May 21st 2013 10:20 am PT

Xbox One Architecture Panel

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Today a 3p ET/12n PT/190:00 GMT join me and the following special guests to discuss the Architecture of Xbox One. Here you’ll hear more about the design decisions behind the ultimate all in one gaming and entertainment box.

Above is the replay of the panel.

Todd Holmdahl, Corp. Vice President, IEB Hardware
Nick Baker, Distinguished Engineer, Console Architecture
Boyd Multerer , Director of Development
Dan Greenawalt , Creative Director Turn 10 Studios



Events By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Mauricio G

    Good job bosss

  • david bach

    Please tell us about always online or no digital games, or can we keep discs…i hope discs

    • atkinsonr

      Right after the show Geoff Keighley interviewed Don Mattrick on GameTrailers TV (Spike TV) and asked about always on and he said “No”. You can play games without being connected to the Internet. It is the online features that you need to be connected for. This is just like the Playstation 4.

      Nothing about used games though, but I’d bet it plays them just fine.

  • G Hughes

    Can we get a full breakdown of the type of RAM being used, also GPU power. Thanks

    • Jdrm03

      only 5gb of the 8 can be used for gaming.

  • Timothy Parez

    I would love to know if all of this beauty will work in China… some days I can get online with my XBox, other days they just block it…

  • Λlvαro cr

    I definitely stay with Xbox

  • Glenn Alexander

    I’ll be joining the stream. Thanks Larry.

  • Gaf Neon

    everyone wants to know if this 8 ram is grrd5 ( i probably wrote that wrong) that would be great if you answer that

    • Blog Re: Games

      DD3. Google ”
      Xbox One and PlayStation 4 specs compared” Joystiq

    • John

      You can’t find decent graphics cards now with less than GDDR5.

      GDDR =/= DDR

  • boe2

    The stream is offline?

  • Ree


  • Ree

    Guys, the Xbox One will block used games, much like Steam does. Boycott this piece of s***.

    • john

      ignore this fool just another sony fanboy spreading S*** without an ounce of proof

      • Ree

        Google ”

        How Xbox One Plans to Fight Sony, Steam, and Everything Else “

      • Jdrm03

        he is right. You have to pay an activation fee basically to play a used game.

        You can’t lend game to a friend.

        you can’t borrow a game

        etc etc.

      • Gaf Neon

        he’s right though lol

    • SOUL

      There is nothing that has said this as fact. Everything I’ve seen has been just rumours.

      • Jdrm03

        go to wired. c o m and read their article “How Xbox One Plans to Fight Sony, Steam, and Everything Else”

  • RadiusK

    I would love to know if the ONE is backwards compatible with 360 games.

    • Jdrm03

      it’s not.

      • Jdrm03

        why did I get a down vote. go to the verge website hater.

  • Daz

    Will the Xbox One be backwards compatible with all or just current Xbox 360 Games

    • Jdrm03

      It’s not backwards compatible.

      • Daz

        has that definitely be confirmed, and why is there no Backward compatibility

        • sabrekane

          Different system architecture. Xbox360 was PowerPC based, XboxOne is x86

    • Andy Moulster

      No, it was confirmed after it won’t be backwards compatible as its different architecture

  • Ian Harvey

    Can I watch this on my ipad?

  • Charles N Davis

    I watch on my surfsurface?

  • Garrison Shields

    What is the operating frequency of the GPU part and how many Compute Units are in the GPU?

    • Jdrm03

      since they basically have been super vague and pulled on a Nintendo regarding specs. It seems vgleaks did in fact have the official specs.
      gpu = 800mhz 12cu

      • Garrison Shields

        1.2TFlops confirmed. Total weak sauce in this day and age.

  • Pete

    What about the future? In 20-30-40 years when people want to play XBOX One games, how is that going to work? I hope you planned for a day when the activation servers is switched off..

    • John

      Because when people play video games they think “hey I hope I can play this in 20/40 years”

      It’s not possible to make it last that long with modern tech. It’s too delicate, so it’s unreasonable to ask that.

