May 21st 2013 4:11 pm PT

Xbox One and Used Games

We know there is some confusion around used games on Xbox One and wanted to provide a bit of clarification on exactly what we’ve confirmed today. While there have been many potential scenarios discussed, today we have only confirmed that we designed Xbox One to enable our customers to trade in and resell games at retail.

Beyond that, we have not confirmed any specific scenarios.

Another piece of clarification around playing games at a friend’s house – should you choose to play your game at your friend’s house, there is no fee to play that game while you are signed in to your profile.


Update: See this updated post on the issue

Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • disqus_vkwyaBuO48

    if they offer this console for $99.99 and 10 years of xbox live ill be all over it! specially since game prices are going to be lowered to $20 new because used games are not considered used anymore at full price :D

  • Shaniqua1990

    Or just go to your friend’s house and log in then you can both play!

    • ReadTheArticlePlz

      maybe we don’t want to do that. Maybe I want to buy a game and if I love it lend it to a buddy of mine from work saying “man you have to try this one out”. I will not be at his house to log in. Why can he not just borrow my game and play it. I don’t see a problem with installing the games but using the disk at the key.

  • Rosa Stevens

    Way to non-answer. The xbone so far is a whole bunch of nothing but non-answers, except for The Answer. Look at the shiny lights, here is your $500 TV remote control, conform.

    This is not a gaming console, it’s an entertainment coordinator consolidator that happens to play some games, but “we’ll tell you about that later”. The specs for the gaming portion would tell us the whole story about what your focus is now. It would that is, if your refusal to answer rumors, your apple-style press conferences, and your big black box splashes and op/ed videos on love peace and harmony featured prominently on the dash-advertisement-board hadn’t already told us everything.

  • Max Rocktansky

    I think the biggest fail in all this is that MS NOT developed a machine with features that everybody WANTS. They developed a machine with features that they think everybody NEEDS and force them to NEED them.

    I personally don´t want to be forced into my needs. I want freely decide what, when and how I play, chat and use Kinect and of course what I do with my paid games.

    I never enabled or hacked the console because I WANT to play on XBL with my friends. I WANT to get achievements and so on and I don´t WANT it to be shut down because of cracked games. The good features you offer were simply more important than to play for free.

    Now you bulit a console which tells me what I NEED to have and I NEED to do to use it. You say I NEED Kinect – which I personally NEVER will allow to be always on – not even when I play – as long as I WANT to use it because the game is so good. That is a big fail of your strategy.

    Instead of forcing the players you better should have invented something that we desperately WANT and then use all these features you have to offer by free will.

    At the moment I see nothing much I WANT more than just play games and chat with my friends and for this I will not take all these forcings because this is no fun anymore.

    Besides the fact that your system is so narrowed (not more open) now, I can´t and I don´t WANT even use half of the features it has to offer.

    Here is just an example:

    At the moment I have a good connection, but also a very good TV-Set with a build in Receiver. So how I´m gonna use that if I can´t HDMI out the TV Programme out of my TV into your console? NEED to buy a new TV to fit in your imagination of how I NEED to watch TV? NOPE!

    • safdf

      What MS wants, MS gets, it happened with Windows, didn’t it?

      • Ratros

        That’s exactly why Windows 8 is now the epic fail. They never learn.

        • Max Rocktansky

          I´m very excited how they will run here in Europe. Here are completely different laws that in the US. Remember Valve? Here they lost in the court and have to enable even online bought games to be resellable.
          Also we have very very strong data protection laws. Something like a never turn off System with an eye in the living room all the time will surely get difficult.
          Also TV behaviour here is completely different and the way it got distributed.
          All in all here is MS second biggest market – head to head with the big S.

          • Paul Mitchell

            If they continue to not answer questions regarding pre owned games etc they will lose customers here in the UK. All of my friends which own Xbox 360’s are already pre ordering PS4 over the new Xbox mainly because we all like to swap games and do not want to have to pay for it. It’s borderline robbery, they already overcharge us as it is $399 for the console or £399 to us which is more than they pay in the US.

          • Max Rocktansky

            totally agreed – same here

          • Max Rocktansky

            Also at the moment our biggest internet provider here is getting rid of Flatrates… Let´s see how MS is going to deal with this! Always on…

          • muffinmann

            Total agreed

          • Shaniqua1990

            lol, poor peasants so concerned over video games.
            maybe that’s why you’ll you are a poor peasant and will stay that way forever

          • Wayne Hixson

            What questions has Sony answered on pre-owned games?

    • disqus_vkwyaBuO48

      oh man… im sorry but they are technically not “your games” says so in fine print. you just own a digital license to use said game. nothing more.

      • Max Rocktansky

        thats why I do not WANT to buy it :-)

  • Paul Mitchell

    I have always preferred Xbox over Playstation because they offered me the ultimate gaming experience. I however do not but brand new games all of the time mainly because i simply do not have the funds to do so. So usually I will borrow a copy of a game i like the look of off of my friend and if i like it buy it either new or pre owned. This whole having to pay a fee to play a game my friend has lent me is rediculous, Sony so far are not following suit and are not asking people to pay to use pre owned games. I like the functionality of kinect and personally have no problem with the size or look of the console. However why should we pay a fee to be able to play our friends games which they have lent us, we aleady pay for Xbox live subscription which is enough.

    Microsoft are not listening to the negative reaction to their announcement and are simply burying their heads into the sand. I am not a Playstation fan at all, but at the moment i am more inclined to purchase a PS4 over an Xbox One. Why can’t Microsoft just allow pre owned gaming, it’s not as if they don’t make enough money out of us hard working fans. On top of this none of the current headsets are compatible with the Xbox one. I knew it wouldn’t be backwards compatible and I have no problem with that as i plan on keeping my Xbox 360, but at the moment Microsoft have done nothing to warranty me purchasing an Xbox over a PS4. it’s like going to cost £400- £500 as well which is alot of money and has nothing to offer us but over priced games which we cannot lend out friends and vice versa. Rant over

    • Wayne Hixson

      Paul, Microsoft is probably not the ones pushing limitations on loaned or used games nearly as much as the game publishers, and they are probably pushing just as hard on Sony, so don’t count on Sony being all that supportive either. Plus we don’t know that MS isn’t listening, just that they aren’t talking, and I understand that. You don’t want to let your competitor see your hand too soon! We just have to be patient, but it’s certainly fair to keep expressing your opinion!

  • disqus_vkwyaBuO48

    lol, rumor is it can talk now…….”Hello, Dave. You’re looking well today” in Hal 9000’s voice

  • Jamie Putnam

    Based on what I’ve been reading, MS will be controlling the pricing for used games for X1. Given the price of GoD this isn’t good.

    • RED360

      Lol it’s no longer an arm and a leg. It’s your life and soul.

  • Shaniqua1990

    economics 101 say no

  • Dan Page

    So, MS will be having our cash for the console, our cash for subscription, cash for new games along with cash for pre-owned games and potentially cash from DLC, woah, welcome to the next gen, welcome to the future

    • Dylan

      Also it will apparently charge for how many people are in the room

      http:// http://www.wired. co .uk/news/archive/2012-11/07/microsoft-patent-snooping

      It is the future. The year is 1984.

  • Angelus Negron

    From what I see, MS has basically turned into Congress, they are catering to the publishers, rather than catering to the consumers….the Xbox One seems to be more a system for middle to high class that can afford to pay for constant internet and buy multiple new games and subscription to Xbox live……sad; gone are the days of video game systems for the masses, now its just for the rich.

  • Major Nelson

    Closing this thread. Move the conversation here