June 6th 2013 6:08 am PT

More details about Xbox One Controller

Earlier this week I posted the above video showing the award winning Xbox 360 Controller with the new and refined Xbox One controller. I’ve gotten a few questions about it so we’ve posted more details about the controller on Xbox Wire. Want to see and feel it for yourself ? If you are in the LA Area on Monday, come by the Xbox Meet Up where we will have the Xbox One, sensor and controller available for you to see – plus the very first public hands on demo of the new controller.

Here are some of the highlights of the story:

Impulse Triggers – Xbox One’s Wireless Controller sports four vibration motors – a small one behind each trigger that adds precise haptic feedback to the finger tips, and a larger in each grip for large scale rumbles. This gives users a sense of in-game directionality and depth, creating rich, immersive experiences where gunshots, car crashes and explosions can come to life.

Higher Quality Headset Audio – The data transfer rate between the controller and console has been improved, allowing for higher fidelity audio in communication headsets. In-game chat over Xbox Live, according to the team, will be in many cases clearer than talking on a phone.

Revamped Thumbsticks – The thumbsticks are built for precision and comfort. They’re smaller and outlined with a knurled texture for better grip. Competitive gamers will be pleased to hear the sticks require 25 percent less force to move, allowing you to adjust your aim in a first-person shooter or execute a half-circle sweep in a fighting game faster and more accurately. The controller also uses advanced electronics that reduce thumbstick deadzone in the center.

Brand New D-Pad – The old Xbox 360 D-pad is replaced by a new design that pays homage to classic controllers and is architectured to deliver more precision and tactile feedback for gaming. The D-pad’s cross shape is honed to provide accurate cardinal direction input, sweeping movements and combinations – important factors for sports and fighting games, and other experiences.

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons – The A, B, X and Y buttons are lower to the controller with tighter spacing, making the transition between each one smoother. A new, three-step manufacturing process gives these buttons a more premium look, as if the letters on them are suspended in 3-D space. The size and placement of the Xbox button has also changed so the view and menu buttons are more accessible.

Seamless Connectivity – Each controller uses a combination of invisible reflective technology and LEDs to send a patterned infrared signal to your console and Kinect sensor. Not only does this make pairing the devices seamless, but it enables Kinect to associate the controller with whoever is holding it. This introduces innovative experiences, such as player switching, where a split screen display can swap positions on the TV if users change seats on the couch.

Low Power State – If you’re watching a movie or need to step away from the TV, the controller enters a low power state that conserves your battery. The moment you pick it up again, it will be ready for use without having to resynch with the console.

Refined for Comfort – The controller’s design is deliberately honed to the closest tenth of a millimeter to offer the most comfortable fit in users’ hands, and was tested extensively by a broader age group than ever before to ensure it is optimized for as many people as possible. According to the team’s research, this improves gameplay performance and allows comfortable gaming for longer periods of time.

Angled Triggers and Bumpers – The triggers and bumpers are carefully designed for performance and comfort. The specific angling allows for a natural fit for your fingers, and the triggers require a lighter pull, so squeezing it repeatedly is an easier and more precise action.

Internal Battery Cavity –The compartment that houses AA batteries is built into the interior of the controller, providing more room at the bottom for your fingers to grip. Another convenient improvement is that the controller is both wireless and a wired– simply plug it into your console with a mini USB cable and the connection automatically switches to preserve battery life.

Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson


    25% less force to use the thumbsticks? MS are you serious or are you aiming for the horrible loose sticks on that “ERGONOMIC NIGHTMARE” of a controller the dual shock 3 that offer little to no resistance in their analog sticks?

    I find it funny that Sony has tightened these things up with the Dual Shock 4 while MS went a step backward with this. This better be very subtle or the hardcore MLG guys and anyone who plays first person shooters on this thing is going to be pissed.

    This is just more bad news.. Not only do I have to wait till after E3 to make my decision, I have to hold both controllers in my hands as well.

    • Boss Saucier

      I like the resistance in the thumbsticks too. This “25% less force” feature is crappy.

