May 24th 2013 12:32 pm PT

Xbox One and used games

Over the past few days, we have been reading comments and message boards following the Xbox One announcement. There are a few questions regarding used games. I wanted to clarify and provide this official statement:

The ability to trade in and resell games is important to gamers and to Xbox. Xbox One is designed to support the trade in and resale of games. Reports about our policies for trade in and resale are inaccurate and incomplete. We will disclose more information in the near future.


Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • disqus_eUPQtFSCTG

    These prices im see for this s*** box i could build a better pc buuuuut since i have a gaming rig im going with Sony beside who wants hal 2.0 watching over you.


    About the Kinect –
    I’ve worked for advertising companies – they were small, but I know the business. Google makes it’s money on advertising. Think about that – one of the biggest companies in the world doesn’t really sell anything, but have tons of money?? – advertising. That’s where the money is.

    There’s a lot of things companies due to increase their advertising revenue. COLLECTING user data is one of the biggest things.

    Microsoft’s not dumb when it comes to a business strategy. Think of all the things they have their hands in – and now they’re getting into home entertainment. The thing is, with THEIR KINECT setup, they’ll know what you’re doing. They’ll know what you like, what you don’t like, and so on.

    Not only can they then sell that data, but they can use it themselves. PLUS like the patent says, they can lock you down.

    OH and if you don’t think the government will get warrants or find excuses to tap into that if they want to, guess again.

  • Droideka75

    You better let me lend my games to my friends like we always did since megadrive or you loose like 50 customers… make it right, hardcore gamers are not pleased! don’t mess with us, we will dump you faster than you can say rrod

  • Gamer

    you have no clue buddy

  • Andrew Green

    The head of Microsoft’s Windows division (Steven Sinofsky) was shown the door after the Windows 8 fiasco. The same thing will happen to Don Mattrick and Phil Harrison in the Xbox division if they don’t do a rapid course correction on Xbox One. Forcing the user to allow the console to connect to the internet once per day or once per month or whatever is simply not acceptable. Users that want to use Xbox LIVE or games that rely on Windows Azure can allow their consoles to connect to the internet, but requiring an internet connection is something completely different because it shows the purpose is to spy on the user.

  • Russ B

    Call me a freak if you want but I like to play Dance Central in the nude. Having the console connect to the internet after I’ve done that worries me. I have never used Xbox LIVE for that reason. When the first Kinect was being beta-tested by Microsoft employees, they also used Kinect in various states of undress without realizing that pictures were being uploaded. Microsoft needs to rethink the idea of having the Xbox One connect to the internet periodically. This is a easy software change.

    • Bennijin

      You like to play Dance Central?

  • marko75

    Kinect was the biggest wast of money for me never used it.. we should have a choice.. and not be forced into buying it as a compleat package i would also love to know how xbox one receives its tv input…. think im gona go for ps this time and a lot of my freinds feel the same way… tv is for tv… pc is for internet ect.. games console for games… i have defended x box for years and had many an argument that xbox is the best……….i will not buy this as i dont play kinect….

    • safdf

      You have to, the 3D render is so cool you must have one now. We must have the omnipresent spy, it’s 3D render is so cool. It’s still as awful as a VCR, but it’s cool on 3D CGI.

    • disqus_vkwyaBuO48

      they receive a TV input through your current cable providers cable box. its only piggybacking off the tuner. HDMI in!?!? lol. they are just creating a cable box for your cable box, its pure genius because now you have to watch their ad’s as well as the ad’s through your tv programing and to top it off your going to need Xbox Live to be able to do it all. people are willing to pay anything and i say if they are able to sacrifice the old core gaming consumers to gain new blind ones that will follow, then more power to them.

      they are going to rake in so much cash, just like xbox live does, and if anyone really researched live the “oh but they have the best servers” like COD fans say, would be pretty damned shocked M$ has nothing to do with Activations servers $60 a year for a pretty dashboard and a bunch of advertisements lmao way to go again M$. designed by word of mouth, rumors become false facts when money is involved.

      • safdf

        The Mighty All in ONE box.
        It does everything, but you still need a cable box, if you need more HDD capacity, add another box. Oh, and you also need another box to play 360.
        OK, it needs more boxes to become the Mighty ONE, but hey, the 3D CGI is pretty cool, right? You just can’t resist to buy one now.

