May 29th 2013 9:00 pm PT

3D Render of Xbox One

Totally unofficial, but very cool.

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Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

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      Shark infested water message in a bottle no man is an island

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        Haha what a bunch of douche bags…i’m gonna down vote this! Yea and I’m ….I’m gonna down vote this one !! Yea lol Losers

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        I guess the new trend is to be ridiculous and annoying.

  • barry3218

    WOW, it’s top loading aswell, great stuff.

  • InfernoShade

    Our family had the exact same model! We somehow broke off the bottom left corner of the loading door cover. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. :)

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    major nelbison

  • safdf

    I know M$ want to protect their interest but much to the expense of the consumers, so, here’s my list of ideas to make everyone happy with the XBO.

    1. Drop Gold accounts.
    2. Drop purchases of physical format and full downloads.
    3. Allow users to download for free every game the day of its release or the streaming of the game data.
    4. Implement a membership system at stores so an owner of an XBO could go there and could borrow a game disc for a very limited time, not rental, just borrowing for installation purposes only.
    5. Upon download or borrowing and installation, every game at startup at anytime, should login to the net, then prompt a user to purchase a small rental fee for fixed periods of time, a day, months, year. One gamertag, one game, one small fee at a time.
    6. Game discs are always returned to the store, downloads are always available as long as possible (just like XBLA games).
    7. Kinect package bundle: Mandatory. Kinect usage, standby features, etc by the user: 100% optional.

    Benefits for MS: no used games scattered and traded without control, full profit with the use of every game, less or zero piracy, Kinect fully available for every user and developer, full profit for every use of every game. (I know, I said it twice)
    Benefits for User: Low costs, not unwanted possible surveillance, no stacking of used software, no double or unwanted payment of services and permits.

    This way, in my opinion, everybody is happy.

    • safdf

      This way, in my opinion, everybody is happy. We don’t want to pay extra for something we paid full price, this eliminate the purchase. You wouldn’t pay for features you don’t want, only what you use. Once you’re done with a game you simply stop paying and delete it.
      We know they won’t drop DRM, we know they don’t want a Kinect-free version, I think this is a good solution that will benefit us both. Everybody have said their complaints, discomfort, concerns, and whatnot, but few have offer solutions for both parties, so just don’t say it’s a bunch of cr*p, I also hate always online and always Kinect but we know MS wants them bad, I’m simply proposing a more flexible and cheap solution.

      • safdf

        (In response of the to-be-moderated reply)
        Dial-up? really, not mocking you here, but even in Mexico is obsolete, there are only a few services left and I think is because they’ve forgot to get rid of them. I suggested a one time check for the activation, it could be though dial-up, but I doubt they would add such, not even the original XBOX has dial-up.
        Actually, even though I didn’t mention it, having it installed in your HDD has a great advantage, once you are through and you are not planning to keep paying for it, instead of trading the disc, you just delete it, if you want it again, then is a new download or install, after all, you would have never paid full price for it.

  • Shawn Springer

    xbone will render used games useless. I heard that Gamefly may get the shaft. I seriously doubt that anything they release later at E3 will be on our benefit. Shame that bad game developers can get more money from crappy products, stuff they stop supporting, patching, fixing. Hands in your wallet every time you sale something you dont want to play, bored with, tired of, or just simply hated.

    • Billy Middleton

      bad game developers who got ther4e grubby mitts into the development of the xbox one ((EA / Activision))
      EA release a game every 10 months which nect to zero thought put into it.
      criterion did awesome work of most wanted and hot pursuit but I feel they really need to make a burnout for the new xbox, imagine photo realistic cars smashing at high speeds while doing a barrel roll :D

  • Billy Middleton

    i have been an xbox supporter from the start and i loved every minute of it.
    granted the wave of adverts on the xbox360 dashboard for gold accounts i find intrusive and un-needed as we pay for the membership which should mean we should have the option of opting out of advertising on the dash.

    the xbox one, many things i do not like and these are listed below.