  • Garrison Shields

    Does the GPU support GCN 2.0?

  • Ramiro Luis Teixeira

    ok , what about the services for people who don’t live in the US? most of the content of the 360 is available only for the US, but you guys have customers all over the world. please don’t do this again.

  • uberlaff

    Sounds like an AMD Pitcairn Core with 768 shaders.

  • Garrison Shields

    :( Definitely getting the impression they want to avoid talking about the actual system architecture at this architecture panel..

  • Gaf Neon

    the TV Thing is not exciting, MAYBE FOR USA only but we want a console that is just about games.

    • Kevin Smith

      Then I guess you’re out of luck because the PC and PS4 aren’t just about games either. Perhaps you can buy one of them fancy Wii U’s.. Enjoy!

      • Gaf Neon

        I was planning on getting them all anyways, I actually just want the best for this new system – so much negativity it’s making my head spin.

  • Michael Lock

    I can wait to get an xbox one unfortunatey.

  • D3Seeker

    It’s nice to know that the connectivity is there, but I can’t help but feel it’s gonna be more intrusive now.

  • Michael Lock

    Where can I get an Xbox 360 with a larger hard drive than 320 GB in the UK?
    I’d just prefer to purchase that.

    • Paulo Pinheiro

      Maybe I’m wrong. But I think 320 GB is the bigger one.

  • Mark Stone

    Saying your customer centric is just a joke when you have no backwards compatibility. I have invested thousands of dollars into 300+ games and so many XBLA titles and saying they have no real long term value is just so painful. Families have a limited budget and you apparently don’t care.

    • Andrew Goodlad

      You do know you can keep your Xbox 360 right? It doesn’t spontaneously combust!

      • Mark Stone

        You do know that I spent a lot of monies on digital products that are effectively EOL. At least on the PC, a product I bought in 1985 can still be played. Forgive me for being upset that a Billion $$$ company couldn’t take the time to actually embrace their current customers. And lets not forget how they screwed all the developers who will no longer be able to sell their products. Yes, the xbox will be around for a while to come, but who in their right mind is going to buy another digital product knowing it can’t be traded in or transferred to the next console. DRM was bad enough, and that seems to have taken a turn for the worse as well. Why shouldn’t I be disappointed.

    • lee Miller

      I used to be a Xbox fan but not anymore until I bought a ps3 and now I much prefer the ps3 and after this reveal today of Xbox1 I’am sure I made the right choice .

  • Ales84

    I am very disappointed 8 GB DDR3 ram and a GPU of 1.2 Tflops too little compared to the ps4.The multi will always be the worst on xbox one.I’m just sorry for the new IP of Remedy and Forza 5 but for me is jump out.

  • Mark Stone

    All this talk about high performing, but yet no ability to use all this power to emulate a 360.

  • mesosilly

    PS4 HERE I COME . Sayonara Xbox suckers . I know when my strings are being pulled or im being stepped on , i am no dummy . Xbox 1 will fall Ps4 will rise . How stupid can you be to charge activation fees for used games and have no backwards compatibility ?

  • Vahid Shirvani

    it would be nice if you guys could release a pdf containing all the hardware details/specifications.

  • Blackronin357

    I would have wanted more power, but if whats there is more than sufficient to handle next gen games in the coming 10 years then okay. As for the stupid rumours that haven’t been touched on yet by microsoft, I hope they’re not true. No one wants to pay for a game thats already been bought. Say it was a hand me down gift. Who wants to pay for a hand me down gift. I like the look, I hope the extra black space near the logo has something. I also like the deeper intergration of the tv and smartglass in to the console. As for Backwards Compatability, I could care less but I see others don’t share my view. For me, I beat a game and go on to the next one. I don’t have time to keep playing the same game when there are so many more out there! I wish the quantic dream game had a better reveal and that there as at least one other new IP or New franchise reveal. I’m not a big sports guy football and basketball and really only a few teams. All in all, I like what was presented. Adress the rumors with facts sooner than later before theres another nut mass rumour mill lie the always on rumor that was BS! I also hope to see more intergration w/ Windows Phone 8. I liked the red Lumia 920 Yusuf kept pulling out! Got one myself, but hen can I really take advantage of it over a iphone or Galaxy when you keep giving away exclusives to them!