      • Maniate

        Activision servers? It’s been a while since i’ve played COD on a console but I was under the impression COD used peer to peer hosting, which is why you got those migrating host messages when they disconnected.

      • marko75

        thanks for the information im happy with that if that’s the case.. TV input through your current cable providers cable box.. so many rumors……i watched both Xbox one.. and ps4.. reveals. very impressed with both. e3 convention just days away june 11. i think. and i hope a lot of unanswered questions will be resolved… gonna dust off ma old binatone console and go old school i think.. a whole lot cheaper and stress free ….

  • dalwih

    Well, like anyone else, I am going off of public statements for the console. I really don’t think they’re going to charge for used games. That’s just rediculous. You need to stop being so pessimistic.

  • Bennijin

    Since we’re on about Kinect what happened to Crimson Dragon?

  • safdf

    We’ve lost. The 3D render made people that even posted in this thread like “Steve”, to decide to buy the ONE.
    “Who cares if it watches me, if I don’t own it, if I have to buy always new, it’s cool in 3D, so i will buy it.”
    MS found the way, CGI animation! It was just that simple.The ONE will rule, say good-bye to privacy, it’s cool on 3D.

  • safdf

    They ARE listening, i hope they ARE ALSO reading.

  • safdf

    “You know your going to buy one”
    No, I’m not. Not even with changes in policies, it offers me nothing I do want as of now.

    • Lunalicrichard

      Wait for the E3 . Watch what Sony has to offer and what Microsft offers , then make up your mind what to buy .
      It makes no sense to commit to any platform , because we don’t know what Sony will do with used games or DRM.
      Not to mention other changes that may come .

  • kingcrusher

    Major, thanks for leaving this up and letting us speak out minds. I appreciate you allowing us to state our dissatisfaction and frustration with everything. Keep up your end of the great work. :-)

  • kingcrusher

    A simple fix for the used game market. Any retail store selling them must pay a $1.50 charge and that is divided three ways between the developer, publisher, and console manufacturer. It isn’t that huge of a fee, and when you add up the used game sales, that’s quite a bit. Considering you always hear “You don’t realize how little game makers actually make,” this should be music to everyone’s ears.

    Leave the personal stuff alone. I need to be able to take my games anywhere, give them to whoever I choose, and not have to worry about the XBox phoning home.

    But, this fee for stores like Gamestop would solve all the problems and still not be such a huge hit on the consumer, all while keeping the used game market relatively untouched. Gamestop would just double hit the fee half of the fee comes out of the trade, while half goes to the new consumer, thus having just a simple 75 cent increase at each end.

    There ya go, problem solved on that front.

    Now, just get rid of that every day ping and we’re good. I’d be getting one if I knew these were taken care of. Let’s hope E3 brings us something like that.

    • Nick Nack

      I know it’s that simple,and then everyone is happy!

    • Lunalicrichard

      I refuse to pay for a right to play a game that is already payd for . The used game market is what kept gaming going in bad times . And now that some parties have made some money with it , they all want thier piece of the pie .
      It’s the same if you buy a car and have to pay extra to drive it .
      This fee is absolute bullshit , and is an attack on our consumers rights !

    • Xtreme2252

      They already got their money for the game. Why should they get more money for the same game getting sold multiple times? It’s still only one physical disk.

      • kingcrusher

        When it comes to personal sales, I totally agree. But I can see where Gamestop is making a huge killing (58% of their income) from used games. I can see how in a retail resell type environment, it would be an extremely nice gesture on their part (and all the retail used game dealers) to give a little kickback to the companies.

        With that said, I still do not believe they have any rights to do that to the individual who gives his game to his nephew (as in my case). That is where they go too far. But in a retail environment, I am ok with a slight fee for stores such as gamestop (which is why I stated just a 75 cent increase on each end, 75 cents less on trades, 75 cents more when it is resold at retail outlets, and that 1.50 goes to the developers, publishers, and console owner).

    • Shawn Springer

      If game developers arent making money, get a second job like anyone else.. Make better games, do more.. Quit being a punk that wants to get paid for the 100th time a used game gets sold.