    1);- all in one entertainment system:-

    ok for starters this is ment to be a games console not a tv box, the entire press confernce was stuck on

    “tv tv tv movie tv tv tv skype tv tv tv halo TV series tv tv tv”

    in over 90% of homes the xbox is used in BEDROOMS and NOT LIVINGROOMS so the “entertainment center” is out the door.

    i use my xbox for 2 things, games and dvd’s THATS IT no tv no skype, no internet explorer.

    given the amount of things shown at the press confrence was all aimed at the american market i felt let down.
    i recived valid information that not even 10% of the things shown there will even be avalible outside the usa due to lisencing and cotractual obligations.

    in the uk i recived information from the bbc, channel4, channel5, sky and ITV and its affilates all staing they are NOT on the xbox one so bring that 10% down to 3%.

    the music streaming you showed is also not avlible inthe uk so take hat 3% and drop it to ZERO.

    so at launch the uk will have NOTHING

    2):- internet connection mandatory:-

    sorry but this is just wrong, where i live the internet is awful at best, my connection if i am lucky will work for 2-3 hours every FOUR DAYS, this is because of the long distance from the nearest street based cabinet and the hude distance from the telephone exchange.

    because of this i can’t connect every 24 hours, for social networking i use my mobile phone.

    and if ou say “use your friends internet for confirmation” sorry but no … just no thats just being ignorant and to ask your friend if you can do that once a day every day will turn a long term friendship sour real fast.

    this always on DRM rubbish does need to be dropped this needs to be vastly changed if you are to sell games.

    3):- kinect mandatory for all uses

    yes kinect, great device can be used for many things including the mars rover thats the good bit.

    heres the nasty peice, kinect scanning the room for more people than what is allowed and will not play a PURCHASED movie if there are more than 5 people in a room.

    see that there … that is microsoft over stepping there boundries, when i have friends over to watch a movie theres sometimes 9 or 10 of us watching movies, in some cases more when its a party.

    the collection of information VIA kinect well this is a strict no no, that means kinect is now classed as a spying device, collecting sound information, visual information and movment information.
    there are hard core strict laws in the uk about data protection and the privicy act.

    the ability to TRULLY turn off kinect or unplug kinect fully MUST be allowed for security reasons.

    also given that the xbox will be in the bedroom kinect will require space to work which is hard for me since my bedroom is 12 feet wide and 16feet long BEFORE i put furniture in it, once all of the furniture is in that space is cut by 2 thirds so we would require the ability to unplug and store kinect in the box.

    i was also informed that under current americal laws you will have the ability to remote turn on kinect without the permission of the person who owns the system this has lawyer and judges in the uk, eu, austrila, new zealand and various other nations because of that and because in at least 3 nations the new kinect might be banned outright

    4);- pre-owned games fee

    fair trade law in the uk and the EU forbids a monopoly of this, microsoft should know over the past 8 years about the monopoly laws in the uk/eu because of microsoft those laws were brought in and enforced

    remember the first fine of $794 million followed up by another fine of $448.58 million then the daily fines of $2.39 million for every day you did not pay the fine and then followed up with a fine of $1.45 billion all of these fines were for monopolising the browser and media player items.

    there are so many other issues that are still being talked about in this very thread and have been covered but the 4 i mentioned is like the main 4 issues.

    • mightywombat

      Just a few things:

      1. The press conference was focused on the hardware and what’s going on inside, it wasn’t supposed to have a focus on games. Also, you made up all the number-based statistics. And I’m sure if they will work something out with EU cable distributors.

      2. They are still working on the DRM, but they could change things for single-player games. They have always been focused on online multiplayer though, so you are obviously not the ideal audience (ie. Gold membership, plays online multiplayer, and microtransactions).

      3. You misinterpreted just about everything about Kinect. They have expressed no interest in actually counting how many people are in the room, though they got the patent just to own it. And, if you are watching a BD movie, then this wouldn’t apply. Also, I go back to the “point it at the wall” idea if you don’t want Kinect to watch you. By the way, you realize that if the Xbox One sells say 1.5 million units at launch, that means there would be 36,000,000 hours of data a day to be analyzed? Seems like way too much to analyze, especially if it reaches the 70+ million mark of the 360.

      How is size even an issue if you can fit a TV and the console? Kinect really isn’t that big. And the new one allows you to play in a smaller space, but I’m not really sure what you were going for there.

      First off, it’s American. And I am really doubting them remotely turning on the console to spy, they you can just unplug the console.