  • lee Miller

    Not for me sorry to much emphasis on kinect and apps and also a fee for used games and over priced for XBL why when I can play for free on ps4 I will wait for the ps4 a much better experience with DDR5 as well .

  • lee Miller

    These consoles are going to be obsolete now compaired to the PC gaming so I how long are they going to prolong the consoles cycle when there absolete now ?

  • Mark Stone

    having so many devices all connected at the same time is a problem, in both space and available hdmi / optical inputs. And then there is the inevitable failure of h/w. If I have to leave all my games behind I may as well jump to PlayStation as my next gen console. Free Online and access to some real exclusives (no xbox eventually on PC titles).

  • Joshua Erickson

    I might go to PS4 because used game extra fees. better know more on Digital download day one

  • Ejmag

    Lulz PS4 has a much faster graphics processor. 1152 shaders to 768 for xbox one. That’s a whopping 50 percent. It also has way more memory bandwidth. If that ain’t enough, the CPU might be the same architecture but apparently ps4 runs 2ghz and xbox one only 1.6ghz. That’s 25 percent faster for the sony machine. It’s a walkover!

    • Does Not Equal

      Because console specs decide sales and popularity! I mean, the Wii was way underpowered compared to the PS3 and 360, and it had disappointing sales worldwide, right?

      • Vulcanproject

        No, but why did you come in to a post entitled ‘Xbox one ARCHITECTURE PANEL’ to try and lecture people about sales and popularity? It isn’t hiding the fact Xbox On’s ARCHITECTURE is a fair bit slower compared to its direct competition aka PS4.

        • Does Not Equal

          I was pointing out that the PS4 “walkover” isn’t any different from the PS3 being more powerful than the 360, yet having no effect on sales. If I want a super-powered machine that plays games, I’ll buy a top-of-the-line gaming PC.

          It’s not who has the most power, it’s about how they use it.

          • Vulcanproject

            It is different this time. You can’t compare this situation to PS3 and 360.
            PS3 wasn’t more powerful. In theory maybe, not in practice, because of its complex architecture. 360 had a slightly better GPU, and was more flexible. That mattered more, more of the time. That particular advantage is gone/hugely minimised. PS4’s architecture is clearly developer driven. Now its hardware is also clearly better, there is daylight here between the machines, instead of glimmers between 360 and PS3.
            PS4 will be faster, in theory it is, and in practice i can guarantee it will be significantly faster too.
            I still don’t see how or why you are attempting to count a valid point comparing hardware in this particular post in this particular context by quoting sales and popularity.
            But nevermind.

          • Does Not Equal

            Don’t remove the sarcasm from my eye until you’ve removed the snark from thine own.

          • Paul Guenette

            What makes your point moot is that once developers fully harness the extra power of the PS4, they’ll also be able to take advantage of the cloud.
            It’s kinda like the PS4 is a Ferrari and the Xbox One is a Corvette. They’re both fast and powerful machines but the cloud is a cellphone; which neither one can outrun.

          • Vulcanproject

            I don’t understand what you are saying. Whatever xbox can do in the cloud there is no reason ps4 couldn’t or wouldn’t. That’s kinda the point of the cloud…. The hardware isn’t in your house. Local rendering will win though. That’s why onlive etc struggles

          • Paul Guenette

            The difference between what onlive does and what the cloud will do are two different things. Online does all of the work and sends a video feed to your box. The cloud will be there to carry the extra load once the demands of the software begin to become greater than that of the Xbox’s capabilities. And you are absolutely right, Sony could and probably will do something very similar which is why the differences in hardware are negated by the intangible variable of cloud computing. What will make all of the difference in 3-4 years cannot be currently measured because it will come down to network management, speeds and optimization.
            What we will probably see further into the life cycle of the consoles is those with stable high speed connections will have greater draw distances, level of detail and faster match making. But again these cannot be measured or tested with any kind of accuracy because location, time of day and ISP’s are not the same for all users.
            The point I was trying to make is that both machines have a lot of power behind them but the cloud will always have more. However, like a cellphone where coverage can be spotty, the power of the cloud cannot be accurately measured, but will always have the power to go from A to B, much faster than any one machine.