  • BMutdoch

    I’m more worried about the ability to move discs between rooms in my household. We have three 360s in the house, one in the main family room, and one in the two kids’ rooms… Eventually, we’ll migrate to the new system…. It wouldn’t be so bad if they tied the games to an IP address, but we share games among the consoles, and we’re not sure what this will do to our ability to keep doing so. I like the horizontal design… Will fit well in my equipment stack. Not sure how the settop box integration will work, but could be useful.

  • Maniate

    You know who manages used games well? Microsoft with their 360. Yeah, it’s great. You can just put a game in a console and play it, without jumping through any hoops. Perhaps you should emulate those guys.

  • dante

    Let the developer put a online pass or game pass for about $5-$10 dollars so u don’t look like the bad guy

  • Major Nelson

    Rob, I am working on rounding up as many answers as I can (like this) the good news is I like what I am finding out. Once I get it all the details I’ll make a post.

    • BetrayedByM$

      what about turning the KINECT OFF, major that is a huge issue as well, not just the used games issue

      • Fingleberries

        http://kotaku com/xbox-ones-kinect-can-turn-off-microsoft-says-noting-510100564

        Quote from the article: “Yes, you can turn the system completely off,” the Microsoft rep said. “This would use no power and turn everything off. We’ll share more details about how it all works later.”

    • rosbel rodriguez

      thank you Mr.nelson let the comment because with this comment you let us know that you are reading our comments, we know that is not your fault all of this, you’re only who speak with the costumers and all of this it’s not against you if not the xbox one project.

      all abaout the rumors abaout always connected or once each certain time, always kinect connected(wht happend if I broke it accidentaly and I don’t have money to buy other one, the console will be useless) and the fee for used games. Any of this things we don’t like it.

    • disqus_eUPQtFSCTG

      NO ONE WANTS HAL 2.0 WATCHING OVER US!!!! Ive been on xbox live for many years but it seems this year i shall support the PS4!!!! I DO NOT SUPPORT GREEDY COMPANYS!!!!! just sayin

    • Fingleberries

      Hi Major,
      Thanks for digging deep through this thread to deal with genuine questions and concerns. I would have thought that you could have stopped reading by this time in the thread because there are so many off-topic posts – including fear, uncertainty and doubt about things that have not been revealed or discussed yet.

      I look forward to hearing (and seeing) more about this and Xbox One in the future. Hope the preparation for E3 is going well.

  • Morten Daugaard

    Im a father of 3 and totally we have 4 xboxlive accounts on 3 xbox 360 consoles (not possible to have family accounts in Denmark)
    If MS are going to introduce a fee for me to share my bought xbox one games in my own house i will indeed consider buying a PS4 and not support MS in this generation of consoles, sadly as we have supported xbox the last 7 years.

    • Jamie Putnam

      I’m with ya. I can’t buy any console that uses this method.

  • muffinmann

    disk is in the drive when you have the game on every box and with each run profile without you have to pay extra. everything else is unacceptable and ridiculous.

  • Michael DeVore

    Did MS even think this through. An anti Metro Xboned campaign practically writes itself. Did MS think the whining from EA, and others, about used games was justifiable? If MS thinks console gamers are giving up the option of loaning out games to friends and family. Heck, even just giving a bad game away for free isn’t possible under this. If MS doesn’t clear this up by E3 that anti-marketing campaign might just materialize. I wouldn’t be too surprised if their competitors used it against them.

  • Ken

    Xbox one = Xbox 360 v2 with a cable box built in.

    • safdf

      You wish, you still need an HDMI cable box, which are hardly available in other countries. It is a cable box that can’t be connected to cable.

      • MotherNelson

        Power bill = THROUGH THE ROOF running your cable box AND xboxONE just to watch—oh Kinect is still watching you btw. so when you order “mad m*lfs gone mad” Then MS will sneak a little snapshot of you… for marketing purposes of course… so now everywhere you go all you see is M*LF ads. how does that make you feel?

