I find this game on Xbox Live UK server. I don’t see there being a problem because it available on Steam in the UK servers.

    • Nicholas J. Ambrose

      Ditto; I can’t understand it. If there is a regional restriction, Xbox should have communicated it on announcement – with this and all other titles. Likewise, if this is just a marketplace error, affected territories should be acknowledged and made aware as soon as possible.

      • Meallus

        I contacted both the developer and publisher earlier in the hope that they would give out some information about the region restrictions and as of the time of this post they haven’t replied. I’m not the only one to have asked them about it and they have posted other things about the game on twitter (e.g. “hey look this guy is streaming the game”) so they are actively using the twitter account. It looks like they’re ignoring people, whether or not it is intentional is up for debate.

        • David Wake

          Yeah i also think it shouldent be a problem due to it been out for steam in the UK.
          I bought the microsoft points become coming home and trying to download it… not pleased at all i must say.

          I dono if its a delay on microsofts part or the company doing the game but it should of been announced if they intentionally did this, No refund on microsoft points so i cant just go out and buy it for steam (or at least i refuse to)

          • Meallus

            The fact that it is available on Steam for people in Europe suggests that it is an issue on Microsoft’s end. Having said that if there was an issue the developer/publisher would have been notified by MS so they still have no reason to have not made some sort of statement about it. After all, the developer’s PR manager is active on his own twitter so there is no excuse.

    • InfernoShade

      Just because it’s on Steam in the UK means it has to be on XBox? Nope.

      That’s like saying just because something is on Hulu it should be on Netflix. Well here in the US, that’s not the case. Do to various reasons they have a huge difference in movies.

      Yep it’s a bummer. I wish you had your game, and I have every movie on Netflix.

      Maybe this is just a temporary issue. We’ll see.

      • InfernoShade

        Thanks for the downvotes, you small-minded people. Good job.

        • Pete Osborne

          They’re probably down-voting as we know for a fact that this was an error on MS’s part – it was never meant to be region-locked. If no-one had complained about it, like you seem so against, then it would have taken much longer for the mistake to have been noticed and rectified.

          I must add that I haven’t down-voted you (I don’t see the point, especially as you made some valid points) but you are kind of repeating them over and over when they’re no longer relevant to the topic on hand. Attacking them is like wearing a sign saying down-vote me as well :P

          • InfernoShade

            Thank you for your response. Makes as much sense as anything. It could be a complete error on MS’ part, or anything.

            Yeah, I know it encourages down voting, but it’s par for the course. I’m riding the wave. Every time something has a limited regional release, it’s the same thing over and over – why can’t it be everywhere! I feel it’s important for gamers to know the business aspects. But people don’t like hearing them.

            Anyway, thanks for your post. More thoughtful than many posts I’ve read in a long time.

  • Ivanx360xpira

    very strange to be a regional restriction…maybe that is some another annoying marketplace error…BTW I found the game browsing into the arcade games, once it was not showed in my dashboard, I was able to download the trial…I’m in Brazil btw.

  • EurGame

    I feel sorry for the developer. The publisher hasn’t even informed them.
    I’ll post as soon as I hear back more.

  • Major Nelson

    I inquired about the region restriction, and was told it was being investigated.

    • Ian

      any new news Major? IK your busy…

  • Abby

    I just hope that Sanctum 2 will get all the DLC content on XBLA, not like most of the time that we don’t get any DLC that the games sale on Steam or anyother plataform. Otherwise, this might be the last time I buy a game on XBLA that also is being offered on Steam.

  • Scotty

    Hey Major – do you think you could post an update if they get back to you on the restrictions?0 (Still unavailable in Australia via web marketplace)

  • Jordi Chor Lopez Prado

    Europeans we had wanted to try and we were not? hopefully they execute this the same with many games (to call it that) of Kinect.

    • Does Not Equal

      To using the internet translator is positive!

      • Jordi Chor Lopez Prado

        thanks I’ll give a positive gift for the comment so useful you’ve had!

        • Does Not Equal

          The thanking is abundant!

  • disqus_NLtQJL8NiC

    i cant wait for this to happen and i dont even really know what this is all about if it got something to do with xbox i wanna know all about it i hope will be about revealing a new console that will be Crazy!

  • LondonGaming4fun

    So Majornelson whats the latest on this for EU/UK Residents?This can be downloaded on Steam in EU/UK no it can not be any problem with the publisher..

  • Gareth

    Still no Sanctum 2 for the UK…

  • Gareth

    I hate repeating myself but… Still no Sanctum 2 for the UK…

  • Bennijin

    I too want this on my marketplace so I can not buy it until it’s on sale!

  • Matthew Timms

    As many of the people posting here from the UK, I am also not afraid to pointlessly let you know that is still not available to download yet on XBLA.

  • Maximilian Kukla

    The game is shown in German marketplace now, but no price and no possibility to download… just checked UK MP – same :(

    but why is it showing then?

  • vVv 13 vVv

    how long before this get fixed :(

  • Aaron

    Nope, It just doesn’t have a download link

  • captainNUKE2222

    THX for leaving a timer, i didnt even kno microsoft was really gonna announce it hope they talk the whole system unlike sony which only talked about the controller….xD

  • Getsuga_Tensho

    Any update on this being available in the UK? It’d be nice to be able to at least try it.