          • Vulcanproject

            Indeed the cloud does more work in something like gaikai than it would just acting as someplace to offload only partial processing. My point therefore still stands. Talking about fuzzy cloud based distant futures does absolutely nothing to combat the existing and very real hardware advantages sony’s machine offers to consumers and developers at any given moment online or offline, cloud or no cloud. All this is really pure speculation and quite frankly boring speculation at that, considering you are talking about the some way distant future from now as I knew was the situation. All the more reason to focus on the here and now and known quantities of the hardware rather than some hypothetical cloud situation that you yourself admit is at least many years down the line….

          • Paul Guenette

            Hardware specs alone do not tell the whole story. It’s how it’s optimized and the OS’s footprint on it. Unless you are a developer, we can only speculate on how much processing power will be made available to games on either console and how much has been set aside to run the background apps and OS. Based on the PS4’s reveal, it will be also be running software in the background. So it’s going to come down to who has the better optimized system and how developers take advantage of it and not just raw power.
            The point I’m trying to make is that in all likelihood, by the time the differences can be visibly measured, the cloud will be picking up the slack, putting the onus on developers and their software, rather than pure hardware speeds.

          • Vulcanproject

            You’re just dreaming to be honest in this speculative lala land Microsoft want you to be. They set it up so that when someone inevitably points out how much more powerful sony’s machine is, they will just say…. But but the infinite power of the cloud…. And dismiss it. It’s that childish argument that ends with one of party saying infinity plus one! Lol. Sony’s machine is faster from day one and you will see it. It’s that much faster. There won’t be a 3 year bedding in period where you don’t see much of a gap. You will see it immediately, it will be that obvious…. Relying in some hypothetical cloud to makeup the gap is precisely what Microsoft PR department want you to believe. Jonathan Blow criticised this stance also yesterday, merely calling it a bunch of PR BS with that agenda. I am heavily inclined to agree with him. It is also implied as a stealth form of DRM. Oh but the game NEEDS to be online to work. That’s what you will be told once Microsoft implement their harsh DRM policy. Course it does boys….. Course it does…

          • Paul Guenette

            You may be right in that you’ll ‘see’ a difference in speed right out of the gate. But like you’ve pointed out yourself, this is all speculation. What I’ve tried to get you to take into consideration is that the software running the hardware and the hardware optimization are factors that also need to be considered.
            3rd party software, much like this generation, will have little to no difference in the quality and speed because developers care more about consistency than pushing the systems to their limits. And I’m sorry, but Jonathan Blow has no love for MS, so his opinion has to be taken with a huge grain of salt.
            Also, if the cloud is a stealth form of DRM, if it doesn’t interfere with my gaming experience and doesn’t boot me from a game if I lose my connection, than I really don’t care how it’s used. MS already has my information because I’ve registered the console, and can see what I’m using it for at any given moment while I’m online. If the cloud is able to give something back than who am I to complain. Nobody is forcing me to buy either system, my decision is based on ease of us and the software. Yes, I am more inclined to buy an Xbox because the current stable of games resonate more with my gaming style and that of my family. But one cannot base their purchasing decision solely on hardware specs.,
            if we all did that, we’d all be driving McLaren’s and the baby’s car seat would be strapped to the roof.

            In the end it’s all going to come down to who has the better software. Because arguing about who has the faster hardware on your part is like yelling down a hallway. I have not dismissed nor argued against that point. What I’ve tried over and over again is to get you to look at it from a new perspective because as the cloud becomes more a part of the computing world, the hardware nested in your home becomes only one part of the equation.