        • safdf


  • BetrayedByM$

    So i tweeted this to Don Mattrick at xbox who said on twitter that he was sorry for one of the worse reveals of all time so i said to him …

    @donmattrickxbox … that’s a bit of a understatement. you stabbed us all loyal consumers in the back an i have been with xbox 10 years now

    NoKinect 28 May
    @donmattrickxbox …. i do NOT want big brother in my home. why on earth did anyone working there even think that was a good idea, they need

    NoKinect 28 May
    @donmattrickxbox …. to be fired, stat

    His response to me?

    ‏@donmattrickxbox …….@NoKinect …. Shut up

    lmao wow aren’t we all mature over there at M$

    • Dylan

      Pretty sure that account is fake…

      • Assassin

        is it?

        • ElishaFrench

          Yes, is it verified?

          • Assassin

            actually i didn’t even look.

        • Dylan

          Says parody account right under the picture

  • Assassin

    look how Don answered this guy….i mean, really? some people just should not be allowed on twitter, lol

    ‏@DarkGamerLeague7h How come there is no backwards compatibly

    ‏@donmattrickxbox6h Because

    • BetrayedByM$

      lmao yeah i saw that. this guy has a screw loose or something. the way he’s answering people is just going to turn even more consumers off of Xbox one

    • Dylan

      It is a fake account, just sayin…

      • Assassin

        well then he needs to get it taken down, lol cause the way he’s answering some people, is crazy

        • Dylan

          You can have parody accounts.

          The only good ones are CEOKazHirai
          and PeterMolydeux (this one is amazing)

          • Assassin

            i’ll check those out ; )

          • Fingleberries

            Not to mention the @CollarDuty and the short lived, but brilliant @XBoxRevealTent accounts. Worth checking out, too.

      • ElishaFrench

        Agreed, pretty sure Don Mattrick isn’t fielding questions on Twitter. They employ people to do that.

  • disqus_vkwyaBuO48

    any good news yet?

    • Dylan

      http:// www. polygon. com/2013/5/30/4381268/ps4-is-first-and-foremost-a-video-game-console-ceo

      • Dylan

        But I guess it doesn’t matter, if the PS4 has all the DRM stuff the Xbox probably has, I won’t be buying one


          Exactly, so does Sony want to side with Microsoft and developers or do they want to win the public relations game going away? Both will make money for Sony but being a corporation they will try to pick the path that makes the most.

          • Darin

            PC for the win!

          • disqus_vkwyaBuO48

            ive been thinking about that a lot.

          • DOCHOLLIIDAY

            Darin – please explain to me what you believe the advantages of the PC are from a gaming perspective?
            Thanks in advance.

          • ReadTheArticlePlz

            I believe their reasoning is that if they are going to be stuck with DRM that prevents them from selling their games at least they can get them for cheaper on PC. Steam, GOG, etc… have amazing sales where you can get even brand new stuff for great prices. Console games are more expensive to begin with and sales done happen until a game has been out for quite a while usually.

          • kingcrusher

            I’m sure EA has a big say in this and are really at the heart of the problem (well, besides the corporate greed of all the big companies). We’ll see if MS and Sony have the jewels to side with the consumer rather than jumping in bed with the twice voted worst company. We shall see.

        • disqus_vkwyaBuO48

          i didnt read anything about that issue in the article, just said they are focusing on gamers first.

          • Dylan

            That’s my point. Good news but doesn’t put the DRM issues to rest


    Remember when the NFL wanted the players to play 18 games as part of the player union negotiations? The owners knew that wasn’t going to happen but they added 18 game schedule so when it came time to talk money they could act like they compromised by keeping a 16 game season. I wonder how much Microsoft and PlayStation are playing this kind of strategy?
    Microsoft starts out with serial code attached to every game on the console knowing the consumer would cry foul. All along Microsoft probably knows that this high bid will lay the foundation for a future with more restrictive measures.
    For the game studios and Microsoft this is a game of inches. Keep the ball moving or in this case get something to curb used games now and really put the screws to the format later.
    The real question is, are they miscalculating on how much we, the consumer, will compromise? I honestly don’t know the answer.
    If PlayStation has the guts to almost do nothing to the used game market, even though originally we all know they were doing something, will we see a 2 to 1 or even 3 to 1 sales advantage for PlayStation?
    If I am Microsoft, I am probably talking with PlayStation and the publishers to see if we can all make a deal now. That’s the only way everyone in manufacturing and public relations makes it out alive.
    Hopefully PlayStation is greedy and seizes the chance to look like the hero. This would be a major win for consumers and PlayStation.
    I’ll enjoy watching Microsoft and PlayStation gamble for our loyalty or crush consumers behind closed doors.
    Either way I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • disqus_vkwyaBuO48

      well im not going to say their playing a game of inches….. think about where we are going to be 4 or 5 years from now, most people are going to download games at that point and DRM isn’t going to be the issue anymore. to me, right at this moment this all just seems like a last minute money grab before we go all digital.