  • ZappyKins

    I can’t wait to hold and use these in Person! So looking forward to Monday!

  • kftgr

    “mini USB cable” ??? I thought the world was moving to micro USB.

    • Does Not Equal

      He clarified that it was micro, not mini.

      • slasaru

        I personally dont like microusb, it becomes loose over the short time
        Would be really great if they made wireless charging like in Lumia 920
        That would be innovative

  • kingcrusher

    Such an awesome controller :-( I will miss it. With the clarification on what all the online and used game stuff is on the other update, I’ll be skipping this round of XBox. Makes me sad, because I love my 360. Was with MS with the original XBox and 360, and was a huge proponent of their awesome systems. But this new system crosses too many lines for me. Good luck MS, but you won’t be getting my money this round.

  • http://www.facebook.com/julio.borjon Julio Borjon

    You are pretty much a moron. It will allow 3rd party to do what they want as far as charging a fee is concerned, and games can only exchange hands once after initial sale. So, basically there are still limitations.

    Oh, and, uh, learn English.

  • wrestlefan01

    to bad this controller is usless for playing games if your net goes out for a day or two.or if you hit money troubles and have to disconnect the internet.

  • Bush O Connor

    where else could it be? its the nearest button to the stick. its a lot harder to spot on the ps3 version. you notice it when playing on both consoles that the 360 players use the spotting function a lot more.

  • Timothy Hames

    I did not see anything about windows 8 integration like the current 360, I would like to use this for some steam love.

  • @elcesillas

    I understand that it is a business, but not podeis to play with our privacy, only we want to play and it infuriates us that they control our movements with the connection of xbox one (once a day) I ask him rectify these absurd policies of control exercised by his company and please eliminate this method alone (spy) we are players and only we want to amuse. Attentivly TO STOP GAMERTAG:happy bullet 2u

  • @elcesillas


  • FoxHound R – Xbox One Day One

    New controllers is at bAws level

  • Anthony Smith

    I feel like a jerk for saying this cos I love my original Xbox and 360 but this controller is currently the best reason I have to get an Xbox One. There’s so much I’m not liking about the direction and the policies with the new console. But THAT controller is superb looking.

    • kingcrusher

      If only the rest of it matched…. sadness.

      • Riki Rocket

        yup its a shame about how the rest of the console seams to be want to shaft us. clear answers and pro consumer way of doing things are good, i just cant get excited about anything with the market in such dissarry

  • Baron van Dedem

    I really hope some Chinese will copy the controller, so I can use it with PS4. I like the Xbone controller, but the system is terrible.

  • Generalkidd

    So is this the end of Xbox Lan Parties? Will games no longer have system link support? And I still don’t understand why backwards compatibility couldn’t have been achieved. Yes I get the whole “New Architecture” thing but the Xbox 360 had a “New Architecture” over the original Xbox as well and it still had good backwards compatibility support. Not to mention the original Xbox has the same architecture as the Xbox One. So if anything, the Xbox One should be natively backwards compatible with Original Xbox games. I think Microsoft spent too much time and money on the TV functionality of the Xbox One when they should’ve been working on backwards compatibility like they did with the Xbox 360.

    • Mystictrust

      The backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 was hand coded and software based. As such, they had to hand code every game they wanted to make compatible. After making a number of the major titles compatible, they decided to drop support – it was too expensive to keep trying to make games compatible. As a result, only a small % of the Original Xbox library became compatible with the 360.
      I don’t think just because the architecture is the same though that instantly everything is compatible, and it may not even be that easy. Why would they want to spend the time and money to code in support for original xbox games?

    • Chuck

      They patched in software support for every backwards compatable games. Most them had issues when played, and MS found the vast majority of 360 owners (like 95%) never even used it to play old games, so they dropped it.

      This is a feature people say they want but never actually use.

  • ZappyKins

    Those ‘Impulse Triggers’ are neat! It was great trying them out at the demo, can’t wait to actually use them in a game. I think they will really add something extra to the immersive feel of games.