          • Vulcanproject

            Hardware isn’t speculation. We know now how the machine shapes up. PS4’s games hardware is superior. Really that’s just end of that discussion. The software side is the side that is speculation- the one you are attempting to shout me down on, but obviously being speculation, you can’t!

            You are very wrong that 3rd party developers don’t care. It is fairly obvious seeing the disparity between several multiformat games even now that are pored over, compared visually, and nit picked apart. Those developers find performance unique to the machine, even when the difference in performance is only slight between 360 and PS3.

            Now its pretty large.

            Who are you to complain about stealth DRM? A consumer!!!!!! That’s the dumbest thing you have said in this whole discussion.

            You are happy to throw away all control to the publishers- that says it all really. Its a terrible, terrible attitude and I hope more people realise this is what a supposed reliance on cloud based gaming does- it royally screws over consumers.

            I thought about it more. I like to see both sides of it by just assuming you are correct. If we assume you are actually right about the cloud providing an essential way to run a game and not just PR bullshit as everyone with sense sees it to be, it still takes away a lot more than it could possibly add for the consumer. It means ‘always on’ internet connection liable to outages. It means total reliance on somebody else to launch or run a game, it means total control over that software for the publisher of it. Servers go down? Tough. EA, Ubisoft, whoever wants to turn off the servers to its games 18 months after they come out rendering the game completely impossible to play including single player? They can do whatever they want. They got your money when you bought it, that’s all they cared about.

            You better hope you aren’t right, and pray that I am.

            I think that I am far, faaaar from the only one with this point of view. I know I am not, I know that the internet reaction to this is very negative, and it pleases me to think people won’t just lie down and take it.

            They will hopefully, vote with their wallets.

            I know I will, and I hope you see it in action and wake up a little.

          • Paul Guenette

            Okay, let’s agree to disagree.
            I see the cloud as a potential tool; you see it as the harbinger of death for the industry.
            You believe hardware is king; I believe software will be the deciding factor.
            Discussion over.

          • Vulcanproject

            The cloud can be a tool, as long as that tool isn’t a gun held to consumers heads as Microsoft appear to be using it as.
            I believe that games software is king, and Microsoft have yet to show enough of it and shown us a great deal of things a great deal of people are extremely unhappy about.
            My mind has constantly wandered back to my memories of the launch of PS3 the past few days. Sony’s behaviour at that time. The consumer will like what we tell them to like. They’ll pay whatever we want them to pay. The generation doesn’t start until we say it does. You MUST have bluray for games now and pay for it.
            Sony had to do huge climb downs and rightly so, before PS3 found its feet.
            Microsoft have just come across as exactly the same as Sony were, if anything, worse considering the potential ramifications of their choices, that might eventually be impossible to undo if they have got into bed with publishers over DRM and made agreements etc

          • Paul Guenette

            And that is exactly the point I’ve been trying to get across since the beginning. The cloud has the potential to even the playing field when the hardware starts to age. How they use it can only be speculated upon. Yes MS came across as very self-assured even over confident in their presentation. But with 7 months until launch, if they are listening to reactions they still have time to make policy changes. This coming generation is MS’s to lose and so we should be very critical of what they have to offer and how DRM is treated. But, that is totally off of the original point I was trying to make, which was who was going to have the more powerful hardware and how that power would be wielded.
            If MS does make the kind of blunders that Sony did with the PS3, than I more than encourage everyone to vote with their wallets.

          • Vulcanproject

            The cloud won’t even up the hardware difference. There are things it can do but it won’t do that. That was my point. Microsoft’s talk of the cloud improving their hardware performance was their ‘power of the CELL’ moment. It is a pipedream gobbled up by people without any evidence whatsoever it could possibly do anything actually to make up such a hardware gap, and indeed, quantities of evidence from recent history why it absolutely can’t and shouldn’t be relied on for that. Its a diversion tactic, its a PR stunt. Its a way to avoid the true answer why Sony have the better gaming hardware (more games focused is why), its a way to justify games we will no doubt see on Xbox one that require to be always on at all time(oh but you NEED the cloud compute to run this game!!!), essentially DRM when the PS4 version…doesn’t.