      i guess we will hear more from nelson in a few days, hopefully shed some light on this whole mess. i would rather them come out and rip the band-aid off fast than to slowly do it.


        I agree digital is the holy grail for Sony and Microsoft. However, digital isn’t an excuse to say a person can’t sell the property they purchased. People buy and sell stock shares. I keep all my money in an online ‘digital’ bank. Physical objects aren’t a requirement to exchange assets. Institutions like Microsoft and Sony would like us to think so.

  • dfjdejulio

    Incomplete, eh?

    Will I be able to just *give* a game to my officemate once I’m done with it, without anyone paying anything to anyone for the “privilege”? Because I actually do that sometimes, today.

    And what about GameFly?

    If the answer to either isn’t “of course that works, with no hassle”, then I’ll be skipping this one. (But even if that is the answer, I might have to skip this one, depending on other details.)


      two words: mandatory kinect surveillance device

      • Assassin

        people seem to be forgetting that, an it makes me wonder if M$ is allowing all of this with the used games so they don’t have to address the kinect surveillance device. some countries all ready called it that and are willing to ban it at this point while i know some states have laws on this. I really hope my state jumps in an does not allow Xbox one to be sold here until they make Kinect an option and not mandatory for the system to even run

        • safdf

          I think is MS goal or expectation that the XBO is banned everywhere except the US. Most if not all of the entertainment features could be used only in the US and perhaps Canada, not even Mexico has that kind of services.

      • Dylan

        That’s 4 words…

      • kingcrusher

        One word: What are you thinking?

        • disqus_eUPQtFSCTG

          Three words: Your a sheep.


    Maybe I should check with Elon Musk (found of Tesla). I wonder if he would like to jump into the gaming console arena?
    Or do the owners of the Model S have to pay him twice for a car they bought once?

  • Assassin

    http://www change org/en-GB/petitions/microsoft-to-listen-and-to-take-notice-of-what-their-consumers-want-from-them#

    • safdf

      You just don’t know when to stop begging, do you?
      Petitions don’t work, ever, anywhere, real or virtual, not even signed in blood.

  • Steven K

    I think in this example Gamestop will have to specify it instead so that the next buyer can use it. In a case you sell it to someone else without going through a store, the game will be treated as if you gave it to a friend

  • barry3218

    Take two have said that whilst they agree with drm they also said they should offer dlc content free as an incentive for people not to trade their games, but my major question is, who the F*#k is trading gta in.

    • disqus_eUPQtFSCTG

      I did after many many years of fun but i got tired of all the modders freezing my console one free mode after another free mode.

      • barry3218

        Yes true i love gta that much though i put up with it, BTW gta v is using ths same system as max payne 3 which is great news as cheaters and modders will only be put in games with other cheaters and modders so they have there community we have ours. for gta v i found a way around that, if you go on the modders profile and go to i think its something like do not prefer this player something like that, it wont put you in games with them.

  • safdf

    I know for many this is old news for many of you but you don’t have to wait until November or the distant future to know how the system for games in the XBO is going to be. Doritos Crash Course 2 is supposed to be free, but now you are required to have a Gold account to play it, you can’t even try it, and there’s something else, the game at startup requires to connect to an alleged Doritos server in order to check for updates, if it can’t log in, even because of lack of bandwidth, it will go in a loop every 5 seconds until it finally connects and this happens before the Gold required message.
    This game is free, but even with the Gold-only feature lifted, you can’t play it offline.