      4. Does the fair trade law really apply to digital items as well? They are also working on the used games thing and are listening, just like Sony has said. I don’t trade in games anyways because the value Gamestop/other vendors offers is never really worth it to me.

      • Billy Middleton

        yes, the fair trade law extends to digital items, this was introduced in 2011 after steam, sony, Microsoft and several game developers (activision primarly)) all lost digital ownership cases. as well as price fixing.
        all of which were made law in the EU and the UK,

      • Billy Middleton

        I forgot to add

        when you have a small bedroom all the space has got to be utilized, I have Kinect for the 360 but due to my TV being wal mounted and the cables being extended to the nearest power socket for the console and TV I had to unplug and pack up the Kinect accessory as there was no space to put it anywhere and there wasn’t enough space in the room to be able to use it.

        for some reason Kinect in the uk cannot work in an area smaller than 6 feet in every forward facing direction, so when you have less than that Kinect is useless, given the area required for the new Kinect I again won’t be able to use it either.

        I had my 360 sitting on a desk in the corner of the room as it was the only place left for me to use, I had to purchase a HDMI cable extender so I could plug it in, without that extender I would not be able to play the xbox360

        • Morgon Britton

          They remade the camera in the kinect so it would be able to see in a small area they already said this.

      • mightywombat


        I knew all of that already. Also, my reference to unplugging it was to eliminate the chance of them remotely turning it on. Either way, they will have to at least make you agree to something in order to collect that data.


          just about every terms of service agreement says that they will. some of them do say they won’t “share” it but that doesn’t mean they won’t use it internally.

          Even if they do say they’re collecting data – do you think people are going to take it back after already buying it? Do you think people will notice or read the whole service agreement to make sure? The vast majority of people sign service agreements without even reading it – even if they do, they don’t really have a choice so they sign it anyway.

          I don’t understand what good it does to unplug it when it’s going to be on whenever your watching tv, playing video games, on the internet, on skype. The amount of time it’s off compared to in use is more likely a lot less.

          • mightywombat

            It was because he said that they will remotely start it and spy on people via that. That’s why I said to unplug it.

    • Does Not Equal

      It’s used in bedrooms in over 90% of homes? I’d love to see where you got that statistic.

      • safdf

        I do have it in my bedroom but I don’t think 90% of the users of an XBOX do, especially since many use it already as cable boxes for Netflix, YouTube and DVD’s.

        • Does Not Equal

          The point was that he made up that statistic. I doubt even Microsoft has the numbers for where people keep their systems.

          • Volitar Prime

            But they will once everyone has a Kinect hooked up and always online.

          • Does Not Equal

            Yes, because Microsoft has the time, bandwidth, and reasons to watch you through a minimal connection Big Brother police state oppression. Ridiculous. The camera stays “on” enough to listen for your voice to actually switch it on.

          • Volitar Prime

            When you have the system turned on of course the camera is fully on (I never said anything about it being used when the system is “off”). Who said anything about a “minimal” connection? Broadband is required. Besides, MS already told their investors and advertising partners that they can do such things!

            So many people are assuming that it would require an actual person to monitor such things when really all that is needed is software that is capable of identifying key items and/or spoken words and add that to your account profile.

        • E.Nich

          I also have it in my bedroom. I’ve never plugged it elsewhere.


        well it’s not used in the driveways or yards, that’s for sure! Sorry, I don’t have a statistic for that, but it seems true in my neighborhood.

        Besides, you can use statistics to prove ANYTHING – 93% of people know that….

  • Brad Bonkoski

    yep, still looks like a VCR, so retro of you guys ;-)

    • Morgon Britton

      Hey did you know they call it an xBOX for a reason. thank you very much

  • Car

    Things massive, are we sure it fits in the living room? Might have to buy a new house along with the Xbox One, surely there will be some sort of packaged deal right MS? Cable, House, Xbox, Camera, Chris Hansen?


      who would vote this down??? lol probably microsoft employees monitoring this thread before they close down yet ANOTHER one

  • kingcrusher

    Nope only lays like shown. Read that somewhere…

  • Vince

    xbox live gold should be free majornelson. you know psn is free

    • Does Not Equal

      Yeah, more vents is never a bad thing for any electronics. Especially since entertainment centers can limit airflow.