            By relying on it rather than pushing better hardware they force the consumer down a road where the publisher has total control. The justification for the cloud cannot simply be: our hardware is weaker, so we’ll make you have to go online to match our competitor.

            This gen right now is anybody’s, but from where I am standing Sony have the general consensus in favour. Microsoft have it all to do from this point.

          • Paul Guenette

            I don’t think it’s so much a PR stunt, as it is a way to keep the price of the console down while still promising equal performance with the competition. By including the Kinect with every console, concessions had to be made somewhere, and having less powerful hardware was the result.
            However, any way you look at it, what is under the hood, will still provide a higher resolution experience than the current generation.
            Until we’re able to do a side-by-side comparison, we really won’t know how big the difference will be. Also, it won’t be until the 3rd year of the life cycle that we’ll see the results of which console the 3rd party developers prefer, mainly due to sales this generation, as the hardware is so closely related.
            If the Xbox One does better sales wise, than developers will spend more time optimizing their games for said console or vice versa.
            The reason we won’t see these differences until around the 3rd year is because of the time it takes to develop the game engines and their tools along with a games production time.
            It’s less to do with the age of a console and more to do with cost vs. reward.
            If the less powerful console is selling more copies of a publishers last game then they’ll tend to give that version of their next game more attention as the rewards will be greater.

            DRM’s are the elephant is the room, and unfortunately, just because Sony hasn’t announced what theirs will be doesn’t mean they won’t have similar policies.

            Hopefully, both companies are listening to their customers and not just the publishers and shareholders, and when finalized, will benefit both the consumers and the publishers.
            If not, this could end up being a very toxic console generation.

          • Kevin Smith

            Ok, so Sony didn’t tout the PS3 as being twice as powerful as the Xbox 360, and Sony didn’t tout the PS3 as having a supercomputer Cell processor? Give me a break.

          • Vulcanproject

            I don’t see what your point is. I only commented on the reality of the situation between ps3 and 360s performance. (being close) not what the press picked up as hype from Sony prior to launch. Indeed the same press have gone the other way this time and seem to believe the specs are identical performance wise when there is in fact a significant performance advantage for sony’s machine that will be very real and tangible.

  • Does Not Equal

    Now watch it again and every time they say the words “living room,” take a shot.

  • TKK

    i like the offloading processing need or taping the processing power of the cloud idea ! I know the games will work offline…….for the beginning, but as many ppl are getting access to high speed broadband services, then the user base will be big enough to justify developers to go for online requirement for their games. I really hope around half way through the cycle that many Xbox one games will be playable only if the player has an xbox live silver(should be free) membership to play the game ! sure, those few do not have high speed broadband but the user base will be big enough, I’m confident, those that don’t have a decent internet access, what makes you think most of them’re even interested in luxurious tech like gaming consoles anyway, they may not even know the existence of xbox one for a long time. let face it, even now, the best xbox experience is with xbox live, xbox live really is 40-50% of the xbox experience.

  • Paul Guenette

    I want to make a ‘Franken-box’.
    Can I connect my 360 to the HDMI In, and with the ‘Share’ option play an 8 player network game on one screen?

  • And3rs

    In regards to plygons and transisition’s, its looks like cloud will take the bulk allowing developers “Sky’s the limit”!!!

  • King Ramsey

    I can’t wait for this system!

  • Guest

    It’s so sad the presentation was such a disappointment. It’s so sad to see Microsoft drifting away from my interestes. It’s so sad they’re focusing so much on TV first and not on games or better specs… And I’m so sad that if things don’t DRASTICALLY change I’ll be leaving the great Xbox community for the next generation. It’s a shame they built such a great environment with the power of gamers, only to turn them away in the long run. I’m really, really sad.