    So, why don’t you implement this system on the XBO, let us download the game for free, then offer a monthly, bi-monthly or a yearly fee for a permission to use the game and drop the Gold account scheme. If you don’t want us to keep any of your properties, then just charge us for the access instead of both access and disc and an extra free for online play, if the games require online authentication, why not charge us a little fee for each game instead of a big fee for Gold.

  • Dirk Jungblut

    The question indeed is, why do you let it happen that your honest customers get confused by these rumors?

    If the policies are not set yet forever, how could it happen that rumors like this go through the net?

    Why are many people at microsoft telling so much different things, like Adam Orth, Phil Harrison, Don Mattrick, etc. do…..?

    Is it so difficult to just say, no it is not working like or similar to these rumors?

    The only possible reason is, that all rumors are true and for now you are working 48 hours a day to get rid of this. You cannot go out and say no it is not working like these rumors say, without an answer to many, many, many questions how this system will work.

    So you are trying to make changes. But if you are in contracts with publishers or anyone else, how will it be possible to change the system, so that the customers and the publishers both do agree with?
    Also the question is, why did you ever thought about a system like this? Was there not enough support from your honest customers since XBOX to X360 till now?

    Is it fair to build a system against your honest customers?
    Why do we have to be sad for things we never had our hands on, like piracy? Every sold pre owned game results in buying a new game. Everyone, who buys a pre owned game never had the money to buy it new. This situation is the most one and only possible situation that you will find out there, except some occasional situations.

    Everyone really, also me, does like the multimedia functionality of the Xbox, but was it too hard to listen what your customers really want? Instead you were looking at some stats and building a machine that matches with some stats. Matches are always inaccurate and if you want to know what people or better what humans want to have, you have to listen to their words and nothing else.

    Some publishers thought that a game, let´s call it “Space Death Vol.3” would be much better if you listen to stats and put much more action or let´s say COD into it. The one and only reason why COD is a success is that it is COD, but if I play another game than that, I do not want it to be exact like COD. If every game is like COD my hobby would bore me to death. “Fieldbattle” for example was good like it was, because it was not the same. Do not understand me wrong, I really like COD and I am excited every year because I want to play it, but I really do not want to play it the whole year with other names. So “Space Death Vol.3” was not a success like it was supposed to be, because people are frightened to play horror games with horror elements in it and there should be more action? Good decision, but wrong decision. Listening to stats is not always a wise decision.

    So i can say for myself, I am just speculating, but I am clever enough to understand words that have not been spoken.

    To observe how someone acts like someone does not respond or expresses a reply is also an answer. I believe the people at microsoft are very clever, but please do not act like we are too dumb to understand, in many or maybe in all cases we should be as clever as you are. Why? Because we are your customers. You should never forget that we are the people that have supported you for many years and made you the company that your are now.

    Many of us not only since the XBox. Please remember many of us are people that bought office, navision attain, windows (do not know if i ever had Win 1 or 2) 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, NT Workstation, XP, Vista, Server2003, Server2008, SBS, Win 7, Win 8, Windows Mobile, Windowsphone 7 & 8, many of these programs with every new version like office, many of these programs twice or more for every single Workstation in the company.

    Why should I use a windowsphone if I also can use an android, why should I use office if I could also use open office, why should I use windows if I can use linux for free, why should I use a service like xbox music if I can get the same with spotify, why should I use Navision Attain (now known as Dynamics NAV) if I also could use SAP, why should I use a Windows Server if I easily could use a linux server, why should I use exchange if could use Open-Xcange, Scalix and Zimbra for free of commercial use.

    You can easily recognize that there is always a solution for every piece of soft- und hardware that is out there in the jungle. So if you believe there is no need to care about the old school gamers, supporting you since hour one, you are on the wrong way. There is big interest to have them in your boat also.

    Maybe there are a lot of new generation gamers out there that are not interested in xbox policies or how it works in reality, maybe you will find your new customers, but do not forget you can lose more than you can win at the end. If there are more people like me thinking about to stop supporting you in the future you should better wake up now, because I am not only thinking about to prevent myself in buying a xbox one, no, I will prevent myself in buying further Microsoft products. There is always a way around and if it is nothing worth to you that people like me have spent a lot of money to your company and trusted you for so many years, there is no reason for me why I should not take a look to the other direction and also to say in other words, with every decision in life you should take look in all directions and should decide for the one that fits to you.