    • MrRadiolips

      Who ever votes down on this comment is just a fan boy. I guess people love paying for services that you get free anywhere else in the gaming world.

      • RED360

        You are comparing a pinto to a Cadillac.
        No I don’t don’t vote for voicing options

        • MrRadiolips

          Youve never played on steam have you?

          • RED360

            Yes I do, but let me clarify. I was referring to PS and XBL and you do pay for steam you just don’t see the cost.

          • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

            I have never even logged into the steam website.. not even once. Sorry but PC gaming doesn’t intrest everyone.

          • MrRadiolips

            never said it did … all i was saying that free service can be excellent. Your reply is not even close to my conception of the answer.

          • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

            No a free service can be decent, but it doesn’t surpass a premium paid for one. While the quality of the online service as far as online gaming goes is debatable, the quality of features and ease of use on XBL isn’t.
            Don’t get me wrong, their dedicated servers run smooth as butter, I was playing UC2 online just last night so!

          • MrRadiolips

            Yes it is as equal and sometimes better! GAMERS dont look for gimmicky b-ll $h!t they look for the experience of the play!

  • dbushik

    Now, if you guys could just render explanations and clarifications for all the questions on DRM and such knowledge people actually want…

    But oh yeah, “none more black”, I get it.

    • MrRadiolips

      Im not a fan of xbox (anymore) but i do prefer the design of the xbox controller better than PS3 design. I find it more comfortable than to have my thumbs almost touching each other.

      • dbushik

        Yeah. And I like ice cream. So why do you mention in this thread?

        If you’re responding to my other comment/question on stick placement…okay. There are plenty of reasons the PS control is less comfortable overall then the 360 style that have nothing to do with stick placement. I prefer the 360 also. I’m just trying to get the rationale behind the stick placement.

        • MrRadiolips

          Right off the bat i can tell your not the most friendly person and probably are unliked in most places. You obviously knew what i meant. If your not smart enough to realize what your comments were than i suggest you read more …A- Hole!

          • dbushik

            Yes, probably. Or I just have little patience for fanboys and those with reading comprehension problems. Either way, my failing for asking a question that attracts people who don’t actually want to contribute toward an answer for.

          • MrRadiolips

            You obviously didnt read my comment…like i said READ MORE!!!! How many times did you get your head dunked in the toilet when you were in school?

          • BADASS GAMING

            let me help clear this whole thing up for you guys….

            *ahem… The xbox one is a piece of sh** that no one is going to buy, so there’s really no reason to talk about the redesigned controller!

          • MrRadiolips

            The controller is the only thing i would buy though….ahhhh man! lol.

          • BigBernard

            “your not smart enough”

            Oh dear.

          • MrRadiolips

            Are you serious? Holy f’ing wow! YOUR 15 aint you?

          • BigBernard

            You were the arsehole telling someone to read more….

          • MrRadiolips

            yes i was but i wasnt the “doosh” bag telling to use spell check. F-ck head. Sick of these dumb people trying to fit in.

  • dbushik

    This is a question I’ve always had that I’ve never gotten and adequate explanation for:

    Why are the sticks offset? What is the ergonomic benefit or whatever that drives this?

    Seriously, not saying the design is terrible, I love my 360 to death over my other consoles, but the left thumbstick is not in the proper location to take advantage of the range of motion of your thumb. It’s centered at an extreme. Why? Technical explanation please if anyone knows.

    • kingcrusher

      Actually, the left stick is perfectly placed for symmetry with your left thumb in it’s movement in the direction you want to go. I’m assuming you’re a PS gamer and therefore are used to the dual shock, which has the sticks right next to each other (too close) and makes your left thumb (which is used for directional control) point inwards instead of up. Thus creating the need to in a sense push left to go up, as your thumb is pointing mostly to your right, which means upwards motion would be left from the tip of the left thumb.

      Personally, I can’t stand the PS2 controller for this very reason. The XBox 360’s controller actually places everything in perfect alignment for where you need them.

      • dbushik

        Nope. Primarily an Xbox gamer, as I stated. And my hands are symmetric, so it’s hard for me to see what you are saying exactly. “In the direction you want to go”? Don’t you want to go in all four cardinal directions, and even combinations?