  • Gus

    It’s so sad the presentation was such a disappointment. It’s so sad to see Microsoft drifting away from my interestes. It’s so sad they’re focusing so much on TV first and not on games or better specs… And I’m so sad that if things don’t DRASTICALLY change I’ll be leaving the great Xbox community for the next generation. It’s a shame they built such a great environment with the power of gamers, only to turn them away in the long run. I’m really, really sad…

    • Daniel Lawson

      listening skills not a strong point is it…

      • Gus

        I do hope you’re kidding me. I confess I submitted that comment before watching the full vid as I was leaving work and only now I’m about to watch it at home. But did you not see the conference? Did you not see the huge amount of focus that TV and other non gaming stuff is getting? I want to believe they can turn this whole PR mess around, but i don’t like the route they’re taking. I’d like to have a console that focuses first and foremost on games, that’s all I said.

        Edit: can’t watch it here, it’s no longer available.

  • Nathaniel Frost

    so instead of building everything into the new xbox they’re gonna rely on the cloud and broadband access to do what the console alone should be doing??

    • Daniel Lawson

      no… the cloud will be there when the console starts to reach it’s limits… developers can then offload processing to a cloud… Sony will likely be doing the same thing with their recently purchased company

  • Jonathan Reichert

    As always nothing important was answered. Way to select stupid questions that we already knew the answers to

  • Vulcanproject

    1152 is 50 percent MORE than 768. That’s how percentages work.

    • RoninHarlequin

      I just read it as 768 is 50 percent of 1152. It’s been a long day.

  • Wayne Hixson

    This reaction was based on a rumor that Sony was spinning off its Entertainment Division. It was coincidence only that the reveal happened at the same time

  • grummm_didley

    Is 8GB DDR3 really comparable with 8GB GDDR5? Really?

  • grummm_didley

    It wont be fine print!

  • Paul Guenette

    Unfortunately, the purchasing model has been proven to work by Apple. A vast majority of apps are now requiring an always online connection, which is also common practice with all high end software packages. Why aren’t people all up in arms about their business model? Is it because apps are micro-transactions or free, and on a PC, security keys can be circumvented?

    This business model has conditioned most of us to accept these temporary/licensed purchases. But realistically, once you buy a new console, how often to you go back and play your old collection? I know for myself, I ended up giving my original Xbox away with all of it’s games because once Halo 3 came out, it ended just sitting on a shelf gathering dust for 6 months.

    Do we have a right to be able to pick-up and play our games 2-3 years after a new console has come out? Absolutely.

    Do we exercise that right? In most cases, rarely.

    Realistically, I don’t see MS, revoking our access to the single player portion of a game. If they had a business model like that, how many people would lose access to their computers because Windows XP, is no longer supported?
    The real sticky issue that no-one seems to have addressed is, what happens if your account gets banned? Regardless of what a person did to get banned, they still had to purchase their games. And like a car, even if your license has been revoked, you still own the car and it’s contents.

    The smart thing for MS, to do is that once a game becomes ‘de-listed’ from their supported games that it’ll send an update to your account that the game no longer needs to check-in with the cloud, but like any 360 game that is installed, needs to do a disc check to load.

    It’s not ideal, but it is a trade-off to having games that will be constantly updating themselves.

    The drawback to having games that are constantly being updated and patched is that years down the road, if you did want to gift it to your son/daughter, if the game is no longer supported, than whatever patches, map packs, expansions, etc., won’t be available to them to them, unless you gifted the original console and your account to them.

    Unfortunately, any way you look at, moving forward in order to share an experience with someone years down the road will require re-purchasing our old media.

    My guess is that in the future, MS and Sony will offer a Netflix like service, that for a small monthly fee, we’ll be able to stream the old catalog of games to our console much like Onlive. It would solve two problems for MS:
    1) The games can’t be pirated because it’s being streamed to the console and,
    2) They don’t need to deal with hardware support and backwards compatibility as the consoles would be virtual.

    This is the direction the gaming industry has been moving towards for years; this is just the first time it’s being put in our face as the proposed status quo, across the board; not just a practice of a few publishers.