    Preventing me in buying the Xbox One does not mean I will buy a PS4, there are so many other possible ways, these two or with Nintendo I would say three ways are not all ways that are possible.
    You owe me and many an answer if you are interested that we continue to favor Microsoft products. It’s not just about losing customers for XBox one, it’s also about to lose customers in many other areas also.

    So just give an answer to these questions. If you want our money, you should work hard for it like we do!

  • Dirk Jungblut

    …..and it makes no difference at all. 1 day or 10-20 days will result in the same Situation. That means, without any cloud Servers that respond to your Xbox you cannot use your legal bought games, for example in 10 years after the lifespan of Xbox One comes to an end or with the ending of Support for many other reasons. The Thing with it is, that a game will just work as long as the respond Server allow it to work. So think about how much Money you will spent in ten years for buying games or digital Content, it will be useless permanently offline or without respond Servers or the ability to contact the respond servers. I understand that there needs to be a System to check if you are the owner of the Software, Content etc., but in all cases it needs to be offline or needs to work offline after registration/validation. Needless to say that a one time registration will not work for users, who are not able to go online for validation. There are too much customers that have no internet connection at all, because the net goes down for some time or they are at a place where no connection is possible, for example soldiers on a ship, who play in their leasure time. So the best option seems to be, that the disc has to stay in the box to work offline. I got the disc, so I am the owner of the license and I am the owner of the software on the disc, I am a honest customer, why should I be treated like a criminal? I am not the reason that software gets cracked and gets used in any illegal way. I spent a lot of money in buying my software collection only in a legal way, all my software is genuine software. Is this the thanks that you are an honest customer? Is reselling your used software the new piracy? In some cases I just need to resell it and I have to be on my own to resell it. The software industry is worrying like no one other for situation of a pre owned market, but I it seems to be that the software industry makes more and more money with every year and is growing and growing like no other branch of industry. Pre Owned market is not only a situation at the software industry, you will find it also at the car market. Would there be a car manufacturer like GM, Chrysler, Audi, BMW etc. ask for a fee if you try to resell your car? I would ask the manufacturer if everything in their heads is working properly if someone would ask me to pay an extra fee for selling my car to someone other.

    For the moment the Xbox One has not only one, no for myself and many other upset customers, it has three reasons to not buy it

    – online check at a specified or unspecified time, doesn´t matter if it is 24 or 48 or 72…..and so on hours

    – Kinect mandatory, the System has to work without plugged out power cord but with plugged out kinect or offline the same like online, except online Services. That the german privacy commissioner and also autralia are watching how Microsoft is about to do, should not be ignored by Microsoft, this is no joke or bad Publicity, this is or can result in a very serious problem

    – Pre Owned Market, there is nothing that needs to told about that, having the hands on this is naturally wrong, the feeling about that is wrong and there are no good reasons why someone should his hands on it, except these person want to make money again with a sold game. So in this case I buy my game on release date new for 60 dollars or 60 Euros or 60 Pounds. The Publisher and Microsoft made their money. Some customers need to resell their games to get money to buy another game. Why should someone make money twice with one game or game license as long as this someone already made his money in the first deal? To say Pre Owned market is harming the New Game Market is wrong. After I sold my used game I will spent money for a new one. But the one who bought my used game never had enough money to buy it new, sure that there are other scenarios, but in most of all cases it is like I said at first. There will be never a situation that Microsoft or anyone else lost money for a not sold new game. Yes I understand that there will be still a pre owned market, but who will make the prices for games if I cannot sell my game the usual way, in this scenario the only ones who will make their money are the ones that are built in this new pre owned market.

    Watching the news about Xbox One makes me sad and I will stop listening after the E3 and Sony is also not my Big Hope instead.

    I can read news about People preordering Xbox One just as there is no tomorrow. So why I am complaining, the most of the customers will not think about these features or just do not understand the result of these features. They would just keep buying it and realize the problems at the moment if there will be the problem like internet down or reselling games etc., but in this case it is almost too late, because in this case the box is sold and Microsoft does not have to worry about.