        This is my issue with understanding the placement, it’s definitively not optimal for range of motion. I don’t see an advantage in optimization for direction of motion over range. You mean it’s easier to push “up” as though your thumb was pointing in that direction, even though to do so you are reaching the extent of the range of motion of your thumb to go up? Seems kind of high effort, relatively. And you don’t want to do that with your right stick too, because you don’t go up with it? Aren’t both sticks used for “directional control”? Kind of what sticks are inherently designed for, I thought.

        Seems more like branding to me.

        Happy you can’t stand the PS, but specifically want to talk about the design intent of the Xbox and not argue fan-boy BS of hate vs perfection.

        Probably not the best place to ask the question I suppose judging by the down votes on my clinical question compared to people up voting a fawning answer with a PS jab thrown in.

        • kingcrusher

          Actually, if my response doesn’t explain it, I honestly don’t know what would. I guess if you prefer the PS2 style, then you can find 3rd party xbox controllers built like it. It’s really all personal preference, but for me it not only makes sense in the the layout, but the comfort level, and the downside your saying escapes me because I just don’t see that.

          Wasn’t trying to fanboy anything. I have all the systems, includin the Wii U, and personally the PS3 controller is the worst controller period. The XBox 360 controller is hands down the best controller I’ve ever used in my long life of gaming (started with Pong back when I was a kid).

          I wasn’t fanboying, or calling you anything, just from the sounds of your writing, you’d be better off with a PS3 controller and that’s ok. To each their own. You asked, I gave a sensible reasonable answer, and that is that.

          • Dylan

            I agree, 360 controller hands down is the best controller ever made. Love it so much I bought an extra one for PC.
            Only complaint is the D-pad.

          • kingcrusher

            I’ve got one on my PC as well. A lot of games have their layouts pre-mapped out for the XBox controller.

            Yep, the D pad, while not awful, is the weakest part of the controller. But it does look like the new XBone controllers fixed that.

          • dbushik

            Cool. “I love the Xbox controller” does not answer why the sticks are offset.

            I love the Xbox controller too. Okay. Now, why are the sticks offset?

          • MrRadiolips

            Kingcrusher already gave you the answer. You need to READ MORE!!!

          • dbushik

            Yes, and you need to use caps more. Let’s break it down to humor you:

            “Actually, the left stick is perfectly placed for symmetry with your left thumb in it’s movement in the direction you want to go.”

            He’s saying its easier to move your thumb along the axis of the thumb at an extreme of it’s motion range than it is to move it from the center of it’s natural relaxed rest position. It’s not.

            “I’m assuming you’re a PS gamer…”

            Okay, this is what irks me and makes me want to respond without much kindness, for obvious reasons. Not talking about preference or which you like rub all over your naked body when you’re alone at night or anything like that. If you do want to talk about that, please create a thread and discuss. I created this one to ask a specific question that is not getting answered because people want to talk about how they love on company over another.

            “…makes your left thumb…(through the end of that paragraph).”

            He’s explaining in more detail aligning the motion along the axis of the thumb. I get it. It’s still at an extreme of the range of motion, and not less stressful on the thumb.


            Okay, I asked for a technical explanation, not a person opinion. Yes, you hate Sony and love the 360 controller. Okay, still not the question.

            So what did I miss?

          • MrRadiolips

            I cant believe you think everyone else has the problem explaining what you want to hear. If you want a technical explanation than take your F*cking controller apart….and then proceed to shove up straight up your a$$.

          • Michael Burden

            You missed his complete post that attempted to give a logical explanation of why this may be the case. I’ll summarize since you can’t seem to grasp it. The lefthand uses the joystick as a main input thus is up on the joypad in the position it is. Likewise the right hand primarily uses the buttons for most games outside of FPSs so those are placed in the same position where they are readily accessed. Since your right hand is typically more dextrous than your left (assuming you are right handed as the majority of the world is), it can more easily switch between the buttons and the joystick that is in the lower position.

            It all boils down to ergonomics of the most used inputs for games. The left stick is primarily used for motion and most games use the buttons more than the right stick (except for FPSs) so they also get placed in the most ergonomic region of the controller. That’s it.

