May 19th 2013 11:55 am PT

#XboxReveal and Panel reminders

If you want to add a reminder to your personal calendar, I have created two iCalendar .ICS files that you can grab and add to your calendar so you’ll be reminded and won’t miss a thing:

Download an .ics for the #XboxReaveal event on Tuesday, May 21st @ 1p ET/10a PT/17:00 GMT
(You can watch this on via the live global stream that will be available on Xbox LIVE and
If you are in the US or Canada, you can also watch the broadcast on Spike TV.)

Download an ics for the post show panel I’ll be hosting at 3p ET/12n PT/19:00 GMT
(This panel will only be available globally on, and if you are in the US on the Twitch.TV Xbox app)


Events By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

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  • John

    Gotta keep the hype train rollin’ Major, choochoo!
    Here are some GIFs you wanted (I’m not taking any credit for them though…got them from around the net).

    • boe2

      So we are assuming MS made some amateuristic GIF’s that can only be used 48 hours in advance, then tries to hide them? :p

  • EighteenCharacters

    eeeeeeeee! Can’t wait.

  • Major Nelson

    It will be available VOD (Video On Demand) on and the console later that day.

    • msonic98

      Do I have to pay?

    • Curtis Isabell

      is it free?

      • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

        Use a bit of common sense.

        • Curtis Isabell

          how much is it going to be then?

          • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

            it be £0.00 or $0.00

    • Dan Etheridge

      Can I access it if i’m not from the US?

  • Danny Cisneros

    Can I watch this on TV, like on Spike or something??

    • Curtis Isabell

      it’s supposed to be on spike in the US and canada

  • PittaMan

    You’d think the Herb would post links to something my Lumia 920 could just consume…

    Apparently doesn’t work on my Surface RT either…

    Useless Major. Nice work.

  • Carl

    can I watch the post show on twitch at a later time

    • boe2

      Unless MJ explicitely disallows it: Yes, twitch archives your streams so you can watch them again.

  • Arcona

    This better be good. cause PS4 is starting to win me over. and Playstation Plus seems WAY better than Gold Live.

    • TonyLN

      How does 12 GB of ram (compared to PS4s 8GB) and almost 4+ TFlops of processing power (compared to PS4s 1.8) sound — because that is what I think M$ is going to pull out of their hat!

      • Arcona

        nah. im sure they’ve said durango dev kits have 8GB, will probably be about the same as PS4. but we’ll see tomorrow i guess.

        • TonyLN

          Initial dev kits are always smaller than the consoles. When the dev kits were shipped I am betting they didn’t have a final number for RAM — just knew it would be at least 8 gigs — also, the dev kits don’t need room for the stuff that is always running.

          • Arcona

            Il still get both but which first is the thing. slightly better specs arent enough. original xbox was waaay more powerful than ps2 but ps2 still got some awesome games. like the gta games much earlier

          • TonyLN

            Yup! In the end it is all about the game… I would just love to see a console that can give my PC a run for it’s money!!! And we already know the PS4 is not going to do that.

          • Arcona

            well either way it will be more powerful than my i3 3220 and Radeon 6850

    • Curtis Isabell

      PSN+ IS better than gold live don’t let fanboys deter you from that. how the xbox vs ps4 war will turn out yet idk.

  • Carlos Vieira

    What worries me is if the xbox has GDDR3 ram.
    I wish it had GDDR5 memory and a good graphics card, but I believe in MS …

    • TonyLN

      Why do you think it will be GDDR3? — I am guessing on GDDR5.

      • Carlos Vieira

        It is what is spoken in several sites.

        • TonyLN

          I think that is because of what the Dev kits have in them. Dev kits always have the lowest possible components in them before the console is released. Better to make games that don’t use the whole box, then to make something that can’t run on it because they changed their minds at the last minute.

          • Carlos Vieira

            You’re right, and makes sense. thank you.

          • TonyLN

            And I was wrong… Sorry.

    • Curtis Isabell

      people need to learn what they are talking about. throwing GDDR5/3 is stupid.

      Vram will most likely be from GDDR5. but the console will most likely have DDR3 ram in it as well, ddr3 ram IS the standard atm while GDDR5 is the standard for vram. what will really matter the most though is the amount of each. the ps3 has 8gb shared of GDDR5 (not sure how that’s going to work but ok sony) and the xbox is rumored to have 8gb total of an unknown split, what will matter the most here is how much ram is dedicated to the OS, and allowed for game use.

  • TonyLN

    Sweet stuff — so excited!

  • Curtis Isabell

    4gb on the cpu is over kill, it will probably be 4gb total with 2gb for the gpu and 6 for the rest. standard PC graphics cards have 2-3 gb vram but they output to higher than 1080p resolutions.

    • TonyLN

      2 gigs isn’t even enough for a complex game like Skyrim to output high quality textures (which is why even on the PC they didn’t release HQ stuff) — even 4 gigs is a little low if you want to have a bunch of different textures in the same scene. 4 sounds about right to me.

      It all depends on what M$ was thinking when they designed it — and I am guessing they were going down the path that Sony would try to make a beast system like they did with the PS3 and they wanted to beat it.

      This time though Sony’s system doesn’t even compete with a typical high-end gaming machine (in raw power) – but by the time M$ figured this out they were already to far in to pull back; so I predict this round M$ is going to release something that gives PC gamers something to think about…

      That could be huge for M$, because if they can keep their existing customer base, steal away 25% of the PS4 customers and get the attention of PC gamers — well they’ve got it all in the bag.

      This of course is all speculation, so it should be taken with a grain of salt — but one can dream — and hope — at least for a few more hours.

  • Patrick Steele

    As of right now I’m not planning on buying a next gen console. I hope you guys say something to change my mind. Any anti used game scheme or always online stuff and I’m out.

  • consumedesign

    I’ve been a xbox guy since the first but you’d better bring it or I might wait for a good year or more for the 3rd generation of this one. Also, comon use Bluetooth already as well.

  • TonyLN

    too bad this rumor wasn’t true — But the next console still looks awesome!