    So if it is like this why should I worry about that whole situation? Maybe Microsoft is listening, but are we enough people to initiate a change if everything comes like the rumors say? There will be no change if there are enough people that buy it. So I am very confused that people would buy everything without thinking about the restrictions.

    At the end I just need to change my hobby or will choose the platform that is the less worst, which also means it is worse but at the moment the best option.

    Taking a view to the future says that it will not get better, at some point I will not find any way to arrange with any restriction of any platform and have to change the way I am practice my hobby.
    Sad to think about that this kind of hardware is made for a new generation of gamers and frightened to think about that there could be a new generation of gamers that just do not understand or are interested in restrictions like this…

  • MotherNelson

    @___@ xboxONE has quite possibly ruined gaming forever. I’m ACTUALLY rooting for SONY and NINTENDO. I hate SONY and I just don’t LIKE Nintendo… I hope they SH*T ALLL OVER Microsoft with a golden sphincter!!

    • safdf

      OUYA is it then? (As if. :P)

      • Sidewayz Bob

        Wow, I must be out of the loop I had to look up OUYA.. Looks interesting.

    • Sidewayz Bob

      Golden sphincter? Hah! Listen friend I want Microsoft to have a product I can be excited about. Right now the XBOX ONE (still have no idea why they would choose that name it’s pretty unintuitive but non the less) is disappointing I would be willing to bet you think so too.

      It’s probably best to simply tell them why you hate the product and in the end your voice will be louder with your money in your pocket and not Microsoft’s if they don’t make the changes from what you don’t want. In the end I may go Sony or Nintendo as well but that’s just how it goes with this used games and mandatory Kinect nonsense.

  • Sidewayz Bob

    Wow, can you imagine that Draconian policies make people very angry.
    I for one look forward to seeing what happens at E3. I have hopes that
    this was all some sort of bad idea that can see some back pedaling to
    something much more reasonable.

    Right now we citizens of the USA are legally granted the
    right to trade, sell, destroy, giveaway, burn, throw away or do whatever
    you want with your specific product that you paid for containing
    copyrighted material. In even simpler terms, it is illegal for any other company or corporation to prevent or circumvent ways for you to transfer, sell, trade or give
    away the content and the means of which that content is contained to
    anyone else after you paid for it.

    We’re not even talking about opinions here folks, we’re talking about a
    company who is purposefully trying to find ways to prevent you from
    exercising your rights to do whatever with the content that you legally
    paid for.

    I have loved being an XBOX gamer for these many years and my my loyalty is only as good as the policies and programs that made the XBOX so great to be apart of. Xbox live crushed the PSN. Title releases were good, Hell I bought a XBOX360 just to play Gears of war.

    The thing is I want to keep enjoying the products from Microsoft but as of late I’m loosing faith.

    Bottom line is really two parts:

    1. I wont by the Xbox One if I have to pay a fee for a used game.
    2. Kinect is a camera connected to the internet and it’s pointed in my living space so as “amazing” as that sounds I think I will pass.

    I have a lot of friends who see this new era of heavy handed policy that ignores the value of privacy and suffocates our choice to let friends borrow games or buy used games.

    • safdf

      Actually i think there are some loopholes that allow us to do trading and resell, have you ever read the not-so-fine-print in CD’s? It says that the price paid does not cover copying, lending or rental of the copyrighted work except with permission of the rights owner. Under XBO DRM, you are actually still allowed to trade and resell of the object, what the price does not cover is the copyrighted material which you are still not allowed to lend. That’s how it works in North America, don’t know how it works in the EU and other places. In Japan, a few years ago, it was enforced not to allow the resell of video games and other copyrighted material.

      • Sidewayz Bob

        Well you may be right I am no lawyer but in either case people like having the option of playing a used game. Times are still hard and I’ve had to buy used copies of games for family members who want to play multilayer games with me and 60 bucks a pop is highway robbery. The used game is a godsend to the gamer who lives modestly. I suspect there are many like minded folks like myself who find this whole pay for used games concept frustrating.

        • safdf

          Sure, it is “godsend” but that how the laws are, is all about loopholes.

          • Sidewayz Bob

            I can’t argue with you there. That’s why you need a skilled legal adviser (attorney) who knows how to navigate those loopholes and still manage to come out looking clean.

    • Dirk Jungblut