          • dbushik

            No, I don’t think I’m missing that. The argument that the upper positions (the left stick and buttons) are in the optimal ergonomic position is false. Just take the controller in your hands, index fingers on the triggers, and relax. Note that the thumbs rest position is a lot closer to the lower positions (d-pad and right stick). The other poster says this is a less ergonomic position that having your thumb pointing forward as left one does to reach the stick, but, I’m sorry, that’s just not correct.

            These really seem to be explanations that are coming after a conclusion (the offset sticks are optimal ergonomically) has been decided on, rather than the reverse process, which would be proper.

            The console and controller would logically be designed to optimize shooters (which is a broad explanation many people give for the design including offset sticks). The other poster is saying the upper positions are ergonomically optimal, but that doesn’t explain why you’d put the “look/aim” stick (that requires finer control and position) in the non-optimal position. You are saying the controller was designed to optimize for non-shooters, which makes no sense either, because your right thumb is more dexterous. Really sounds like you guys are starting with an answer and working backwards and not making much logical sense.

            No one has addressed the fact the upper positions require you to rotate your thumb into an extreme of range of motion and is therefore not ergonomically optimal. Neither is the fact that the sticks (on a controller designed for a console where shooters and action games primarily use two sticks and triggers, over d-pad and buttons) are offset, yet your thumbs and hands are not, so one stick necessarily ends up in a non-optimal position (unless you hold the controller asymmetrically, or only use one stick and the d-pad, or whatever). Seems like you start with, “I like the controller, it therefore must be optimally designed”, and go from there to come up with an explanation to get there.

            Best explanation I’ve got researching this the past few days are two fold: branding and avoidance of Sony patents. The design is good, but some optimization is sacrificed for market reasons. It’s probably the best controller for the current gen, but the sticks being offset isn’t a positive contributor to anything except branding and avoiding lawsuits.

          • Gaf Neon

            You have to admit it’s hilarious reading his responses, he’s probably trolling no normal human can be that obsessive about a flipping controller when there will be multiple third party controllers available eventually.

          • dbushik

            See, this is why I’m short with responses to this question. Preference has nothing to do with the question and only comes up because people can’t think beyond fanboy goggles.

            What does my question have to do with Sony at all? Yet both your responses feature the company prominently for no reason that serves answering the question I raise.

            I’m not asking which is better or preferred. I’m asking why is this one the way it is. Talking about the Sony controller in terms of which is better is not sensible or reasonable retaliative to the question. Using it as an example of different geometry? Sure, but offset vs. not offset is as far as that is germane, and being an example to conceptualize the difference is as far as it goes. Certainly not “I assume you’re a PS gamer…”.

          • kingcrusher

            Look at my first response, the explanation of the way your hand and the stick is positioned is the key. Thumb straight up and down, up is up, down is down. Thumb not straight up: down is left, up is right, left is up, and right is down. I’m sorry if you cannot visualize this and how this is not symmetrical with the movement and response.

            You’re obviously looking for an answer that you have in your head already, so why don’t you just say it and then people can comment on your answer. But quit looking for answers and calling a logical response a fanboy induced reaction. Get over yourself.

          • MrRadiolips

            I think dbushik is drunk or something…something is wrong i can tell that.

          • dbushik

            Okay, so address the stress involved in holding your thumb at the extreme position on range of motion relative to advantages on orientation of the thumb.

            I don’t want my own pre-formulated explanation. Actually, I don’t have one! That’s why I’m asking the question! I do have certain facts that need to be explained for an answer to be satisfactory though. You are presenting that explanation, so the burden of proof is on you.

            I’m at “I don’t know”. You are saying you have an answer. I’m saying the answer doesn’t address some questions. You can move to “I don’t know” also and we have no conflict, but if you say you have an answer, you have to explain why it is correct.

            Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Aside from the fact that not all opinions are actually valid relative to reality, I didn’t ask for an opinion here. It’s cool you have one, but why are the sticks offset?

          • kingcrusher

            Ok, gonna give this one more try:

            First, read over my response for the left stick.

            The right stick is positioned down so that you have ergonomic control over the X, Y, B, and A buttons in the same fashion of the ergonomics as explained for the left stick. The right hand is predominantly more dexterous than the left (assuming that you’re right handed) and so a little offsetting of the stick to accommodate the ease of use of the four buttons along with the shoulder button and right trigger just makes sense. You use all of them on a regular basis. The right hand has roughly 200% more work to do than the left hand, and so the buttons are the main focus, followed by the right stick.

            If you look up the Wii U gamepad, you’ll see that they have the sticks directly in line (the way you are thinking the should be) basically taking the XBox controller and just switching positions with the stick and the buttons. While this looks like it would make sense, you then realize how much you actually use the buttons in various games and how the 360 layout is more user friendly (though the Wii U gamepad is also quite nice).

            Does that help a little?

          • MrRadiolips

            People try to help him out and believes he has the right to get angry… some people lol

          • kingcrusher

            Ya know, I have no problem trying to explain things, I just hate being accused of being a fanboy. In my world, there is no room for that. That’s why I have all the systems. They all have some great stuff on them. I just hope my last response will help him open his eyes just a tad and realize that there’s really no absolute answer to his question. Me personally, the 360 controller just makes so much sense over every other controller. Before the 360 controller, I thought the Gamecube controller was the best fit for hands (loved that one).

            But, like I said, it’s just a matter of personal taste. I’ve got a friend who just swears by the PS3 controller and I mock him daily :-)

          • MrRadiolips

            Same here im just a gamer not a fan.

          • MrRadiolips

            Lay off the liquor for a while because i think its giving you some problems.

          • JoeGrahamcracker

            The exchange between you, kingcrusher, and dbushik is the funniest thing I’ve read in the last few months.

    • MrRadiolips

      By the way put your tooth back in your mouth…your’re scaring me.

      • Does Not Equal

        Really? You’re gonna trashtalk on this blog?

        • MrRadiolips

          You need to read this guys comments.

          • Does Not Equal

            That justifies personal attacks based on his photo?

          • MrRadiolips


          • LarZen

            From the Internet.

            F you!

          • MrRadiolips

            From reality

            Na na nuh boo boo!!

          • ReadTheArticlePlz

            Not just that but the photo isn’t even him, it’s a photo that’s been used by the Onion for years.


      What the hell are you going on about? Our stick placement is more ergonomicly sound than the DS3 thats for sure. For me it makes playing any and all FPS titles on the PS3 null and void. I steer clear of that genre on the PS3 because of the controller.

    • Volitar Prime

      They are offset probably to avoid issues with Sony who got a patent on their Dual Analog / Dual Shock design.

  • kingcrusher

    LOL, wow… yes… I hope Halo 4 also had fantastic graphics and fantastic gameplay. And, in fact I was just playing it last night and … yes, yes it does have great graphics, and great gameplay…

    And XBone does seem awesome… parts of it… and Major Nelson has proven time and time again he rocks.

    He gets my vote for post of the day!

  • MotherNelson

    *notices other topic is locked* I WILL NOT BE SILENCED. You cannot shove me, Micros*it. I will shove back, and harder. Egotistical corporate c**KS*****S

    • Does Not Equal

      That’s fascinating.

  • usrev

    why wouldn’t their be usb on the front for the controller charger.

    • Gareth Williams

      Left hand side, near the front.

  • GmailIsDown

    Is it just me or the design feels very “retro”. The controller reminds me of my original Xbox controller, the console looks like my VCR box, and the Kinect looks like some old security system.

    • RED360

      The looks don’t really matter to me.

      For me the LvL of security seems not old but very hi tech and over kill for a 60$ video game.

  • Shenmue

    Love the look. It looks powerful, like something that deserves to be the modern command center of my Home Theater gaming experience- along side my receiver of course.

  • Timothy brown

    After reading a small fraction of these comments all i can say is Give me some solid answers at e3 then i can make an informed decision . In the meantime punish those who work for the company and who keep giving these incomplete statements that they have zero authority to make in the first place i`d rather a media black out until e3 than have everyone with any connection to the company speaking on it`s behalf

  • Socal71

    It doesn’t really matter which console you favor the most, the Xbox 360 controller is the better choice when compared to the Sony Dual shock. It’s not even arguable or debatable. The bottom line is that game players/reviewers etc… across all platforms overwhelming agree and choose that controller, including PC. Even those that hate Xbox, love the controller.

    There are adapters for the PS3 that allow for you to use the controller on that system, so there is no excuse why you can enjoy gaming with a superior controller, even if you never plan on buying a Microsoft system.